Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Be located in collect lake area the wood dragon village of patriotic road, a side has been used surround block cloak to rise, the building is main empty buy, a lot of windows are torn open to fall. Before stepping a village again, dengshu was looking at his window to see for a long time. The smoke in the hand burns silently finally, he called in eventually look, sighed deeply, mutter in the mouth: “10 years, whats dare expect again. I want to come home only, want as soon as possible when that day. ” wood dragon is old revise a project, resemble a scar that is Shenzhen city construction, bare in downtown close already 10 years of time. “Change 10 years to be not moved ” , became a citizen to mention the first impression of wood dragon. As we have learned, wood dragon village only then build at 1980-1982 year, cover an a急招沐足临时工rea of an area to be 77 thousand square metre about, the building that tear open change several in all 61. Include city town to update a plan to already evened more 9 years up to now from 2010, because 4 owner were not signed,make an appointment with, the project still did not enter executive phase. Already signed 1336 agreement owner, cannot be advanced tardy because of the project and the home is answered hard, more 49 owner die in the regret in awaiting. Because will did not enter executive phase for years, accumulated significant social risk, wood dragon project is early not be single city updates a project, had evolved to be a complex social issue. Nowadays, incident greeted new a favourable turn. On August 8 morning, city of collect lake area is updated and bureau of land reorganize and outfit is released ” Ou Cuizhu of Shenzhen city collect lake is street wood dragon piece the area is fragmentary the building collects clew ” , wood dragon piece fragmentary building collects the area to already was 2019 year project certainly, collect limits to already decided. To this, the branch expresses related collect lake area, dissolve significant risk to be on guard, fulfil public interest as soon as possible, reason is started this second collect. Industry expert thinks, of the government intervene actively will conduce to wood dragon project defeating bureau solution to be changed tiredly danger. Village of Shenzhen wood dragon. South reporter Liu Youzhi photographs that also returns the home that does not go 10 years again time that walks into wood dragon, to young, it is the beautiful spring time that need not stop trial and error to have countless choices; And to owner of part of wood dragon village character, time of 10 years, envelop the haze on their head to never drop off, although take the last moment of life, still did not realize the long-cherished温州市区高端足浴店招聘信息 wish of occupy new building. According to statistic, current, wood dragon village still has many 230 senile owner of 68 years old of above, among them the immediateness of 80 years old of above 80. “Save save wood dragon, we do not have the home really ” ” 10 years, this became a form, solution does not leave. ” to father’s younger brother of Deng of wood dragon owner, “When can come home ” became him old ” anxiety ” . More those who make him sad is, live in the parents of wood dragon village together with him originally, also did not answer this Ceng Ju to stay in the home of 30 one’s remaining years again. As 深圳水围村按摩this the village signs one of agreement owner one batch the earliest, deng Shu moved a village 2011 with parents. According to originally plan, the family can return wood dragon 2016, live on new building. However reality is inferior to person meaning however. Went 9 years, “Come home ” still appear ” not within the foreseeable future ” , became the term that cannot mention even. “Because hire house condition bad, parents does not have method to live together with us again, can move only live with family of my little brother, but old person bottom of the heart still feels from beginning to end, only wood dragon is his home, shouting to want to go back all the time. ” Deng Shu expresses, the plan tearing open change that cannot push tardy, also let him cannot be faced all the time talk about again and again is worn should answer ” oneself are lived in ” parents. “Was torn open? ” ” fast. ” ” what kind of now child? ” ” digging foundation. ” ” had been built? ” ” decorating, can live quickly. ” ” often go visitting them, can ask about this thing, I dare not go back for a time see them. ” the truth that Deng Shu must mask cruelty with crammer. 2018, deng Shu’s parents dies in succession, of mortal talk about again and again still is ” come home ” . “Not only they are regretful, I am more aching. Let parents die in lead a wandering life, I this does children, how not can self-condemned, this is ‘ child be about to raise and kiss prep before ‘ painful. ” mention parents, deng Shu sobs deeply, “The person is for old time’s sake, want to return to the roots, the home that returns oneself ” . Nowadays, deng Shu already also came of seventy years of age year, the eyes is bright but already showed exhaustion, “Life does not have a few 10 years, we are old also, not when we should go, wood dragon still is now such ” . Before long, what Deng Shu thinks is why Xin Jiaru is decorated, decor海燕桑拿ate, nowadays, he has an idea only — come home, bringing father and mother ” come home ” . “Save save wood dragon, we do not have the home really. ” village of Shenzhen wood dragon. South reporter Liu Youzhi is photographed ” knee genuflect arrives sodden ” , the wish that still did not fulfil a fair occupy new home lives on electrified ladder, capacious and bright, establishment is all ready, periphery has the bridal chamber of center of the school, old person, activity center, it is old aunt gives the home fair consent, but as the old person die, this acceptance is already impossible to cash. Had when the regret it is footnote forever, no matter be returned to close friends,be old old adjacent, accept hard. “Cannot say, say tear flows. ” had not started to talk, this year old aunt of 70 years old already one face tear. Wood dragon is old when changing a project to begin project approving, her home is fair already many years old 80, advance for convenient project, the first batch of autographs make an appointment with the family, moved wood dragon subsequently. Because the condition is restricted, the home as the Hakkas person is fair can return house of Long Gang ancestor to live only. Can not think of, this lives to also had not come back again. Till 96 years old advanced age dies, the home is fa深航国际酒店spair also fail to see new home. “We are the first batch of autographs, advance quickly to can allow a project, I go begging have not sign agreement neighbour people. ” old aunt says, go up to can make the home fair live a bit earlier new building, she comes to send a fruit for these neighbour, send moon cake, do the work over and over. “Rot to knee to did not sign agreement owner genuflect, think of with respect to feel sad. ” but final, old aunt also fails to realize a public desire. In 10 years of time, old him aunt also from many years old 50 in senile ” boil ” became the old person that passes 6 a period of ten years in one’s age. H深圳盐田半套eart heart attends the new home that attend, cannot see as before. “When can you just live on the new building of electrified ladder? When need not just pass ‘ sleep on simple and easy bed in the evening, get up to receive bed even by day ‘ day? Countless my ground ask, but without the answer, can hope to had begun crannied ceiling helplessly only. ” senile owner hides landlord ” assault ” , be afraid of only be driven out of the door to be in again wood dragon, the owner that experiences likeness with Deng Shu, old aunt still has a lot of. The first batch at the beginning of be being built as last century Shenzhen ” the unit builds a house oneself ” , a lot of people that live in wood dragon, it is to going up century 80 time transfer into the first batch of Shenzhen special zone ” come deep builder ” . After for Shenzhen construction contributes big half a lifetime, their old age, because wood dragon is old,must change however, and was forced to be hit ” the home is answered hard ” ” lead a wandering life ” impression. The parents of Mr Chen — Chenshu of wood dragon owner and poplar the aunt began them 2011 ” lead a wandering life old age ” . “Native land leaves hard ” have deep love for the ease with adjacent hospital, let this reject what the son lives together to invite to the old person, take the lead in signing the nearby after making an appointment with to hire a room to live. “They stay in wood dragon be used to, and around have a hospital, my father for many times because leave a hospital close,heart stalk also is, ability is instant rescue come back. But my eye is seeing their 2 apprehension that often nod because of this, sufferred too much hardships. ” Mr Chen say. “Their age is old, a lot of landlord fear their body is bad, do not be willing to lease the building to them. Can hire a room smoothly to become particularly difficult, it is we hire a room to live to the old person every time, be oppugned even not filial, all sorts of feel sad use a language to convey hard. ” speak of this thing, be owner of wood dragon village together history eldest sister has witnessed Chen Shu, poplar the awkwardness of the aunt. Once old father’s younger brother falls ill, just saw a doctor from the hospital come home lie on the bed to rest, happen to encounters landlord to come, aunt of old partner poplar hurries crying in the Chen Shu in disease, hide in the room. History eldest sister says not to understand why to want so do, instantly asked poplar aunt, the answer makes her so sad that shed next tears on the spot however: “Poplar the aunt says, fear landlord sees he is sick, do not let them live, drive away them again. If wood dragon is old,change can finish as scheduled, their where needs such. ” village of Shenzhen wood dragon. South reporter Liu Youzhi is photographed those who live under another’s roof is cautious, constant those who move is careladen rush about, lead a wandering life for years live randomly… from the body the double test to spirit lives this kind, chenshu and poplar the aunt is 8 years too. 8 years, this still is in all the time to the old person to answer change at an early date, stay in him home and rush about back and forth, be the first, persuade neighborhood, it is only ” come home ” . “So old age, the body is bad still, for old change to run to run everywhere, how to persuade trashy. Card was in on body of a few owner, fail to sign tardy about, project autograph is led about from beginning to end short of 100% , I tell father and mother, support market action advanced a project very hard to be transformed newlier, let them be moved live with me, but they refused. ” Mr Chen says. Till 2018, two old people die in succession, stayed hard the regret of efface. “The old person with so old age, cannot see a hope for a long time, should have how old spirit pressure. ” Mr Chen expresses, oneself greatest now cherished desire, hope the government can get involved lawfully at an early date namely, accelerate a project to advance, comfort in order to accuse parents is in Tian Zhiling. Walk into those cannot make up for regrets of wood dragon nearly 10 years the home is answered hard, to better character, be ” do not see in the end ” await, to children, a when became growing road to go up ” without foundation arrives ” ” difficulty ” . They some turn into from child child teenage, some get married from teenage trend establish line of business, what those experience is painful, the feel sad of associate with, left the regret that cannot make up for. It is difficult to go to school go to school should push a car, standing to rush about back and forth all the way in be next to He Cuiyuan of green banboos elementary school, wood dragon village learns closely, it is to living originally for the children of wood dragon, “Go to school ” do not cross be 5 minutes of less than to walk distance, but tearing open change to find a place for after be forced to move, of children go to school the road becomes rough a lot of. This year king aunt of 79 years old is the first owner that is moved into wood dragon. See wood dragon 2 period, 3 period little lid rises, people move in, king aunt is the witness person of wood dragon village, having deep feeling to whole village more. 10 years ago, in hear after transforming a message, she excited and happy is made to child charge for the making of sth. , do the work to neighbour, for the word that uses her, what hope to be able to allow wood a surname namely is old change to be finished at an early date, the culture space in project program can be enabled, oneself small grandchildren can be convenient learn piano. Go to school for convenient grandchildren, aunt of the king after the autograph is made an appointment with moves wood dragon village to hire a house to live沐足按摩过年放假吗 around green banboos. But did not think of two years short, not only chummage goes up from 4000 yuan 4800 yuan, flat finally by landlord with ” live oneself ” for ” asked go out ” . But under, the family can move cloth auspicious to live only, small grandchildren takes the subway to learn up and down everyday, and this, also become most the thing that allows king aunt anxious. To can go to school on time, small grandchildren should go out early everyday by subway, apropos dash against subway of this special congested a travel early height of 3 lines. The people that go to work pushs subway railroad car full to the brim, small grandchildren because age is small, stature is short, can stick the face between the crowd closely only, stand to the school all the way, whole go to school the process needs half many hour. “I feel grandchildren is very pitiful, squeezing every morning go going to school, going out is howling, do not be willing to go. ” king aunt says. Answer wood dragon to have a look everyday, since becoming king aunt 10 years the habit of nurturance. That did not have the small grandchildren with adult tall half to also blossom originally young adult. A remains still is before looking at an eye ” former residence ” , myriad of king aunt deep feeling. “I am so big age, never had lived elevator room, the hope has unripe year can occupy elevator room, have a happy old age that need not mount climb down again. ” marry difficult marriage room becomes a visionary hope, can be forced to humble abode only besides it is difficult to go to school, to a lot of want to rely on wood dragon old the people that the new building after changing makes marriage room, also experienced ” it is difficult to marry ” . Bridal chamber did not see tardy, marriage room can be only ” an illusion ” , marriage knot, baby was born, marriage room returns absent move as before however. In the son 5 years old when, history eldest sister became one list to kiss mom. She one individual general child brings up, pour into countless painstaking effort. Soon the son grows up, also with cummer talks about marriage talking to marry at that time, history the oneself such as eldest sister plan is in wood dragon is old this bridal chamber that change has been built, send a son to become marriage room. Cannot think of, this is first-class it is 9 years. Son the youth from a twenties, turned into year of middleaged person of nearly 40, the beautiful new home in the imagination, do not have shadow as before. “Exclusive dream is undone. ” history eldest sister says. Up to now, history eldest sister and son still hire a room to live respectively, smooth she one person moved the home 9 years 7 times in the past, nowhere recounts all sorts of feel sad. “Hope government can get involved, want to break this situation at an early date. Individual owner rejects an autograph to make an appointment with, of harm is we already signed the collective increase that restricts owner many times 1300, let us can return our home. ” similar experience ” marriage room dream ” undone still have Zhang Shu. Wait in the Rong Lisan on battlefield as of result retire from army veteran, zhang Shu hears wood dragon old when changing a word, the mood is excited very. “Thinking 35 years in can live to elevator room from Hai Sha room, son marriage is convenient also, much better. Result now 10 years, still do not know time of this house what can have been built. ” serve as to once bled on battlefield tearless ” a tough guy ” , face advance the autograph of 100% to make an appointment with hard for years, also can place a hand repeatedly only, say ” without method ” . Especially after Zhang Shu autograph moves about, chummage in successive years shoots up, the abode of the family ” move smaller more, move further more ” , once good expectation, what changed reality is helpless. Before the wife that accompanies all the way in wind storm rain especially, he is to feel ashamed more. “Marry me husband a few years, never had lived bridal chamber, daydream the house that wants to be able to have an oneself. ” piece aunt chokes with sobs the ground says. Neighbour people experience, the fine of deep feeling of old father’s younger brother that lets be wood dragon owner together is much. Project of dragon of the wood since summary begins apiration to collect the Cheng of 12 single-page calendar nowadays from 2007, he used 4 words: Be pregnant has concern. Happy is to pass the market to run, wood dragon 1340 owner did not sign the person that make an appointment with to remain 4 only in 2018, of care is these 4, will one many year do not have a breakthrough all the time. Owner collective moved a village in May 2011, at the outset find a place for temporarily became nowadays long-term homeless, children were brought up, had next generation even, they are old also however, body and mind bears enormous pressure. “The project is owner to death wait dead, hope government is depended on lawfully compasses intervene, defeat solution difficult problem as soon as possible. ” Chen Shu appeals. Provide for the aged suffers from cancerous owner hard to long for new home to be mixed to Chenshu with Die of time race octogenarian poplar for the aunt, fail to see the regret that reachs new home cannot have been made up for, and for senile to already passing 80 years old bell grandfather, “When can move wood dragon to live on new home ” the race that had made field and one time. After from 1984 tone comes to Shenzhen, bell grandfather lives in wood dragon community all the time with family. At the outset when the autograph is made an appointment with, bell grand京基晶都酒店附近地铁father answers one of owner that become the first batch of autographs to make an appointment with actively. “Old house runs bridal chamber is a favour, I support naturally stoutly. ” the autograph makes an appointment with at that time setting since memory, bell grandfather still clearly is in eye. Did not think of this old change a way, had gone 10 years. Nowadays, bell grandfather already came octogenarian Die. He present, insisting to answer wood dragon everyday almost as before, have a look to had been broken into pieces glass pulls down the old building of the window, persuade not to wish to sign agreement old neighbour again. Little-known is, this already grey white hair, look the grandfather of body hale and hearty, actually already contracted cancer personally, in 10 years when await new home, around brushs a shoulder 3 times with Azrael and pass. To him, life had pressed ” bolt quickly ” . Those who longed for new home to become grandfather of the bell that prop up is the biggest read aloud want, and the good target that 100% autographs lead about and negotiate hard from beginning to end individually, do not wish to sign agreement owner, the desire that lets him however year answer one year the ground comes to nothing. “Already 99.7% , don’t have method really? ” the ground asks bell grandfather not reconciled to. , existing state of affairs of wood dragon community. In the light of wood dragon piece the area is fragmentary the building collects a purpose to start, industry expert is accepting the point of view that he also expressed when interviewing. Huanali is versed in university law courtyard teachs Teng Hongqing to think, this village builds time to grow, put in great and safe hidden trouble, and after this project city is updated, build have communal form a complete set, wait like center of style of center of activity of nursery school, old person, community, it is the response of demand of pair of great the people’s livelihood. And this plot is in region of core of Luo Hu area, adjacent of photograph of as main as line of urban traffic main force and orbit traffic node, still border bank of 3 deep harbor, the area that procrastinate and can not affect Luo Hu definitely advantage and prospective development target. “Because be put in numerous and public interest,be, the government is to have what intervene lawfully is necessary. ” Teng Hongqing emphasizes, according to our country ” house of state-owned land main rooms is collected with compensation byelaw ” relevant provision, for the need of public interest, can collect the building of the unit on state-owned land, individual. ” matter right law ” also set, for the need of public interest, the limits of authority that according to law provides and program can collect collective the building etc of all land and unit, individual is praedial. In addition, basis ” town house collects Shenzhen to implement measure with compensation ” relevant provision, wait for the need of public interest to ensure economy of national security, stimulative countryman and social progress, need to collect a building truly, after according to this method the regulation brings into building of whole town year to impose a plan, by government of area under administration executive building is collected. Existing state of affairs of wood dragon community. Liu Hongyu of director of institute of Tsinghua university estate also expresses, with respect to wood dragon old revise a project and character, its involve much public interest, include the living security of wood dragon village, of village land natural resources sufficient and effective use, offer the establishment of communal form a complete set such as safeguard sex housing and education, provide for the aged to wait for the society. Wood dragon project up to now last a period of time 10 years, paid huge economy and social cost. If with respect to deadlock current situation character, collect lawfully by the government had become those who solve wood dragon problem ” only solution ” . Professor of college of foreign trade of Guangzhou foreign language, land law makes Geng Zhuo of academy assistant dean think, look actually from wood dragon village, village Lou Dong has become a dangerous house, there is quite proportional land to be used at road transportation, provide for the aged after transforming the construction of public service facilities such as education of health body, style, commonweal attribute terribly is apparent. And the project costs with the passing of time, involve more than 1000 families, project a day not be born, the risk does not eliminate one day, and after arriving more, jump over serious. “At present wood dragon 深圳深航国际酒店工资has become a scar of Shenzhen, many 1300 owner is homeless, the project is public form a complete set cannot be born, in whole process, doing not have a person is to win the home, some is significant social risk instead. If the government gets involved not in time, consequence is unimaginable. To the government character, the city updates behoove is project of project of a the people’s livelihood, common feelings of people, it is to let a citizen live goodlier, and rather than ‘ the bomb when adventitious ‘ . Concern a provision according to abide, the government is apparent accountability intervene. ” Geng Zhuo says. Existing state of affairs of wood dragon community. Is dragon of sectional sound wood old change involve numerous and public interest to weigh fresh gale danger to be close to cannot accuse critical He Duimu inclination a predestined relationship dragon piece does the area adopt fragmentary building to collect? City of collect lake area is updated and chief expresses related bureau of land reorganize and outfit, wood dragon project involves numerous public increase, to ensure the rights and interests of dweller of area under administration, improve living conditions of dweller of area under administration, dissolve already existed and potential social risk, and start this second collect. “Wood dragon village only then build at 1980-1982 year, lou Lingjun is in 30 years of above, the building is rattletrap, year long disrepair, put in great and safe hidden trouble. If rebuild not in time, go to menace life property of the dweller is safe. The original intention that this project establishs, perfect living condition of urban function, improvement namely, of safeguard is public interest of the citizen. ” this controller say, “And this project returns form a complete set to build the infrastructure such as medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, style, traffic when the program, go for years nowadays, communal form a complete set tardy not be born, also be the harm of pair of public interests. ” on the other hand, this project is long procrastinate not to affect installation of communal form a complete set only anything but fulfil, still create significant social risk. This controller expresses, await for years, had piled up a lot of society is contradictory, and the risk has aggravate tendency, had arrived to approach the critical point that cannot charge. If develop from this,go down, cause new greater society issue extremely easily. “Through comprehensive analysis, wood dragon project involves numerous and public interest, current situation to be put below the circumstance of great society risk, basis ” 2019 year towns of Shenzhen city are updated and land reorganize and outfit plans ” the building collects what make clear in special plan ‘ considering each area of public interest project be badly in need of, building of each trifling class collects a plan to be able to be arranged fragmentary be badly in need of a project 1 ‘ , government of collect lake district wood dragon piece fragmentary building collects the area to be 2019 year certainly Luo Hu area is fragmentary be badly in need of a project, start impose a program, defeat solution as soon as possible difficult problem of great history bequeath, be on guard and dissolve significant risk, housing of sex of the traffic facilities that fulfils project form a complete set, safeguard be badly in need of public interest. ” he says, the government will be collected according to compasses executive building lawfully and undertake expropriation compensating, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of person be expropriationed. Link wood dragon 10 years ” old change seesaw battle ” as be included Shenzhen city updated village of 8 when unit plans the first batch old houses to transform one of projects 2010, of wood dragon ” old transform be locked in a seesaw struggle ” already entered the 10th year. According to the prospective program of wood dragon project, this area will contain housing of sex of the residence that answer change, safeguard not only, more have daytime of old age of room of culture of form of nursery school, living village, community to attend center, company health the many communal form a complete set such as service center, sub-post office, make yard up live, the life, medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, culture, commerce the humanitarian living community at an organic whole. However, afore-mentioned happiness wish scene, remain a remains nowadays. All previous of sea sanded room of 38 years of Lou Ling blows rain to hit via wind, already was reinforcing steel bar bare, a few are incomplete wall breaks a wall, this once of urban core a sector of an area uptown in 10 years nobody are done, had changed to be born for barren brushwood gradually, midge fly group, everywhere brickbat breaks tile ” city remains ” . 2015, integral autograph leads wood dragon project to already crossed double 90%(autograph to make an appointment with a number, autograph to make an appointment with area) about; 2016, owner holds a group to sign a ceremony, integral autograph is led about amount to 97% ; 2017, integral autograph is led about more than 98% , but still many 20 are not signed about. In those days in August, basis of collect lake area ” Shenzhen city town updates method to carry out detailed rules ” the 71st regulation issues announcement, did not sign please make an appointment with owner and market main body to arrange issue of the negotiation that tear open change actively, reach unanimous opinion as soon as possible, “To long procrastinate not definitely, government of collect lake district will be depended on lawfully compasses solve problem of the bequeath that tear open change ” . In June 2018, project still remnant was not signed 4 times about, the autograph is led about amount to 99.7% . But when lie between a year of proj良子足浴ect still sink ” deadlock ” . On August 8, 2018, city of collect lake area is updated and bureau of land reorganize and outfit is released ” Ou Cuizhu of Shenzhen city collect lake is street wood dragon piece the area is fragmentary the building collects clew ” , wood dragon piece fragmentary building collects the area to already was 2019 year certainly Luo Hu area is fragmentary be badly in need of a project, the project collects limits to already decided.

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