Dispatch of network of collect lake home: If one day, you forgot to carry entrance guard card, how can you do? Most city witenagemot chooses to wait to family comes home or look for property to open a lock, but citizen Ms. Liu that lives in Luo Hu, had a quicker method, she takes skill chance, open ” I Luo Hu ” APP, click ” one key opens the door ” , resolved this trouble easy to doly. Ms. Liu expresses, “I Luo Hu ” the function 深圳外围联系方式is confined to open the door these bagatelle, still can solve a lot of bagatelle in the life. “I Luo Hu ” , it is the closest Luo Hu’s person’s relatively familiar newfangled phrase, the advantage of the powerful, service because of its function, the actor in becoming collect lake popular feeling chooses ” government affairs ” god implement. “I Luo Hu ” a what kind of platform be after all? On December 13 morning, luo Hu ” double week is released ” hold government affairs to serve show intended for a limited audience, liu Chuwen of director of management board of data of service of government affairs of collect lake region is made ” ‘ I Luo Hu ‘ , the wisdom that makes finger tip go up 5 stars government affairs ” the theme is released, from ” I Luo Hu ” and ” government affairs + ” two keywords set out, government affairs of expatiatory Luo Hu ser深圳罗湖会所668指数ves the actor of the fast, quality of speed. [I Luo Hu] one net is connected d罗湖会所js推荐o, linkage of an organic whole, one深圳环保按摩 screen wisdom enjoy as we have learned, “I Luo Hu ” it is Luo Hu new media of reg深圳洗浴会所可以摸吗ion government affairs serves platform integratedly, serve through big data and unifinication, the system of departmental to district government door a深圳最高档洗浴中心nd new media have integrated give somebody a new lease on life, compose builds the station in the service of uniform standard, make include the much channel such as date of App, public, small order to go up at the palm of an organic whole government a深圳中潜水疗会所飞机ffairs system, implementation one aspect of the matter is compositive, multiterminal is comfortable match. No matter be bagatelle of the people’s livelihood, still be poineering important matter, can be here 深圳金沙滩桑拿微信号one-stop deal with. Liu Chuwen introduces, “I Luo Hu ” already realized 1202 government affairs to serve open letter of 11 kinds of 43 item, public services, government affairs at present breath and 5 kinds politics civilian of interactive service receive, realized 100% government affairs to serve item to run at most, the item of more than 80% comes true ” 0 run move ” , it also is Shenzhen city choice of only end of mobile phone short message is pushed definitely send pilot. Government affairs serves implementation ” one net is connected do ” business start is the quickest can do a form in a few days the complete lifecycle of a natural person can be divided to be born, enter a school, obtain employment, housing, marriage, bear wait 9 basically, “I Luo Hu ” give priority to a line with this, the administration that combs place to need to deal with serves item and certificate, through handling affairs in detail guideline, the user is OK and clear understanding handles affairs flow and condition, service limits covered life full cycle. Before this, an industry need registers open, quarter chapter, open an account wait for flow, not only flow is trival still must rush about everywhere, and ” I Luo Hu ” implementation applicant gets business charter, stamp, open an account card, duty accuses dish etc ” match neat ” , the confluence below the line on the line can do a form the most quickly in a few days, implementation business start ” carry a bag to enter halt ” . Mention ” Shenzhen speed ” , 深圳龙华按摩推油口吹the careful that what must carry is Shenzhen corrects change — ” the second is approved ” . The second is approved " it is through changing the government examines and approve mode, undertake weighing model and give somebody a new lease on life to business flow, rely on solid duration to be opposite according to comparing, realize whole process to be examined and approve without the automation of artificial interpose, implementation masses handles affairs ” 0 do legwork, 0 queue up, disappear face, full automatic ” . With extending senile old person fills (ferry) stick for exemple. Before reform, general case needs 7 weekday, after reform, conduct小姐500全套指的是什么服务ion result can be gotten inside 1 minute normally. As ” the second is approved ” the addition of item, more and more masses go to the experience ” the second is approved ” those who bring is convenient, current, collect lake area 111 business but ” the second is approved ” , among them 11 are whole town head hair. “It is in order to open chemist’s shop exemple, should sign up for 4 times in the past, write 4 Zhang Biao sheet, reply 4 material, take 4 technological process, to 4 windows, reform is done 1 times later calm. ” Liu Chuwen points out, the citizen can be passed ” I Luo Hu ” the of all kinds item that special subject module finds open flow chart and place to need to deal with assembles, need item of one by one to be searched apart no longer, implementation ” a thing ” setting type theme serves. Current, “I Luo Hu ” already combed an inn of serve a meal, groom the orgnaization, setting type that opens nursery school to wait for theme of 42 businesses start guides run a service, accomplish truly let masses and enterprise handle affairs ” fill less, run little newspaper, less, do quickly ” . Meanwhile, through handling affairs masses conducts the business that pass and big data analysis, “I Luo Hu ” can accurate hold and sentence masses to handle affairs beforehand demand, the business that next likelihoods need conducts is pushed send to handle affairs masses, become passive the service is active service, convenient masses him understanding can do what business, need to do what business at present, decrease run use a number. Current, collect lake area serves as Shenzhen city’s only mobile phone short message to carry essence of life to be pushed definitely send pilot, “I Luo Hu ” platform already passed short message and date of small letter public to push send nearly 20 thousand essence to be pushed definitely send a message. Public service comes true ” linkage of an organic whole ” civilian, medical treatment, style, traffic offers the entrance on centralized control to let civilian service more intelligence. The citizen can be passed ” I Luo Hu ” the fee that public date capture pays Luo Hu each unit, the encode on sheet of input pay cost and hold after receiving unit encode information, can pay through small letter undertake capture is expended, need not queue up to the hall again, include 38 charge such as cost of accommodation of tuitional, average high school, vaccinal cost online pay cost. In addition, the communal gate of village first floor and parking lot gate, as long as compositive ” I Luo Hu ” equipment of intelligent door lock can be passed ” I Luo Hu ” APP clicks pushbutton one key opens the door. Make healthy information more seasonable. “I Luo Hu ” disease of system of group of hospital of lake of get through collect, city controls a system, online inquiry and vaccinal inject record check history of implementation check-up report, go to a doctor print, the citizen is OK still above inquiry disease accuses to serve dot, company health center civilian information. Make recreational and sports a罗湖新悦9999微信号ctivities richer. “I Luo Hu ” place of life of culture of after school of adolescent of area of collect collect lake needs, implementation course is released, online sign up, online pay, check on work attendance call-overs, the function such as school timetable. Among them, in zone of collect lake library, holding book still can be examined to erupt simultaneously on the line case borrow read, the book is taken below the line, return a book, finish borrow review whole process. Through gallery of literary world, art, read space, cultural relic to read extensively, mass organizations has wait for service application about, for Luo Hu the citizen provides the information of more style respect. Let green go out travel is more convenient. The citizen is nodded ” I Luo Hu ” , can see the government serves room of baby of map, mother to nod, the library is nodded, wisdom public toilet, wisdom gives the service such as travel map application, to all sorts of services facilities land nods be clear at a glance. Government affairs comes true publicly ” screen wisdom is enjoyed ” can serving terminal whole trench ” sweep a code ” consult at present, government affairs of collect la深圳新悦水会怎么收费ke region realized the service of three-layer class, 5 open, entire chain publicly, get through area, street, community 3 levels, came true decision-making and open, carry out open, management open, service the result is open, open, will release, unscramble, respond to and supervise string together a chain. As we have learned, luo Hu obtains governmental information 3 years to make public large award continuously, district government is judged to be Guangdong to save outstanding grade pilot unit. “I Luo Hu ” the form such as hall of service of small order of communique of website of portal of government following a division, government, administration establishs form of characters or let深圳松岗沐足休闲好去处ters to make public channel. In the past, the citizen should apply for to publicize matter basically is to pass governmental website, no matter be a website,be being returned now is ” I Luo Hu ” , the open letter that can get a government ceases, information gets online in real time, synchronous and open. In addition, “I Luo Hu ” can realize catalog of open item, standard, handle affairs 2 dimension pile up the information translate into such as the guideline, the citizen can sweep a code consult. [government affairs + ] hit the series below the line to combine boxing party to build + government affairs: Make ten minutes ” government affairs serves a group ” . Luo Hu drives more government affairs to serve item to sink to community party group the service center is accepted, realize 200 many item to be connected in street, community do take, make ten minutes ” government affairs serves a group ” , let masses be in ” door mouth ” can enjoy high grade and convenient and quick, uniform standard, efficient government affairs to serve. Government affairs + dak: Dak of wisdom government affairs 24 hours not put up the shutters. Luo Hu innovates in the talent party of garden, area group station of U of service center, volunteer, alarm the area such as Wu E station, concentration configures the self-help such as Wu of inspect of public security, city, duty, social security, government affairs to serve facility, widen service item, increase service supply, build masses ” much feature is optional ” dak of wisdom government affairs, let common people can conduct business easily in streets and lanes. Dak deploys self-help of social security machine to serve violate the rules and regulations of terminal, traffic processor, muti_function深圳福田4大邪骨场 alarm the much stage self-help such as machine of Wu self-help an organic whole serves facility, implementation government affairs serves 24 hours ” not put up the shutters ” . Government affairs + finance: Characteristic of government affairs of the wisdom below the line serves only window. Luo Hu combines industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, characteristic of government affairs of the wisdom below setting line serves only window, comb a net of 340 whole technological process to handle matter in all, offer guide do, assist in managing service, let enterprise and masses can conduct financial service not only in the bank, still can share government affairs service and public service. “Government affairs service is done not have best, it is better to have only, provide top-ranking government administration for masses service, ceaseless optimizing battalion business environment is our assiduous pursuit. ” Liu Chuwen expresses, focusing enterprise and masses handle affairs ” difficulty ” ” pain spot ” ” block a dot up ” , reduce time limit further, decrease material, reduce segment, decrease run move, let masses handle affairs ” do not run ” become normal state, “Run 深圳旅游有陪游的吗” it is a bottom line, running for many times is exceptional. Henceforth, luo Hu will be accelerated further advance ” digital government ” construction, achieve active, energy hard the government that type of accurate, whole, intelligence turns serves, raise processing system and level of processing capability modernization ceaselessly, in ” the government on the palm ” the go ahead of the rest on construction sets an example, administer modern ode for the city with data can.