Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Of new China be the same as age person Cai Hongliang is local born and bred old Luo Hu. He became village cadre of 50 years, once held the position of Cai Wu to surround an area to combine Party committee secretary, Cai Wu to surround president of secretary of village Party branch, joint-stock company, left off his post 2018. It is party representative of delegate of city National People’s Congress, borough now. After speaking of to liberate, especially reforming and opening comes 40 years the changes that Cai Wu surrounds, cai Hongliang very familiar with sth: Present ground king edifice, past is an old school; Present Cai Wu surrounds big public house, before is a pound, still the earliest Shenzhen stock exchange, Hua Runmo resembles bank of large building of city of book of city, collect lake, difficult job, agriculture, before is ancestor house and ancestral temple, beijing of today’s Shenzhen ground mark base 100 seat, once called Cai Wu to surround often surround, the handclasp building that is dirty random difference… wonderful Luo Hu. Liao Junhong is photographed in roc city joy was bought in August swim during the activity, luo Hu is in east door shopping mall begins nightly economy pilot. Zhong Hua is ascended photograph making what Cai Hongliang feels gratified more is, this kind of change still maintains quicken forward posture: Surround as Cai Wu plan as a whole an area city update a project inside year local begin construction and bamboo shoot hillock piece of the many newer projects such as Mei Yuan of area city building whip and spur, the belt of burgeoning banking industry on red mountain road is rising abruptly quickly, cai Wu surrounds along the line of Ji Gongling road to will be born again mark of many Shenzhen new ground, form ” line of the most beautiful horizon ” . Recently, luo Hu puts forward to want to set an example from go ahead of the rest of 7 respects do all one can. Insisting to develop namely above all is the first important or urgent business, the key has stressed economy of deep harbor bank belt, Gong Ling is burgeoning financial industry belt, large phoenix tree is burgeoning the industry takes construction, accelerate form ” south science and technology of financial trade, north innovates ” industrial new structure, building ” high quality develops an upland ” in add new kinetic energy. The high quality Luo Hu in the number builds an area 40 years to come, economy grows achievement brilliant, comprehensive strength increases significantly. Area total output value by 7 million yuan of 1980, achieve two hundred and twenty-five billion three hundred and seventy million yuan of 2018. Industrial structure is optimized ceaselessly, formed with line of business of financial industry, trade line of business, business affairs service industry of 3 big focal points is given priority to, originality of gold jewelry, culture, travel industry of 3 big characteristic is complementary, strategical burgeoning industry rises quickly ” 3 + of 3 + N ” modern industry system. Quality benefit promotes continuously, GDP of every square kilometer yielded 2018 2.86 billion yuan, occupy whole town the 2nd; Integrated specific power consumption maintains whole town minimum continuously. Arrive from 2011 2018, luo Hu GDP year all grow 8.4% . Fixed assets investment is added by 7.06 billion yuan reach 28.15 billion yuan, year all grow 22% . Social consumable total volume of retail sales reachs 131 billion yuan by 70.8 billion yuan of growth, year all grow 9.2% . Finance gross income is added by 7.45 billion yuan reach 26.7 billion yuan, year all grow 20% . This year first half of the year, GDP of collect lake area achieves one hundred and eight billion two hundred and eighty-three million yuan, grow 7.2% compared to the same period, successive 17 quarters stability moves in 7.0% above; GDP of every square kilometer yields 1.375 billion yuan, economic density occupies whole town front row. Luo Hu passes intensive cultivation of 40 years, become be worthy of ” high yield cropland ” . Luo Hu took the lead in beginning a city to update reform in whole town 2015 pilot, extend high quality newlier to develop a space with the city. Pilot since, finish area class to plan to examine and approve a project in all 31, program floor area amounts to eight million four hundred and forty-three thousand two hundred square metre, among them industrial area 6.061 million square metre, occupy than amounting to 71.78% ; Already complete project 24, release industrial space one million two hundred and eighty-eight thousand four hundred square metre; In build a project 36, program floor area four million eight hundred and thirty-eight thousand four hundred square metre, among them industrial area three million nine hundred and eighty-nine thousand four hundred square metre, occupy than amounting to 82.45% . The city rises class linkage newlier with capital attraction, industry, for high quality of old the city zone development provided safeguard. “3 catenary are shirt-sleeve ” the birthplace that maki7天酒店招聘信息ng Luo Hu of green banking market is Shenzhen banking industry. The first stock exchange of Chinese was born to join commercial bank of the first place of bourse of nonferrous metal of Shenzhen of the first option market of place, China, China greatly here restful bank (predecessor develops a bank for Shenzhen) , commercial bank of southern Asia of bank of the first foreign capital of Chinese, it is the financial strong division inside Shenzhen and even countrywide limits. Gathered together letter of restful bank head office, country is built in negotiable securities headquarters, workers and peasants wait for state-owned bank and broken bits to hit, large quantities of one large finance orgnaizations such as the Shenzhen city subsidiary bank that collects abundant to wait for foreign capital bank and orgnaization of finance of high grade innovation. 2018, industry of banking of area under administration raises a cost 77.84 billion yuan, grow 5.6% compared to the same period, hold GDP proportion 34.5% . New introduce orgnaization of the finance that hold a card 9, whole area number achieves 50, occupy whole town the 2nd; Belt of industry of banking of red mountain innovation brings into whole town ” one city, one street, one belt ” financial industry position, save energy for follow-up development. Luo Hu clutchs ” compendium of program of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” and ” build go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism to set an example about supporting Shenzhen the opinion of the area ” the double good luck that come on stage, road of deepness program red mountain this one ” central center ” , rely on its special division the development that the centripetal force with advantage and giant industry of collect lake banking promotes industry of whole town banking, the Shenzhen that help strength makes the core engine that economy of region of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province grows. Recently, luo Hu ” doub玉林桑拿网le week is released ” burgeoning banking industry takes focusing Gong Ling. Burgeoning banking industry takes Jie Gongling of detailed of minister of stimulative ministry of Guilin of long Guo of sign of office of service of banking of collect lake area and finance Dr. Pijun. Red mountain road is located in the in gold axis of Shenzhen, overall length spends 3.6 kilometers, arrive north slimy hillock road, xiang Na arrives bank river, it is the central axle of join collect lake and blessing cropland. The industrial amlposition development that can promote Luo Hu and blessing cropland on interval collaboration, keep abreast of in coordination, join on interval cooperation burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree north, can urge the construction of Zhi Gu and artificial intelligence small town, xiangna joins port economy is taken, the reform that promotes port to consume economy upgrades. Burgeoning banking industry takes Gong Ling also is the financial industry belt that whole town shapes the earliest. According to whole town ” one city, one street, one belt ” financial position, one city is city of finance of international of the sea before pointing to, basically be conformity deep harbor two land natural resources, collect element of global high end with be core from trade division, the key expands finance, content shedding, science and technology and professional service, drive haven service, shipping serves and other strategical burgeoning industry grows; One street is market of banking of Fu Tianxiang sweet lake, in order to have center of blessing cropland CBD area and deep south natural resources of two side finance is the highway the financial market that the foundation makes, develop high-end finance and headquarters banking group; Be taken even if burgeoning banking industry takes Gong Ling, with Gong Ling the road is an axis, rely on Cai Wu to surround the group dominant position of traditional banking orgnaization, make industrial catenary, capital catenary and innovation chain ” 3 catenary ” shirt-sleeve new structure, the finance such as finance of exploration finance science and technology, gold, consumption finance derives a domain, drive finance, science and technology, industry to develop in coordination. From Gong Ling the road arrives between Baoan road, slimy hillock road arrives bank between river highway the limits of kilometer of about 2.03 square, assemble office of many financial orgnaization, advisory orgnaization, accountant. Luo Hu is preliminary inside this limits planned the 3 functions area of red mountain road. The first is Gong Ling south piece the area of business affairs of financial headquarters core of the area, the 2nd is area of Gong Ling’s mid assemble of burgeoning finance element, innovation of the 3rd financial science and technology that is red mountain north does poineering work area, fasten form a complete set to make culture hub core, fashionable block core, art experience core with time. In red mountain north piece area, through the city newer essence of life allows custom-built, science and technology of finance of hillock of program layout bamboo shoot collects an area. Already attracted at present with the Ou Jinrong in the letter academy of science and technology, medium service center of science and technology of finance of telegraphic 5G fund, Pu Fayin travel and new and high assure on financial line the main item such as platform is entered halt; In Gong Ling piece force of labor of area banking industry is waited for hair, pass confluence of union yield be in harmony, the army and the people, develop the finance such as consumptive finance, gold finance, culture finance to derive a project energetically; It is south Gong Ling piece the area makes financial headquarters group, drive business of bank, safe, money management, large certificate and headquarters of endowment pipe company to handle official bussiness here, be attracted through relevant policy and serve overlay, form area banking core. Be worth what carry is, it is south Gong Ling piece the culture hub core that area form a complete set makes, union Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole an area city is newer project, construction city airport awaits engine office, offer to board the plane one-stop service. What pass great theater is integrated transform, build new urban museum, make the business affairs division that photograph of consu三亚红树林酒店哪个好mption, finance, travel combines. And in red mountain north piece area, will sink through red mountain road drive with mountain of Hong Hu park, the Eight Diagrams piece the join of the area, emphasize person and natural harmony getting along, make the green finance block that can develop continuously. Nightly economy in the ascendant the birthplace that Luo Hu is Shenzhen commerce, it is whole town business inside information is the soliddest, the city zone with commercial the most dynamic atmosphere. The Hua Runmo inside the area general merchandise of the home, luxuriant course of study for countrywide trade retail bibcock enterprise, city of China embellish every phenomenon is new surveyor’s pole BT学院真的厉害吗of countrywide commerce synthesis. 2018, implementation of line of business of trade of collect lake area raises a cost forty-five billion four hundred and fifty-seven million yuan, grow 5.4% compared to the same period, hold GDP proportion 20.2% , it is the industry of the 2nd pillar except finance. Total volume of retail sales of consumable of annual implementation society one hundred and thirty-one billion and twenty-six million yuan, grow 7.5% , gross ranks whole town the 2nd, whole town of zero suppression of company of average per capita the first. Luo Hu w深圳罗湖水疗会所排名ith holding whole town the population of 9% came true to hold whole town the company zero suppression of 21% , fill force of the excessive outside dividing those who reflected consumption and radiant emitance. In comprehensive analysis area under administration consumes the current situation, consumer is nightly economy is to draw the main power that uses consumptive growth. Group of characteristic of section of collect lake band, trade distributings, the characteristic such as consumptive structure, strengthen make overall plans, perfect safeguard of form a complete set, convenience consumption, guide consumption, stimulative consumption, accelerate promote nightly economy development. Concerned department of collect lake division can close an orgnaization to finish in phase ” Luo Hu division develops nightly economy to reach make demonstrative block study a report ” , made the action plan that pushs nightly economy progress. This year ” roc city is happy in August swim buy ” during the activity, luo Hu is in east door shopping mall begins nightly economy to set an example block is pilot obtained consummation. According to preliminary count, attend directly east the sale of 410 business door of nightly economy activity increases door old market compared to the same period 15% , annulus comparing grows 18% ; Drive draw near large trade exceeds, the sale of synthesis relatively grow substantially, golden brilliance grows 19.5% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 28% , men Maoye grows 9.6% compared to the same period east, annulus comparing grows 17.1% , hua Run 1234space grows 13.5% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 6.7% , annulus of sun general merchandise compares growth 15.4% . East the door is pilot during the activity, have a tradition already dozen lose sales promotion, have a net again red, shake phonic drainage; Already assemble domestic place is fastfood, introduced the characteristic cate罗湖海燕大酒店桑拿 such as Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, Germany again; Already exert oneself drives traditional business to develop, infuse move free section, Cosplay performance show, ” shine quickly ” dancing performance, ” Wang Z深圳富临酒店水会桑拿herong boasts ” the entertainment sports activity such as PK of king of energy of life of person of red IP of net of night of hand You Zhi, fashionable, abounded east the experience feeling that the door consumes, setting feeling, fashionable feeling, enhance the appeal of consumer of pair of new student for generations. The target that action program of Luo Hu raises to expand nightly economy is: Build perfect area, market two class advance a mechanism as a whole, the plan is carried out ” night buys Luo Hu ” ” noctivagant Luo Hu ” ” night tastes Luo Hu ” ” nocturnal Yue Luohu ” series project, make a certain number of nightly economy set an example block, through 3-5 year hard, form overall arrangement reasonable, function the multivariate, nightly economy that manages a standard grows form of perfect, course of study pattern, model ” Luo Hu of night of wet Shenzhen · ” consumable card, make the land of nightly economy assemble that has force in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province. The area still combs a Luo Hu to have 5 blo深圳的水疗怎么做ck that make nightly economy about the branch — east the road of north of door old street, Bei Li, road austral Baoan (deep south crossing with south) , Baoan north road (crossing of bamboo shoot hillock with north) , , and with respect to 5 block the industry state fixed position of nightly economy, space is transformed undertook initial design. The door is east on the foundation with nightly economy old pilot market, will extend to area of shopping mall core stage by stage. Highlight consumption of meal, recreation, pay attention to promotion meal characteristic and culture connotation; Aggrandizement recreation experiences a project, encourage introduce be enmeshed type is fictitious game, pleasure ground and playground house, blend in science and technology game experience, make brand-new recreational industry condition; The plan holds job of competition of food festival, cable, move dance of free exhibition, street the activity such as the match, literary show, abound block entertainment activity. Luo Hu develops nightly economy to be in from 5 respects exert oneself: It is perfect organization advances a mechanism. It is in order to distinguish abbacy leader ” nightly warden ” , controller of company of bibcock of nightly economy demonstrative block is ” nightly and presiding apparitor ” , advance pilot exploration transformation for normal; 2 it is to accelerate perfect policy system. Clutch perfect and publish action program, be united in wedlock to be in transition of industry of region of castigatory Luo Hu upgrades system of special fund policy, build sound development the policy system of nightly economy; 3 it is to strengthen demonstrative block construction. The key is built east door old street is nightly economic demonstrative block, breed road of north of construction Bei Li nightly economy demonstrative block, drive the road austral road of the honored guest austral people, Baoan north road, Baoan to wait energetically at the same time found demonstrative block; 4 it is to increase reform innovation strength. In the setting time-sharing makes a shopping mall, add nightly parking space, outside allowing provisionality, place, approve the respect such as outdoors activity, optimize governmental government and service. Reside near future of position of Chinese gem bibcock firmly, the Shenzhen international gem that holding in succession is exhibited and gem of Hong Kong international is exhibited on, jewelry company of Luo Hu has on beautiful expression. On September 17, by ” Asian gem ” (Jewelry News Asia) the great event of gem bound international that holds jointly with UBM Awards, be known as ” Oscar of global gem bound ” 2019 prize-giving celebration are in JNA large award hotel of Hong Kong intercontinental is held ceremoniously, jing flower witnessed the brand leader that comes from world each district and industry jointly the glaring hour of Oscar of bound of this one gem. The starlight of enterprise of Shenzhen gem bibcock that comes from Luo Hu amounts to gem to have the honor to win JNA contest ” year can expand enterprise large award continuously ” , gem of the Er that surpass phenanthrene is had the honor to win ” year brand large award ” . On September 14, forum of platform of industry of fashion of gem of the 2nd extensive is inside base of assemble of Shenzhen gold jewelry headquarters of water shellfish gem (IBC) the format international gem of the edifice is fashionable and artistic the center is held ceremoniously. Big Ga of honored guest of mobile spot heavyweight and gem of China and foreign countries gathers. Former outside honor of platform of industry of fashion of gem of delegate of negotiation of banquet of classics trade radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries, undersecretary, extensive is advisory Long Yongtu, gaetano Cavalieri of banquet of the leader of an alliance of couplet of industry of international gem jewelry, clement Sabbagh of chairman of association of international color gem attend. Forum closely around ” new idea, new growth, new pattern ” theme, discuss the great history opportunity that how seizes construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and national support Shenzhen to build demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism jointly, make community of industry of fashion of global extensive gem hand in hand, in the advantage achieves below the premise that business builds win-win in all in all win-win of complementary, mutual benefit. On September 11, ” I and my motherland ” melody is since noise of big public house of lira of Luo Hu sweet case, pulled open ” encourage act vigorously enters · bright Luo Hu ” — what ceremony assist new China establishs grand ceremony of Chinese gold jewelry 70 years is prelusive. The activity aims to promote the great ethos that is core with patriotism, show come to China for years the achievement of gold jewelry person and valuable experience. On grand ceremony released ceremoniously ” · of 70 years of 70 people is the most beautiful the person that gold struggles ” series small video, with gold jewelry industry development changes for masterstroke, the person that chose industry of 70 gold jewelry is leave the country leading role, develop the development course with brilliant industry of jewelry of the gold in changing with the camera lens language of concise, person of collect lake gem shows a body among them. Gold jewelry industry is the advantage convention industry of Shenzhen city. From go up the impetus that the later period in 90 time begins the century to show industrial assemble gradually, formed shellfish of collect lake water, sanded brilliance two big treatment produce section. Shellfish of collect lake water piece one of industrial districts that the area builds the earliest as Shenzhen, go up century 90 time initial stage is only 10 jewelry companies of the left and right sides, country of the later period in 90 time is executed to company of Shenzhen part jewelry ” gold consignment ” favourable policy, promoted the development of jewelry industry, border 深圳模特兼职plus this garden area Hong Kong, have relatively superior traffic geography environment, make garden area rapid formed carry on the tremendous flat effect that industry of Hong Kong jewelry changes. The fluctuation that attracts relevant couplet to 2004 swims company of jewelry of many 300 gold is garrisoned shellfish of Luo Hu water piece area, form the momentum that assemble develops. To drive gold jewelry industry to last health develops, do make division of assemble of gem of strong water shellfish greatly, shenzhen municipal government was in in August 2004 water shellfish piece the area established base of assemble of industry of jewelry of Shenzhen city gold, first phase area 566 thousand square metre, add heart of on 2 period cloth piece the area is patulous area in all 1.1 million square metre. Up to 2018, water shellfish – area of assemble of cloth heart gem shares business of gold jewelry legal person many 6400, industrial activity unit many 1500, individual manage door many 1000, year business income many yuan 1200, 50% what hold share of terminal market of domestic gold jewelry about, the major of above of 10 thousand square metre trades the market 5, from personnel of course of study 76 thousand person. What the industrial bibcock position of ground of assemble of water shellfish gem also got national ministries and commissions is consistent approbate. 2007, management center of jade of treasure of ministry of land natural resources awards base of collect lake gem to be the whole nation first ” base of property of characteristic of headgear of Chinese gem jade ” . 2012, department of Commerce awards base of collect lake gem to be ” transition of national foreign trade upgrades major demonstrative base ” . 2013, total bureau of national qualitative check awards base of collect lake gem to be ” countrywide well-known trademark establishs demonstrative division ” , it is the whole nation exclusive brand of jewelry of a gold establishs demonstrative division. 2014, the gold jewelry industry of collect lake area serves as Shenzhen ” fashionable industry ” obtain a country to be versed in the approval that believe a ministry is become ” brand of first industrial group area builds the nation pilot demonstrative project ” . Current, water shellfish – cloth heart piece the area already had IBC, gold to exhibit, Teliji Bei Cun of works of beer of alliance, Jin Wei, water already was built 15 times or already the city of give an official updates a project, program floor area 1.801 million square metre, among them industrial space 1.18 million square metre. Collect lake whole area already main body of market of assemble gold jewelry makes an appointment with 9000, cover design research and development, production to make, reveal trade, brand promotion, examine detect wait for each link, form complete jewelry industry chain. The Party Central Committee, the State Council ” the opinion that builds demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism about supporting Shenzhen ” , put forward to deepen reform of sex of supply side structure, executive innovation drive develops深圳龙华金色家园沐足 the strategy, build modern economic system, the transition progress that for Luo Hu gold jewelry industry lays in new condition points to clear direction. Government of collect lake district is promoting an industry to be changed to intelligence in the round, standardization, brand is changed, specialization and internationalization way develops, make center of research and development of ground of assemble of headquarters of gold jewelry industry, design, intelligence make battalion of center, brand carry the center is mixed reveal trade center, build international base of assemble of famous jewelry industry, for industry of countrywide gold jewelry innovation expands power of contributive collect lake.

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