Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Population is aged it is a global problem, the health of old people includes physiology, psychology and society 3 levels, but at present, the psychology of a lot of old people and social level existence are a lot of prob提子酒店全国有几家lem, lacking a society to help a network is among them a main factor. Help a network to build good old people society, link the demand of better at the same time, green banboos river of Dong Xiaojie path, clear water is street, street developed different activity respectively, if attention is medium week of old people shoulder is healthy, make for them ” project of green health conserve ” ; Oar ” the boat of days ” , sail to ” green girl job ” , guide better to review his life course, recover unripe to people on one’s own side palm to accuse to feel. Community better recalls the past event, can’t help the raise on corners of the mouth. Street for graph ↓ better of 75 years old of community is displayed sing Gong Ge. Street and healthy platoon checks the street green banboos that offer a plan, green banboos of humeral week phlogistic recuperation is street emerald green brightness community Party committee, community is resided appoint workstation of meeting, community on September 9, was in on September 10 Lou Silou of skirt of first phase of community workstation Hua Dayuan 410 assembly room (2 indoor) , on September 11, on September 12 morning 09: 30-11: 30 in square of activity of garden of grand of new harbor of green banboos road (2 outdoors) held item of thing of small fact of 2019 the people’s livelihood — ” hold the sun tomorrow in the palm with healthy shoulder ” in senile shoulder Zhou Lu is lubricious activity of healthy conserve project 4. Community dweller participates in enthusiasm to upsurge. The goods and materials of team of division of healthy 9 o’clock sharp in the morning management, desk and chair just arrived, already a lot of dwellers queue up to wait ahead of schedule, the dweller helps took a lot of bench to wait in mobile spot, dwellers queue up in order, await doctor health platoon to check. Whole activity lasts 3 many hours, stop to 12 o’clock. C罗湖新悦水会技师推荐水疗设备heck through healthy platoon, knowledge of conserve of health of Zhou Yan of recuperation of humeral week phlogistic health, shoulder imparts and hu臻品推拿SPA养生怎么样meral Zhou Yan is healthy and gymnastic the link such as exercise, drilling, the body of dwellers got very good improvement, a lot of dwellers pass recuperation沙井沐足吧, humeral Zhou Yan got ameliorative apparently, a lot of dweller attends recuperation 4 times continuously, and still took new dweller to recuperate. The accord that the effect gained a resident reputably, 4 activities serve many 240 resident, health management division is man-to-man service dweller, thorough recuperation is communicated deep, because the dweller is more, the activity serves midday 12 o’clock sharp, exceed many minutes 30 than expecting serve time. Mobile time is about to end a dweller ground of be reluctant to part with leaves, the success of whole activity holds profit from green banboos street do, emerald green brightness community is resided appoint meet staff member of leader, community energetically support and guidance, the enthusiasm of profit from dweller is p义乌很多足浴店关门了articipated in, consummation of 4 activities ability. The blessing that Dong Xiaojie path is old people to serve the part that weigh this world on September 18, project of company of Shenzhen company couplet is stationed in Luo Hu project of company of community of mountain of cotton of sleeper of Ou Dongxiao street is below the support of association of old people of Party committee, kapok, come to collect lake area what social welfare center serves the part that weigh this world ahead of schedule for old people is condolatory with the blessing. In the activity, the aunt of association of kapok old people people open with wonderful dancing and shadowboxing prelusive, old people looked, applause in succession acclaim. 75 years old close a grandfather to be below everybody’s invitation, should wear special today day, brought for everybody ” target practice returns ” , loud singing is pleasant, make everybody applause applaud. Chief expresses relat东莞沐足按摩招聘ed the activity, to already year even more the grandfather grandma of 7 a period of ten days people for, can be in of leisure as lively as everybody, the one great pleasure in the old age life that is them. For this, the little game that labour arranged the company to suit old people to interact — 珠海棕泉水疗会所the cup that send paper and you delimit I am guessed. In game, grandfather grandma people vigorous investment, move ideas, contend for grabbing speak the answer, occasion is very active. The activity is about to end, the staff member is alone seek by inquiry 100 years old of old people piece grandma, listen to her to tell about bygone affection. The company that is in charge of this second activity is versed in Xiaohui expresses, respecting better is the admirable goodness of tradition of the Chinese nation, also be the part that construction of city of the civilization that help strength cannot ignore, everybody should accomplish filial piety to be respected in person old, compose builds harmonious and happy family. Street community better recalls clear water river ” green and junior issue ” on September 8, party of community of silver-colored lake of company of service of project of square company of Party committee of silver-colored lake community, thing group the service center is begun ” the boat of days ” life of better of silver-colored lake community reviews a group, in order to steer the life course that better reviews him, recover unripe to people on one’s own side palm to accuse to feel. That day morning at 10 o’clock, the group is guided the first times in what the company is versed in fall to begin formally, the theme of this section is: Recall my green and junior era. As ” young friends, will encounter today, swing a boat, warm wind is blown gently ” since the noise of light air, group member people entered in succession ” ” among good 深圳美食节兼职好做吗memory. “I enter a Normal University that 18 years old years, my gentleman was known in the school, we read together, also became people teacher together later, teach Yo person until emeritus. ” light tone of better Ms. Xu says. “My go and work in the countryside and mountain areas, jump the queue drives a tractor in the country, the life that waits in those days is very tough, but young still at that time, can hard-working. ” the one’s voice in speech of Ms. Wu just fell, other group member sets upright a thumb to express admiration in succession. Ms. Zhu also stands up tirelessly path comes: “I am taken an examination of 18 years old went up hygiene school, to consolidate knowledge, I and my with desk often practice give or have an acupuncture treatment on the body of the othe做水疗的步骤r side each other. ” finally, all participator listens of other share, can’t help plainting: 18 years old, youth has youthful spirit, that is the time of a pattern. Mobile controller expresses, this second group uses life reviewing, narrative treatment, around move the growing course of old people, combine characteristic of the physiology of old people, psychology, specific aim ground is searching life track field to let an old person comb the experience of own lifetime, let an old person share pleasure in retrospective process, express gloomy writtens guarantee, in order to exalt ego contented feeling六约金山沐足有啥服务.

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