Dispatch of network of李朗维也纳酒店 按摩 collect lake home:澳门十六足浴 A few days ago, system of education of coll龙岗江南故事沐足评价ect lake area celebrates new China to hold water 70 years ” raise national flag together, s郑州万爱情侣酒店官网ing national anthem in all ” the activity is held in school of experiment of green banboos foreign language. Ceremonial begin深圳四季酒店周边商场ning, accompanying orderly and clang loud and clear, strong strike trumpet call, th酒店周末兼职e team member of ensign bodyguard team people the Five-Star Red Flag with bright-coloured convoy enters the arena. Playground 深圳福田附近站街noise had sonorous national anthem reputation, the Five-Star Red Flag rises gradually, crew fixes eyes on the ceremony, ceremony that respect a team all right to ensign, majestic below the testimony of ensign make a pledge: “I 龙泉水会一条龙am a Chinese, I have deep lov全套e for the motherland, have deep love for a Chinese Co深圳k歌沐足招聘信息mmunist, active carry out goes socialistic core viewpoint of value. Do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, to realize great Chinese dream indefatigable struggle! ” as the spot in chorus of many 1800 teachers and students chorally ” vocal motherland ” song noise rises, one side is 46.5 meters long, 31 meters wide gigantic ensign is held high by 120 parents drawing is worn, cover whole sports ground slowly, occasion is grand. The activity is last, crew brandish begins medium the Five-Star Red Flag, loudly unison ” vocal motherland ” . Whole playground ” China is red ” , be permeated with grumous festal atmosphere.

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