Dispatch of network of collect lake home: If why prevent of all kinds disease in the life? Once appear diagnostic, how should solve? Master healthy accomplishment knowledge to let a citizen, nurturance health behavior, disease of collect lake area accuses central spy in Luo Hu community home newspaper is opened ” Luo Hu disease accuses classroom ” column, the common healthy knowledge in life of popular science citizen, issue risk reminder, give out strategy of prevention and cure, promote health of dweller of area under administration accomplishment standard, to build the target tamp base of healthy Luo Hu. New in September term terms begins, parents also were immersed in business. Pass turmoil of war term begins a week, a little the 2nd orderly week, parents sigh with emotion everything is easy and orderly, can be nodded easily eventually! But the little secret worry that disease of collect lake area accused a group of data of the center to cause the parent however: Through two weeks accumulate, contagion epidemic situation also begins begin to crop up inside the school and nursery school. Term begins the 3rd week, disease of collect lake area accused a center to had dealt with 6 contagion epidemic situation, 订酒店include flu 2, brothers mouth is ill 3, bleb sex angina 1. After autumn terms begins, child people the ado of what contagion will be faced with? According to in former years the data that monitor is mixed at present the popular trend of epidemic situation, disease of collect lake area accuses a center to remind broad parent friend, this semester middle and primary school gives birth to the contagion that is on guard mainly to if virus is affected,have flu, chicken pox and Nuo; The contagion that nursery school child needs to be on guard mainly has angina of sex of brothers mouth disease, bleb, flu and chicken pox. Among them 9-11 month basically notices disease of mouth of flu, brothers and bleb sex angina, basically will notice to the end of the year Nuo is like virus infection and chicken pox in November. Encounter the ado of these contagion, the parent and child people how to want to do? Disease of collect lake area accuses a center to issue sweet clew guideline, come quickly GET! Brief introduction of A grippe disease: The grippe is a kind of infectivity that causes by flu virus the contagion of acute respiratory tract with rapid rate of strong, transmission. Main symptom is calorific (temperature can amount to 39 ℃ – 40 ℃ ) , cough, pharynx painful, myalgia and whole body are lack of power, commonner cold weighs systemic symptom. Transmission way: Basically travel through the flying foam such as sneeze and cough, also can wait for mucous membrane vi深圳威斯汀酒店a oral cavity, nasal cavity, eye direct or medical contacts travels. The article that the contact is polluted by virus also can cause infection. Disease characteristic: 1. Popularity is seasonal: Wintry spring. 2. Infectivity is strong: Transmission rate is rapid, the crowd feels easily generally, easy cause eruptive popularity. 3. . Mutation rate is rapid: Annual popular, everybody can be affected every year. 4. Weigh crowd of disease tall danger: The old people, children, person that have fundamental disease is the crowd of the Gao Wei that weigh disease of flu, infection hind appears easily afterwards hair sex is pneumonic wait for complication, cause death even. 5. Specific: Abstruse department fruit of curative effect of his Wei Youzhi, also can prevent flu. Precautionary measures: 1. Strengthen ventilated: Popularity is seasonal, the home counteracts school class room to should strengthen ventilated take a breath, maintain air pure and fresh. 2. Popular season is less than the spatial amuse oneself with not current air. 3. Vaccine of annual and vaccinal flu is the most effective precautionary measures: Shenzhen at annual October – will begin have an inoculation in November. The crowd is preferential and vaccinal under the proposal: 6-35 lunar infant; The old people of 60 years old of above (Shenzhen is free) ; Chronic patient and weak and sick person. Control measure: Segregation period: After segregation disappears to the symptom 2 days. Suspend class: Same when class has the case of symptom of the upper respiratory tract that surpasses 30% , this suspend class 4 days. Healthy and formal: After getting flu, be in public should wear guaze mask actively; The job does not go during falling ill or go to school; Other of escape of cough, sneeze, the towel that use paper (or elbow or both hands) keep out mouth is nose. The family nurses: Rest, right amount motion; Delicate food, water more. Brief int深圳有情趣酒店排名roduction of disease of B chicken pox: Yaricella is by yaricella – the infection of respiratory tract of a kind of acute that berpes zoster virus causes. Main symptom appears group by group for skin mucous membrane macula, papula, bleb, can accompany calorific, have a headache, pharynx is painful wait for a symptom, partial case of illness can erupt simultaneously encephalitis, pneumonic etc. Transmission way: The patient is exclusive contagion source. Basically travel through respiratory tract flying foam and direct contact, yi Ke travels through contacting the appliance that is polluted. Disease characteristic: 1. Popularity is seasonal: Wintry spring is seasonal. 2. Affect only all one’s life, yaricella won’t be gotten again after getting yaricella. 3. After yaricella heal, virus but conceal at spinal cord ganglion, after as a result of certain inducement activation virus recrudesce becomes heal of berpes zoster chicken pox, virus but conceal at spinal cord ganglion, because certain inducement activations,virus recrudesce becomes berpes zoster. 4. Yaricella bleb does not leave scar commonly. 5. Yaricella belongs to vaccine to be able to prevent a disease, but if chicken pox of only vaccinal stitch is vaccinal, partial child still can get yaricella. Precautionary measures: 1. Vaccination is the step with precautionary the most significant chicken pox, vaccine of two needles chicken pox can achieve have an inoculation better precautionary effect. 2. Wintry spring popularity is seasonal, should strengthen the children such as class room to collect ventilated, take a breath of the place. 3. Develop good and wholesome habit, accomplish diligent wash one’s hands, maintain skin cleanness. Control measure: Segregation period: Segregation period should come bleb of all chicken pox is scabby. Lash-up have an inoculation: Epidemic situation of occurrence chicken pox, the school can apply for disease to accuse a center to undertake free lash-up have an inoculation to class. Notice little patient illness changes: If appear,last high fever is not retreated, vomiting, have a headache, irritating or be addicted to sleeps, should vigilant development attachs most importance to disease case of illness, the proposal sends a hospital in time go to a doctor. The family nurses: Eat a few delicate, easy digestive food, the attention drinks water more; Cotton of the belt when sleeping is qualitative frivolous glove, avoid to catch broken bleb with the hand. Prevent the transmission inside the family: To avoid to catch other little girl and pregnant woman, can wear a guaze mask. Brief introduction of C mumps disease: Mumps abbreviation ” shed cheek ” , it is the infection of acute respiratory tract that mumps virus causes. Main symptom is calorific, a side or two incline the head below, before ear intumescent, dehisce or ministry of masticatory the current political situation feel aching. Transmission way: The person that patient and concealed sex appeal are caught is to basically infect a source. Basically travel through air flying foam, direct contact. Disease characteristic: 1. Popularity is seasonal: Wintry spring is seasonal. 2. Affect only all one’s life, 汇源桑拿沐足中心this virus won’t be contracted again after flow too cheek. 3. Shed cheek to belong to vaccine to be able to prevent a disease, risk of vaccinal without vaccinal parotitis person go to the bad is high; A few have an inoculation crosses vaccinal person to be reduced as antibody effect price, also exist come on risk. 4. A few patient can produce men深圳皇室至尊水疗微信ingitis of sex of orchitis, asepsis, encephalitis to wait for serious complication symptom. Precautionary measures: 1. Vaccination is the step with precautionary the most significant mumps; 2. Wintry spring popularity is seasonal, should strengthen the children such as classroom, reading room to collect ventilated, take a breath of the place; 3. Develop good and wholesome habit, accomplish diligent wash one’s hands, maintain skin cleanness. Control measure: Segregation period: Answer to disappear completely to parotid strut, and after not less than coming on 9 days. Lash-up have an inoculation: Appear large-scale epidemic situation, can begin free lash-up have an inoculation, the student attends of one’s own accord. Illness of attention little patient changes: If appear,last high fever is not retreated, vomiting, have a headache, irritating or be addicted to sleeps, should vigilant development attachs most importance to disease case of illness, the proposal sends a hospital in time go to a doctor. The family nurses: Avoid to eat acidity food, lest aggravate is aching. D Nuo affects disease brief introduction like virus: Nuo is like virus is a kind of enteroviruses, infection hind can bring about acute gastroenteritis, it is main symptom with vomiting, diarrhoea, excrement and urine is rare water or sample, without mucus pus blood; Last commonly 1-3 day self-healing. Transmission way: 1. Intimate contact travels: Contact patient excrement and urine or puke. 2. Classics food travels: Cake of unripe oyster, cold dish, cold meats is tall danger food. 3. Classics fountainhead travels: Unqualified bucket installs water to wait. 4. Travel via enraging sol: When surrounding view patient to vomit, expose in ill mephitis collosol. Disease characteristic: 1. Transmission capacity is strong: An elevator pushbutton is polluted like virus by Nuo, can reinfection makes an appointment with 1000 people! 2. Fallibility examine is bacterial sex gastroenteritis: Convention of blood of major little patient detects leucocyte will be elevatory, doctor by accident examine is bacterial sex gastroenteritis, suspect bromatoxism. 3. Popularity is seasonal: Qiu Dong season — will arrive every year in November second year in Feburary. 4. Can repeat infection: Can affect for many times in lifetime. Precautionary measures: Good sanitation is used to nurturance: Diligent wash one’s hands; The attention waters wholesome, do not drink unboiled water. Strengthen disinfection: The tableware boil that the child uses is disinfected, the toy uses disinfection to fluid immerses or be wiped. Control measure: Segregation period: Sicken student should be kept apart after disappearing to the symptom 72 hours, because be before this,have infectivity. Suspend class: 1 5 above case produces inside week, whole class suspend class 3 days. Prevent the transmission inside the family: Processing wears guaze mask, glove when little patient puke, clear the reuse after disinfectant of the mop of puke, dishcloth application immerses; Avoid common the articles for daily use such as appliance of towel, food. E brothers mouth is ill (bleb sex angina) disease brief introduction: Brothers mouth disease and bleb sex angina are the children that causes by enteroviruses infection common contagion, 5 years old of the following children are sent more. Brothers mouth disease is main symptom with the place eruption such as hand, sufficient, oral cavity, the part has have a fever, a few patient can appear the serious illness symptom such as oedema of lung of sex of asepsis sex meningitis, encephalitis, nerve and heart myositis, if not seasonable cure can endanger life. Bleb sex angina wants a symptom with having a fever to be given priority to with pharynx isthmus bleb, pharynx is painful apparent, serious effect child takes food, but serious illness case of illness is less. Transmission way: Basically travel via intimate contact, it is via respiratory tract flying foam travels next. Disease characteristic: 1. Annual 4-6 month, 10-11 month is popularity period. 2. Can affect for many times in lifetime. 3. Can develop attach most importance to disease, cause death. Serious illness is augural: (One) continuously high fever does not retreat (2) mental difference, vomiting, easy Jing, limbs shakes, faint (3) breath, heartbeat adds fast (4) give cold sweat, tip the loop is undesirable (5) hypertension (6) outside count of Zhou Xiebai cell is apparent heighten: Much drink, much make water precautionary measures: Good sanitation is used to nurturance: Anteprandial, hind, go out clear water of flow of the application after coming home and wash one’s hands fluid or soap wash his hands. Strengthen disinfection: Wait to tableware, articles for daily use, toy should disinfect regularly. Vaccination: Disease of mouth of vaccinal EV71 brothers is vaccinal, can prevent EV71 virus infection effectively. Control measure: Segregation period: Segregation period should come the little patient is all after the symptom disappears 1 week, because be in before this in little patient excrement and urine,still have virus eduction重庆兼职足疗. Suspend class: 1 same classes or grades in school produces ill case of mouth of brothers of exemple and 2 above inside week; Or appear serious illness or dead case of illness, whole class suspend class 10 days. Symptom of close attention little patient changes: Discover brothers salty disease is augural should send a hospital rescue instantly. Poliomyelitis vaccine, how should choose? Disease brief introduction: Poliomyelitis, academic name is ” poliomyelitis ” , it is the acute contagion of the health of serious harm children that causes by poliomyelitis virus, after the child is affected, come on likely and leave deformity. The mankind gives vaccine of backbone grey virus early with respect to development, basically decrease poisonous live vaccine with the 3 price OPV(of profess to convinced) give priority to, destroy with the IPV(of inject live vaccine) for complementary. 1988, WHO begins to be begun in the whole world eliminate backbone grey activity, before the whole world eliminates backbone ash, our country still is put in ash of input sex backbone ash of wild virus case of illness, backbone is vaccinal and relevant case of illness (ash of VAPP) , backbone is vaccinal derive virus case of illness (VDPV) and backbone ash vaccine recombine individual plant case of illness (the likelihood of VRPV) . Vaccinal: VAPP, backbone ash is vaccinal and relevant case of illness, it is to show children takes the backbone ash case related OPV hind or the vaccine that after contacting the children that take a young plant, can produce. VDPV, backbone grey vaccine derives virus case of illness, point to when taking OPV, virus is in inside airframe in duplicate process alkaline base produce mutation, classics after breeding for many times, bring about nerve poisonous force to pick up, can let a few not immune or not whole journey immune comes on.苏州高端兼职微信群 VRPV, backbone grey vaccine recombines individual plant case of illness, point to after taking OPV, different model virus of other and vaccinal individual plant produces poisonous individual plant inside body of the person that take a young plant between recombine. Showing the backbone grey case that level our country produces basically is VAPP and VDPV(note: Both all scarce, VRPV is scarcer) , both happening follows take OPV to have connection of cause and effect. Because VAPP and VDPV are most by head agent OPV is caused, consequently our country was used on program of newest backbone grey immunization ” 1+3 ” politic, namely OPV of agent of 1 agent IPV+3. What at present program of Shenzhen backbone grey immunization executes is ” OPV of needle of 2 needles IPV+2 ” politic, among them Luo Hu began to open sequel in June from this year of two needles IPV at one’s own expenses vaccinal. If you do not know to choose which kinds of vaccinal program, here, professional medical personnel gives you a few proposals. 1. The children that has immune drawback, children that using immune depressor due to illness and the children that have anus week abscess, can choose IPV; 2. Be willing at one’s own expenses, the insufficient to OPV confidence, parent that feels 5 couplet are too expensive, can choose IPV; 3. Do not want to pull battle line too long (last agent of OPV takes) 4 years old, the plan lets a child 2 years old in the parent that have an inoculation is over, can choose IPV. Other contagion: AIDS disease brief introduction: AIDS (AIDS) full name is ” blemish of acquired character immunity is asked for integratedly ” , be by infection AIDS virus (HIV) is caused, it is one kind endangers the serious infection with big, tall mortality, after the person affects HIV, system of the immunity 深圳桑拿蒲友网inside body can be destroyed continuously, may increase the opportunity sex infection, tumour odds that happen from this. Need lifelong rule to take medical treatment, development of the illness after coming on otherwise is rapid and final cause death. AIDS presence is longer preclinical, the appearance before the person that AIDS virus is affected is coming on and normal person as good as, anything but can from one individual appearance healthy will judge its to whether contract AIDS. At present popularity of the AIDS in student of our country youth shows rapid growth trend, main transmission way is sexual behavior of male same sex, it is opposite sex sexual behavior next. Precautionary measures: The transmission of AIDS is OK reduce: Haemal transmission, gender transmission, Mu Ying travels. AIDS virus breeds in secretion of blood, seminal, vagina, mother, cut exists in oozy fluid the amount is large, have very strong infectivity, it is Gao Wei humoral. Daily life contact won’t spread AIDS. The virus content in fluid of saliva, tear, sweat, make water fluid is extremely low, far can’t cause transmission. Mosquito bite won’t spread AIDS. The ego of AIDS prevents healthy prescription: 1. Clean body self-love, establish right sexual idea. 2. The risk of AIDS of venereal patient infection is higher, should treat in time venereal. 3. Be far from drugs: Common the needle provides drug taking, use new-style synthesis drugs to excitant behavior happens or cause the risk that bears sexual force easily to be able to increase infection AIDS virus enroach on. 4. Science uses safety correctly to cover, can prevent AIDS effectively / venereal infection and transmission. 5. Avoid to contact other blood: Do not go be not normal orgnaization to give or take an injection, the infusion, fill a tooth, Wen Mei, tattoo, hole that wear ear; As not common as other tooth brush, razor; Avoid blood of bare-handed contact other and cut. 6. Avoid Mu Ying to travel: Use disease-resistant bane thing as early as possible, use artificial feed, but great reduce Mu Ying to travel. The family defends also should have done besides the prevention and cure to contagion, wash his hands in daily life, prevent midge to also want to add an attention more! Wash his hands correctly the importance that wash one’s hands: Do not have washed hand only, contain 40 thousand ~ at least 400 thousand bacteria! Disease of mouth of children subject brothers, Nuo is like virus infection, chicken pox, flu to wait to be able to carry sordid hand transmission. Washing one’s hands is most economic disease prevents a measure, simple convenient Yi Shi goes! In cheeper period (3-6 year old) nurturance washs his hands habit, the health that is helpful for child lifetime. Wash one’s hands knowledge delimits key: 1. Wash one’s hands fluid or soap wash his hands, can wash the fat that microbial Lai Yisheng puts and bilge, clean both hands is mo上海spa按摩水疗re complete. 2. Should rub washs control, the back of hand, finger, point to seam and fingernail, every corner cannot be let off! 3. Knead hind should rinse both hands thoroughly, wash his hands otherwise fluid polluted both hands instead. 4. Knead time should reach 20 seconds, informal rub rub can be no good. 5. Wash one’s hands excessive bad also, can destroy the skin on the hand, reduce skin resistance. These hour should remember washing one’s hands under! 1. Before having a meal, before including snack and fruit; 2. Go up after the toilet; 3. Blow nose, after cough or sneeze; 4. After contacting excrement and urine of animal basket or animal, animal; 5. After cleaning sanitation and osculatory rubbish; 6. After outdoors motion amuse oneself; 7. Had contacted communal article, be like elevator armrest, pushbutton, after public phone; 8. When the hand is apparently dirty. The family prevents rat mice harm: Mice front tooth is long ceaseless, often loss of grind one’s teeth is big. Predestined relationship of horn of a crack between a door and its frame in the home, ark, window, electrical wiring does not have one escape by sheer luck; Mice spreads a lot of diseases, include the plague, mouse typhus, defect that hook body, haemorrhage of the commonnest epidemic heats up Shenzhen, prevent rat carelessly possible in action; Mice has run loiter is smeary, eat and drink pull scatter, do arrive home li of chaotic. Mice precaution: 1. Rubbish not be born, life rubbish every day clear, room inside and outside is clean person also Shu Xin. 2. Mice is delicious, the cereal in the home, potato piece, earthnut, biscuit, biscuit wants completely sealed good. 3. Tableware had better be put into store good cupboard door closes in ark. 4. Block a hole up to fill seam, does mice think house? Have no access to sth! 5. Add fortify rat establishment, be like the screen mesh of outfall, the page fan that discharges blast tuyere. How is there mice to should do in the home? 1. Use clip of old squirrel cage, rat and the way that stick rat board to be put in mice to often appear and disappear to catch mouse. 2. The alexipharmic fluid that old squirrel cage or rat clip catch mice to be able to be configured with bleaching powder (configure according to the manual) processing, after the mouth is being plunged into in rubbish bag is being thrown after rat dip dies even basket belt, discard. 3. Stick rat board to stick mice direct and 50% discount the mouth is plunged into to discard in sticking rat board to be put into rubbish bag. 4. Pro深圳宝安沐足哪里好玩cessing mice and guaze mask and glove should be worn when sweeping rat dung to wait, processing hind applies soap to wait to wash his hands thoroughly. 5. The rat in the home suffers from serious when, look for company of normal and harmful biological control to help you please, do not buy rat medicine to destroy by oneself please rat! The family prevents the harm of midge mosquito: The main harm of mosquito is pestiferous, the disease that mosquito spreads is amounted to 80 a variety of. Include dengue fever, malaria, base encephalitis of Kong Ken elegant heat, yellow fever, filariasis, Japan. The characteristics of mosquito: 1. Mosquito breed Yu Shuizhong, the mosquito with not congenial water quality and seeper type different and phyletic breed. 2. Mosquito likes to suck blood, never change to haemal persistence, do not absolutely refuse to to rest. Only female midge just sucks blood, male won’t suck blood. 3. Mix after midge ascend to heaven and become immortal local perch all must be searched after sucking blood, mosquito likes to concealmenting commonly, dark perch with ventilated and bad place. How to prevent midge: 1. Maintain oneself sanitation, after move or perspiring bathe in time. 2. Clear the seeper of canister of canister of basin of the basin in the home, water raises a vegetable every 5-7 day changes water. 3. Use screen window, mosquito-curtain, midge is patted, the lamp that catch midge prevents midge. 4. Agent of mist of use mosquito-repellent incense, gas, drive avoids agent drive midge.

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