Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The smiling face that a piece of first one the Five-Star Red Flag with one side fresh face, ablaze paean, Zhang Sheng changes… come day after day, by collect lake area appoint the unit such as bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of area of propagandist department, Luo Hu holds jointly ” congratulatory People’s Republic of China holds water 70 years ” mark of Luo Hu ground shows an activity quickly, in Shenzhen east the door and great theater square are held, 1000 masses, with most the singing with true guileless, have deep love for indefinitely what convey pair of great motherlands. Nearly 1000 people participate in all trades and professions to change the blessing same dweller of policemen of a song actor, teacher, student, doctor, public security, firemen, volunteer, community, mobile spot attracted social all circles extensively to participate in among them, nearly 1000 people assemble in, show Xiang Zuguo confess quickly with originality, sing classical song in all ” I and my motherland ” achieve song formerly with Luo Hu ” hug ” , be opposite with singing voice the true affection of the motherland, beatific motherland is prosperous. Arrive from the surprise touch, hear from bend chorally, the people that have never met before is interlinked in heart of collective patriotic feelings center, will change to the blessing of the motherland same a song. Luo Hu achieves song formerly ” hug ” bright according to legend sings Huai Luohu of national condition of roc town home to achieve song formerly 即墨瑶池水会还有服务吗” hug ” it is one of window that show an activity quickly this. This song is created 2019 first half of the year, by Luo Hu area music深圳百合酒店SPA水会怎么样ian association is achieved formerly, build city 40 years to celebrate Shenzhen, receive People’s Republic of China to hold water 70 years, present new view of new era special zone. Song showed a special zone friendly include, the feelings of sea Na Baichuan and spirit. Surround view masses to sing Xiang Zuguo of paean brandish ensign together ” than the heart ” ” I and my motherland, momently impartible, no matter I go which, pour out of a paean… ” m深圳宝安 按摩obile transcribe that day, moving air is resounded through in east the door and great theater, bright-coloured ensign is waved along with wind, attract many citizens to stop to watch and raise a mobile phone to film record. The spot is p深圳市圣德堡酒店ermeated with thick patriotic feelings, affected many spot audiences initiative in participating in an activity, come. Everybody has rhythm ground brandish to begin medium small ensign, cherish blazing patriotic heart, profession to motherland deep feeling with singing jointly. Gigantic an ensign Jing is colourful come on stage the spot is peremptory " gules ocean " mobile spot, grow 30 Yu Mi, more than meters 20 wide, gross area at the same time of nearly 600 square metre gigantic an ensign Jing is colourful come on stage, turn spot mood to climax. A lot of passerby are initiative the rank that joined convoy ensign, everybody is permeated with on the face proud. In addition, the spot still prepared 600 small ensign, shining quickly before beginning, by Luo Hu culture volunteers distribute citizen and tourist. The small ensign of brandish and gigantic ensign hands in photograph reflect, gather together of an enthusiastic jubilation ” gules ocean ” . Show an end quickly cordial blessing gives the Gao Ge with great high-spirited motherland, flying the Five-Star Red Flag, moist wears a Chinese heart. Until show an end quickly, everybody’s excited mood stil深圳按摩KB体验报告l hard be pacified, spoke hot to motherland broil love to camera lens in succession: “I feel exceedingly excited重庆桑拿洗浴SPA, next special for us the development of the motherland feels pride is mixed proud! ” ” very shake! Hope our motherland is more and more powerful, people’s life is richer and richer. ” ” learn with greater efforts, make dedication for the following motherland ” ” hope our motherland is prosperous! I love the motherland you! ” titbits of behind the curtain uncovers secret: The course that make is near unit of much 共享明天床垫情趣体验home of lake of 3 lunar collect is common synergic it is reported, this ” I and my motherland ” mark of Luo Hu ground shows an activity quickly to began to prepare in July from this year, finish by September make, last a period of time is close 3 months. During, the management center of network of TV of collect lake area that make and house of culture of collect lake area establish group of associated produce a film, the group of produce a film with excellent gather and outstanding singer battle array, via engineering originality, music for many times eye is chosen, scene of early days collate, be over finally heterodyne produce a film is made. This second activity participates in an unit tall, masses shares much, passion the gender is strong,足浴按摩spa怎么样 among them advocate achieve personnel more than 30, configure 8 photography camera take facility with a boat, build up show group (phalanx) more than 10, enlist the unit of area under administration that reachs assistance to support and company more than 40, volunteer of singer, culture and masses are close 1000 people, in Chinese parasol hill, east lake of port of trade of the door, grea足浴店白天去的人多吗t theater, nation, Luo Hu, celestial being many have representative Luo Hu before ground mark, sing noisy eulogize new era, tribute of great motherland ” Luo Hu nice voice ” . Travel at double s上海楼凤spa论坛peed of 70 years of harships, go 70 years before encourage. Dear motherland mother, today, let Luo Hu’s person profession to you with the most affectionate singing, 1000 vocabulary become 10 thousand word: “I love you, china! China!!

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