Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On August 9 13 when make, pond of lotus of area of Shenzhen collect lake is street lotus community village of the 7th industry discards the weather station of the building produces enclosure collapse, the enclosure that grows about 44 meters drops from building top the park in next is bungled is in 13 downstair cars, car is marred serious, place favour does not have personal casualty. South street understanding goes to reporter Cong Liantang, village of the 7th industry is advancing a city to update a project, still partial owner did not mog. After the accident, all management activities inside this village are made stop, prohibit all car are entered, additional tegument breaks car to all repair a company to be in charge of compensating for by steam. 44 meters of en武汉卓悦水会服务项目closure collapse vehicle of 13 cars in be bungled discards as useless entirely on August 9 13 when make, lotus pond is street lotus community the enclosure of side of Taipei of day of 704 6 buildings produces village of the 7th industry large area collapses. According to street the data that publish shows, the enclosure of collapse is as long as 44 meters. And the enclosure as it happens of collapse is bungled in one steam repairs company park to be in downstair car, car be breakinged amounts to 13, among them 6 to discard as useless car. Be versed in according to the member that another steam builds store Mr Zhang is mirrorred, duratio平湖80足浴n noon break, hear a boom suddenly, discover nearby soot billow, park is in 704 downstair the wall that more than 10 cars are dropped by upstairs is bungled in, “Having one exception is in be being broken by by the waist, flat those who rot is flat, sodden, all discarded as useless. ” accident the 3rd day, south the reporter comes to the spot, accident alley road junction by clapboard keep out of white, cross clapboard, 13 cars still are pressed below cement wall, and be pressed place is the part that car approachs 704 buildings. The reporter notices a few cars that approach alley mouth are very new still, have the mark that the near future uses, and the car at tunnel is to wrapping around thick dust, visible park have period of time. Introduce according to Mr Zhang, car be breakinged repairs company park to be in for another steam downstair, have a plenty of long-term park discard as useless car, also having a few is to come round to build a car temporarily of park. Down 704 outside wall upgrade looks, each outside having, extend those who come be eroded because of rainwater and leave the extremely mottled wall that block rain, tumbledown, fall likely at any time, but only alone 6 buildings floor supports, the edge of one smooth wall of bald leaves the Xinkouzi after the wall. According to Mr Zhang report, the cement wall that fall down is the enclosure of station of weather of top of 6 buildings floor. Before the accident 深圳顶级酒店several days, lotus pond is raining all the time, mr Zhang suspects, collapse of enclosure of 704 weathers station is concerned with rainwater, “So old building, not classics bubble, one bubble wall drops water downward, ” he says. Village security personnel Mr Liu is mirrorred, after car is broken, village government office, steam builds company and car advocate undertook negotiation, in still be being mediated at present. Lotus pond still is doing business after the city updates memory of unit danger building to manage project accident in great quantities village of the 7th industry is located in street lotus community on Luo Sha roadside, basically give priority to with inchoate industrial workshop and housin深圳站街桑拿论坛g of form a complete set, build at going up century 889 time. Introduce according to security person深圳KB场nel Mr Liu, this village house originally old old disrepair, especially 56 years ago, after the village begins to advance a city to update a project, mog in succession as resident, do no longer to the building reparative, the house is more extremely dilapidated, a few metope grew the wood, even some occurrence slack fall off. But at present, this village still has a few business door is taken away about without the autograph, accordingly the project is advanced not successful. South reporter discovery, dweller of village great majority has been moved from, the door window of major house is torn open by Qing Dynasty, the building of naked of the wall outside staying only, often meet on the wall outside the building ” danger building workshop, do not enter please ” annunciate greet, but inside the village however park is worn a large number of car. Notable is, almost each still have door store downstairs managing, crude guess exceeds 10, basically repair inn to give priori深圳陽光酒店桑拿ty to with steam. And what make a person accident more is, go to from village gate two side build li of hundreds meters road rose to charge picket, greatly small cable stake has 100, the spot still has a few ” blue ” the taxi still stops in charge charge on stake limit, at viatic awesomely the book is worn ” fill a power station ” a few big character; Nevertheless, “Fill a power station ” below big character still paste is worn lotus pond is street how (clear) appoint the safe annunciate that do, afore-mentioned: ?  of Lian of have diarrhoea of sulphur of Ji of フ of N of Ge of  of illicit of raw meat or fish of melon of  of  of dredge of シ of 万江漾湾国际水会chapter of O of  of dredge of Piao of twin of  of my scabbard lax wishs body!  of Lu of admire of outskirt of  of exhausted ぜ of foal of an ancient term for silk fabrics back Lai chases after  of Du of  of ox of pump of potato lifter of desk  join to have  > a bitter edible plant  of the 0 Ren that brush Bi bites joint of bones of an ancient term for silk fabrics of  trade Lai cuts Shan of ∏  the She nationality to mire Ren stops  to censure month of patch up? is garrisoned. After the accident, village doorway also pulled cordon, let car enter no longer, the car that a few need jockey also is forced to leave, and driver of a few dynamoelectric taxis parks the car outside, will await opportunity reentrance village to charge. Disclose according to security personnel Mr Liu, after having an accident, all business units inside the village are made stop, include to charge picket and steam build store. But south when the reporter is visited, notice, long inn still is in major steam to do business normally, fill a power station also not exceptional. The government makes stop all management project steam inside newer unit to repair a company to be in charge of recouping car loss south street understanding goes to reporter Cong Liantang, on August 9 13 when make, in lotus pond street lotus community 704 6 buildings carry village of the 7th industry on the head wall of boreal side wall collapses, collapse length amounts to 44 meters, 13 motor vehicle that the spot breaks company of bad vehicle maintenance and repair (among them 6 discard as useless car) , without personal casualty. After its happening, directive of street Xie Aiquan’s secretary, Director Zhon汉中足浴养生会所g Hao wants lotus pond to take seriously highly, direct is sealed on staff member horse dominate the scene, prohibit personnel car is entered, composition by be on duty vice director of leader Luo Yuanhang heads a group, the working group that Zhu Guiming vice director, public safe office, development replaces the staff member of the ministry to be a member understands enclosure collapse situation to field survey, study appropriate settles problem program. It is reported, after this street understanding circumstance, vice director of street Luo Yuanhang is chaired hold the spot to meet, liao Yuanheng’s section chief, area lives division of processing of environment of geology of area lash-up bureau build bureau Qiu Xinzhong’s section chief, Huang Jie’s section chief, city to update company of workstation of community of bureau, lotus, country power to tear open change to do, name. The conference reachs first treatment opinion, make clear enclosure collapse to break all bad traffic to be in charge of compensating for by company of village vehicle maintenance and repair above all. Additional, office of requirement property government i西安兼职群s right all round other building floor undertakes discharging checking, dredge building carries seeper on the head, undertake clearing to the place of other existence hidden trouble. In the meantime, enlarge the spot to seal accuse limits, be in charge o桑拿女技师护士情趣[14P]f be being surrounded to be being built all round the spot by property government office block, public safety does as a whole, property government office and community workstation expedite security personnel to strengthen examine of make one’s rounds, prevent personnel car to enter, and by what application project updates company assistance has done national power to defend the work such as safety and processing of deal with problems arising from an accident.

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