Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Since People’s Republic of China holds water 70 years, achievement strikings. These achievement are reflected not only in macroscopical data, also condense the change in every ave lane in. A road, witness a paragraph of course. Insurgent news expedites multichannel reporter, look for the people road of many cities of countrywide, record the national memory that bears the weight of on the road and changes, present the development achievement of new China. In life of nearly 70 years, the housing of Liang Xue Jue was changed 5 times. When be born, liang Xue Jue lives in the wooden canopy that builds beside railroad, only 7-8 square metre. Come to took the place of 1960 first, liang Jia rents the pallet brick house of the villager, 10 much square metre, most a long time lives 8 people. 1975 around, liang Xue Jue marries, after unripe child 3 hire workshop of 20 square metre to live. After reforming and opening, the factory benefit that Liang Xue Jue is in ameliorates, he gives 8000 yuan to obtain unit of 100 much square metre to divide a room, had the house that belongs to oneself for the first time. 2002, because tear open change to transform, liang Xue Jue lives went up the new-style building answering change of coequal area. To Liang Xue Jue, the backside that changes a room can see the development of Shenzhen and changes, and his home changes a room 5 times, did not leave a way. This road is area of Shenzhen collect lake ” people road ” . The way is not long, be less than 3 kilometers, trend of north and south, cent is two paragraphs: The people north road, road austral people. Forth 40 years, this way is shorter, 1 kilometer is only much. Of the road most the south, border Hong Kong, have station of district of railway station of collect lake port, Shenzhen, collect lake, it is the place of assemble of stream of people; The north of the road paragraph, it is Shenzhen one of groups of the oldest trade — east the core area that door business encircles, it is Shenzhen cannot replace in popular feeling ” old street ” . At the beginning of 21 centuries, after the course is transformed east door trade group. Insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou breaks up pat at the same time, this road also connective history and memory, two side have elementary school of Shenzhen middle school, Shenzhen, have east site of river guerrilla headquarters, have build at Qing Kangxi year between, ever was province harbor big strike the academy of classical learning thinking a month that recieves a station, have hold the whole nation position of the first high-rise long country of 10 years trade big summer. This road, it is Shenzhen from ” little fishing village ” change as metropolitan epitome. The Liang Xue Jue of the historical changes that has witnessed it is right insurgent news (Www.thepaper.cn) say, one’s early years, because of drawing near Hong Kong approachs a railway station, xiaoshang was formed to encircle near people road; After reforming and opening, this one belt rises abruptly the earliest, transform via several after, form the flourishing appearance nowadays. “If do not have reforming and opening, here still is small town of a border. ” the road of north of people of division of Shenzhen collect lake, road austral people. Bridge of past of ruins of Shenzhen of Wang Yu cartography learns Jue to was born 1951, ancestral home Guangdong is met newly. Last centuries 40 time, his grandfather and father come to Baoan county (Shenzhen city predecessor) when bearer, he is unripe here. In those days, baoan county still slants at the corner ” bullet wapentake ” . According to document account, before reforming and opening, the economy of Baoan is given priority to with agriculture. 1978, baoan gross output value of industry and agriculture one hundred and twenty-seven million one hundred and seventy thousand yuan, total production value of property of its middle peasant 95.75 million yuan, occupy丽晶酒店 75% . Liang Xue Jue plays great place as a child, cry ” Shenzhen ruins ” . “Ruins ” the meaning that is market. Be in early bright generation metaphase, nowadays Luo Hu east a few dorp that the door takes build market, formed ” ruins ” , this prosperity also continued to come down all the time, brought up nowadays east door trade group. Memory of Liang Xue Jue says, because border Hong Kong, have collect lake port and railway station, go up century 50, 60 time, it is here ” border small town ” . Public report shows, wide after 9 railroad build, luo Hu station is enabled, baoan makes the traffic door of inland and Hong Kong, the cereal travel market that sells produce (liberate a road today) , sell fastfood the reform road with groceries (today people north road) , always the place business street such as new market, Na Qingjie develops quickly rise, formed today’s collect lake old city. People north road is insurgent when thunder of Liao Hong of scholar of chairman of reputation of seminar of art of culture of mainland of graph Shenzhen of journalist Chen Xuhou, folk-custom accepts media before this, express, near people north road east door trade group, the important ruins city with famed far and near already was since axiomatic Qing Dynasty, hong Kong and Guangzhou are on here between, geographical environment is distinctive, hua Yang is handed in miscellaneous, humanitarian assemble, guangdong 3 big the people of civilian department wide government office, the Hakkas and wet Shan gathers here. In those days, shenzhen ruins scale is not large, the road basically has two, namely people road and emancipatory road, did not spread cement, it is earthy road; House of market main rooms is an arcade-house more, 2-3 layer, first floor is shop front, upstairs live person; Farm is all round, dispersed simple and easy a house owned by a citizen, local villager makes a living with soil more, the small number of people fishs for course of study. The people road in the past and emancipatory road. Liang Xue Jue says, original, people road has 1 kilometer only much, less than 10 meters wide, ab extra bearer does not have a house to live, wooden canopy is built below the tree around. Be born as 6 children, 8 people squeeze Liang Jiaceng the wooden canopy of 7-8 ㎡ is old. 1971, liang Xue Jue graduates from the high school of Shenzhen middle school near people road, be allocated to come agriculture machinery 3 facto深圳的高端spa水疗会所招聘ries, do woodworking, build go to wait for the job. In his impression, to reforming and opening before, people road and circumjacent change are not big. Jiang Xingying comes to Baoan for the first time prefectural people road, it is to go up century 50 time end, she comes forward 20 years old in those days. Jiang Xingying is Guangdong Luo Dingren, 1957, holding in the arms come out the thought of see life, below the introduction of acquaintance, she came to Baoan county, participate in construction light farm. In those days, the girl that their village comes out has 2 people only, she is among them one of. Jiang Xingying is resided alone in the building near people north road, two his sons live in Hong Kong, the daughter lives in Fu Tiansheng. After the graph comes to insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou to Baoan, those who see is hill, many people walked. Jiang Xingying is very excited however, she believes educated youth, the bag eats here encase, it is a youth, had not wanted to want to return old home. After a year, jiang Xingying turns go building Shenzhen reservoir. She says, long reservoir is very bitter, the hand pulled a car to draw blood, be overcome, many people answered bright farm, returned old home directly even. Jiang Xingying stayed, controlled 1960, she and the fellow-townsman that work in reservoir together marry, in the thatched shack that supports in reservoir later parturient. Jiang Xingying is recollected, about 1958, she comes to people road for the first time, use free time to shop. In her impression, here is market, it is to trade farming the place of by-product, mix besides people road emancipatory road, still have a few alley, “The ave is a bit better, it is the earthy way that paves stone having sand, alley was defeated quite, it is yellow mud road. The child goes to school, the shoe can be done dirty. ” the spring breeze that witnesses Shenzhen speed reforming and opening, shenzhen of the earliest insufflate. Look in Liang Xue Jue, this leads people way, because draw near collect lake port, railway station, feel the change that brings to reforming and opening the earliest深圳休闲、SPA按摩. 1979, city of Shenzhen of Baoan county instead, shenzhen special economic zone was obtained second year batch. Meanwhile, collect lake area holds water, it is the center of the special zone. According to ” sign of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district ” account, shenzhen special economic zone is massive development begins from Luo Hu, people road is taken produce great change from this. The road austral people. The graph grows insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou only originally the people road of 1 kilometer, greeted extend. According to ” Shenzhen city records ” account, people north road built 1981, the road austral people built 1983, two paragraphs of roads with with deep south the highway is a bound, people road be able to all fronts be open to traffic, from bamboo shoot hillock east the road reachs Shenzhen railway station, trend of north and south, 2340 meters long, 40 meters wide. This extend is transformed also formed nowadays the general pattern of Shenzhen people road. Liang Xue Jue tells insurgent news, the people north nowadays Lu Guidong door is street administer, it is past people road roughly, the markeddest characteristic has east door trade group, and one belt b深圳桑拿靠谱推荐elongs to the road austral people south the lake is street, past is to did not develop field more. After extend is transformed, people north road is in build a building while, still withhold a few traces in the past, and the mainstay line that the road austral people is port of join collect lake, road surface is broad, two side are high buildings and large mansions more, have city feeling more. In the road austral people wayside, ground mark building is a country trade edifice. Be located in south people the country of the road trade edifice, ever was the first high-rise of Chinese. Insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou breaks up pat 1982, shenzhen municipal government prepares to prepare to construct a building, regard countrywide each district as the window in Shenzhen, name for ” center of Shenzhen international trade ” . By 1985, trade edifice investment uses the country, cover an area of a face to accumulate 20 thousand square metre, floor area 100 thousand square metre, its still are set the 50th layer a lot of more current repair an edifice newly to be done not have, diameter 26 meters helicopter aircraft parking area. Country the first high-rise of countrywide that trade edifice is at that time, the building is 160 meters tall,深圳龙岗维也纳酒店 in all 53, achieved China several the first: China exceeds a high level the first times to build, in be as long as holding all the time in 10 years ” the first high-rise of countrywide ” the position; China implements the construction project of invite public bidding the earliest, take the lead in in home large area manages slippery model construction, achieved 3 world-famous days of one layer building ” Shenzhen speed ” . Reforming and opening also changed the destiny of Liang Xue Jue, the workshop that he is in and Hong Kong foreign capital cooperate, manufacturing banquet dream thinks of mattess, because economic benefits is good, 1981, he gives 8000 yuan to obtain the unit dormitory room of a 100 much ㎡ only, the wooden canopy that left to go, a house owned by a citizen and workshop, right first time had a house that belongs to his. To high-rise from low layer brick house the road of bristly people north, road austral people has many ground mark sexes to build, elementary school of Shenzhen middle school, Shenzhen is in roadside, there is the people park that Shenzhen builds one of parks the earliest around, door trade group is maintaining east flourishing and lively. In the memory of 84 years old of senile Jiang Xingying, people road takes around to had undertaken for many times transforming in all. And according to place old resident is told about, old people road takes first time large-scale transform, only then at going up century 90 time. 1964 around, via acquaintance introduction, jiang Xingying enters hospital of Shenzhen city people to work, responsible hospital dining room is purchased, work all the time to emeritus. Acting 1970 first, a lot of people of local build a house, hom深圳蓝悦湾会所e Jiang Xingying also looked for clearing of a 40 much square metre to build a building around old people road, built; Acting 1980, build via two, the top comes 4. Film the photograph that took the place of 1980 shows, home Jiang Xingying is brick house, the wall did not brush cement outside. 80 hind Li Liting is in east door community works, her maternal one’s early years is in east door trade group makes a sale, she ever was in people elementary school reads. Memory says Li Liting, in one’s childhood, children plays everywhere, the residential area house that people north road brings is the brick house of 2-3 layer, arcade-house more, most tiling, the wall did not brush cement outside. Without tap water, there still are a lot of wells on road surface. Arrived meal dot, mom cries greatly ” had a meal ” , children come home have a meal. Li Liting expresses, arrived to took the place of 1990, this one belt is transformed by inclose, arcade-house, tile-roofed house pulled down entirely, built new building. Also be in this one period, 4 buildings of Home Jiang Xingying are torn open change, accumulate according to the face 1: The compensatory standard of 1, her home acquires the building of 2 80 much square metre, she lives up to now a of amid. Public data shows, in January 1998, shenzhen puts forward to be opposite east door old street undertakes whole plans to mix transform, investment of two class government counts city, area yuan of capital, rebuild thoroughly to old street. Second year in October, door old street upgrades east the market opens afresh after transforming. Go up century of 90 time east door old street. Insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou breaks up pat after transforming, door business encircles continuance east in former days flourishing, person discharge defeats 1 million person-time for a time, be not worth 0.2 square kilometer in commercial area east door trade group, still 300 thousand come the day of 500 thousand person-time all passenger flow. Be in the building that people north road sees nowadays, most also build at going up century 80, 90 time, these pass face-lifting after old building, use up to now. The road austral people is located south the lake is street, its history changes is picture another. South the lake is street深圳桑拿沐足会所 it is Shenzhen special economic zone develops the port region with the earliest, the the fastest, most flour深圳龙岗上门推拿按摩ishing development. Before 1979, here goes out of cultivation one piece, company of a few foreign trade is built here have piggery, regard live pig as the terminal of exit, it is pig dung and sewage everywhere. After 1980, urban construction and old village transform synchronism to undertake here, infrastructure is progressively and perfect. Go up century after 90 time metaphase, south the lake is street high-rise is bristly, building of 18 above high level has many 130. 2002, the Luying austral people will transform, after transforming, road bizygomatic breadth reachs 45 meters. Included block passes 40 old development, shenzhen from ” little fishing village ” change as metropolitan, the changes of people road history be among them an epitome. 1993, liang Xue Jue resigns, went to Shenzhen old brand is famous hotel Kyoto hotel works. After two years, this hotel changes make, bridge learns Jue come off sentry duty. Later, below the friend’s introduction, liang Xue Jue returns a public house afresh, the job comes emeritus. 2002, because tear open change to transform, liang Xue Jue lives the new-style business of on 100 much square metre spreads a house. Up to now, he and sweetheart, son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren lives inside this flatlet. From be born up to now, 60 come for years, liang Xue Jue is in all the time people road (show people north way) around live. He is an old Party member, very enthusiastic to community job. He remembers predecessor of every architectural on the street, it is the witness that this bears historical changes. Liang Xue Jue discovers, old resident is less and less, those who live is absolutely most it is the other place lives guest, and changed a batch another batch, this makes him a little sentimental, “The house of 80% is to use hack. ” at the same time, he also gets used to bearer of this kind of rapid change, person to go to, “Did not develop, do not have today’s life, cannot stay in the past. ” the picture that Liang Xue Jue is seeing. Insurgent journalist Chen Xuhou pursues nowadays, the grandchildren of Liang Xue Jue reads in Hong Kong, go back and forth between Shenzhen and Hong Kong everyday. Have the Liang Xue Jue of 8000 yuan of pension every months, the life does not have care, he got up at 5 o’clock everyday, insist to take exercise, walk along above of 10 thousand pace everyday, make an appointment with old schoolmate to hit mahjong 1-2 every week second. Liang Xue Jue says, shenzhen change is very big, “One year an appearance ” , he also has seen the destiny of a lot of people transforms, “‘ small ‘ follow ‘ everybody ‘ change ” , although everybody’s respective life contrail differs somewhat, but the life ameliorated. Up to now, jiang Xingying lives around people road 50 old. She has two child one female, daughter Fu Tiansheng is vivid now, two sons are in Hong Kong. The Jiang Xingying body that passes 8 a period of ten years in one’s age be good at bright, her state of mind is very good, wait for person enthusiasm, ironed a hair, appear very young. Before before long, jiang Xingying became cataract operation, she uses two mobile phones, commonly used small letter and person communication. Jiang Xingying already 4 worlds are the same as hall, every week she can go to Hong Kong alone, reunite with the family member. Have leisure, she chats together with old schoolmate, drink tea. Jiang Xingying says, she is very contented the life nowadays, “Emeritus salary is very high, the life is very good. The bitterest before is us, the happiest now also be us. ” Li Liting is person of a new Shenzhen, the choice once was going to school, the block of amuse oneself works, became a common community staff member. Take to people road, her memory is the deepest, have the arcade-house of a 3 woodiness structure, it is the top floor in an a house owned by a citizen; Have anguine dining room, this is the dining-room with famous Shenzhen, became f惠州丽豪酒店沐足amous in order to eat a snake; Have Mcdonald’s, mcdonald’s of ground head home was here inside China 1990 practice, to bought a hamburger, mom ever took her to be discharged for ages for ages team. Ask about the chara合肥高登酒店良子足浴cteristic that people road brings, li Liting’s answer is, “Hold out those who include, the person of the building of what time, where can be accepted. ” (note: The local document with referenced article has ” install county annals newly ” , ” Baoan county annals ” , ” Shenzhen city records ” , ” sign of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district ” , ” annals of Shenzhen city place name ” etc)

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