Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Increase shirt-sleeve education pilot school, prepare to construct college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, the end of the year adds 25 newly fair do garden. . . . . . Fall in September, each middle and primary school ring to open learned ring in succession, collect lake education is born for whole area middle and primary school display on ” great gift is wrapped ” . On September 5, collect lake area is held taught working conference Summer 2019, to new term educational job did comprehensive deploy, ahead of schedule plan is very new semester works, let Luo Hu teach new atmosphere of emersion of new school year. “Should continue to deepen ‘ Luo Hu educational reform ‘ , further development launchs classroom revolution, advance a family to teach reform in the round, implementation is with delicate, innovation, high grade, brand idiosyncratic ‘ high-quality goods is taught ‘ . ” Song Jiang of deputy warden of collect lake area points out, want to let each school become high grade school, let each each each teachers and students, family, society can enjoy the most high grade education. Establish De Shuren: Guiding a student to buckle good person to give birth to the first button to establish De Shuren is basic task of education, luo Hu general from socialistic core viewpoint of value, China politics of outstanding and traditional culture, thought, mental health is taught and the respect such as good and civilized behavior sets out, strengthen moral education job further, bury the seed of next the true to student heart, guide a student to buckle good person to give birth to the first button. Stand heart, comfortable meet area under administration is begun found work of countrywide civilized town, luo Hu will fulfil socialistic core viewpoint of value to enter sc番禺足浴hool yard, into course, into the classroom, all student that teachs worker and 3 grade above wants hep recital ” core viewpoint of value 24 words ” , compose is built it is with core viewpoint of value those who lead is medium sm天津高端男性spa会馆all young the system of big moral education of confluence of photograph of inside and outside of unifinication, school, blend in core viewpoint of value syste郑州洗浴带活的那种m of course core accomplishment, foster patriotic Jing Yecheng to believe affable eligible citizen. In the meantime, china outstanding and traditional culture is all-around blend in educational education each link, executive China is classical chant project, school of development China culture this course, education student is outstanding to China th番禺金碧悦全套e sense of pride of culture, enhance culture self-confidence. Tree person, luo Hu will be cogent strengthen mental health education and habit of good and civilized behavior teach, begin effectual mental health extensively to teach an activity, establish record of problem act student, specific aim ground is begun psychology seeks advice and intervene, make significant step prevent ” campus ride roughshod over ” phenomenon. This year, luo Hu still will strengthen drugs to prevent conduct propaganda to teach, all schools (5 year reach elementary school high school 2 grade, contain a secondary vocational school) in September countrywide adolescent is finished before the bottom platform of digitlization of drugs precaution education is registered rate achieve 100% , the period rate that finish 100% . System mechanism: Plan the end of the year adds 25 newly fair do garden 2018, luo Hu hangs out his shingle established 6 middle and primary school to teach group and group of 3 children education, new term teachs a group to want farther aggrandizement group to develop the functi深圳固戍哪里按摩好on of council each, clique of each other of the teacher inside exploration group, religion grind interactive, course is built in all share, culture accrete eutectic is effective method, exploration stimulative group and member officer are high grade the balanced, lasting effect mechanism that can develop continuously, continue to advance school of brand of collect lake area to build the job, dish natural resources of the education inside vivid area, arouse Luo Hu to teach innovation vitality. ” Luo Hu area is general do nursery school to build executive program ” put forward, l福田足浴按摩价格uo Hu plans to wait for transition to be through garden of governmental property right fair do garden, build fill build program nursery school, cent of children education group is registered independently field register wait for means, increase fair proportion doing garden ceaselessly, rise fair do garden to be occupied in garden children than. Plan the bottom added 25 newly 2019 fair do garden, fair number doing garden achieves 36; The bottom added 36 newly 2020 fair do garden, fair number doing garden achieves 72. In addition, exploration begins shirt-sleeve education, in the light of read special children along with the class, execute ” shirt-sleeve education supports a plan ” , increase confluence to teach pilot school, accelerate advance construction of astral garden school. Luo Hu of be born深圳最好的酒店排行榜 of hopeful of college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, area appoint district government plans to cooperate with the university of Shenzhen broadcasting television that is located in Luo Hu, use ” one school much district ” mode prepares to construct college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Pro深圳水疗上门vince, bring into its collect lake area priority discipline, the feasibility plan that makes college of city of HongKong and Macow of good another name for Guangdong Province and prepare to construct plan. Classroom revolution: Begin school characteristic to establish a project deep with ” Yo person means ” change attachs most importance to a dot, luo Hu will push course and education reform continuously. On curricular construction, luo Hu fulfils innovation sex national course school to be changed originally, compose builds the school curriculum system that reflects school distinguishing feature, advance continuously ” one school one characteristic ” found the job, begin deep the school characteristic that attachs most importance to a dot in order to establish measure of safeguard of course of characteristic of characteristic culture, development, aggrandizement establishs a project. With course development attachs most importance to a dot, advance depth ” 5 big moves ” (read act of the action, general Yo action, big artistic move, big move tha良子足浴全套有哪些项目t achieve an objective, English Cultural Festival greatly) , fulfil collect lake student to develop ” all one’s life art of an organic whole, lifetime one specialty ” working target, “5 big moves ” one of basises that begin a circumstance to will regard assessment as the school. On education design, luo Hu is advanced energetically the education of collect lake classroom that is grasper in order to promote pedagogic education design capability ” one division actors or actress class, one class a division ” the job. “Classroom revolution ” experimental school is given priority to with unit education design, other school attachs most importance to a dot with design of class hour education, begin ” one division actors or actress class, one class a division ” on the net ” bask in a class ” with the activity that judge actor. Luo Hu teachs column of website open up, time replace each school network ” bask in a class ” rate, drive supervises and urge whole area middle and primary school holds the post of class teacher complete member attend, course teacher is participated in entirely, cent of constituent expert group learns paragraph, cent course is chosen, commend high grade clas深圳情趣主题酒店s, cent of the end of the year learns paragraph of editor to publish ” 2019 Luo Hu educational reform: Education designs excellent case ” . On education mode, luo Hu encourages foretaste of all school go ahead of the rest, adopt ” basic form + change type ” push strategy, explore new pattern of new pattern of school classroom education and discipline education actively. In the meantime, timely organization metaphase is evaluated, the area teachs division courtyard grading, cent course summary analysis, the classroom education mode with choose and finalize the design mature, organize an expert to evaluate argumentation, the basic form that forms area, school, course finally and change type, teach division courtyard the end of the year to organize basic to education of classroom of each experiment school form to undertake assessment checking and accept. Person of domestic school Yo: Doing good parent school and education of community school family is the key that the child grows, the child’s behavior and ability can be affected in exert a subtle influence on. Collect lake compose builds a family to teach harmonious mechanism and working network, construction parent teachs informatization platform, perfect parent informatization learns resource library, promote Yo of domestic school pool efforts the person’s standard hard. In the meantime, compose builds the lifelong study that is based on big data to run a system, construction learns data center, realize online management, evaluation and data analysis; Carry out ” citizen study gets stuck ” system, convenient citizen study signing up, accumulate credit, obtain curricular certificate of conformity finally. Run good parent school and community school, luo Hu is made ” work of school of parent of Luo Hu area is how-to ” , all areas belong to middle and primary school and nursery school to have his parent school, fulfil gyp of Home Luo Hu to make ” one school a school, lifetime one adviser ” target, do make brand of characteristic of school of parent of middle and primary school of area of actor collect lake by force, the overall deploy that works school of enter a school of accept of parent school construction. Adopt 83 community school, begin accurate parent education and education of the parent that separate era to community dweller, hold all sorts of families to teach transmission activity. In addition, luo Hu will come on stage ” domestic education coachs division is bred with administrative measure ” , establish and breed advisory body of project management group, expert education of team, family coachs division team, family teachs volunteer team, grade to grow with classmaster team, breed a family to teach a faculty, high-quality goods teachs the Luo Hu that makes high quality progress.

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