Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The water shellfish of area of Shenzhen city collect lake, to on the west, lake shellfish, Huang Beiling 4 villages, the villager is piece of surname more and result from one arteries and veins, all fasten the Western Han Dynasty to leave Hou Zhangliang, reach Tang Zaixiang the descendant of Zhang Jiugao of a high official in ancient China of younger brother of Zhang Jiuling afterbirth. Luo Hu piece surname gens already had 600 old histories in Shenzhen, its ancestor goes to Guangdong by Heibei change, reside Dongguan first. Ming Hongwu 2 years, its 8 worlds Zu Wufeng is fair carry a mother to Shenzhen roc from Dongguan change 9 mound mountain folds blessing village, all previous sansei 41 carry, namely Wu peak, clever plain, far brief 3 fair. 10 worlds Zu Yuanjian is fair develop to beg, close examine occupies site. Make an on-the-spot investigation all the way to Shenzhen bay again to Chinese parasol hill from roc, luo Hu of final make choice of ground of this geomantic treasure. Ming Yongle 8 years, xuan Sanzi of a small room of jade of 10 worlds the approximate ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter as calculated by Zu Chongzhi, Jing Xuan, an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions lies between pond Zhang Jia to surround to Shenzhen from change of the village that f深圳半套桑拿论坛蒲友交流old blessing. Lived 3 generation 56 after carrying, bright into change 2 years, except Yu Xuan fair son’s eldest son thinks of a month to continue to settle outside water shellfish, second Sun Aiyue change arrives to on the west, choose of 3 Sun Huaiyue, 4 Sun Nian month reside lake shellfish. Zhang passes Luo Hu 500 old multiply haunt, 4 villages piece surname population makes an appointment with 5000 people, zhang descendants makes an appointment with global Luo Hu 20 thousand people.
From Shenzhen of town of military importance of southern on October 19, 1949 remote border town declare is liberated up to now in 70 years, luo Hu piece of surname village and 4 republican stand together regardless of situation, experienced from stand up to rich rise to arrive again strong the whole history course that rise, it is the person that new China admits the testimony of course 70 years.
Before Shenzhen special economic zone held water 1980, luo Hu 4 piece of surname village forever soil makes a living, villager sunrise and make, sunset and breath, live inside pallet bricky tile-roofed house, the life is unusual hardships. The spring breeze of reforming and opening gives Luo Hu Zhang clansman brought unprecedented development opportunity, because of the need that the special zone builds, the major land of the village by commandeer, the villager washed the cropland on the foot to be made ” 3 will fill ” , collective economy develops 4 villages quickly expand, villager standard of living promotes significantly. 1992 special zone urbanization of villa深圳按摩店招聘技师ges, city of Inc. of course of study of Bei Shi of Shenzhen town water, Shenzhen to on the west Jing Xuan of Huangbei mountain of city of Inc. of course of study of Bei Shi of lake of city of industrial Inc. , Shenzhen, Shenzhen is industrial Inc. declare holds water, rent with property, service of entertainment of travel of estate development, guesthouse, culture is dominant industry, make collective eco深圳水疗会所服务流程nomy development entered 4 villages drive, village the people’s livelihood is like sesame seed to blossom alive successively tall. Especially in recent years, 4 piece surname village is built went up the express that Shenzhen city updates begins old village to transform, make the village allowed village appearance to produce the change of thoroughly remould oneself, collective economy actual strength enhances the village significantly, the villager obtains feeling, happy feeling to grow day and day.
Water shellfish village:
Build community of lakefront high-quality goods
Water shellfish village is located in road of north of article bright and beautiful east side, water shellfish 2 to, tian Bei 4 north side, paddy field 2 streets on the west side a sector of an area, area 0.106 square kilometer, belong to green banboos community of street water shellfish, be located in inside base of assemble of Shenzhen gold jewelry.
Memorial archway of water shellfish village (already demolished)
At the beginning of 1990, water shellfish village executes first time old village to transform, old tile-roofed house is pushed to make the same score, develop of new residential quarter builds project break earth; On October 1, 1992, old village transforms completion of the first batch of 27 new buildings; Of the same age, completion of the 2nd batch of 42 bridal chamber, 152 villagers enter water shellfish new residential quarter cheerly. On December 31, 1992, water shellfish village establishs joint-stock company, former villager comes true ” farming turn blame ” , become dweller and partner.
Air of big memorial archway of water shellfish village is grand, in Wen Jin boreal road a side and big lake park lie between Lu Xiangwang. There is a pair of couplet on memorial archway: “Water accompanies Huang Luoqing clansman to think of Chang Yan, bei Liansheng ground and source day month most bright. ” above embedded ably ” water shellfish ” Heibei of birthplace of village name, Zhang ” clear river ” with 10 worlds ancestor ” think a month ” renown date, showed the historical culture inheritance of water shellfish village.
Since base of assemble of jewelry of water shellfish gold held water 2004, base assemble effect increasingly protruding shows, the development of the industry and the demand that reach housing to industrial space from personnel of course of study, the city that drove water shellfish village replaces a process. City of water shellfish village updates a project to included 2013 ” Shenzhen city town updates unit program to make a plan the 2nd batch of plans ” , obtained give an official of program of government of collect lake district on October 24, 2016, obtained in April 2017 in installment give an official, cent period is carried out. Newer unit always accumulates about 52 thousand square metre with the ground, divide outside the villager replies change house, still set daytime of old people of nursery school, public transportation station, community to attend center, civilian service station, community alarm station of transfer of Wu room, small-sized rubbish, renewable resources reclaims station, comfort station, communal charge service center of fitness of station, community, community government uses room of activity of room, culture to wait for each, still can contribute quite social security room of the amount.
Current, water shellfish village updates a project to build whip and spur, the promotion that takes function of rotor region industry and deve南美休闲会馆lopment, make yard up live, apartment of office, commerce, business affairs multivariate the function is an organic whole ” lakefront high-quality goods is integrated city of admiral of originality of gem of community, international ” .
Xiang Xicun:
Front courtyard of harmony harmonious a person of extraordinary powers is successful join the gang
Xiang Xicun is the administrative village of first ground be askinged for after Shenzhen special economic zone holds water. To support the construction of the special zone and development, to the person dedicated altruisticly to for generations lives and bilk the land with living on the west. To 1983, whole village is major land by commandeer at deep south the project such as road construction. On December 30, 1992, to industrial joint-stock company holds water on the west.
Go up century the later period in 90 time, to the person begins sortie estate on the west, to industrial joint-stock company was developed independently on the west 29 tall to on the west edifice, the edifice began construction 1998, 2001 completion, make the modern mark of old village.
By to industrial joint-stock company fundses raised by oneself on the west of development ” Xiang Xiyong Mu Haoting ” , was to demolish belong to formerly to on the west of the building build such as company of joint-stock company, Xi Yuan and guesthouse of 3 Xiyuan inside plot of branch multi-purpose building old revise a project. The project always covers an area of a face to accumulate 9025.37 square metre, total floor area 53700 square metre, basically mix by an apartment of a 30 layer residences, 27 business affairs composition of building of 5 commerce skirt, additionally 3 basement make an appointment with 30 thousand square metre. Commercial skirt building and apartment have property oneself for company collective, after official investment is used, the company can rent property area amounts to 100 thousand square metre, enhanced collective economy comprehensive strength greatly.
“Front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of Xiang Xiyong harmonious ” the project always invests about 500 million yuan, from May 2014 start working is built, seal a top smoothly in November 2016, project residence entered a sale in July 2017 and obtain beautiful accomplishment. This year in May, “Front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of Xiang Xiyong harmonious ” formal join the gang and consign owner. So far, xiang Xicun is local transform achieve complete success. To on the west edifice and ” Xiang Xiyong Mu Haoting ” be in deep south wayside echo each other at a distance, make the testimony of Xiang Xicun flourishing.
Present Xiang Xicun reachs environment of circumjacent form a complete set to look brand-new inside the village, the villager and tenement live and work in peace and contentment, business door is abide by the law manage, in the past ” dirty chaos is poor ” the village in the city is gone forever. To the person is filled with exultation to this on the west, confidence is full of the new era that marchs toward happy happiness.
Lake shellfish village:
“3 vertical 8 horizontal strokes ” activation is used
Lake shellfish, all directions of spirit of ground of an outstanding personality, moist, it is ground of a geomantic treasure. The ancestral Zhang Huaiyue of lake shellfish person settled in lake shellfish 1466, live the earliest the dot is Na Fang, na Fang’s existent an arch over a gateway is at that time the mark that lake shellfish village establishs a village, already accompanied lake shellfish to had walked along more than 30 generation person, experienced 550 old histories. Global lake shellfish descendants is close 6000 people.
Memorial archway of lake shellfish new residential quarter
On September 23, 2012, joint-stock company held lake shellfish city of old village of plenary meeting of shareholder of 2012 year first time and lake shellfish updates apiration to vote congress, the shareholder that has 97.07% votes agree with lake shellfish old village to undertake transforming, agree with ground of You Huarun buy (Shenzhen) development limited company is carried out as newer main body transform two second reading, indicate newer project starts a city of lake shellfish old village formally. 2013, lake shellfish plans as a whole a division is newer unit is included whole town key to transform a proje惠东皇庭假日水会ct.
On Feburary 26, 2017, ” Luo Hu area east city of street lake shellfish replaces the gate plan as a whole an area program ” program is formal fair show; On June 28, lake shellfish plenary meeting of shareholder of joint-stock company collectivity votes passed village collective property to tear open change to find a place for those who compensate matters concerned is second reading; On August 13, in Luo Hu area, east the door is street below the testimony that does delegate of villager of leader and elders of a country or district of Bei Cun of many 200 lake, joint-stock company and ground of China embellish buy signed lake shellfish collective property tears open change to find a place for compensation agreement. 2018, lake shellfish plans as a whole a division is newer transformed special program to pass city of Luo Hu area to replace a leader the group is examined and approve and city establishs link appoint the conference.
This year on September 26 one big early, joyous sound laughs on lake shellfish road language, square honored guest and each villager delegate will to lake shellfish village witness collect lake area jointly major project of the 3rd quarter centered start working and city of lake Bei Cheng to plan as a whole newlier 2019 an area (first phase) the project lays a foundation. As Luo Hu the area establishs the 70 tribute projects of anniversary to new China, lake shellfish city plans as a whole newlier an area (first phase) the project always invests 20.8 billion yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 88 thousand square metre, total floor area 705 thousand square metre. Shellfish of lake of project general heavy model piece old village of shellfish of lake of activation of order of area core space, active protection, make culture establishment group, link promote east the door and circumjacent business sequence of ideas, development is high quality the city synthesis that burgeoning industry condition collects, make article brigade resort and international consume core area.
Plan as a whole old village transforms a shellfish of the lake inside the area the program is final 水立方水疗会所 概况plan decision, the tile room the characteristic austral ancestral temple of the Zhang Gong that conceive a month and many 400 circumjacent mountain (3 vertical 8 horizontal strokes) the violet line that delimits to have the history protects value together uses ground range, meeting former address preserves aggregate the ancestral temple that covers an area of 13000 much square metre, old building activation of hand-in-hand travel rehabilitate. Acceptance of ground of China embellish buy invites home expert of top class cultural relic rehabilitate has repair, reductive bright, the former appearance of the village of三亚spa会所 lake shellfish nature of quiet period, can realize culture inheritance already, attend to the interest that project city renews need and partner villager, reached with all possible means win-win.
Huang Beiling village:
New city appears old affection still is in
Village of yellow shellfish mountain is located in deep Na Donglu and edge Heibei road with north, to the south of clear smooth path and phoenix road, north and Jing Beina tighten couplet, shu Maolin’s close Huang Beiling park leans south, whole village has on village, medium next village, villages 3 natural villages, always cover an area of an area to be 1.2 square kilometer, whole village has piece of family name an administrative unit in Xizang to kiss a shareholder 1300 much people, new dweller and shack population is close 50 thousand person, all sorts of floor space many 1900. The Huang Beiling end 2017 is old change project new building dish open quotation, the villager answers change in succession the new building of 140 thousand much square metre, many 100 first villager takes the lead in greeting the happy event of move to a better place or have a promotion.
Huang Beiling is one of villages in Luo Hu’s biggest city, with respect to city of Shenzhen be includinged 10 old old villages transformed a project 1992. Because a variety of reason progress are slow,village of yellow shellfish mountain transforms early days. In March 2011, city belongs to group of deep trade of large and state-owned company, old village of 三亚亚龙湾SPAyellow shellfish mountain is finished to transform the equity of project and project company to buy in Hong Kong, decided the villager tears open the compensation standard of change ancestor house, make this becomes silent to update a project for years to acquire a new life. After this, ground of difficult job buy is dedicated to making large modern integrated community in Huang Beiling — difficult job Dong Ling.
Old village of yellow shellfish mountain transforms a project to entrust world-famous professional corporation to carry key link to plan to design, transform the village of mountain of new yellow shellfish after finishing to have market retail, meal, recreation, style, recreational the shopping centers at an organic whole, become new-style modern community. Huang Beiling also is the subway 2, 5, the site of change trains hub of 8 lines, from inside the city the village changes the modern exalted trade that body and photograph of image of Shenzhen whole city get used to, business affairs and lQT服务iving community.
2017, village of yellow shellfish mountain strode a key one pace, become the milepost that collective economy develops the village. In those days on December 17, mountain garden replies change house east formal join the gang, successful consign reachs 2165 houses that answer change in villager owner hand. Old village of yellow shellfish mountain is transformed with ” new city appears, old affection still is in ” for the tenet, the successful completion of mountain garden makes fizzle out east place of villager of shellfish mountain village ” go upstairs ” , living environment and standard of living are able to promote significantly. The establishment such as center of conserve of mountain of recreational park, Huangbei enhanced the Zhang ancestral hall that in recent years joint-stock company builds the villag惠州淡水桑拿洗浴水疗酒店会所e, Huang Beiling the cohesive affinity of villager of elders of a country or district, the villager people neighborhood dates, feeling as before, the day is crossed more prosperous.
City of Inc. of course of study of Bei Shi of Shenzhen town water, Shenzhen to on the west Jing Xuan of Huangbei mountain of city of Inc. of course of study of Bei Shi of lake of city of industrial Inc. , Shenzhen, Shenzhen is industrial Inc. congratulates new China ardently to hold water 70 years!

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