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Net of Shenzhen cattail allusion on December 13, 2019 dispatch ” all body hold calligraphy concurrently long, weigh seal be subordinate to especially, draw water is ancient piece new, become appearance oneself; Massiness of clumsy of painterly style childish, clear ease of of primitive simplicity, rate meaning is innocent ” . This is ” ask Xiao Xiang ” the review to dean of 深圳洗浴会所微信the academy of classical learning austral mountain Mr Zhang Qi, the height that also is painterly to his calligraphy craft is approbated. Currently hold the post ofthe Zhang Qi of president of company of book of dean of the academy of classical learning austral mountain, Baoan, date Jian Tang, hut of stone of careless hall of arrange Zhen bay, idle, Zhu Lu. He ever entered domestic and international large calligraphy to exhibit for many times, its calligraphy and paint are collected by much home unit, individual. Archaism says ” the home has one old, if have one treasure ” , mr Zhang Qi is ” treasure ” the delegate of the old person, our special interview also is in ” treasure grandfather ” film spread out slowly in the process. Illuminative: The culture austral mountain is an eldest brother it is the teacher that lead a way be in with Mr Zhang Qi in chatting, very clear the plain breath that t罗湖会所磨棒hese local dialect take in can listening to the utterance that gives him, look in him the environment with language, interest and located oneself and atmosphere are having important correlation. (work of Mr. Zhang Qi) from of old, meizhou has flavor of academy of classical learning quite, pass an imperial examination of Number One Scholar person too numerous to mention one by one. ” Meizhou courtyard tries ” carry: “Since the Song Dynasty, era produces a great person ” , be like ” 5 divisions 5 solution ” , ” one abdomen 3 writing courtyard ” , ” 3 generation 4 member of the Imperial Academy ” , more father and son is the same as member of the Imperial Academy of a successful candidate i深圳邪骨包吹n the highest imperial examinations, long happy Wu Yunkai, 8 a period of ten days, learn the first talent austral bully Han hill, mountain the celebrity a much-told story such as Song Xiang. Be informed from inside chat, mr Zhang Qi is local born and bred Meizhou person, from small the influence that is read the mind that send the home n cultivated land by person of Meizhou the Hakkas, take culture seriously, awe-stricken word Chinese ink, also be the edification of Meizhou culture, just let him generate strong interest to calligraphy and painting, and taking him to be on a book to draw artistic viatic truly is him ” eldest brother ” . Zhang Qi say, he gets as a child the edification of the culture austral mountain, besides the ethos of painting and calligraphy of Meizhou place, the guiding of eldest brother is direct and how-to he is on bright lamp of viatic of painting and calligraphy. The achievement when eldest brother reads is very outstanding, write the w深圳新悦水会微信illow body word with beautiful skill, a group of things with common features inside call him scribal pedigree of a clan, spend the New Year every every ask him to write couplet, very get a person adoring. In him in one’s childhood, his eldest brother often is told to him ” bone of colour muscle willow ” , handgrip hand teachs him to practice calligraphy, force him to do ” boy result ” , the first his copybook is him the fold type that eldest brother buys him is black the willow public right of bottom wrongly written or mispronounced character ” tablet of dark secret tower ” , still have ” a book on the art of drawing or painting of mustard seed garden ” and ” brief strokes is in charge of ” . The Yan Ke that is eldest brother 深圳罗湖全套桑拿会所and teach, just let him generate strong interest to painting and calligraphy, eldest brother can say to go up is the first his teacher that give job. Enter row: Perserve Fang Zhishu draws artistic essence to be born in last centuries the Zhang Qi of 40 time, experienced each level after new China holds water, he abandoned a lot of things, but what did not abandon exclusively is calligraphy and brushwork. (wash of Mr. Zhang Qi) after new China holds water before long, if Zhang Qi wished to enter the school, the school education at that time still is withholding relic of the Republic of China, read ” young learn to fine jade forest ” , back ” 3 words classics ” , the pen is luxury in those days, brush or main book write a tool, from elementary school one grade begins to have c深圳半岛时光水会红牌lass of special brush practise penmanship, drawing class, good drawing is revealed to the wall to paste, this kind shows a form to be called at that time ” stick hall ” . “My word and picture often are taken ” stick hall深圳水疗酒店一体 ” . ” if Zhang Qi is childish say proudly. Because,be of course these ” stick hall ” what he loves to be sent more to calligraphic is dark. Go to an university again to the middle school from elementary school, and even the job that is later plays calligraphy game, bear the palm, it is constant some thing, exclusive and changeless still is to love calligraphic heart. In chatting, he spoke of him with us again ” to apply for a job is experienced ” . Shenzhen will apply for a job after graduating in those days, he copies the resume of article of word along with that has written together deliver, the purpose is to let him settle on of odd potential energy of choose and employ persons, now look back on the idea in those days is very peripheral really babyish. After working a few years, the whole nation begins arisen calligraphy heat, he was heated up as much rise, begin to enter all sorts of exhibitions, work is published in professional the press, blend in calligraphy inside the circle, and let him widen horizon, also make him cognitive to calligraphic more took one step. Subsequently he receives graduate student of Master of boreal division big calligraphy technically still class bubble 3 years, theory strung together the aesthetic that reads with past university to rise, from calligraphy history the major that has a system to creation ability law to calligraphy theory trains, white sky class makes note, see a teacher set an example; Listen to special subject class to return a dormitory to be opposite even in the evening Tie Cao pen, copy is classical, meaning and ancient meeting, blindly follow sb, bitter be used to arrives late night. (work of Mr. Zhang Qi) the couple that carries theory study and real operation, he just is pair of calligraphic essence to understand somewhat after dip excessive calligraphy and brushwork are old, go with academic spirit dominant creation, ceaseless and negative ego, there just was trifling success in domain of paint罗湖新悦会所贴吧ing and calligraphy. Inheritance: Strength of character of Chinese the Kingdom of Wei keeps mind ” Han Weifeng bone, jin Songmo is passed. ” this is Tang Dynasty Chen Ziang ” repair bamboo with Oriental Zun Shiqiu piece foreword ” in a word of the style of treat of Han Wei ancient poetry, “Strength of character ” the mental scene that one word also points to a person, use comment on figure, be like ” discipline of Jin An emperor ” in of lord Xi ” Qing Dynasty of strength of character is lifted also ” . Review whole China calligraphy history, two Chinese He Weijin is two all in all and cannot the height of oversight, han Daili book and travel of advance of the Kingdom of Wei are careless, it is the artistic form with that the most crackajack times. Zongqin Chinese relic, chase after demeanour of advance of the Kingdom of Wei, become ” take as one’s model on ” classical illuminate. The work of painting and calligraphy of make a comprehensive view Mr Zhang Qi, its are aesthetic ideal and case of wind moral integrity between out Han Weizhi, air of of primitive simplicity and do not break innocent childish clumsy, bright of personal feeling fine horse and do not break law rule. (work of calligraphy of Mr. Zhang Qi) Mr Zhang Qi is art humanness of path no less than, gain is big broad, contain and do not show, painting and calligraphy of poem ranginging from… to… imprints, article, photography all have masterly attainment. His calligraphy of primitive simplicity powerfuls, landscape is simple and honest China grow, artistic extremely. 5 body hold his calligraphy concurrently attack, do not animal farm one, object o深圳龙岗区桑拿f take as one’s model is very wide, cover edition of Qin Zhuanhan tile, tablet rub statue of cliff, inscription on the memorial tablet with a tomb, folk is written all reach somewhat via waiting, regular script in small characters chases after Wei Jin continuously, official script holds concurrently take Qin Han. The wind when his official script work is disparate, ancient beautiful today character, size circumference, irregular is strewn at random, from time to time hides massiness of muddy of sharp edge circle, from time to time is shown sharp edge lyric freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, from time to time falls carefully Chinese ink goes after Gu Zhuo, from time to time acts boldly and with confidence wield one’s writing brush express affection sex. The ancient meaning of tablet of the Piao Mao of ge深圳新悦水会 体验neral of the strange ease of the massiness of tablet of such as Zhang Qian, Shi Mensong, wide fierce, good king, all can sink go analyse demit, melt into oneself with, and vivid extensive nature, can search without mark, bright bright has strength of character of a kind of Chinese the Kingdom of Wei and bookman to enrage case oneself. (work of calligraphy of Mr. Zhang Qi) the work of traditional Chinese painting of Mr Zhang Qi is more ancient meaning is abundant, simple and honest China grow. See with half an eye is pair of Gong Xian, Huang Binhong of one arteries and veins pursue with exploration, the carry in empty is solid, soft embedded firm, between false or true, gas charm gives birth to Yan. Huang Binhong is one of Great Masters with the most prominent forum of the traditional Chinese painting in 20 centuries, there all is profound attainment in the respect such as poetic word, painting and calligraphy, seal cutting and theory, its thought holds to China idea of Buddha of tradition scholar path, “Way way is natural ” , landscape of nature of paint job lay particular stress on, pay attention to yin and yang what two appearance oppose is organic and unified, ” Yi Dachuan ” say: “One shade calls in reliefly ” , “Path ” the idea is painterly to Huang Binhong in a subtle way of profundity of influence it may be said. Zhang Qi suffers Huang Binhong’s Shui Mosai to want to edify especially, “Weather-shack autumn wind, embellish contains rain during springtime ” , black of clumsy of the childish that make a picture is heavy, clear ease of of primitive simplicity, rate meaning is innocent, among those line that read carelessly of the pen that be like ease, the feeling that having afford for thought is thought of and ancient meaning. In be like with do not be like betwe深圳桑拿情报en, wield Jiao Mo and water ink stick in great quantities interweave with unripe hair, black with white, thick with weak, dry the sharp contrast with wet, Jiao Yurun and harmonious Tuo Tie. Its landscape painting reflects the wisdom of the drive that gives theory of Chinese Taoist school and Confucianist philosophy, pay attention to the unripe hair of day person syncretic and illuminate particularly, in order to hear spring, view waterfall, go boating, the mountain forest such as fishing concealed is tall person subject matter is given priority to, those who use landscape is vigorous and firm and grand will foil of the person insignificant and roam the existence feeling of landscape. because those who be a person is insignificant, ability can give birth to the ideology that sends nature of awe-stricken life, esteem, because roam landscape, just had ” way way is natural ” and ” alone with contact of appearance of spirit of heaven and earth ” long be and state. Consecratory: Avocation changes advocate course of study gives light and heat for career of Shenzhen painting and calligraphy 2008 the end of the year, worked 40 old Zhang Qi was retreated formally from post, he originally the part also appears subsequently changeover, art of painting and calligraphy was become by avocation advocate course of study. Besides read face post write an article, a large number of his energy are put on the constituent job of book company. (Zhang Qi job is illuminated) for the word according to him Zhang Qi ” with respect to calligraphy organization job character, book assist the first painstaking effort that is me, the child that Baoan book company resembles is me is same, and the home that the academy of classical learning austral present mountain resembles is him is same, although be humble room, brush and ink of full however chamber is balmy. ” his say ” be based on what artistic to calligraphy of Shenzhen, Baoan high administrative levels develops to think, I and my group comes 12 years exert oneself makes ” Baoan of brush and ink ” brand: It is from whole town the level thinks, begin ” Zhen writings brush ” series project. Hold from 2008 ” countrywide calligraphy a person of academic or artistic distinction invites exhibit ” , held 2010 ” calligraphy Shenzhen forum ” to ” 10 countries exhibit contribute to create view and emulate to comment on meeting ” , ” vie深圳休闲会所一条龙w and emulate of creation of contribute of Lan Ting award is commented on meeting ” , hold a few years continuously ” the word charges artistic red-letter day ” , coach into expert spot please, drive the promotion of level of whole Shenzhen calligraphy. 2 it is the level from this area thinks, begin ” native land calligraphy promotes a project ” . Undertake to calligrapher of the youth in Baoan mainland the system gives lessons centralized, aggrandizement invention trains, expand team of fresh troops of native land calligraphy. 3 it is from book company oneself the level thinks, search division to ask, knock at Bai Xianxian. Communicate through developing different land, search post visit tablet, ego of development eye shot, promotion. In addition, still have diminutive teahouse of elegant collect, exhibition, delibrat龙岗南联桃花源按摩什么价位e, justice write spring festival scrolls and walk into the calligraphy commonweal activity such as community, barback, enterprise. ” after why retiring is so much done even? Zhang Qi say ” because calligraphy and brushwork give birth to the pursuit that hits the target to had risen to a kind of state from the degree of the hobby in his,be on one hand, write calligraphy, brushwork now, more it is a kind of state of mind that begs. It is to hope to pass these hard on the other hand, the le罗湖环保吧vel that can yield Baoan area and ev罗湖环保微信群en the calligraphy team that are Shenzhen gets farther promotion, calligraphy career also can get further progress. ” (Tian Zhijiang)