Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Zhong Manxiang of reporter of network of Pu 深圳环保会所体验Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) composition is touching, reason paper is warm, video and touching to deep… read in the 20th Shenzhen during the month, south Shenzhen a mountainous area before innovation of idea of acute of sea community Party school holds red to read activity of day of meeting theme party, read with special subject meeting, newsreel watchs a mov深圳 南山区 kb场ie meeting, music admires analyse to be able to wait for different form, the development history of the party and classic theory, explain the profound things in a simple way, originality travels dye-in-the-woodly to come, be evaluated by the height of Party me罗湖时光水会体验 高跟mber masses. Leave piece: How does Mao Zedong study read to cacique of found a state red reads day of meeting theme party with ” how does Mao Zedong study read to cacique of found a state ” to leave piece. This text reads by culture scholar, backyard give a lecture of meeting author Wang Shaopei, he was recommended to everybody ” Mao Zedong reads note essence is told ” of this elaborate burnish ” big book ” , the Mao Zedong that Wang Shaopei introduced this book appendix to list above all is read all one’s life and recommend reading 31 booklist, then development analyses Mao Zedong read method. Backyard reads meeting author Wan深圳福田哪里有桑拿会所g Shaopei is recommended ” Mao Zedong reads note essence is told ” for instance Mao Zedong likes to be read repeatedly, 深圳678国际水疗会所contrast read, when reading ” the eye arrives, the hand arrives, the mouth arrives, ear arrives, the heart arrives ” , like to do read note, when ” news analyst ” , often share with other read a result. “He likes to read Ma Lie, philosophy, history and ‘ Western learning ‘ the book of the respect ” , wang Shaopei emphasizes, “These books are the soil that Mao Zedong Thought forms, to understanding its thought deepness is mixed Promethean, having important sense. ” a community old Party member that passes 7 a period of ten years in one’s age m深圳水立方 邪akes note seriously all the time in process of attend a lecture, after the lecture ends,深圳高端模特联系方式 be returned and person of give a lecture talks ardently case ” contradiction is talked ” , ” practice is talked ” academic fountainhead, “Before is to know its not to know its the reason why like that, the member that community of the sea before the philosophy that just knows Mao Zedong Thought today passes the Laodang of 7 a period of ten days is doing day of note theme party to obtain community masses to praise development: ” Lin Hui because ” the meeting that watch a movie savours patriotic strength of character besides read on the method how-to, sea community Party school is returned before from visible touchable video set out with cultural relic data, make everybody thorough know the history of new China. ” Lin Hui because ” the meetin郑文杰深圳会所名称g that watch a movie is led personally by the producer Deng Kang Yan of this newsreel, “After new China holds water, because Lin Hui becomes the architect of monument of hero of national emblem, people and cemetery of revolution of eight treasures hill. To design a series of wreath on base of peopl罗湖明珠会所268报告e hero monument, she contrasts repeatedly, research, each each flower of the wording and purpose of what one writes, leaf, painted pass about a hundred times. ” respecting when this paragraph of history, deng Kang Yan sighs with emotion, “At that time Lin Hui because the body is already special and frail, the doctor says the life深圳松岗沐足开放吗 that has 5 years only, but working tenaciously, chair, designed national emblem and new China a series of main buildings. ” after newsreel of 30 minutes watchs a movie, everybody meaning still did not use up. Community masses interest admires the Republic of China abundantly year the publication between is interactive in communication, deng Kang Yan guides admired because of,include Lin Hui, Lu Xun inside work of c深圳环保场推荐 南山alligraphy of culture famous expert and the publ深圳678水疗正规吗ication at that time. “These cultural relic are too precious ” , mr Lin is the member of association of calligraphy of community old age, the item on display that brings to Deng Kang Yan fondles admiringly, “I like to see the calligraphy work of scholastic Great Masters especially, person of alleged word if! ” pass through paper of hundred years reason, spot audience seems pass through the time of great change of that mountains and rivers-land, also more experience arrives it is under so queasy the current political situation, those who hold to patriotic str深圳外围微信群二维码ength of character is not easy. Deng Kang delays famous producer to end of publication of audience introduction the Republic of China: “Army song loud and clear ” in admiring analyse to be able to appreciate music army Shi Gong color reads day of meeting theme party with with ” army song loud and clear ” the music that gives priority to a problem admires analyse the meeting is perfect receive an official. Sponsor just brought group of Shenzhen wide cable 10 beautiful compere, “Fly upwards 97.1 ” compere raise this world serves as guide admire a person. That day, yang Yang was brought include ” 3 big discipline notice 8 times ” ” march of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ” ” battle so深圳kb论坛ng of Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country ” ” the night of naval port ” ” just a little 34 songs ” the song that waits for win universal praise, combine the historical backdrop that song is born, she waits for different and artistic angle from style of compose and singer, music, in letting everybody appreciate a music army history. This world of raise of master of ceremonies of music of wide cable group guides grant army song audience by the passion of army song insurgent place infection, the spot received noise of a ground to remove cantata. “It is all the time previously Yang Yang is heard to chair in broadcast ” folk song tastes ” , did not think of she gives us lecture tod深圳桑拿洗浴休闲会所ay, ” one became 15 years the veteran of arms says excitedly: “These song let remember the time in army, that moment is sung every day! ” .  Liu Ping of secretary of Party committee of community of the sea before sea community masses sings army song noisy before tells a reporter: “Just meet the 20th Shenzhen reads month, we were engineered with ‘ thought assemble, article object lesson is classic ‘ the red that gives priority to a problem reads activity of day of meeting theme party, hope these vivid kinetic energy let everybody understand humanitarian Great Master morely, understanding is gules and classical. ” before red of secretary of sea community Party committee Introduction Liu Ping reads red of day of meeting theme party reads Party school of advanced sea community runs day of meeting theme party