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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Up to on December 31, 2018, shenzhen already someone goes crossover 492, but only 14 set elevator, occupy than only 2.8% . City traffic carriage bureau disclosed recently, will undertake to crossover of Shenzhen person travel landscape promotes, include to add install elevator, ceiling or change ceiling, transform bridge floor to spread outfit and punish to protect column to wait. Stand in line stands to be aimed at south ” Shenzhen plans to add outfit lift to person travel crossover, how do you look ” undertake network questionnaire is investigated, suffer the person that visit to think person trav深圳福桥酒店桑拿el crossover is necessary to add outfit lift most probably more than. City of collect lake area manages and execute the law integratedly bureau the staff member told a few days ago south reporter, crossover of new residential quarter of north of Xi Ling village, loose garden, Tian Bei, reservoir is had add propose a requirement, in a planned way adds outfit lift. Beginning punish of person travel crossover to promote working Shenzhen to have many person travel crossover, but do not have elevator for the most part, for disadvantageous to ability to walk old people, disabled and the pedestrian that carry big baggage, the crossover that does not have automatic elevator is very disadvantageous. For this, this year ” two meetings ” during, crossover of travel of person of Shenzhen of proposal of wave of Liu of delegate of city National People’s Congress whether add automatic hand to help elevator up. According to relevant statistic data, up to on December 31, 2018, crossover of travel of Shenzhen city mutual person 492, only crossover of 14 people travel sets elevat深圳兼职工资or, among them cropland of Luo Hu, blessing and saline have to set elevator each, south hill sets elevator 6 times, long Hua sets elevator 5 times. City traffic carries bureau introduction, existence of crossover of travel of Shenzhen part person protects the safe hidden trouble such as column damaged. To perfect function of infrastructure of person travel crossover, convenient citizen goes out row, city traffic carriage bureau made punish of person travel crossover promote the job plan. Nearly 7 into suffer the person that visit to give the person travel crossover of travel to do not have elevator near future at ordinary times, be aimed at south ” Shenzhen plans to add outfit lift to person travel crossover, how do you look ” develop civilian tone, up to on August 27 morning 8 when, in all what 2829 people shared viewpoint PK and interactive problem is voting. Among them, nearly 6 into suffer the person that visit to think, at present Shenzhen person goes the main setting of crossover (elevator, trouble-free passageway, ceiling) not quite perfect still. The nearly 7 person travel crossover that show a place to深圳罗湖富临酒店 encounter into public opinion poll do not have elevator basically. In addition, super- suffer the person that visit to think to add outfit elevator to have its necessity most probably, among them 4 into suffer the person that visit to state need of dimension of later period carry is pressing had done. In the light of the person travel crossover adds outfit elevator to whether can affect a travel, nearly 6 into suffer the person that visit to express to be informed ahead of schedule and do not seal a road to be able to be accepted. Current, city traffic carriage bureau already went to whole town person damaged of outfit of the pedestal ageing that crossover exists, shop, baluster is marred wait for safe hidden trouble to spread out punish to work. Whole town shares crossover of 19 people travel to appear different safe hidden trouble, at present 14 crossover already completed repair of safe hidden trouble, 5 crossover plan is in the others finish entirely at the beginning of September. It is those who assure a citizen to give a security, promote a city image, city traffic carriage bureau undertakes to crossover of Shenzhen person travel landscape promotes, specific promotion content includes to add outfit lift, increase outfit ceiling or change ceiling, transform bridge floor to spread outfit and punish to protect column to wait, promotion job divides batch to undertake. By management board of each area under administration (except of man深圳丽都酒店agement board of roc, deep Shan) after in stream of people concentrated shopping centre chooses a crossover at least and doing detailed structure checking computations to analyse to bridge, undertake landscape promotes pilot, weave according to the effect comprehensive promotion plans. Promotion of person travel crossover is finishing after checking and accept, will turn over city traffic carriage bureau to undertake tubal raising entirely, by win the bid the conserve enterprise of generation undertakes be maintenanced daily. The reporter visits crossover landscape beautiful, partial elevator suspends using the crossover austral people of collect lake division to be located in deep south highway, both sides is edifice of square of join general merchandise, medium force larg东海岸水疗SPA足浴保健怎么样e building, originality fine time is indoor, when the reporter is visited, section of this crossover section is in construction nap, be in upgoing automatic staircase to open only, the others can pass through up and down it is stair. A bit influential besides construction citizen goes out row, be worth what carry is, the landscape of the crossover austral people is very beautiful, built canopy top used vitreous material to pledge, pervious to light block rain again. Apart of the crossover austral construction crossover and people is controlled 300 meters, be in traffic light crossing, photograph of the crossover austral its construction and people is more inferior than having a bit, dan Jiqiao face, stair very level off, clean, share a深圳喜悦水会988号 bicycle to have besides what two are put at will break beautiful, the eyewinker waits without rubbish on the ground. South the reporter will to careless Bu subway stand, the B exit that this subway stands and D exit joined a very senior person goes crossover, set elevator and upgoing automatic staircase respectively, the citizen that pulling baggage or is pushing pram expresses to go out first selection uses elevator. Reporter spot discovers the elevator that B exports is run normally, the elevator that D exports suspends using at present. In addition, crossover of travel of the place person also sets ceiling and green plant. In the meantime, when visit, south the repo大朗桑拿沐足rter also discovered fraction crossover exists to affect a citizen to give the issue of travel quite. Be like golden power crossover, bridge floor and stair joint appeared the circumstance that floor tile falls off, one place still piled up desquamation brick. Through preparing what outside sending, sell hereat Mr Chen expresses, the desquamation of here has period of time, but nobody manages; Still have crossover of travel of green banboos person, the ground brick of this crossover whole when visitting was done not have, on road surface, uneven condition is on 良子足浴店stair, go as be in ” point to pressing plate ” . Sectional response crossover transforms promotion project to still be in reporter of design program level contacts Luo Hu to area city manages and execute the law integratedly bureau understanding circumstance, relevant staff member states crossover of collect lake area transforms promotion the project still is designing program level, its unit is peripheral to crossover already footpath below width, footpath limits of cop circumstance, municipal red line has investigation and study. Via investigating an analysis, crossover of new residential quarter of north of Xi Ling village, loose garden, Tian Bei, reservoir is had add propose a requirement, because this plans,outfit lift is added in these days bridge. As we have learned, crossover transforms plan of promotion project transportation to already was handed in at traversing city in April appoint the examine and verify of carriage bureau of Luo Hu traffic and group of collect lake policeman. Produce the problem of the influence all right to going out to the citizen in construction process, this staff member expresses, construction level is held in the shop, construction unit undertakes the section construction that closes partly to bridge floor, put apart pedestrian is current face, put safe caution shop sign, clew citizen notices to pass 三亚酒店推荐through; To assure public safety, in phase of hoisting of ceiling steel column, came to undertook whole sealing construction to crossover at 6 o’clock in the morning at 23 o’clock; In phase of cei求网络兼职工作ling structure hoisting, carry out to crossover round-the-clock close construction, be in reach crossing position to install a pedestrian boldly circuitous billboard, clew citizen passes through from the crossing of photograph adjacent or crossover.

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