Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Shenzhen collect lake ” it is the origin that Shenzhen construction starts, this canorous name represented the main thoroughfare that culture of deep harbor material communicates, representing the past that Shenzhen finance develops and future, more the courage that representing Shenzhen ego innovation. In the process that in Luo Hu enterprising of area acute meaning develops ceaselessly, those who a team is guarding here silently is restful, building the law environment here, this is substation of collect lake public security. Community policeman visits a key to prevent control a site. In recent years, to overcome structure of population of collect lake area under administration characteristic of complex, industry is multivariate, the malady that the bequeath problem place such as the village in old city, old shopping centre, old industrial district, old community brings, eliminate public security and safe hidden danger, ensure long period of order and stability of深圳半套场体验报告 area under administration, substation of collect lake public security is mixed in ranking Party committee collect lake area appoint below the strong leadership of district government, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, capture ” dozen, prevent, canal, accuse, build ” wait for link of key of public security job, from fountainhead essential sex ground removed issue of historical bequeath society, let collect lake common people experience what tentacle can reach to obtain from the improvement of public security environment feeling, more the public praise that passes masses polished ” Shenzhen Luo Hu ” brand. Mechanism of innovation content canal insists to be built in all treat in all share a concept, be used to of new pattern of processing of exploration grass-roots unit makes the same score a secretary-general to深圳福田SPA emphasize in the 19 big reports of the party nearly, want to rise to ensure and improve standard of the people’s livelihood, strengthen and innovation society processing. Strengthen a society to administer system construction, need to perfect Party committee leader, government further responsible, society cooperates with, the public is participated in, the society that law ensures administers system, insist to be treated in all, law, rule of virtue, autonomy, wisdom treat develop simultaneously. A few years ago, working face of basic level of collect lake public security faces village case hidden trouble of much, fire control is much, old much, information collects old house the situation with low rate. Village property cost is not moved nearly 10 years, level of management is low, management is in and the contradiction between the dweller increases increasingly, communal and safe problem emerges in endlessly, as antipathetic as demand of processing of new era society, society of serious effect basic level administers the job, must seek new outlet. Since 2016, substation of collect lake public security to whole area 995 property village carries out classified management, examine a system to combine governmental function branch to begin superintend and director to guide to rely on with property management innovation examination, release content to provide horizontal index, since the job is begun, to 107 administrative office is added hang ” the job is excellent unit ” gules board, to 106 administrative office is added hang ” unqualified unit ” black board, talk about 82 property management to be in chief to instruct deadline to rectify and reform about, dismiss property management manages a director 8, condemnatory property company 117, fine 800 thousand yuan of RMBs, public security detains 4 people. Manage unit and individual to making the property that highlights contribution, undertaking material is rewarded while, accept money reward Shenzhen registered permanent residence, hang advanced card, hair to praise case, recommend contest mark, congress to commend wait for measure to give commend. Especially diligent alarm force is captured, belt from the suspect. Through two years much practice is explored, job of property management innovation obtained dweller of company of government, property, village’s various and satisfactory remarkable result. 2017 and 2018, area under administration of Shenzhen collect lake enters room theft alarm affection drops compared to the same period extent exceeds 60% two years continuously, great compressed hair file space; Fire alarm number 龙华金苹果沐足declines compared to the same period extent exceeds 20% , the proportion that the fire alarm number that deals with by property company staff member and resident initial stage holds sum total near 70% , strong the person that guaranteed village dweller is safe; Personnel of blame census register is declared actively rate more than 98% , successive two years whole town is ranked the first, accurate palm of essence of life accused most fundamental data; Village sanitation environment gets clear improvement, service level gets remarkable promotion. Politics and law of Shenzhen municipal Party committee appoint, city public security bureau holds the spot to meet in Luo Hu substation for many times early or late, extend Luo Hu’s way to whole town; Politics and law of provincial Party committee appoint managed Luo Hu’s property innovation job protocol in Feburary 2019 special subject brief reports the politics and law central appoint; Sweep in the center of black except evil the 8th superintend and director guides politics and law of provincial Party committee of group, Guangdong appoint survey group arrives Luo Hu survey, height spoke favorably of this one new era provides collect lake substation alone of Luo Hu characteristic ” maple bridge experience ” practice. The policeman patrols in the street face with dense throng. Strengthen east the door stands prevent nod with exert oneself of informatization, stereo melt into, exploration public security is prevented control new system east the birthplace that door shopping mall is Shenzhen, block stream of people is concentrated, day all person discharge exceeds 300 thousand. Situation of area under administration complex, security presses situation of special, public security muscularity, substation of collect lake public security ” hold to a party to build lead ” 深圳深航国际酒店 水疗this masterstroke, the battle fort effect that produces organization of basic level party adequately, innovation is made ” prevent in the round accuse, Wu of processing of the whole people, complete police uniform ” ” 3 complete ” alarm Wu mode, implementation is harmonious and restful new east the door. Since 2017 east an area criminal public security always alarm affection drops 30.9% , traffic is embraced alarm affection drops 82% , security of society and urban environment are improved apparently, ensure core encircles absolute safety, masses satisfaction is spent rise ceaselessly, was judged to be by the Ministry of Public Security 2018 ” police station of one class public security ” . Substation of collect lake public security is in east the door piece the area drives property management to innovate, activation ” restful cell ” , implementation ” the whole people is administered ” . Substation drive and punishment pay equal attention to, drive transfer to a lower level of resource, service, administration足浴按摩spa怎么样, solid begin ” octal ” the propaganda that turn over cheat, be apt to borrows financial resources of the people ” the whole people turns over cheat ” ; Advance actively ” guard against theft of the whole people ” , into pilfer alarm affection drops two years 62.2% ; Start property manager to participate in dispute mediate, form basically ” dispute does not go street, contradiction to be not handed in ” ” the whole people is administered ” favorable situation, associated mediate dispute 720, mediate is led successfully 100% . “Maple bridge experience ” the lake shellfish new residential quarter of pilot construction alarm Wu room is judged to be by city bureau ” 10 beautiful alarm Wu room ” , get whole town is popularized. Measure big, fluidity to wait for a characteristic by force according to stream of people of area under administration, progressively exploration forms substation of collect lake public security to serve a group to be with major prop up, it is with masses demand oriented, develop light capacity bright form in team of policeman of basic level Party member ” Shuang Liang serves ” activity, enlarge service radius, 6 community all come true 24 hours uninterrupted alarm Wu serves, ensure the service is 0 distances, full enclothe. Each party group is exert oneself dot with thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood, contend for achieve hillock of type of Party member van, information director room is in contend for in starting an activity ” show itself ” , be judged to be by municipal Party committee of Shenzhen of the Youth League ” young civilization date ” . Through assistance of groomed force of community public security p情趣床olice has done daily news to collect. Establish professional group to hold to reform strong alarm, integrated resource, since comprehensive activation fighting capacity and creativity are long-term, basic level alarm force inadequacy becomes the bottleneck that perplexes progress of career of Shenzhen public security, “It is battle 广州深圳桑拿论坛蒲友交流severally ” ” two people handle a case ” the demand that waits for traditional job mode to already cannot satisfy the public security below new condition to work. When if police station deals with,serious especially big incident and detect handle a case, propping up without professional complex platform below, fall without complete and organic interactive connection, basic level and branch, alarm kind between confine of function of be enslaved to be enslaved to, “Chan Bing fights ” the effect often is inferior to ” the group cooperates ” , cannot form powerful resultant force. Substation of collect lake public security is held to ” manpower and conformity of information natural resources ” concept, establish take into custody, chase after escape, numerous finance of air certificate and experience is hit prevent wait for professional group, integrated alarm kind sectional resource, play group fights advantage, improve work efficiency and integral efficiency ceaselessly, adamantine ” make gear essence of life, alarm kind become actor, become grass-roots unit strong, become the basis solid ” . Coagulate through professional group the heart gets 沙井足浴按摩哪里好玩together force fulfils each job, substation of collect lake public security alarm Wu efficiency gets be releasinged further with rise. In recent years, travel of safety of detain major group 23 more than kilometer, economic alarm force above of 46 thousand person-time, economic policeman grows above 100 thousand hours when effective job,成都雷曼酒店桑拿水疗 course of development of economic car travel 50 more than kilometer; Chase after escape professional group is seized be at large personnel rises compared to the same period 51.1% , rank whole town the first; Group of the major that move card is saved for substation alarm force 70% above. Guard restful and auspicious it is chance with major task, strong thrust enters public security environment since purifying work of National Day security to begin, party committee of public security bureau is in city and collect lake area appoint below the strong leadership of district government, substation of collect lake public security holds to a problem thinking of oriented, bottom line, closely around ” leakproof, no risk at all ” top level, in substation bureau strip gets Mou Chunsheng, line of team member branch takes the lead, dog ask effect, implement each security measure in the round, daily grind sentence, hold a conference or consultation, attemper, discover countermeasure of problem, research in time, attack problem, firm to catch continuously fulfil, build new China to establish battlefield of Luo Hu of Daqing security work 70 years ” impregnable fortress ” . To make Luo Hu long period of order and stability, substation is chance with this major task, start masses, rally extensively alarm kind advantage, use science and technology it is heavy and method, difficult to overcome, sweeping black divide evil assault fortified positions year obtain strong result. Punishment arrest experience is black evil suspect 383 people, arrest 281 people, uncover experience black evil case 59, destroy gang of vicious power criqt 全套wx是什么意思me 10 115 people. “Open an umbrella ” not be irresolute when firmness is needed, investigate the service personnel that is suspected of umbrella 3; “Make money ” not slacken, close down, freeze, illegal asset makes an appointment with sequestered experience case 110 million yuan.

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