Dispatch of network of collect lake home: 70 years old go up CCTV, 72 years old establish Shenzhen the first senile university, 74 years old still gave a book… look and different of it doesn’t matter of average old person, but everybody never thinks of, having the associate with like legend. Arrive from green years octogenarian, xiang Meiyun lasts 28 years systemic heart attacks the forefront in senile job and justice project enterprise, founding Shenzhen is senile and association of the first old people, artistic group, senile group of art of shadow of culture art university, skin, did much real issue good work for broad masses, it is masses real thing does in the eye, do a good work ” happy grandma ” .
Establish 100 be an official amount to university of old age of first community grade the village is held in both hands time many ” gold-lettered signboard ” in January 1991, xiang Meiyun lives in weather situation garden in Shenzhen along with the family member, begin revolutionary tradition education and good faith education actively at the same time, force of one side bend contributes money aid learn, masses of community of deliverance poverty, service, service. In the day la园洲雅然休闲会所服务ter, she and senile organization established in succession again 100 be an official amount to Shenzhen senile association, the aged appoint, retreat a canal to do, 100 be an official amount to senile university. 1998, when Xiang Meiyun just was moved into collect lake Ou Baishi to amount to a garden, begin to establish old person association, she from dig down, buy the of all kinds musical instrument such as waist drum, gong and drum, gong from Changsha. In March 1999, merely 10 come the 100 be an official of an old person amount to old person association to hold water formally, weigh in relief section that year, xiang Meiyun and old associate people be in this ” everlasting ” a literary joint performance was held in the day, have the dance that collect tea, waist drum, a popular rural folk dance, chorally, several old people are a person performs a few programs, parental, grandparent is performed on the stage, generation of the children and grand children below the stage is an audience. “I like leather-silhouette show particularly, but that moment Shenzhen cannot see, cannot find the place that has shadowgraph show, I am thinking, oneself establish group of a play. ” the blank for shadowgraph of fill Shenzhen city, june 2006, xiang Meiyun takes the lead established countrywide only 100 be an official amount to group of art of shadow of skin of old age of a community Pi Ying art is round. Divide outside domestic performance, they were to walk out of a country more the door, far go to Singapore and United States, communicate together with old people of place and perform. 2014, xiang Meiyun establishs again group of maple leaf art. 2006, xiang Meiyun is in Shenzhen governm喜来登酒店ent sector support leaves area of city, collect lake, established Shenzhen university of first community old age — 100 be an official amount to university of art of old person culture, established 100 be an official to amount to group of maple leaf art. They enter the whole nation, province, town again and again match of literary, sports, win the 100 many award such as award of gold, silver-colored, copper, organization. In the meantime, 100 be an official amounted to a village to because this is held in both hands,also be answered a lot of ” gold-lettered signboard ” — the whole nation respects community of old pattern community, the civilization that visit town and love community, province city is advanced senile from province of emeritus Party branch, Guangdong job is advanced the unit. Nowadays, the old people academician that she establishs already enlarged 200 much people, senile university 100 much people, maximum time reachs 400 much people. To celebrate reforming and opening of 30 anniversary, parties 18 hold He Baishi to amount to senile association to hold water 10 years greatly, xiang Meiyun early or late chief editor ” maple 深圳沙井沐足page became red ” , ” Gong Feng oneiromancy ” book. Her achievement early or late by ” is Guangdong brilliant 60 years ” , ” flourishing age new Guangdong ” , ” paradigmatic Guangdong ” , ” fly Guangdong ” , ” the Hu austral green ” , ” world blue book ” , ” special zone pe深圳百合酒店桑拿rson keep in mind ” , ” won’t the special zone forget ” , ” afterglow? The republic constructs meritorious service ” wait for book and coverage of the press media. Wang Rong of secretary of Shenzhen former municipal Party committee evaluates Xiang Meiyun highly: “Ability is 31 Shenzhen years old, you served 20 years, thank you! ” guide in hers below, the activity o全季酒店官网f association of community old person that already had taken the history 20 yea羅湖按摩rs again and again, shenzhen round bear the palm of art of university of old age of first community grade, old person again and again. Village first place 5 stars class justice labour facilities of perservingly enthusiastic and beneficent commonweal is so old come, xiang Meiyun developed activity of a lot of commonweal in head of village inner tube, she is enthusiastic and enthusiastic commonweal, harmonious the commend of humanness of a lot of act that the village builds. She has a famous remark: “Profitable thing does not look for me, the thing that does commonweal looks for me to be no problem. ” class of the first when herself also becomes 100 be an official to amount to a village 5 stars justice labour, guide in hers below, 100 be an official amounted to a village to have class of 25 5 stars nowadays justic深圳酒店有没有小卡片e labo坦洲御都水会服务项目ur. Before this, xiang Meiyun has experienced big operation 3 times, go to a hospital checking twice even every week now, before the body is inferior to greatly, but the enthusiasm that serves as justice labour as always. November 2014, xiang Meiyun resigns director of justice labour couplet, 100 be an official amount to collect lak汉中足浴水疗e area secretary of Party branch of senile culture artistic university, 100 be an official amount to a the aged appoint all posts such as adviser, “I now is an old Party member, old the identity of justice labour, continue to serve for masses. ” although she has been retreated from post,fall, but she still is worrying about of community commonweal dining room prepare to construct matters concerned, want to let old people can eat midday on hot meal. Refer works, xiang Meiyun appears very excited, “I feel I am old, work龙华区大浪半套ed to be not moved, still a lot of think the business that do is not done, unable to do what one wants very much to do, but as long as can do, I can endeavor do. Henceforth, a gleam of that justice labour serves still can have my figure, love servive routine also won’t little I, I can produce my more than heat as far as possible, redound society, warm other. ” what go up besides justice industry service is enthusiastic, love achievement of Xiang Meiyun also lets a person take delight in talking about. “I had aided financially 10 children, include the child of 4 Tibet, still have the child of 6 Shenzhen this locality. ” Xiang Meiyun speaks of, oneself in one’s childhood the opportunity of knowledge of study of it doesn’t matter, him condition is good now, want to help student of a few inconvenient, let them learn well, repay a society in the future. Be worth what carry is, xiang Meiyun begins love to aid financially, it is to pass the charitable foundation of bureau of area civil administration to undertake communication a butt joint, oneself do not appear personally, still ask not to want with civil administration bureau designedly to the information that aids financially a family to offer his, “I am done these are bagatelle, do not need to thank. ” 2014, xiang Meiyun by Luo Hu area appoint district government is judged for ” the knot helps love individual up to the side ” . Perservingly organization participates in the culture construction of community and charities, the community that Xiang Meiyun it may be said is city of altruistic dedication, activation is enthusiastic person, ” the setting sun is red ” the beautiful emissary that the community of the service understands tribal chief and transmission culture. Up to now, xiang Meiyun and her organization already initiated love for many times to help the move, countless families and impoverished student are benefited from which, and the love achievement about project cloud, still circulate in community, affected many community to reside democracy to move devote into love career.

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