Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This year is new China holds water 70 years, regard reforming and opening as the Shenzhen of the window, it is the one side stand that new China expands. Luo Hu, bore the weight of the memory that this city develops. The first mark of ground of the first Shenzhen, flourishing business is encircled, it is to have countless first ” blessing ground ” ; “3 days of one layer building ” catchword resounds through the whole nation from here, become the delegate of the speed of indicative, Shenzhen of special zone spirit; Introduce look forward to of harbor endowment harbor to pull open big screen of deep harbor collaboration, it is ” be like brother in person ” deep harbor develops begun place in coordination… the pace that Luo Hu is recording Shenzhen to reform change, also writing the canto that Shenzhen develops flourishingly. Zheng Liping is photographed regard the earliest building as the area, luo Hu is the narrative start of Shenzhen. It is recording Shenzhen to reform metabolic pace, also writing the canto that Shenzhen develops flourishingly. The Luo Hu nowadays, with ” new Luo Hu of new era give somebody a new lease on life ” lofty quality, in the new journey that building division of big bay of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, brave should develop a pioneer, show the city zone to take on, walk out of the new way that promotes development in the round. Reform starts index of happiness of area the people’s livelihood ceaseless promotion is rolled out early or late with ” old change ” , ” canopy changes ” , reform of basic level processing, ” cure changes ” reform takes the focal point of 38 areas class that is a delegate in antique fishing village school, wu Lingqiu of piscatorial village villager is looki模特招聘要求ng at 海口高端顶级桑拿水疗high-rise of the one flickering outside the window. He never has had thought, this desolate sands a few years ago, a day of meeting becomes high buildings and large mansions, circumjacent greenery is shady. “So we are the villages with the poorest Shenzhen, life aboard relies on to hi金池桑拿t fishing to make a living, reforming and opening our bungalow changes high-rise, alley greatens road, still become the throughout the country the first ‘ 10 thousand yuan a village ‘ . We are lucky, luo Hu gave us the chance of the change. because Luo Hu is a crusader that is brave in to eat crab, the dream that just lets more person is illuminated into reality. ” he says. Luo Hu shedding is dripping to reform blood, reform be it to establish a division this. Be in to break through the city zone of land, resource, population, environment ” 4 are afterwards hard ” , luo Hu uses reform sharp, roll out early or late with ” old change ” , ” canopy changes ” , reform of basic level processing, ” cure changes ” the reform of key of 38 areas class that is a delegate, “Cook man solves an ox ” kind concentration defeats the problem of key difficulty pain spot that solved a batch of masses to be deeply concerned for years, those who promote a dweller ” happy index ” . This year Feburary, luo Hu greeted an Europe to seek dream person — the Bengt Winblad of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Ceng Rennuo Be深圳半套场所i Ersheng and medical award commissioner. He is taking the medical treatment technology of foremost edge to come to Luo Hu, for Aercihaimo the remedial strategy with new disease and plan search oneiromancy soil. “Say with its I chose Luo Hu, be inferior to saying Luo Hu attracted me. Luo Hu is core with dweller health, undertook cure changes, develop sanitation of basic level medical treatment. And I need to do good foundation scientific research, mix scientific research clinical diagnostic photograph is united in wedlock, promote the development of this course, luo Hu is my optimal choice. ” like Bengt Winblad, the figure of increasing medicine expert appears in Luo Hu, bring the high end of citizen door mouth medical treatment. Same and come, still have the high grade school of door mouth. On September 2, the Wang Dan that lives in Luo Hu sent bright and beautiful cropland elementary school personally, she after visiting school is particularly excited, speak bluntly eats issued sth capable of comforting sb, thanked the school to provide so good learning environment for博舍酒店为什么这么贵 children very much. Original, be深圳德仕堡水疗图片cause degree is nervous, north of collect lake area piece 12 schools have the area the student is badly in need of billabong. To solve degree problem, and ensure education quality, elementary school of bright and beautiful cropland accepts load, final and satisfactory solve difficult problem. Data of a group of groups also explained Luo Hu improves the determination of the people’s livelihood: Of the party 18 big since, accumulative total of defray of 9 kinds of big the people’s livelihood reachs whole area 74.5 billion yuan, accumulative total adds middle and primary school newly 11110; Talent room and safeguard room start working build 19630, supply 8259; Will nearly 3 years invest 200 fill more neat domain of 10 big the people’s livelihood 29 short board, add degree newly 4940; Up to this year in August, collect lake has 56 companies health orgnaization to begin family doctor autograph to arrange a service in all, th深圳酒店日结e autograph makes an appointment with a number to amount to 519316 people. “Happy Luo Hu ” the target happy feeling in dweller of melt into of change trains of dribs and drabs, obtain feeling, become reform to bring Luo Hu each ” gift ” , for Luo Hu development wrote down vivid footnote. Construction of area of the bay that pursue a dream can expand vanward division continuously " Luo Hu area is carried out fulfil area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of < another name for Guangdong Province to develop program outline > program of 3 years of actions (2018-2020 year) " the grandiose blue print that depicts a Luo Hu to pursue dream bay area " deepen deep harbor to develop in coordination, plan international of city of medical treatment of deep harbor international, deep harbor to teach a town, strive for completion of station of tall iron of clear water river, belt of economy of bank of collect lake deep harbor, large phoenix tree is burgeoning industry belt, red belt of burgeoning banking industry accelerates mountain construction, efficiency of industry of promotion the city zone… ” on July 29, collect lake area is released " Luo Hu area is carried out fulfil area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of < another name for Guangdong Province to develop program outline > program of 3 years of actions (2018-2020 year) " , depict a Luo Hu to chase the grandiose blue print of dream bay area. According to this plan, these 3 years, luo Hu will pass infrastructure ” hard UniCom ” with system mechanism ” soft UniCom ” , make international can develop vanward the city zone and port economy high quality to expand example division continuously. Include hard to implement system of network of port traffic hub preliminary form, belt of economy of bank of collect lake deep harbor, large phoenix tree is burgeoning industry belt, red burgeoning banking industry brings mountain range construction of 3 big platform obtains significant progress, system of innovation modern industry shapes basically, structure of 3+3+N city industry is progressively and perfect, green zoology appropriate resides construction of the city zone to obtain significant progress. How to come true do this wish scene? Hair of collect lake area changed Zhou Xiaojian of secretary of bureau leading Party group to use 3 keywords to generalize: Course of study of fitting room, appropriate, appropriate swims. Build namely become the people’s livelihood the high grade, appropriate that makes modes of life and relation to their environment of aperient nimble, green resides the city zone; Make the appropriate trade the city zone with fair and open innovation, transparent, top-ranking internat福田水围按摩飞机ional and modes of life and relation to their environment humanitarian and beautiful, rich vigor, open appropriate swims the city zone. Specific and character, appropriate Ju Luohu will be made ” deep harbor international teachs a town ” and ” city of medical treatment of deep harbor international ” , traffic respect builds form system of modern integrated traffic, make big bay division ” a hour of traffic is encircled ” , increase course net density further, continue to carry whole town van; The Luo Hu of appropriate course of study will serve with innovation of burgeoning finance, science and technology, new-style consumption, high end for the key, make ” cloth auspicious bank is axis of new-style consumption development, big east burgeoning industry brings belt of economy of bank of deep harbor of axis of lake travel zoology, Luo Hu, large phoenix tree, burgeoning banking industry takes Gong Ling ” ” two axes 3 belts ” new, implementation transition upgrades and innovation develops ” double round drive ” ; Appropriate swims dominant position of industry of translate into of advantage of zoology of Luo Hu general, the annulus that program gross area amounts to 3.5 million ㎡ east recreational travel encircles lake landscape sports, build high quality style recreational and communal space, make demonstrative model of travel of zoology of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province. Industry expert expresses, this plan, the development infuse that is Luo Hu cardiac stimulant, new industry plans, the confluence of layout of resource of education of high end of the city zone, medical treatment and zoology and industry develops, for the city zone construction offerred new thinking, luo Hu is reformed again, do poineering work, develop fetching attention. New Luo Hu of focal new era, new tomorrow has new expect all circles heat is discussed ” double area ” the Luo Hu below drive develops but period the 40 progress that record, luo Hu bore the weight of the memory that Shenzhen grows. Stride not of be puzzled year Luo Hu, stand in new development crossroad, what new change can you have again? Does social all circles have again to Luo Hu what kind of expect? Economy of committee member of delegate of Shenzhen city National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, region studies the expert expresses in succession, new era new Luo Hu, new tomorrow has new expect. The National People’s Congress of city of new chance Shenzhen that Luo Hu encountered development represents Yang Qin to having deeper feeling to Luo Hu. Look in him, the development of Shenzhen, reform only then Yu Luohu. The land of the first mark of the first the first high-rise of Shenzhen, ground, sell one’s own things, be born at Luo Hu. The advanced experience that Shenzhen reforms, come from Yu Luohu likewise. Luo Hu is having in the development process in Shenzhen and even whole nation, process of reforming and opening not erasable trace. “Because have the first situation that Luo Hu develops, grow string of footmark what just had Shenzhen development. ” he says so. Look in him, luo Hu is not competition ability drop ” old the city zone ” , encountered the new chance of development however instead. “Luo Hu is promoting the action through character of active and active the city zone, show new features. In the journey that creates new Luo Hu, encountered demonstrative area of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and go ahead of the rest two-tier strategy, transition upgrades to develop photograph tie with double area, the Luo Hu that seizes this one opportunity did not come but period. ” his say, “In the meantime, luo Hu has touchdown predestined relationship advantage and send an advantage first, most cooperate with HongKong and Macow first and it is Hong Kong people the first choice of recreational consumption, expect Luo Hu promotes the city zone life service efficiency, become Shenzhen the calling card of recreational shopping travel. ” often build area transition to develop Zhang Xuehu of committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of city of chief source Shenzhen to change to have feeling greatly also to Luo Hu’s development. “Luo Hu is on traditional idea, it is the delegate of Shenzhen. The first time come to Shenzhen, those who see is Luo Hu, those who mention also be Luo Hu. Luo Hu’s reform develops, the epitome that Shenzhen reform develops is on certain level. Construction of reform of development of first deep harbor trade, estate, commerce, traffic is waited a moment, begin from Luo Hu. Luo Hu is the main position that Shenzhen reforms, it is the registrar that Shenzhen reforms. ” look in him, luo Hu is in the rule of thumb that processing of connotation development, basic level, the city zone turned management to accumulate a large number of abundance subtly, offerred for Shenzhen what can duplicate is fresh example. Luo Hu begins transition nowadays, continue to develop original dominant position, use oneself experience, walk out of a new way, hopeful makes the original version that often builds area transition development, make the surveyor’s pole that go ahead of the rest sets an example. “It is all-around that the go ahead of the rest of Shenzhen sets an example, not be single field. New development of Luo Hu, in the industry for the old old the city zone with other inland newer, the city zone changed the domain such as construction of civilization of management, zoology, culture to provide the example that can consult subtly, this is Shenzhen all-around what go ahead of the rest sets an example is vivid reflect. ” he says. Play ” elder brother ” lead action ” Luo Hu is new China rich the Chinese person that witness, also be a specimen of Chinese reforming and opening, it represented efficiency of Shenzhen speed, Shenzhen. ” China (Shenzhen) Guo Moda of standing assistant dean emphasizes integrated development academy, new China builds 70 years, from 罗湖休闲中心哪个好stand up, rich rise strong rise, shenzhen is China rich the concentration that rise is reflected, this in those days little fishing village, begin to develop from Luo Hu namely, became present internationalization metropolitan. “Particularly important is, shenzhen rate produces in Luo Hu. ‘ 3 days of one layer building ‘ speed and passion, very important to building the China that is a center to tell with economy, the Shenzhen rate that Luo Hu produces represented a kind of efficiency, represented the sort of youthful spirit of a kind of reform. ” his say. Below the double turning point that builds construction of area of big bay of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province in Shenzhen, where are Luo Hu’龙华有好玩的按摩吗s advantage and fixed position? Look in Guo Moda, luo Hu still can be developed ” elder brother ” lead action. “We should stand up not only, rich rise, rise even by force. Strong rise of support is high quality development. Luo Hu has created the rate of Shenzhen, can make the vanward the city zone that Shenzhen high quality develops as much. ” he expresses, luo Hu cooperates with in deep harbor development and the advantage that the city zone is having him on culture construction, can continue to deepen collaboration, build the battalion business environment with top-ranking international, hit card of good the people’s livelihood to exalt happy feeling at the same time, light passionate flaming years to go all out in work again, serve as somewhat.

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