Dispatch of network of collect lake home: 2009, shenzhen is new round of cure changes set out. 10 years cure changes, gram of assault fortified positions is difficult, initiated facilities of Shenzhen sanitation health to span the new phase of development, innovation development. Lotus pond is street health center recommends the company management center of disease of sex of national standardization metabolization, the dweller can come true diagnose, cure, management ” one-stop ” healthy service. Cut builds buccal outpatient service to treat division to be in make a diagnosis and give treatment for community dweller. Fill short board, strong basic level, build health of upland, hurried, the government increases the investment of wholesome to medical treatment career, promoted the balance of wholesome and healthy career, harmonious development. Medical treatment, cure is protected, medicine, the reform of 3 cure linkage, focusing solves masses ” see a doctor difficult, see a doctor expensive ” wait for a problem, release tremendous reform bonus. Regard reform as the city of pioneer, innovation, the cure of Shenzhen changes, it is the reform of fluctuation be of one mind, not only mechanism of system of sanitation of whole town medical treatment carries a system on the head to design, have the innovation exploration that comes from basic level more. During be worth cure to change 10 years, wholesome health of city of council of Shenzhen city wholesome health, Shenzhen develops research center and our newspaper to be held jointly ” cure changes · innovation case 10 years ” selection activity, summary and promotion come from the cure of Shenzhen basic level to change wisdom. Choose through be being judged first, cure of 30 basic level changes innovation case to show itself, enter below one round answer judge. Since this day, our newspaper is rolled out ” cure changes · innovation case 10 years ” series reports column, the innovation case that carries these is seleted continuously, hang down please note. “Collect lake cure changes ” , it is in recent years Chinese cure changes a medium ” hot word ” , also be a success that cure of countrywide basic level changes likewise ” example ” . 2015, shenzhen city is with collect lake area pilot begin medical treatment sanitation to serve systematic reform, establish group of collect lake hospital, make in cure couplet body, health construction, cure protects the company the reform that the respect such as policy implements bold and resolute innovates, reform the target is clearly allow a resident ” little fall ill, little be in hospital, little responsibility, value disease ” , realized basic level medical treatment to serve by traditional and onefold diagnosis and treatment, to the change that complete lifecycle health serves. Come 3 many years, effect sees at the beginning of reform, level of accomplishment of health of dweller of collect lake area under administration by 2016 13.57% rise to 35.51% current. Change major typical case as national medical service, because have what can last to grow force and the vitality that can duplicate, “Collect lake cure changes ” mode is obtained approbate extensively. Weigh basic level, strong company health, all the time since it is the Chongzhongzhi that Luo Hu cure changes is weighed. Nowadays, be in preliminary after obtaining effect and masses satisfaction to spend, construction of body of couplet of medical service of group of collect lake hospital develops to depth further, around move how will ” healthy ” send to the side of masses, extend service connotation and platform ceaselessly, let a dweller harvest more to happiness feels and be obtained feeling. Visit a home completely ” national level ” company of settle of metabolization ill management center health wait for the chronic metabolization disease that is a delegate with fat of diabetic, hypertensive, tall blood, it is the first killer of current mankind health, take a whole world complete 72.3% because of dead number, and the incidence of a disease of our country and mortality are outclass whole wor网络兼职ld more average level, 86.6% what occupy 番禺哪里找男水疗the whole nation to always die, nearly 70% of total disease burden, become the matter of the first death of our country dweller. Send a disease high as the dweller, chronic metabolization manages illy and treat, also become the serious content that basic level health serves naturally. Lead to promote masses the witting rate to this kinds of disease and cure further, use a company health this one platfor龙之梦大酒店m, manage this kind of common disease with people lifestyle be closely bound up better rise, in October 2018, company of center of pond of lotus of preexistence of rate of group of collect lak蒲友网 论坛 深圳酒店桑拿中心e hospital health pilot, introduced a country to standardize metabolization ill management center (MMC center) . Community dweller comes to this center, can realize a disease to diagnose, of cure, management ” one-stop ” healthy service. Lotus pool company Tang Ping of controller of health MMC center introduces to the reporter, this center is a muti_function system actually, by national metabolization disease the authoritative medical establishment such as clinical medicine research center carries out constituent management. “Every patient has in system of countrywide MMC center belong to oneself exclusive encode seeing a doctor, the patient should pass machine of MMC metabolization an organic whole to wait for the comprehensive examination that has standardizing, examination number reachs a center according to conveying, undertake the diagnosis of standardization, give prescription to use drug by the expert finally馨泽百合洗浴养生水会. In addition, the center still is passed ‘ MMC stewards ‘ APP, interact at any time with the patient, obtain a patient to be in at ordinary times the healthy data outside the courtyard, instant commonly used to patient day medicine and life undertake administrative. ” this year 63 years old revive uncle is lotus pool company an administrative patient of health MMC center, suffer from diabetic had had 3 years of many time. Revive uncle tells a reporter, in the past, he is in large hospital all the time go to a doctor, see a doctor the way that take drug does not say far away, blood sugar still is controlled all the time bad, hollow blood sugar wanders in 13mmol/L left and right sides all the time, very tall. “By last year, hear of the company near the home health opened a such center, I register go to a doctor, did not think of the effect is so good. Now, I upload the outcome that I measure blood sugar in the home to the mobile phone everyday, if blood sugar appears,fluctuate, coach with respect to meeting somebody how I move medicine, how to adjust food and take exercise. Division expert has endocrine of collect lake hospital two days to be able to sit to the center every week examine, if have scabrous case, also can look for her to see a doctor. ” revive uncle tells a reporter, his hollow blood sugar had fallen now 5mmol/L, maintaining normal level basically, fall the medicine of blood sugar also from in the past eat to reduce 1 kind 3 kinds everyday. As we have learned, from last year second half of the year is started up to now, this center already accumulative total registers administrative diabetic 800 much people, “Those who pass MMC center open, we basically are the change that implemented a service, see a doctor to the patient from original pure passivity, turn into to serve actively, go discovering the diabetic person in community, go running their life, promote the witting rate of the disease, cure rate, control rate thereby, their health is ensured in community. ” Tang Ping expresses, next, this center will be progressively wait for Jia Kang, hypertension bring into management. Collect lake cure changes: diversity health the service sends to the side of masses to occupy Shenzhen country monitoring point the newest result that monitor shows, overall and myopic rate amounts to Shenzhen adolescent children 53.7% , among them, pupil is 33.0% , junior high school is unripe for 71.8% , high school is unripe for 81.8% , little myopic rate rises quickly as the age. How to discover early control early to vision problem of the child, it is family and social place attention increasingly. This year, regard whole town as important and public wholesome project, shenzhen started sieve of myopia of whole town teenage children to check. To make area under administration little more undertake eyesight sieve is checked conveniently, will fair defend a project to be fulfilled effectively, this year in June, group of collect lake medical treatment is in center of bamboo shoot hillock company health open first community of whole town is little eyesight sieve checks a center. Just open a many short month, already many 300 child checks eyesight. “It广州大浪淘沙水疗馆 is too good that this takes deal with concrete matters relating to work to be in. ” the mom that Ms. Li that lives in cropland heart community is two children, she tells a reporter, “My home big daughter is read this year first 3, had worn two years of glasses, myopia is being deepened ceaselessly. Before, every other is about to go to city ophthalmic hospital checking for some time, person of hospital great distance is much, it is not easy to go. Now, company health had eyesight sieve to check a center, come out to crossed a driveway to arrive from the home, and here not only can check eyesight, the ophthalmologist that there still can be collect lake hospital every Saturday sits examine, very convenient. ” the young son of Ms. Li just just read elementary school, accompanying an elder sister to come a few days ago company health when seeing an eye, what already also was had many degrees 100 by sieve fish is myopic. “If not be so convenient,can do a sieve check, so small child wants to be less than him to be able to have myopia at all, wore OK lens to have treatment to him rapidly now. ” company of bamboo shoot hillock Hu Lin of controller of health eyesight center introduces to the reporter, this center is free to adolescent of area under administration children is opened, “The comprehensive inspection such as watch of eyesight, eye ground, eye is begun for the child here, will sift the child that check to build archives for every, have myopic child to check f舒城菲儿酒店ish, we can undertake intervention, for instance: Make for th福田水疗会所哪家好em check time; Offer remedial program to them, it is to need optics to match lens, still wear corneal model look implement, perhaps use drug; We still are met and the parent makes the child together outdoors activity schedule, do eyesight training to them, in order to control their myopic development; Tell the knowledge that use an eye to wait a moment to the child. ” as we have learned, eyesight sieve checks a center to be in company of bamboo shoot hillock health after pilot success, be in the plan Kang Jin of company of all and street center popularizes Luo Hu all right. Ch水疗跟沐足有什么区别ronic cut ” grizzle ” the patient does not give community to be able to change medicine to treat this year in May, group of collect lake hospital is in company of yellow shellfish mountain health, company of emerald green mountain health established first whole town company health cut makes buccal outpatient service. As we have learned, current, hospital group already had international to build a mouth to treat division 4, international cut treats division 3. Perhaps, a lot of people make buccal outpatient service to cut this idea is a little new. In fact, now, be like diabetic sufficient, hurt the account such as an infection and other oneself element, the case of illness that causes cut to cicatrization for long hard is increasing, chronic c福田喜悦水会 8036ut brings very big impact to the patient’s life. Cut builds buccal outpatient service to use new technology namely, with international advanced wet sex therapeutics is main treatment method, faster, better for the patient, treat cut without painful ground. Cut builds a mouth to nurse limits of service of specialized subject outpatient service includes: Acute cut nurses, if the cut after art changes medicine, demolish suture; Chronic cut changes medicine, if the cut after art cicatrizations ulcer of injury of sex of undesirable, pressure, hemal sex, diabetic sufficient ulcer; Build a processing, if bowel builds make water of mouth, secrete to build the processing of mouth and its complication; Incontinent nurse, if relieve oneself is incontinent,nurse and incontinent hind the cut that cause nurses; Cure of cut negative pressure. In the company health hold water nurse specialized subject outpatient service, the community that offers advantage for chronic cut patient treats a service, it is the greatest help undoubtedly to the patient, let this their leave out with respect to action inconvenience the suffering that rush about. Satisfying patient requirement while, outspread also nurse service, promoted basic level to nurse team occupation strike specializations. Trouble will sit sit make community in ” interior dak ” Shenzhen is the emigrant city that an ab extra population is in the majority, life rhythm is fast, working competition is intense, bring huge psychological impact and pressure. To help a dweller seasonable dredge is undesirable mood, since this year, the company that group of collect lake hospital is at the door common people home health open had psychological advisory room, convenient the multitude that has demand gets seasonable, effective mental health coachs. Current, this group first company that offers psychology to seek advice from outpatient service health have 7, include east the door is street company health, Gui Yuan is street company health, clear water river is street company health, Huang Beiling company health, company of Bei Shekang of article Hua Shekang, cropland, happy scene health center. The group still invited Hong Xiaohong of psychiatrist of Shan head university to be group community expert of presiding spirit sanitation, coach company Kang Jingwei works technically. Advisory room of manage of company Kang Xin begins a service to have: Offer psychology to seek advice for community dweller, sieve of psychological interpose, psychotherapy, psychology is checked etc, be called by common people affectionately be in nearly very close ” interior dak ” . Shenzhen was included national society psychology to serve the pilot city that the system builds 2018, advisory room of manage of company Kang Xin builds those who be pilot city to initiate a gender to work. Hu Chiyi of vice director of center of sanitation of Shenzhen town drive expresses, “Now, of mental health of increasing person need caress, in the company health the incident that establishing psychological advisory room is mark sex, group of collect lake hospital goes in front again. Group of collect lake hospital goes in front again..

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