Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A high-rise and a broad and straightforward road set each other off become an interest, bearer of the person on the park square of bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration is gone to, be continuous those who widen is green be full of joyous sound to laugh on the road language, nearby clear river Shui Jingjing flows drip, water in the city medium, city is in green medium, person is in scene… ▲ Shenzhen railway station serves as ” discharge stands greatly ” , collect lake area devotes oneself to to make its the outdoors vision system of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, link night scene lamplight and floor space building. (effect graph offers reference only, with the government final fair show to allow) Luo Hu refers flower show of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of first another name for Guangdong Province exhibit work. The phoenix on phoenix road is spent, of phoenix road transform effect show first. The pan hill green way that collect lake area makes meticulously, the citizen is OK amid is full the beauty that sees full city green idea, free enjoy nature. Chinese parasol spring spends Man Gu greatly. Deng Fei photographs this is ramble the collect lake street nowadays, the real environment that the citizen can experience changes. Urban environment is the main impetus that the city develops and core competition ability. In recent years, luo Hu with ” home banner, international is top-ranking ” for the standard, dig connotation of culture of area under administration and characteristic greatly, classify the city zone that defeat solution to manage difficult problem, with ” embroider ” kongfu catchs good city to build management, through promoting environment of whole area city quality, be opposite in contented people good environment demand while, enhance core competition ability of Luo Hu ceaselessly. Face the great opportunity that demonstrative area of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism builds, luo Hu is in with oneself distinctive ” city of half landscape half ” for the impression, hard the circle of high grade life that appropriate of course of study of appropriate of scale fitting room swims, to build the international with zoology beautiful environment top-ranking bay area, build international to be able to develop vanward area to add a bright color continuously hard for Luo Hu. “Wisdom city is in charge of ” get through ” nerve ending ” environmental sanitation changes the beauty that invites decision-making more scientific city subtly, depend on delicate; Urban government, depend on careful. Come this year, development of branch of canal of collect lake city is carried out fulfil municipal government of municipal Party committee to make ” the whole nation is the cleanest city ” the strategy and市桥天池水疗会所 ” urban quality promotes year ” concerned job deploy, it is example with getting conduction band to move, it is grasper with promoting executive force, it is with high-quality goods project drive, essence of comprehensive promotion the city zone refines administrative ability. In begin environment of the city zone energetically while character promotes, luo Hu adv三亚spa会所ances a society to administer innovation, refine with standardization, essence, character changes a standard to be engaged in environmental sanitation servive routine, take out ” embroider needle ” same time and spirit had done urban government, let the city zone have already ” face ” have again ” lining ” , have already ” Yan Zhi ” have again ” connotation ” . To improve level of management of environmental sanitation operation, promote environmental sanitation exercise efficiency, aggrandizement government is superintended, collect lake area built environmental sanitation to change administrative system subtly this year. This system is the professional informatization system that covers whole area environmental sanitation to sweep Bao Jie, rubbish to receive carry unifinication, the industry that realized wisdom city government is changed, the process is changed, what change subtly is fore-and-aft and outspread. “We from mark paragraph Wu content did setting kimono to be adjusted in the round, whole area every street setting a mark paragraph, every mark paragraph will sweep Bao Jie and rubbish Qing Dynasty to carry unifinication works, will work mark paragraph, the information of environmental sanitation exercise such as station of personnel, car, public toilet, transfer builds unified database, through wisdom platform of environmental sanitation management comes true ‘ a piece of graph ‘ management. ” city of collect lake area manages and execute the law integratedly bureau director Peng Lidong says, this bureau relies on technology of content couplet net, big data to analyse the application such as the technolo深圳福永上门按摩gy, make rubbish clear carry data is changed, implementation whole process is quantified trends is superintended and environmental sanitation management attempers centrally. Walk into the village in collect lake city, attentive city witenagemot discovers environmental sanitation labour often is opening high pressure of cold hot water to rinse a car to have operation, a little while time, can wash the rubbish of the canal in the village and sewage sweep clean, whole road is clean and bright. According to introducing, collect lake area encourages an enterprise actively to introduce hot water high pressure to rinse car, small-sized sweep the floor the small-sized installation with a few finer application such as the car, not only bulk small, operation agile, function is comprehensive, and more the village in applying to city of area under administration the work environment of stricture of more, road, reduced artificial exercise intensity greatly, improved efficiency of environmental sanitation exercise. This year in July, equipment of whole town small-sized environmental sanitation applies promotion to be able to be held in Luo Hu. Meanwhile, luo Hu is answered actively ” Shenzhen is blue ” the action, measure exercise line frequency of big, carry second car of tall heavy-duty and mechanical environmental sanitation prevents a when accuse important node to undertake the key is broken through as air pollution. In July 2019, union of collect lake area wraps service invite public bidding newly outside round of environmental sanitation, compose builds wisdom environmental sanitation to manage system and much way to be solved neatly charge establishment builds difficult problem, strong thrust moves into be born of car of pure dynamoelectric environmental sanitation. Current, realize car of 343 of whole process monitoring pure dynamoelectric environmental sanitation to already went up entirely line, the nerve that becomes administration of environmental sanitation of wisdom the city zone most ” end ” . Luo Hu also is whole town the canton that first co深圳罗湖明珠水会扫黄mprehensive promotion uses car of exercise of pure dynamoelectric environmental sanitation. Environmental sanitation essence refines management to promote form a complete set service standard even. High level of collect lake area is advanced ” toilet revolution ” , build a public toilet to hold to high level to perfect establishment construction, promotion to serve character, improvement to use the toilet an environment. By December 2018, whole area finished 36 short board of social public toilet upgrade transform; By June 2019, 27 when finished 2018 year government to invest construction municipal public toilets upgrade transform. Last year, the Shenzhen head that collect lake area makes ” wisdom public toilet ” in patriotic road 2079 be born. Open a year to come, already more than 1.62 million person-time is used, day all makes dosage amounts to 4122 person-time. “Public toilet of city of wisdom of collect lake area ” since the line on small order, the public toilet number that bring into amounts to 2221, small order visit measures more than 350 thousand person-time. Landscape embezzle sees full city green idea be in ” happy passageway ” free enjoys natural beautiful green line is a city ” happy passageway ” , linking zoology environment directly, connecting happiness and benefit of the people’s livelihood directly. In high-rise in the city of bristly, heavy traffic, if green line together together ” green lifeline ” , changing the life character of people stealthily. Not only beautification urban environment, also added urban vigor and glamour, exalted dweller life happy feeling greatly. The water from a mountain of be in harmony that by Luo Hu the area makes meticulously, recreational, zoology and culture taste green line at the essence of an organic whole — pan mountain green line is about to meet with the citizen. Park of community of its result emerald green lake, hill of classics cloth heart, second line patrols road, come eventually sanded bay road, full-length 7.07 kilometers, in all 3 13 landscape node, dak. Over green line of golden hill of rambling Yu Tao, on the way forest encircle, flowers and plants waves sweet, as if place oneself at natural forest oxygen in. As footpath all the way uprise, shenzhen reserv棕南海spa水疗怎么样oir, east the Luo Hu the city zone such as hill of lake park, phoenix tree and landscape beautiful scenery all stop eye ground. Advantageous situation, make arrive everyday walk with vigorous strides of pan mountain green line the citizen in an endless stream of recreational, amuse oneself taking a walk, become Luo Hu another masses are recreational recreational good place. It is reported, this green line design relies on Luo Hu to draw near according to hill the scenery resource of water, use the method such as sponge city technology, new and high science and technology, series connection has the scene area all round and window, make piece ” tall Yan Zhi ” , ” high intelligence quotient ” ” wisdom green line ” . Its upgrade construction introduced the high-tech measure such as Internet big data, artificial intelligence, can provide the operation management that human nature turns and public service. The citizen can enjoy green zoology, healthy preserve one’s health, exercise not only the excellent service such as recreational, safe safeguard, still can experience the wisdom that find everything new and fresh lives. Current, this wisdom of green line changes construction to already finished interactive terminal, WIFI to enclothe, the installation of cinematograph of stream of people of monitoring of demon of speech of weather forecast, intelligence, intelligence is debugged, preliminary implementation ” operation of experience of service of wisdom management, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom ” target. Besides pan hill green line upgrades outside construction, collect lake area synchronism begins green line network to plan the 2nd times to repair make up, will with outskirt tough green talk attachs most importance to a dot, tough green talk takes outskirt of side of north of Luo Hu of plan and construction, make a thing develop linkage axis to the industry; Green line reachs boreal side green line to reservoir of get through annulus, green line of green line of join phoenix tree and pan mountain, the annulus lake green way that makes annulus Shenzhen reservoir, form basically ” one annulus (annulus of Luo Hu glamour) 3 corridor (corridor of green corridor of zoology of water of green corridor of cloth Jihe zoology, platoon Hong He, light green of hill of Chinese parasol the land of country) 4 nets (urbanism net. “With civilian for this ” reason is clear ” thousands of strands and loose ends ” ” 3 horizontal strokes 4 vertical ” draw the outline of ” appropriate resides picture scroll ” although the path nears, be no good do not come; Although the thing is small, do not be. The city manages thousands of strands and loose ends, the issue that common people cares is again small also be an important matter, this is urban policymaker is sagacious with bosom, it is the true substance that is a center with people shows more. The core the city zone that mirrors in the light of masses lacks the issue such as inadequacy of afforest of along the line of public act深圳水疗集团ivity space, road, luo Hu established whole area ” 3 horizontal strokes 4 vertical ” visual unifinication project, to 7 large main force path and circumjacent environment undertake overall quality promotes, those who satisfy appropriate of masses opposite condition to occupy a town is yearning. “3 horizontal strokes ” it is to point to Wen Jinlu, east road of knack, Baoan, “4 vertical ” include post of road of bamboo shoot hillock, mud, cloth heart road, deep Na Donglu, bank river, edge river road. This project area under administration essay of establishment of along the line of 7 viatic footpath, road, afforest, public art undertakes integrated landscape promotes, still reach the east of the road austral people, red mountain road bamboo shoot hillock small main road and important node have an area under administration such as the area visual space unifinication is transformed, transform an area to make an appointment with 1.6 square kilometer. Character of environment of city of collect lake area promotes the action with ” 3 horizontal strokes 4 vertical ” a general name for arteries and veins is a foundation, from arrive high low, reach by the watch in, begin landscape illume in the round promotion of promotion, character of punish establishing a range, road, ” the construction that spend a city ” , the village in the city is administered integratedly, to Luo Hu core the city zone undertakes whole promotes, future will make colour of the city zone is worth Luo Hu course of study of Ju Yi of temperamental and taller, much better, appropriate. With bamboo shoot hillock east the road transforms promotion to be exemple, of this a section of a highway street the establishment with apparent existence of space of two side greenbelt is old old, utilization rate is low, open a lot of problem such as dimensional inadequacy. After updating, gift its are more and compound sexual function, the biggest profit that turn the land with limited urban greenbelt space, the street network that look brand-new becomes the dimensional carrier that the citizen lives colorfully. Up to now, “3 horizontal strokes 4 vertical ” the landscape promotion that visual unifinication project already finished the footpath such as slimy hillock road, cloth heart road and 23 community park. Those who make collect lake person very proud is, park construction and promotion transform community to also make window of one big the p深圳罗湖梅花水疗eople’s livelihood. Every pass when dinner hind, park of community of square of collect lake times becomes send more lively rise. The people that worked one day, some on park couch sitting that chat, some strolls on canal, hearing lively music, look at beautiful scenery, tired out feeling and depressive feeling are devoid. “The community park that can go everyday at the door the home is recreational take a walk loosen the mood, be too happy really. ” live in the ground of deep feeling of citizen Mr Tan around to say. As we have learned, 2019 first half of the year, collect lake area already finished Wenjin to cross square of garden of community park, gold fountain pen to transform construction, organizing park of community of garden of heart of street of square of executive grand prosperous, careless Bu, emperor heart garden transforms Tian Jie. Promotion of street heart garden transforms a respect, east garden of heart of market of door north region, emerald green China park of community park, Baoan square community, 100 collect park of community of garden of edifice street heart, Tong Le to complete construction basically already, gui Yuan is small an area, east the door is small the garden of 24 streets heart such as an area already completed construction; The phoenix road, road austral article bright and beautiful spends overflow block to complete construction basically, at present synchronism is advanced east the road austral the door, road austral Baoan ” Hua Yang block ” construction, predict the copy is all and complete this year. At the appointed time, dweller masses will be enjoyed adequately ” go out see green, 500 meters see garden ” green welfare. “This year, we are returned in Wen Jin boreal road and road of emerald green mattress fall meeting point special make ‘ garden of theme of flower show of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ‘ . Flower show of area of first big bay cooperates with from promot深圳罗湖水会客服微信大全ion of culture communication, industry, area wait for a respect to promote city of big bay area effectively to develop in coordination, have important sense to Shenzhen city and collect lake area. ” Introduction Peng Lidong, this theme garden will show collect lake region adequately the abundant vigor in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and international competition ability, future still will assume the souvenir of every flower show to reveal a function, let broad citizen admire the flower show with gorgeous profusion outstanding work. City of new page of progress of city of ornament of flowers and plants of colorful spruce appearance附近招聘足疗技师 develops town of culture dot eyeball, be in 3 minutes build, rely on a canal 7 minutes. This year, city of collect lake area manages and execute the law integratedly bureau face and circumjacent the appearance of a city stand outside starting executive Shenzhen railway station integrated punish promotes a project, be dedicated to rectifying desultorily card of inn invite public bidding, outdoors advertisement, promotion of afforest of beaded finish condition is transformed etc. Outside already finishing Lou Yu of Shenzhen railway station, at present Luo Hu establishs face refresh, advertisement clear with optimize, the construction content such as illume of Lou Yu landscape, face environment stands outside building of the city zone richer connotation and grade. “The face stands to transform outside use lacquer of hoar fluorine carbon to have break to brick of the metope outside space of railway station floor, unite with wall of original glass act, refresh becomes design of type of copy act wall, solved problem of incongruous of floor space colour from this, aggrandizement integral sex of Lou Yu and oneness. ” city of collect lake area manages and execute the law integratedly bureau the staff member says, transform while also undertake be discharginged in the round check and be combinged to advertisement of railway station area, plan to rectify and reform to the lamp box advertisement of the face standing to unite outside the building, undertake demolishing to violating advertisement, have comprehensive promotion to afforest of along the line of wide deep railroad. Transform through punish, style of area of Shenzhen railway station is clean and unified, orderly, integral figure gets clear improvement. Those who deserve attention is, shenzhen railway station serves as ” discharge stands greatly ” , collect lake area devotes oneself to to make its the outdoors vision system of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, link night scene lamplight and floor space building, with ” the ala of roc city ” give priority to a problem, outstanding ” the light of culture connotation ” , ” the light of city vigor ” wait for a characteristic, form ” roc is volant ” night scene, build the night image of bright, model distinct port lamplight recollection, to live in this city medium people creates more attributive feeling, happy feeling and sense of pride, “Close person Yue, far person come ” character the city zone is building stage by stage. Since March 2018, city of collect lake area manages and execute the law integratedly bureau take the lead began bank river road – the street of 10 road edge such as edge river road, deep Na Donglu establishs face punish project outside the building. Up to this year in September, current, 385 Lou Yu that decide finally are all already and finishing, city is in city is in charge of and execute the law integratedly the be among the best of candidates in bureau assessment, be judged fill to take the place of with award high grade project. In addition, luo Hu still will finish Lutian of north of crossover of new residential quarter of patriotic road reservoir, Wen Jin travel crossover landscape updates the person such as Bei Tianqiao upgrade, include to add establish crossover ceiling, anthology outfit is trouble-free elevator, install to afforest of body of crossover lighting system, bridge and bridge floor shop etc undertake transforming promotion, predicting the end of the year is transformed finishing. Next, collect lake area will advance garden crossing construction to reach continuously begin ” beautiful Shenzhen afforest promotes ” project, add urban afforest administrative levels and color ceaselessly, promote a city landscape greatly, abound urban culture connotation and details. This project project spreads all over Luo Hu 10 street, involve ” beautiful overflow block ” , the category such as street heart garden, stereo afforest and beautiful scene highway, in all 50 stature. Among them, the plan builds garden of heart of 9 5 community park, streets; Transform 11 6 garden of heart of 12 5 community合肥香格里拉酒店招聘 park, streets, stereo afforest, Hua Yang highway of 2 block, beautiful scene, predict finishing in September 2020. The Luo Hu nowadays, hua Xiangyi is full street, green bespreads eye, each come to the person here, in experience vigor and vogue while, also be mixed to spend by this verdure of full city sweet move. This is zoology environment butterfly change, it is the feelings of supervisor of collect lake town more, they use their both hands, footstep, sweat, youth, compose is worn the new page that urban high quality grows.

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