Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Newer project tears open city of dragon of wood of area of Shenzhen collect lake 10 years to be not moved, there still is 4 refuses lot up to now in 1340 owner, cause a society to pay close attention to extensively. Already signed make an appointment with owner to appeal the government sector intervenes lawfully as soon as possible strongly; Industry expert also points out, dissolve wood dragon project to weigh fresh gale risk, government sector intervening extremely urgent. 7 kinds of behavior increase charge to because will did not enter executive phase for years,will not be compensated, accumulated significant social risk, wood dragon project is early not be single city updates a project, had evolved to be a complex social issue. Yesterday morning, city of collect lake area is updated and bureau of land reorganize and outfit is released ” Ou Cuizhu of Shenzhen city collect lake is street wood dragon piece the area is fragmentary the building collects clew ” (next abbreviation collect clew) , wood dragon piece fragmentary building collects the area to already was 2019 year certainly Luo Hu area is fragmentary be badly in need of a project, the project collects limits to already decided. To this, the branch expresses related collect lake area, dissolve significant risk to be on guard, fulfil public inte龙岗桑拿rest as soon as possible, reason is started this sec深圳yh水疗会所服务ond collect. Industry expert thinks, of the government intervene actively will conduce to wood dragon project defeating bureau solution to be changed tiredly danger. As we have learned, wood dragon village is located in Luo Hu Ou Huali road and patriotic road boundary, in the subway 3 lines green banboos stands around. As include the item that newer unit planned Shenzhen city the first batch 2010, wood dragon is old those who because body is measured,change is big, the long equipment of time of over or across gets attention. The basis collects the content in clew, since the day that imposes clew to release, any units and individual collect the fact inside limits to apply the following behavior to bring about those who increase a building to collect compensation fee in the building, to increasing the part will not compensate: (one) build, rebuild, extend, decorate a building; (2) change building and land utility; (3) already obtained document of the approval that build a house lawfully but the add that has not build ending house is built; (4) new sign the deadline that rent to end day rents a contract in 1 year of the following buildings since the day that imposes clew to release; (5) except marriage, be born, go back to the motherland, the soldier retires from army be transferred to civilian work, be released after serving a sentence and remove to must deal with the ingoing of other registered permanent residence besides ingoing of registered permanent residence, cent door and cent work education door; (6) with be being collected the building is dealt with to register an address industrial and commercial register register, modificatory formalities; (7) other and undeserved the behavior that raises compensation cost. Sectional sound: Why does Lou Lingjun of wood dragon village put pred大鹏水域雅典水疗会有什么玩estined relationship of great and safe hidden trouble to be opposite in 30 years of above wood dragon piece does the area adopt fragmentary building to collect? City of collect lake area is updated and chief expresses related bureau of land reorganize and outfit, wood dragon project involves numerous public increase, to ensure the rights and interests of dweller of area under administration, improve living conditions of dweller of area under administration, dissolve already existed and potential social risk, and start this second collect. “Wood dragon village only then built 1980 ~1982 year, lou Lingjun is in 30 years of above, the building is rattletrap, year long disrepair, put in great and safe hidden trouble. If rebuild not in time, go to menace life property of the dweller is safe. The original intention that this project establishs, perfect living condi龙岗桑拿tion of urban function, improvement namely, of safeguard is public interest of the citizen. ” this controller say, “And this project returns form a complete set to build the infrastructure such as medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, style, traffic when the program, go for years nowadays, communal form a complete set tardy not be born, also be the harm of pair of public interests. ” on the other hand, this project is long procrastinate not to affect installation of communal form a complete set only anything but fulfil, still create significant social risk. This controller expresses, await for years, had piled up a lot of society is contradictory, and the risk has aggravate tendency. If develop from this,go down, cause new greater society issue extremely easily. “Through comprehensive analysis, wood dragon project involves numerous and public interest, current situation to be put below the circumstance of great society risk, basis ” 2019 year towns of 深圳酒店的桑拿电话Shenzhen city深圳富临桑拿 are updated and land reorganize and outfit plans ” the building collects what make clear in special plan ‘ considering each area of public interest project be badly in need of, building of each trifling class collects a plan to be able to be arranged fragmentary be badly in need of a project 1 ‘ , government of collect lake district wood dragon piece fragmentary building collects the area to be 2019 year certainly Luo Hu area is fragmentary be badly in need of a project, start impose a program, defeat solution as soon as possible difficult problem of great history bequeath, be on guard and dissolve significant risk, housing of sex of the traffic facilities that fulfils project form a complete set, safeguard be badly in need of public interest. ” he says, the government will be collected according to compasses executive building lawfully and undertake expropriation compensating, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of person be expropriationed. The expert unscrambles: The government collects conduce to ensure public interest to be aimed at wood dragon lawfully piece the area is fragmentary the building collects a purpose to start, industry expert is accepting the point of view that he also expressed when interviewing. Huanali is versed in university law courtyard teachs Teng Hongqing to think, this village builds time to grow, put in great and safe hidden trouble, and after this project city is updated, build have communal form a complete set, wait like center of style of center of activity of nursery school, old person, community, it is the response of demand of pair of great the people’s livelihood. And this plot is in region of core of Luo Hu area, adjacent of photograph of as main as line of urban traffic main force and orbit traffic node, still border bank of 3 deep harbor, the area that procrastinate and can not affect Luo Hu definitely advantage and prospective development target. “Because be put in numerous and public interest,be, the government is to have what intervene lawfully is necessary. ” Teng Hongqing emphasizes, according to our country ” house of state-owned land main rooms is collected with compensation byelaw ” relevant provision, for the need of public interest, can collect the building of the unit on state-owned land, individual. ” matter right law ” also set, for the need of public interest, the limits of authority that according to law provides and program can collect collective the building etc 深圳升逸水疗of all land and unit, individual is praedial. In addition, basis ” town house collects Shenzhen to implement measure with compensation ” relevant provision, wait for the need of public interest to ensure economy of national security, stimulative countryman and social progress, need to collect a building truly, after according to this method the regulation brings into building of whole town year to impose a plan, by government of area under admini福田洗脚按摩哪家好stration executive building is collected. Geng Zhuo of assistant dean of courtyard of professor of academy of legal system of land of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language, law thinks, look actually from wood dragon village, village Lou Dong has become a dangerous house, there is quite proportional land to be used at road transportation, provide for the aged after transforming the construction of public service facilities such as education of health body, style, commonweal attribute terribly is apparent. And the project cos深圳水疗桑拿哪里最好ts with the passing of time, involve more than 1000 families, project a day not be born, the risk does not eliminate one day, and after arriving more, jump over serious. “At present wood dragon old city is transformed had procrastinated too long, the project is public form a complete set cannot be born, in whole process, accumulated significant social risk gradually. If the government gets involved not in time, con深圳深航国际酒店桑拿sequence is unimaginable. To the government character, the city updates behoove is project of project of a the people’s livelihood, common feelings of people, it is to let a citizen live goodlier, and rather than ‘ the bomb when adventitious ‘ . Concern a provision according to abide, the government is apparent accountability intervene. ” Geng Zhuo says.

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