Dispatch of network of collect lake home: New term terms begins, the son of gentleman of cause of resident of collect lake area rose 5 year, he and child are full of together walked into agreeably bran黄岛主题spa会所d-new to on the west elementary school campus. Use a classroom from what old campus learns in Wenjin, mix to the of all kinds classroom that owns high-tech education facility again functional room, more beautiful, greener, more capacious to elementary school new campus makes he and child particularly excited on the west. When new China holds water 70 years, cause gentleman says he is experienced more deep-felt, as the dweller that in Luo Hu the area lived 15 years, he witnessed collect lake area butterfly change. The welfare of collect lake person has a lot of, in recent years for instance collect lake person receives the people’s livelihood for many times ” great gift is wrapped ” , community processing new move is increasing, civilized on the weekend the activity is increasing, “Collect lake home is better and better ” . Cure of ▲ Luo Hu changes to be advanced continuously, autograph of collect lake dweller makes an appointment with family doctor to had become normal state. Delegate of collect lake volunteer appearances accept flag, in initiating collect lake dweller to join civilized rank, come. Invest construction of the people’s livelihood of 30.1 billion yuan of collect lakes 3 years to have temperature teaching a respect, collect lake area is all along with great quantity. Thirtieth was celebrated on September 10 this year on congress of 5 teacher’s day, chief of collect lake division expresses, funds of education of public finance budget occupies Luo Hu to rise than year after year, the area finance that exceeds 1/3 throws education, educational expenses is occupied rank 10 districts of Shenzhen city than calendar year (new developed area) head. Statistical data makes clear, new scho深圳带黄半套会所ol year of collect lake Ou Jinqiu is small one enlarge class 86, add degree newly 4300; First one enlarge class 33, add degree newly 1749. This backside, it is collect lake area sends force with all possible means, preferential the indefatigable effort that assures to teach the program that use the land. More in the long run, before 2022, collect lake area will be finished change 9 extend schools newly, add newly fair run degree of middle and primary school 10600; Will high level, high starting point builds each school, make a batch ” beautiful campus ” ” wisdom campus ” ; Will begin artificial intelligence education is pilot, make a future meticulously teach experimental school; Will accelerate publish talent of educational system high administrative levels to introduce, education, management and integrated safeguard method, increase strength to introduce president of actor of an actor teacher, name… Luo Hu area the p敦煌亚欧水会有什么服务lan about the people’s livelihood is all the time when undertaking, ” area of Shenzhen city collect lake ” search short board, the people’s livelihood of filling bills due, benefit ” the job acts 3 years plan (2018~2020 year) ” in, collect lake area is administered from safety of environment of zoology of sanitation of education, medical treatment, integrated traffic, the appearance of a city, the city zone, prevent floods by water control promotes qualitative, style 10 big fields carry out infrastructure of service of safeguard of Hui Min, housing, provide for the aged, basic level ” search short board, the people’s livelihood of filling bills due, benefit ” , accelerate advance 136 projects construction, 2018~2020 year the plan invests 30.1 billion yuan. This plan, nowadays graduate reality. Luo Hu teachs each planning be born, collect lake cure changes start earlier, medical service of selected already nation changes a pattern, formed a lot of brand, if shirt-sleeve respect is raised in cure, through healthy propaganda and education, precaution make a diagnosis and give treatment of health care, sickness, rehabilitation nurses, long-term look after, quiet cure is protected in making a medical service, have raise, there is cure, orgnaization to prop up in raising, community sets an example, the autograph that occupy the home is made an appointment with, ” Internet + ” wait for mode of 6 kinds of healthy provide for the aged. In addition, the people’s livelihood is a lot of benefit is very ceaseless, index of sanitation of environment of collect lake area jumped house whole town this year in July the 2nd; Collect lake area already had 88 parks, include national level landscape scenic spot park of hill of area phoenix tree; 5 lines delay the subway on the west the line is in in August start working, the site contains those who be located in collect lake area east knack station, construction district station, great theater station 3 stations… from ” solo ” to ” cantata ” pattern of processing of Luo Hu community has width respecting the people’s livelihood, the thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood beside resident of collect lake area’s most familiar nothing is more… than. This year in April, collect lake area 10 83 street community, through ” Internet + ” reach type of various line lower part to collect a project in all 1101, involve amount 98.3 million yuan. These projects are in at present each community is fervent in beginning. Regard Luo Hu as a when community administers strong grasper, a furnace of project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood and carry out transferred each power extensively, twist the force of company of government sector, enthusiastic dweller, prope罗湖不正规沐足rty, organism into a rope, the ligament that braids a collect lake community to act jointly, ensured community to 天水阁水会怎么收费be built in all treat in all share indispensible dweller to intervene deepness and main body share range. In collect lake area east the lake is street east hap新桃园酒店会所py community, thing of small fact of of all kinds the people’s livelihood drives a dweller often to participate in come in community activity. This community still is a foundation with old people association, established group of fitness of old people sports, choral, compulsory patrol to wait for 16 teams, mem深圳水疗668服务ber 205, was begun last year or participate in the activity such as culture, sports, service nearly 800, win nearly 200 award. What deserve bit of support especially is, happy community was established east east fund of happy community commonweal, through ” 按摩一般多少钱be thankful photograph of neighborhood · the real situation is accompanied ” a variety of forms such as neighborhood section raise money money of be apt to, money of be apt to uses the benefit that help danger 深圳罗湖高档水疗会所up society of tired, award energy act, already helped dweller of the environmental sanitation worker that helped experience weigh disease, community, rewarded a lot of and outstanding student to wait. Green banboos is street civilian new community was held on September 18 ” build part of justice storehouse, travel justice, neighborhood of be in harmony, warm civilian new ” series activity activity of sale of work of first justice market. These sale of work are tasted is almost civilian of new community ” the company is versed in + justice labour (Party member volunteer) ” linkage, attend lecture of the manual activity of fixed organization, knowledge to wait for formation finished product. Capital of sale of work and manual finished product are they come the capital of old person of empty nest of seek by inquiry, senile old person takes community of grass-roots unit of Luo Hu division, brisk rate of the dweller is very high, for instance article China community has nearly 1000 to register justice labour, labour of every mobile justice signs up always is ” the second is grabbed ” ; Aunt of dance of square of new beautiful community once ” faze civilian ” , various later consultative and collective signed ” culture convention ” ; Community of bamboo shoot hillock groomed ” bamboo shoot hillock 10 scene ” community guides the member that see, let popular feeling of home consciousness development; Establish new community dweller and design expert and representing of National People’s Congress to wait for community of measure of one reinstate footstep, participate in small transform, make home more and more beautiful. Collect lake civilization is founded deepness builds home feelings to breed civilized fashion the people’s livelihood short board fill stage by stage neat, promotion of environment of the appearance of a city is quickened, community dweller is more and more active, of all kinds achieve article activity to be performed for many times, the window of fashion of culture of Luo Hu area is shown stage by stage. The near future, collect lake area is very much street, community is advanced with all sorts of means start civil operation. On September 16 morning, street controller heads for the door east east door community, city east community, be the first begin ” daily one hour walks east the door ” the action, the spot checked what cent often loses in civilized town evaluation ” dirty chaos is poor ” area and appear repeatedly ” long-standing ” problem, right ” walk ” the alleyway that discovers in the process scatters off-streetly butt, rubbish collects bit of rubbish to clear the uncivilized phenomenon such as random paste of not seasonable, small advertisement, undertook specific guidance for a short while, ask each responsibility branch, community rectify and reform for a short while reach the designated position. Synchronism undertakes, still accomplishment of civilization of citizen of collect lake area grooms series activity, the activity walks into library of collect lake area, street, community, school in succession, thematic divers银皇沐足图片ification, the civilization in inviting a journey to amount to person begin lecturing to walk, country learns to amount to classics of person begin lecturing the civilization in allusion, environmental protection amounts to a person to tell about those who become useless to be treasure a variety of means methods. September 19 groom Duan Yabing of the person that the activity still invites article chemistry is south the lake is street ” good community contact member ” begin lecturing ” the China of extraordinary is civilized ” . Since 2018, south the lake is street call together staff of dweller, company, property to serve all trades and professions such as personnel the social personage of enthusiastic commonweal is comprised ” good community contact member ” team. They walk in south the ave with street lake is off-street, civilization of active conduct propaganda is founded, found civilization ” seed ” spread go out. Breeding civilized fashion field, collect lake area is to rely on 160 thousand to register volunteer, more than 400 each sort volunteer to serve a team to undertake beginning more. On September 20 16 when, “Volunteer Luo Hu, civilized person of the same trade ” civilized town is volunteer serve large proposal activity to go up, 100 Luo Hu justice are versed in the delegate shows a body, proposal of collective read out, come from the volunteer such as station of U of station of port U station, hospital health U, style, with traffic civilization environmental protection of volunteer, green gives delegate of a volunteer, community volunteer to appearance, had received indicative be the first the flag that hoists civilization to found. Namely such plan with great quantity, the effort of the innovation that advances continuously, unremitting, let construction of collect lake home have temperature, width, depth more, let what dweller feeling is free from anxiety acquire feeling, happy feeling and safe move, the collect lake division that allows 40 years old is more beautiful.

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