Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “The home has one old, if have one treasure ” . A lot of friends may have such experience, the old person in the home obviously the body is very good, how t永泰国际水疗有qt吗o fall washed-up, old people how so fall to be not gotten? Tumble to the youth it doesn’t matter, but to old people, fracture is very terrible, once produce a likelihood to mean death, especially fracture of neck of femur of old people happening, mortality is as high as 50% . So a word says, the fracture of old people is ” the last fracture in life ” . Recently, be a guest of Deng Bangjin of vice director of orthopaedics of old age of the hospital in Luo Hu of group of collect lake hospital ” healthy Shenzhen big lecture room ” , introduced the relevant knowledge of old people fracture. A why is the old person easy trip fracture? The report of World Health Organization shows: The whole world has 30 much people every year to die at falling, among them the person of 60 years old of above exceeds an in part. Why is the old person easy trip fracture? Osteoporosis. The osteoporosis is very common in daily life. The sicken rate of woman of 60 years old of above is 30% ~ 50% , the osteoporos武汉大浪淘沙全套is sicken of senile male leads 20% ~ 30% . Oneself muscle strength drops. Muscle strength drops, sweeny, cannot protect bone joint well. Balance function drops. Went up balance feeling b深圳哪里水疗好ecomes poor after age, limbs coordinates ability to be inferior to once upon a time, easy trip. Feel the function drops. Regular meeting of old person classics has function of cataract, auditive audition to drop, bring about the judgement inadequacy to dangerous environment. Cerebral blood-vessel is accident. Once had one part old people slight or the cerebral blood-vessel of seriousness happens accidentally. The person that take drug for a long time (medicaments side-effect) . The disease need such as diabetic, hypertension takes medicine for a long time maintain. These medicaments can bring a few secondary action, also be the account that produces trip easily. Psychological element. As the growth of the age, some people have bit of pessimism easily to the life, psychological drop is big. This is in certain moment also is a kind of cause that causes fracture. Does B old people fall easily what place? Upper limbs: Radius is far upright fracture does not take care to tumble on foot on the road, the person’s instinct is to use a hand to maintain the ground, that is the radius far end that we see at most inside senile orthopaedics fracture. Upper limbs: When fracture of humeral and surgical neck falls, be to bend over forth below, whole the upper arm carries touchdown on the head to cause fracture of humeral and surgical neck. This position is weaker, produce fracture very easily. Lower limbs: Coxa ministry fracture is clinical go up, the fracture of old people lower limbs of 80% above is coxa ministry fracture, wait like the fracture between femur thick grand, femur neck fracture, commonner. On lumbar fracture ground too slippery, tumble causes buttock touchdown lumbar fracture, also be very common. Some old people take a car time became long, if compare jolt, his waist will be painful, especially the patient of osteoporosis, he aches so that be overcome, this kind is the constrictive fracture of lumbar. To 深圳皇室假期水疗spaold people, it is very slight trip, get hurt possibly also produce fracture. And once old people gets hurt bedfast, cause a lot of comp2018深圳站街地点lication easily. According to statistic, old people is very much the disease such as ulcer of disease of joint of existence hypertension, coronary heart disease, bone, digestibility, integral health condition nots allow hopeful, healthy person occupy only 1/4. How is trip of C old person handled later? Consciousness judgement: The consciousness that should judge an old person mainly above all is sober, preliminary search fall what is the reason. Eliminate to bring about trip as a result of the disease such as apoplectic, swimmy, angina. Suspect upper limbs fracture: Wrap up simply old people says where to ache, often which place produces fracture. If suspect upper limbs fracture, we can use make it of a few material in the home simple, temporarily of protection wrap up, secure evacuation hospital inspection. Fracture of distrustful lower limbs or lumbar fracture: Cannot move easily produce lower limbs fracture or when lumbar fracture, station of general and senile family does not rise, if mobile likelihood causes the harm with the bigger field such as nerve, blood-vessel. If trip happens in the home, application compares loose cushion former position to be filled up, with reducing ache this posture is optimal, this moment should protect the shift below the guidance of personnel in cure, send a hospital the examination. D diagnose fracture, what should do after sending medical service? Everybody may feel, a respectful form of address for an old person produced fracture, it is OK to send a hospital, be in hospital of this be in hospital, this operation operation. Actually otherwise, old people fracture has a bit specialty. Family member respect needs a consideration: What kind of hospital to select? How does old person fracture treat consequence to meet? Old person at ordinary times the body is bad, trip fracture, preparation of what kind of psychology does need have? Hospital respect needs a consideration: Old people majority has very complex internal medicine disease, if why be handled? According to the condition with current old person, should conservative cure or operation are treated, which be optimal pr深圳十大水疗会所ogram? A lot of moment, both sides of doctors and patients needs to have sufficient communication and knowledge, reaching consensus is the key that quality of old person life improves after treating fracture. In this respect great majority the person is done well, the drug that someone can take old people at ordinary times, made what treatment, have friendly relations with doctor channel, next we according to the circumstance custom-built individuation plan, will treat fracture. Fracture of E understanding old people treats a concept 1. Fracture is cured differ to begin from senile phase at restoring the mankind completely, various functions are a process that drops stage by stage. Limb fracture (especially the fracture of close joint position) after curing anyway the function recovers, restore to be less than the functional condition before fracture. 2, pay attention to functional restoration first selection small achieve remedial old person to pass small achieve operation cure, thread a needle is fixed after restoration, need not make sb the first aim of attack, articulatory function can be used completely quite wear the dress, strong cool, without the problem. If be lumbar fracture, we are recommended more small achieve cure, for instance art of figuration of bone cement cone, cement of to the marrow is poured in the place of fracture, maintain it. This is a kind small start an operation, day of 3-5 of be in hospital can go back, and the waist also does not ache. If be a youth, we should go up the system that nail a club is fixed, make it complete had grown. 3, person of personalized treatment program has individual difference, the life condition before fracture and fundamental disease, the influence treats the choice of plan. Life condition disease of very poor, foundation is very much person adopt simple plan more with acetanilide treat for the purpose, should choose to be able to recover otherwise the life provides for oneself the remedial program of condition, if be secured inside adamancy, art of artificial and articulatory displacement. So, same local fracture, we can be adopted individual the remedial plan that change will solve, can promote the life of the old person quality finally. 4, anthology good番禺维纳斯水疗多少钱 hospital and nurse the group nurses the key that the full-scale technology that the group has also is fracture of successful treatment old people. Fracture of lower limbs of a lot of old people, maintain forcedly still inside the home, pulled a week even 10 days of half moon just come. Have one part person even lie in bed has press sore, this kind of condition does not have a law to treat fracture, need nurses the group turns over, pat back, physiotherapy, change medicine, after press sore became good redo operation. Old people fracture treats ultimate goal, it is the life quality that improves him. So, should let them transfer from lie in bed as soon as possible sit up, arrive finally get out of bed activity, such utmost reduce his complication, walk for farther rehabilitation creation condition, this also is the wish of doctor and family members. Old people should not need lie in bed only, a lot of problems easy to handle, if oneself can go up toilet more easy to handle. Serving as children, family also is a lot of more relaxed, psychological burden also can decrease. Daily life of F old people notices these item 1. Floor household floor should slip to prevent floor. Shenzhen is very much time south day, notice the floor is wet slippery. 2, bedroom bedroom does not pile a lot of sundry, commonly used article is like alarm clock, desk lamp, glasses, switch these, put position wants reasonable, fixed, look for easy trip otherwise. 3, lighting system maintains lamplight to be run normally, the light wants enough, especially nightly, lamplight does not want too dim. 4, these places should have installed the toilet that defend bath, bathroom, stair to defend armrest, add when necessary prevent slippery mat. The old p罗湖桑拿 一懂的erson that falls in the evening is to go up normally happen when closet. 5, corridor maintains discrepancy corridor not expedite, slack, do not happen wet sl深圳圣德堡酒店按摩在几楼ippery, this is the circumstance that very much old old village appears easily. 6, clothings wears the clothings of the move to answer frivolous and heat preservation, trousers has avoided to grow, shoe has avoided big, improper be blundered easily. Do not cross the clothings of the quantity, can caus京海宾馆水疗会 qte action inconvenience. 7, go out the activity is advocated with assuasive motion is given priority to, if national health is held, take a walk, ride stationary bicycle to wait. A few people like to drill in park morning, roric likelihood lets road surface and meadow become wet slippery, this also is the reason of trip.

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