Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Annual National Day grew a holiday to should arrive again, the report was forecasted a few days ago, hopeful of person-time of National Day travel is achieved this year nearly 800 million. Can be imagined, it is certainly on high speed ” block up ” . Actually, long holiday still can choose the culture inside city to swim, the reporter visited Shenzhen recently each old culture place, discovery ” 11 ” during all open normally, and wonderful exhibition, activity emerges in endlessly, close child swim, the family swims, sweethearts swims… play turn 7 days. Shenzhen museum watchs to museum today ancient bronze mirror is ancient: See reforming and opening 40 years pass through 400 years the path of inheritance every arrive holiday, shenzhen is a platoon at the door big museum each full cue. “The National Day ” during (will come on October 1 on October 7) memorial hall of site of headquarters of guerrilla of He Dongjiang of house of folk-custom of history of museum of exhibition of Shenzhen reforming and opening, Shenzhen is round-the-clock and normal open. After the section on October 8 (Tuesday) the exhibition hall will be round-the-clock shut a house to be safeguarded daily. National Day holiday, suit to go to Shenzhen most exhibition of reforming and opening is admired ” the Pearl River since spring tide -好再来足浴休闲中心怎么样- Guangdong reforming and opening is exhibited 40 years ” , discover the tremendous change of the story of backside of reforming and opening and our society life. Extend a line full-length 1305 meters, exhibit old area 6300 much square metre, exhibit in all photograph many pieces 730, objective 1908, short of video of form a complete set 7, video material 41, art work 19, thematic setting 15, interactive experience and model sand table 26, add other add up to 3234 exhibit an exert oneself to stress sex of ideologic富莱花园休闲会所al content, historic, science and technology, artistic quality, comprehensive, vivid the grand course that develops Guangdong reforming and opening 40 years with stereo ground and brilliant success. See course of reforming and opening, the historical culture before looking 400 years again. At present house of folk-custom of Shenzhen museum history is exhibited except standing besides, exhibiting ” the path of inheritance — Shenzhen museum hides good edition of history ministry ancient books (on) ” and ” art of seal cutting of Wu Changshuo painting and calligraphy is exhibited ” special subject of two heavy pounds is exhibited. Among them, “The path of in江厦水疗qtheritance — Shenzhen museum hides good edition of history ministry ancient books (on) ” the exhibition selects 68 groups to add up to 3081 discipline are passed kind, make up year kind with age issue ins and outs kind history ministry ancient books (control 1700 times actually showpiece) , there is no lack of among them good edition of Yuan Daijia Qian, bright Qing Dynasty, be like: Yuan era engraves imprinted Hu San province to note originally ” endowment control a warning ” , Ming Hongwu block-printed edition of the government office inside 3 years ” yuan history ” , Qing Qianlong Ying Dianben of 4 years of fierce ” admire decides the Twenty-four Histories ” , very precious. “Art of seal cutting of Wu Changshuo painting and calligraphy is exhibited ” show Wu Changshuo ” with ancient for apprentice ” stand fast and ” with Gu Weixin ” bravery develop, a person of academic or artistic distinction of his make friends countless, print of frit poem painting and calligraphy one furnace. Its poem makes strange open and upright rising abruptly, ease of freely free from worries; Calligraphy devotes oneself to business Zhou Dazhuan, two Chinese official script, outshine the rest with achievement of inscriptions on drum-shaped stone blocks of the Warring States Period especially; Brushwork specializes in flowers, the result founding writing with inscriptions tablet edition, namely ” make a picture in order to make the way of the book ” , development inscriptions large freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting draws wind; Seal cutting holds Zhu Jiazhi of Anhui of short for Zhejiang Province of be used to concurrently to grow, then trace Qin Han, with tall of primitive simplicity Mao Zhimei opens late clear Yin Xuexin wind. The citizen is OK general view Wu Changshuo is heavy the inscriptions writing of male massiness. Shenzhen art gallery teachs Yu Le to art gallery contain: Arrive from maritime silk road during marine world Nat嘉宝城休闲中医按摩技师ional Day, shenzhen each are big art gallery also rolled out many heavy pounds to exhibit tribute People’s Republic of China to hold water 70 years. Shenzhen art gallery is special engineered ” grand water is torrent — work of Chinese watercolour artist is exhibited ” , exhibition choice has ginseng of representative aquarelle a person of academic or artistic distinction to exhibit relatively in process of aquarelle of hundred years China, if morning of of Li Tiefu, Pang Xun, Li Jian, Pan Sai is the same as,include among them, the older generation painter of the more influential force such as Wang Zhaomin, Shao Yu, Yang Taiyang, Gu Yuan, also have the instantly such as Ying Jinfei, old Yong Jin, Chen Liu, Chen Chaosheng, Zhao Long active in young painter, aim to pay close attention to the inheritance of Chinese aquarelle and development, reveal the course that Chinese aquarelle flows into to grand water from Still waters run deep. . He Xiangning art gallery was rolled out ” artistic high-quality goods exhibits He Xiangning ” , he Xiangning ever held the post of chairman of Chinese artist association, her picture makes bearing extensive great, make up one’s mind abstruse, often lend pair of pines, plum, lion, tiger and landscape depict, lyric bright annals, it is her 70 years the vivid portraiture of revolutionary career and exalted character. This second exhibition cent is 6 parts, it is affined respectively onrush of the last of the twelve Earthly Branches of knot justice, laborious, country cooperates in all, dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland with one one’s heart, hold to war of re面部水疗spa按摩什么好处sistance against aggression, build national line of business. Show the form tha赣州桑拿水疗休闲会所t combines with work, document and Shi Wenxiang, reviewed the lifetime of Mr He Xiangning from the clew of time. Center of art of maritime world culture will offer two exhibitions for the citizen during National Day. Among them, “The marine world in the Imperial Palace — multimedia of sea fault graph is exhibited integratedly ” , can let an audience need not fly to Beijing, but ” into palace ” appreciation Qianlong emperor is doted on, Qing Dynasty of Tibet of courtyard of the Imperial Palace is acting ” sea fault pursues ” , should exhibit with ” sea fault pursues ” for chief source, use digital science and technology, the marine biology world with full of humour and wit of the wording and purpose of what one writes of vivid emersion Nie Huang, much colorful appearance, it is close child those who swim is superexcellent the part that makes card. Another is to be based on Chinese traditional handicraft, the innovation design that precedes Oriental culture marrow and international is united in wedlock ” the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of tenon of · of be in harmony and close and be born ” exhibition, exhibition work involves the many fields such as building, furniture, headgear, lamps and lantern电工3QMs, device, the mind that is the friend that is interested in design of building, furniture absolutely is good. Do not give Shenzhen to also want to appreciate abroad view? More numerous history is video the house is exhibiting ” maritime silk road and world culture ” video exhibiting is optimal first selection absolutely! The reporter is measured in person, the exhibition is photographed through more than pieces 200 come at 19 centuries end history of 20 centuries medium-term is video, the character that presented each district of along the line of maritime the Silk Road group resemble, the life is 100 condition, humanitarian building, natural scene, let from the vision ” maritime the Silk Road ” become specific and visible. Japan, Burmese, Philippine, Singapore, India, Turkey, Italy, Holand, France, England… here, the city that you can see the history go up 100 condition, the key is it is opened freely still. Shenzhen library goes to the library travel book sea: Let the heart go on a long journey we can pass through the sea of faces goes viewing the world, OK also travel book sea lets the heart go on a long journey. National Day grows a holiday to will come 6 days on October 1, library of Shenzhen city each district faces the public to open, just will meet on October 7 Zhou Yi, partial area library will close a shop one day. Notable is, shenzhen library cooperates this year ” the smile serves ” year topic, good for citizen reade招聘兼职图片r equipment during National Day ” 7 days read happy ” , 7 are opened normally. While jubilation of the whole nation greets National Day, roc city is a book more everywhere sweet diffuse. This on the weekend, each big library activity is more wonderful and constant. On September 28, philosophical doctor Gai Jianmin lecture of week of library of area of Baoan of be a guest. With ” the wisdom of preserve one’s health of Taoi深圳水疗st school and life ethics ” spread out discuss, around rule body and manage country two dimension spend pair of individual life place and ethical idea pour into to think. With day afternoon, shenzhen publishs Yin Changlong of group general manager to will appear south estrade of culture of the hill austral a mountainous area library, bring a theme to be for the reader ” poetic wine takes the advantage of time — Su Dongpo’s art and life ” brilliant lecture, guide us to walk into poetic word world of Su Shi, understand him open-minded life manner. Collect lake library still will be rolled out ” greet 11 · Qing Guoqing ” special subject, besides assume personal command of honored guest of 28 days of star ” the motherland, shenzhen says to yBT QT KB什么意思ou ” classical Shi Wensong reads a contest, still will roll out series picture to exhibit in succession, read play ” great long march ” wait for special subject activity.

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