Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Gold jewelry is one of industries of 6 large traditional dominant positions of Shenzhen, also be the characteristic pillar industry of collect lake area, at present Luo Hu had collected main body of gold jewelry market about 9000, year business income exceeds 120 billion yuan, covered design research and development, production to make, reveal trade, brand promotion, examine detect wait for each link, had formed relatively complete jewelry industry chain. Luo Hu has the throughout the country level of the biggest, development one of areas of gold jewelry assemble with the most perfect chain of highest, industry — water shellfish – cloth heart piece the base of jewelry industry assemble of the area. New language achieves copyright to protect combination to start a ceremony. Chan Jixiang of former dean of museum of former director of bureau of cultural relic of prexy of chairman of institute of Chinese cultural relic, the Imperial Palace, country, the Imperial Palace shares IP to make the story of backside. Former outside honor of platform of industry of fashion of gem of delegate of negotiation of banquet of classics trade radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries, undersecretary, extensive is advisory Long Yongtu begin lecturing. Below double drive of demonstrative area of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and go ahead of the rest, gold jewelry industry how new vitality of transition, coruscate? A few days ago, collect lake area holds forum of industry of jewelry of much field gold continuously, achieve the many domains such as development to talk the way that industrial transition upgrades from the collaboration that cross a boundary, article, for Luo Hu gold jewelry industry grows infuse new vitality. Whi深圳喜悦水会988号te paper releases investigation of gold jewelry consumer to catch change the consumptive trend of the times a few days ago, grand ceremony of jewelry of gold of the 6th China was held in Shenzhen collect lake 2019, released ” · of 70 years of 70 people is the most beautiful the person that gold struggles ” series small video, with gold jewelry industry development changes for masterstroke, the person that chose industry of 70 gold jewelry is leave the country leading role, show the progress with brilliant industry of jewelry of the gold in changing with the camera lens language of concise. Zun Jinping of deputy warden of area of Shenzhen collect lake expresses, face new situation, innovation is becoming the motive power that jewelry industry expands. Innovation of engineering technology innovation, equipment and traditional culture and traditional craft are united in wedlock, bringing more high quality, high quality product for the industry. Xie Zhibin of secretary of Party committee of management center of headgear of jade of rich ministry gem, director also points out, with the product safeguard of innovation, quality is engine, creation consumes demand, drive industry development, it is an industry answer industrial transition to upgrade lift necessarily. In intense market competition, gold jewelry industry fathers to close quality only, improve quality, upgrade service, ability is approbated finally by consumer. Cui Jianguo of vice-chairman of Chinese gold association points out, as consumptive group young change, gold jewelry consumption is in to light quantify, low gram develops again, this also is making headgear machine business to have space of embellish of usury of product innovation, creation ceaselessly. On the activity, sheet of 100 strong a list of names posted up releases inn of gold of the 4th 2019 China formally also. As we have learned, this second choose invited many to come from each to save city to pledge the expert of check orgnaization, guild is recommended be seleted golden inn, sign up through the enterprise, investigation company data and expert evaluation, choose the 100 gold store that discrepancy surrounds finally, a gleam of in covering market of jewelry of current China gold basically is retail brand and local bibcock brand. Still held on the activity ” consumption upgrades · retail transition ” reach ” Oriental beauty content — article of national wet · is achieved ” two three-year institution of higher learning inscribe forum, released ” consumption upgrades · is retail challenge — consumer of jewelry of 2019 China gold surveys white book ” report, catch consumer to be in change the consumptive trend of the times. “IP+ gem ” feel pulse gem how with civil achieve deepness confluence to make provide value IP the Imperial Palace more, plunge into Zha of temple, where, these a few element are united in wedlock together, what can you think of? Shenzhen international gem exhibited eve 2019 ” Zheng Qiankun of raise the quintessence of a country — Chinese new language starts grand ceremony of gold of IP of Mount Everest class ” in Shenzhen water shellfish IBC MALL is held, the development that starts a field in new language with respect to industry of Chinese gold jewelry and innovation undertook be discussinged meticulously deep, new language achieves copyright to protect associated statement to also be released at the spot. As we have learned, this second grand meeting gathers together domestic new language starts a field 3 big super IP: New language achieves actual strength to take on the Imperial Palace, new language achieves latent capacity thumb to plunge into temple, new language to achieve when Gong Xingui which Zha, especially Chan Jixiang of former dean of museum of former director of bureau of cultural relic of prexy of chairman of institute of Chinese cultural relic, the Imperial Palace, country, the Imperial Palace and ” the demon of which Zha Tong Jiang world ” film specially good effect makes company Shenzhen Luokete inspects CEO of effect science and technology Niehua army. Zhou Defen of president of limited company of jewelry of a person of extraordinary powers of Shenzhen city another name for Guangdong Province goes out in speech middle finger, in recent years sweep of Chinese jewelry industry ” IP+ gem ” agitation, but most IP pays close attention to temporarily discharge only, the content operation with devoid abiding system and culture are accumulated, bring about numerous gem IP to flow at the form thereby, to the resource of industry of whole gold jewelry configuration creates great waste. “Gem IP is changed is not simple and crude stick label, in Internet economy big setting falls, we need place of backside of deepness confluence IP accumulate contained culture zoology, the product thinking of the mechanization of tradition of slam the door, stand in the angle of user thinking, the culture value IP and product value organic union, wait for the culture attribute of backside of IP of link deepness confluence from originality, design, craft, sale, promotion, creativity ground uses IP, run IP duratively, make IP natural grow then a powerful commercial value. ” he says. Introduce according to him, gem of a person of extraordinary powers and the Imperial Palace are in another name for Guangdong Province early to crossed gem of a fashionable to encircle with respect to joint development last year ” heaven and earth of the Imperial Palace is lucky bead ” , pull a hand once more today, build just about on good in the past collaboration foundation, believe not far in the future, both sides will have the opportunity of more collaboration. In addition, gem of a person of extraordinary powers of another name for Guangdong Province is returned with m深圳按摩日结兼职useum of the Imperial Palace, Zashenlunbu the temple signs strategic cooperation agreement jointly, the first gold product after releasing tripartite to cooperate at the same time: Hand of series of animal of luck of the Imperial Palace is strung together. Its are indicative good luck and lucky, the top of head is adorned flexibly modelling red enamel, implied meaning good fortune as one wishes, bring the person that adorn restful flexibly, the happiness with lucky riches and honour is guarded. New language starts a plant at China outstanding and traditional culture accedes as deep as what carry on soil, advocating copyright to protect is new language is achieved innovate continuously the umbrella of development and moat. As a result of a lot of reason, industry of Chinese gold jewelry has the problem of its oneself, the industry is spent centrally general not tall, crack of processing factory of gem of many small miniature seeks to live on, their copyright consciousness is general and thin, superintendency difficulty is opposite bigger, this brings about the tort problem of jewelry industry to happen from time to tome directly. Be based on this, the spot was held ” protection of supportive authorised edition is achieved formerly ” new language achieves copyright to protect combination to start a ceremony, achieve copyright protection to escort the Emperor for new language convoy. Industrial internationalization floats platform of gem fashion industry already reached collaboration with 22 countries and area ” Chinese gem sees Shenzhen, shenzhen gem sees water shellfish ” . On September 14, the grand opera of Cultural Festival of the 22nd gem — forum of platform of industry of fashion of gem of the 2nd extensive is held in Luo Hu, around ” the global commerce below new condition ” ” trend of global gem development and Chinese market are right the importance of foreign enterprise ” ” industry development good luck and collaboration of global jewel trade ” wait for a topic, honored guest attending the meeting spreads out to discuss and be shared, the newest trend that brought progress of global jewelry industry at the same time, good luck and the pertinent information that develop commerce collaboration. Former outside advisory Long Yongtu points out honor of platform of industry of fashion of gem of delegate of negotiation of banquet of classics trade radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries, undersecretary, extensive, global commerce is lying instead among globalization and the shadow that go against globalization, those who be faced with trade protectionism, unilateral creed to be caused to global industry catenary is minatory. “At present a few countries use administrative order and governmental power to destroying global industry catenary and supply chain, can saying is a the biggest to economic globalization challenge. ” he expresses, platform of industry of extensive gem fashion has huge sense to promoting the development of global economy, commerce, it is best to trade protectionism and unilateral creed answer. Wang Pu of vice-chairman of Shenzhen city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference attends current forum to express, group of water shellfish gem and platform of industry of extensive gem fashion, at present organization, guild, as well-known as 33 international of 22 countries and area company reachs collaboration, the internationalization that is jewelry industry laid solid foundation, as platform increasingl兼职按摩师招聘y m深圳福田东方宗泉水疗招聘ature, shenzhen water shellfish of future will be revealed further ” world treasure ” glamour. Zun Jinping of deputy warden of collect lake area expresses, government of collect lake district will promote gold jewelry industry energetically overall industry upgrades, stimulative industry is changed to intelligence, standardization, brand is changed, specialization and internationalization way develops, make international the city zone of originality of famous gem vogue, for international jewelry industry development makes more contribution. According to introducing, group of water shellfish gem is based on ” one belt all the way ” platform of extensive jewelry industry will be made mainly ” a base, 7 large centers ” . According to Shui Beizhu Liang Rui of treasure group president introduces, “A base ” namely ” one belt all the way ” demonstrative base of extensive jewelry industry, “7 large centers ” it is global gem raw material respectively the financial service center of industry of distributing center center, global jewelry and mineral products resource send jewelry of financing center, international (China) art of gem of center, international designs the gem wisdom data with service center of operation of entire industry catenary, only whole world release center, whole world. “Be in ‘ one belt all the way ‘ countries of a lot of along the line, for instance Burmese, sri lanka, not only gem is resourceful, and abound from already check. ” come from Shenzhen national endowment trades the Li Xiao of the group expresses, trade through building reliable gem platform, can help country of along the line reduce raw material to purchase the potential cost in the process, the connection that lets the city such as Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao is more close. Assemble of extensive gem platform the whole world original rock of more than kinds of 200 gem ” lapidary wall ” the end of the year appears meanwhile, mobile spot, the stone of emerald raw ore that Colombian emerald exports association director Camilo Sanchez to be weight 5 kilogram donated vogue of format of IBC of group of water shellfish gem to release a center ” lapidary wall ” , and the spot and group of water shellfish gem sign strategic cooperation agreement. As we have learned, “Lapidary wall ” be located in IBC center of round-the-world business affairs, collect the whole world the gem original rock of 200 more than sort, time-consuming half an year is made, will appear at the end of the year, still will apply for the whole world the biggest the most complete ” lapidary and artistic wall ” Jinisi record. Metope makes an appointment with 170 square metre, by more than 1000 more than 700 triangle, squares and composition of more than 600 hexagon, simple manual nail makes the silver-gilt steel needle that every gem uses 0.5 millimeter in the Yakeli that cracks fragily, not easily not easily board on, finished product will heft 35 tons or so, its lamplight setting can show commutation of a marine wave, rainbow to wait for distinct effect, interact interactively with the person that look around. In addition, according to Shui Beizhu Liang Rui of treasure group president introduces, the industrial catenary cent of gem is upper reaches, middle reaches, downstream, upper reaches is gem jade raw material, middle reaches is production, treatment and design, it is shopkeeper of gem jobber, terminal downstream. And be in at present domestic jewelry bound, especially water shellfish gem, mix to middle reaches in upper reaches downstream this does not have complete get through together. “Platform o深圳情趣润滑剂价格f industry of extensive gem fashion is being built in compose arrive from upper reaches the zoology of entire industry catenary of middle reaches, and the method of this zoology is the Cang Hezhu that keep tax treasure trades center. ” it is reported, the storehouse that keep tax and gem trade central compose is built, future it is more cheap that people buys jewel in Shenzhen. Trade through making Bao Yushi among them center, do business from industrial source, call the downstream bottleneck in connecting an industry to go up truly, implementation goes among change. Focusing decipher ” Chinese treasure ” : 70% above gem of countrywide are produced from Luo Hu well-known, jewelry industry is industry of characteristic of collect lake advantage, already made the calling card of collect lake area. Luo Hu has the上海高端女子会所异性spa throughout the country 深圳天水阁水会怎么样level of the biggest, development one of areas of gold jewelry assemble with the most perfect chain of highest, industry — water shellfish – cloth heart piece the base of jewelry industry assemble of the area, this area produced the gem of 70% above of countrywide, gem annual produce exceeds 400 billion yuan, be called ” Chinese treasure ” . In August 2004, approval of Shenzhen municipal government builds water shellfish – area of assemble of industry of jewelry of cloth heart gold. Develop through old innovation, already became countrywide well-known trademark to found transition of foreign trade of base of property of characteristic of headgear of jade of gem of demonstrative area, China, nation to upgrade at present brand of area of group of industry of major demonstrative base, nation builds pilot demonstrative project. End 2018, area of assemble of water shellfish gem shares business of gold jewelry legal person many 6400, industrial activity unit many 1500, individual manage door many 1000, year business income many yuan 1200. The talent is the core of development. Upgrade to promote the transition of gold jewelry industry, collect lake area takes company person with ability seriously to foster particularly. Encourage an enterprise to increase investment of design research and development, executive ability changes investment times add plan, robot to replace plan, originality to design center of research and development of company of promotive plan and estate of compasses go to work to cover a plan completely. Annual region industry transition upgrades special give aid to policy arranges about 30 million yuan, show year after year to increase a current. In the meantime, the stylist that builds gross area to make an appointment with 13 thousand square metre is communal service platform, assemble include Taiwan to design atelier of Great Master Wu Qing inside many 20 famous gem designs an orgnaization; Carry out 5 period ” the star that water shellfish · brights ” stylist is abroad swim learn a plan, government三亚酒店推荐 and enterprise aid financially area under administration to exceed 60 stylist to go to jointly flower, the national study such as law, heart, meaning; Still establish association of stylist of headgear of Shenzhen town jewelry, establish first abroad branch in Italy. On the other hand, luo Hu optimizes form a complete set to serve, make division of top-ranking industry assemble. Perfect an area traffic system, executive road character promotes spe深圳龙华哪里有全套cial operation, wait to road of Bei Li north develop advertisement punish, refresh establishing a range and project of unifinication of vision of along the line; Strengthen intellectual property protection, give aid to company of jewelry of area under administration year all apply for of all kinds patent to exceed 3000; With guild of headgear of Chinese gem jade collaboration establishs Chinese gem intellectual property integrated service center; Stimulative standardization is built, drive 41 gem cartel to establish standard alliance, work out standard of technology of 20 many industries. Optimize quality to detect service, assemble many 40 of all kinds quality detects the orgnaization is entered halt, establish alliance of technology of center of qualitative check of national precious metal and gem. Current, collect lake gem produces per year sales volume many yuan 1000, 50% what take domestic terminal market about. Countrywide gem is retail the market the gold of 50% above and silver jewelry, enchase headgear from gem of Shenzhen water shellfish piece each district of north and south of area trend great river, motherland. In addition, industrial assemble base still bred Zhoudasheng, Aidier 2 jewelry company appears on the market, dai Rui, the enterprise such as blessing, Ji Meng, Woerfusi is started Saturday appe广州洗浴哪家高端ar on the market process, china of gold of assemble old Feng Xiang, China, 6 blessing, a gathering of things or people, gold one, many 10 gem such as gem of Gang Tai, bright card, Oriental Jin Yu, Hong Kong appears on the market affiliated enterprise. Future, collect lake area will be carried out seriously implement new development concept, closely around quality benefit, according to ” go in countrywide front row ” requirement, implement reform of sex of structure of side of supply of gold jewelry industry deep, make hard ” water shellfish example ” . In order to make ” one base, 4 centers ” namely center of carry of battalion of center of research and development of headquarters assemble base, design, intelligence production center, brand, reveal trade strategic goal of the center.

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