Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Fragrant hill lake folds Lin Xiangsong emerald green provoking drunk, green corridor of shadow of beautiful aigret of principle columns of a hall is pulled get the better of a heart to sway… it seems that the beauty that again much adjective all also cannot narrate her! Look ” Yan Zhi ” : “She ” the United States is like plot of hand of faery green line, teach you to play turn pan hill! (canal of collect lake city offers a plan) pan mountain green line is located in ” Yang Taishan – Chinese parasol hill – gallery of zoology of level ground the land of country ” , park of community of result emerald green lake, hill of classics cloth heart, second line patrols road, come eventually sanded bay road, full-length 7.07 kilometers (among them masterstroke grows 6.59 kilometers, path of mountain-climbing of cloth heart hill grows 0.48 kilometers) , with ” delicate ” reach ” open interest ” for jumping-off place and footing, it is modes of life and relation to their environment of a market, wisdom, culture at the light green of essence of life of an organic whole. Cent of along the line is lake of open interest of the your beautiful writing that reflect variety, mountain forest, hill to fold emerald green pull with green corridor get the better of 4 themes paragraph, share node of 13 place landscape and 3 stage. Children attend artificial intelligence to teach commonweal activity in pan mountain green line. Flow even meantime, people can look down at already Shenzhen reservoir, but overlook east the beautiful scenery such as hill of lake, celestial being lake, phoenix tree, all pull the charm of landscape. 4 partition have the thematic plant with bright characteristic respectively, the your beautiful writing that reflect variety paragraph, basically be palace pink Chinese redbud and safflower hyacinth bean; Mountain forest open interest paragraph, basically be safflower carry on one’s shoulder and green orchid; Hill lake is folded emerald green paragraph, basically be sweet camphor tree and Mu He; Green corridor is seen get the better 深圳水会推荐水疗设备of paragraph, basically be bitter Lian and La Huaying, the four seasons has distinguishing feature each, charactizing a fine spring day. It is characteristic breed with wood of chrysanthemum wind-bell wood, kermes wind-bell wood, violet beautiful wind-bell like wind-bell canyon, when waiting for a flower to leave, should have many brilliant! Look ” connotation ” : “She ” inside information is solid recall erst extraordinary years, see today strong beautiful the land of country. Pan mountain green line not only Yan Zhigao, she still has a story ” connotation ” . Here, everywhere sees second line pass culture, the police box of 5 office sentry post of along the line, a paragraph of 192 meters second line closes purse net, it is to become of single-page calendar history leave mark. This paragraph closes purse net to be called course of second line cause, and booth of the place have a rest also name second line booth, popular science of along the line revealed former frontier defence the numerous history material that 7 detachment build second line to close in those days, planned 155 meters long wall system coloured drawing or pattern, while the citizen is taking green course, can experience Luo Hu’s the natural beauty of lakes and mountains already, also can review the history that the special zone develops. Look ” wisdom ” : “She ” human nature of science and technology ” wisdom ” can saying is the place with pan the most distinctive hill! In artificial intelligence an深圳市南山区酒店特服d big data add hold below, the citizen visits pan hill green line is more convenient. Can go up at any time WiFi, 8 tourist attractions set AI interactive terminal, weather forecast, environment is monitored check know, brush a face to be able to examine his athletic ind腰部按摩手法视频ex, use up how many calorie, still can interact play game! A person also won’t alone, can chat a little with intelligent elf, its conference speech, meeting sings, still can give you taletelling, in case unfortunate trip, faint, do not worry, monitoring is met see for a short while, group person rescues them… as we have learned, to ensure tourist person safety, pan mountain green line installed a series of wisdom hardware, be full of high-tech everywhere. For example, go in green on the road, can see the street lamp of road both sides. It and common street lamp are different, street lamp lever carried many instruments, it is the lever of wisdom street lamp of syncretic of a many lever, besides illume, it is compositive still the function such as monitoring, broadcast, WiFi, move below the superintendency of platform of public security monitoring; Supervisory system still can analyse the order that maintains division of green line scene effectively through AI wisdom, protect tourist security. Raise the right hand to play a game together. Not only such, green line still installed camera of stream of people, administrative system passes density of the tourist number inside area of photography image statistic, crowd, make multiform etc, for guest discharge statistic the analysis provides scientific and decision-making basis. After exceeding certain capacity when green line passenger flow, 找工作 招聘附近兼职but seasonable early-warning stops a tourist to enter, undertake proper tourist billabong deal with. Enter the summer, weather of Shenzhen rainstorm typhoon begins increase, green line deployed edge slope to monitor amiable elephant to monitor a system, make sure with high-tech method the tourist avoids the harm that suffers geological disaster. With atmosphere the system that monitor is exemple, its can undertake environmental data intelligence is collected, with synchronism of data of Shenzhen observatory weather, release motion to give an index to consult for the tourist… according to introducing, pan mountain green line is the green line with at present top content of whole town science and technology, already finished interactive terminal, WiFi to enclothe, the installation of cinematograph of stream of people of monitoring of demon of speech of weather forecast, intelligence, intelligence is debugged, preliminary implementation ” operation of experience of service of wisdom management, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom ” target. Look ” exercise to benefit the internal organs ” : “She ” fine carve of carve of essence of life ” without detail, do not have landscape, the tree that plants inside green line we are to go and other places of Zhongshan, Zhan Jiang go choosing, even if small the yellow candle stone that uses to place of stone of a landscape, we are we go Ying Deyi piece piece carry, because want to make sure it is natural, changeless color… ” area city manages the Luo Hu of very familiar with sth and already executed the law integratedly to green line Yang Shiming of director of division of bureau gardens afforest expresses, enjoy valuable landscape resource better to let a citizen, increase happy index of the citizen, city canal personnel is ceaseless ego pressurization, fine carve of carve of essence of elaborate on detail burnish. As we have learned, collect lake element has ” city of half landscape half ” good name, zoology controlled an area to occupy the area of above of this land in part, have country, forest and laky, how the translate into of zoology resource advantage Luo Hu area advantage, make a piece beautiQT框架ful beautiful zoology calling card, it is the task that Luo Hu explores all the time. Since 2011, luo Hu combines peculiar division advantage, traffic advantage and landscape are humanitarian the condition such as resource, build green line in all 155.2 kilometers. 2015, luo Hu is in ” Shenzhen is the most beautiful green line ” on the experience foundation of Chinese parasol green line, green line of mountain of the pan that start builds the job, exert oneself makes brand of Shenzhen green line. City canal branch finishs area National People’s Congress to evaluate opinion of argumentation, relevant unit to ask for early or late, major project is public show wait for the job, hold an e深圳富临大酒店電話號碼xpert to seek advice from meeting of meeting, project for many times, optimize design program, presented finally to combine design of city of environment of zoology of Chinese parasol hill, sponge, wisdom for the citizen gallery of the outskirt tough modes of life and relation to their environment that green line construction and second line of along the road involve culture distinguishing feature green. These days, the citizen can’ts restrain joyance already ” pan ” went. While grip zoology civilization is built, luo Hu returns the advantage of rich of have the aid of, natural education is begun in green line. 2018, the nature of Chinese parasol green line that collect lake area builds teachs a center, it is the natural education center that Shenzhen city is main spot first times with green line, already served on more than 1000 citizens. The nature of pan mountain green line that already gave a shop sign teachs artificial intelligence of adolescent of green line of center and pan mountain to teach central general to abound the life of natural lover and artificial intelligence lover further, assist the construction of force beauty China and wisdom city. Current, luo Hu is beginning green line network to plan the 2nd times to repair arrange the job, the landscape resource advantage that produces Luo Hu further, union east into the strategy and large phoenix tree burgeoning industry takes overall planning, with outskirt tough green talk attachs most importance to a dot, tough green talk takes outskirt of side of north of Luo Hu of plan and construction, green line reachs boreal side green line to reservoir of get through annulus, green line of green line of join phoenix tree and pan mountain, make the green way of lake of high-quality goods annulus of annulus Shenzhen reservoir. Each just comment on Le Xiangsheng condition ” welfare ” beautiful! Be apt to! Xu Shaoqiong (two class National People’s Congress represents city, district) : Green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill. Those who clean out golden hill green line is open, was worth to congratulate too! Luo Hu added calling card of a piece of zoology again, glamour index promotes greatly again! Shenzhen person much landscape of a be in harmony, recreational, zoology and culture the light green of essence of life at an organic whole, had a brand-new visual experience, this is those who hold to person and natural and harmonious accrete is important reflect. Shenzhen person is OK hill of look out phoenix tree, overlook Shenzhen rese2018全国楼凤兼职信息百度云rvoir, look down at arboretum of celestial being lake, experience Luo Hu to the top of one’s bent ” city of half landscape half ” gla番禺客运站泰豪沐足mour. Yu Yanfeng (Shenzhen city book assist book of area of vice-chairman, Luo Hu assist chairman) : Shenzhen of it may be said of pan mountain green line is the most beautiful green line! Before was not being opened, I had favour to participate in green line tourist attraction name and cut stone inscribe job, walk a few times It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. . Green line is winding lean close at green hill between Mao Lin, face east lake and Chinese parasol hill, yuan Wanghu hill all is pulled, close travel a winding path leading to a secluded spot, one pace one scene, too many beautiful things. Together with is second line of special zone frontier defence patrols cause course, involuntary discharge of urine is putting the historical impress of reforming and opening, have the beauty of natural landscape already, have humanitarian landscape intention again. Benefit at civilian, result in a thousand years. Beautiful! Be apt to! Zhu Lijie (committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Luo Hu area) : I am to attending the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of collect lake area the 3rd ” hike Luo Hu ” commonweal is pedestrian when the activity, the first time knew pan hill green way, honest too beautiful! This can not be common green line, it still is had ” high intelligence quotient ” , it is collect ” operation of experience of service of wisdom management, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom ” wisdom 新汇美商务水会green line. Zoology is promoted, civilized promote. Regard a Laoluo as the lake, practical sense got these year of achievement that civilization of Luo Hu zoology builds, those who clean out golden hill green line is open it is a largesse that gives Luo Hu the citizen not only, also be give all Shenzhen the person one big ” welfare ” . Nod assist for Luo Hu! Yang Jiou (citizen) : Have deep love for the average citizen of ran as, hear pan mountain green line was opened, beside run friend is fond of old general to run quickly in succession! Oneself have favour to had taken pan hill green course in August, be admired by Jing at that time, brand-new green line is winding and forward, the celestial boundless of dark blue is extended, the television tower clarity of Chinese parasol summit is visible. 企鹅酒店沐足中心怎么样Enchase be in group of Shenzhen in hill reservoir, as if a tremendous bright phearl is glisten. Place oneself among them, in the heart not by deep feeling, living in Luo Hu is too happy really! The green line of extend in all directions joins the most beautiful Shenzhen together, the citizen walked out of a door to walk into green line, walked into green line to enter a garden, blend in in nature, the elite of derive heaven and earth. Regard Shenzhen as the person, how can insalubrious joyless? Piece travel is small stick person take 64/B696 public transportation to public transportation division of 7 detachment life, entrance of Cong Cuiyin road enters green talk; Take E32/M417/M476/M559 public transportation to Sha Wan public transportation terminal, via Sha Wan coming south sanded bay direction the road enters the mouth enter pan hill green talk.

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