Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Wang Zhiming of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) by industry of Shenzhen city Ling Hao movie limited company is sponsorred, hotel of Shenzhen in民治mm国际水会技师推荐novation Gu Yaduo and combination of fishing village of regale flourishing cabinet respectfully present reach assist do, si Chuangwei cruel of suddenly Er fruit opens announce of specially invite of culture medium limited company to send, on December 13, in cliff of Baoan area stone inferior does banqueting hall of cabinet of hotel regale flourishing hold Baoan film of mark of dragon of ministry of Shi Yan head ” really you? I false ” fair mirror a news briefing to serve late dinner. Drive energetically in Baoan district government when movie and TV develops, succeed by what be located in Shi Yan innovation of li of youth of live abroad of deep HongKong and Macow poineering development base (base of movie and TV) initiate, is industry of Shenzhen city Ling Hao movie the young hatch film that limited company manufactures, indigenous the film ” really you? Me false ” obtain bureau of national motion picture formally罗湖环保微信群 a few days ago to approve piece fair mirror licence, the movie of first dragon mark that makes company of movie of rock of stone of Shenzhen city Baoan manufacture. Movie company of You Shiyan makes, Yu Shiyan find a view films, the movie that investment of You Shiya深圳太平洋水疗会所n business makes, can saying i罗湖哪里kbs really true one ” Shi Yan film ” . At produce a film switching on the mobile phone in 2018 ” really you? I false ” piece, experienced mark of dragon of reform of system of national motion picture, whole nation to approve the circumstance with an extremely low rate to fall, obtained smoothly fair mirror licence. ” really you? I false ” piece special type is reinstate numerous and young film advocate star深圳东方雅典水疗飞机t a group, if direct Luqiu Peng, heroine,Suhui favour and hero thank Gao Jin to wait, the film more invite so that association of composer of Hong Kong film achieves gold of film of conference chairman, Hong Kong to resemble award winner, wei of Great Master of level of hall of Hong Kong music opens fine, write music and thematic song for the film. Film plan is broadcasted at channel of platform of courtyard line, network and CCTV movie. 深圳外围女微信Award winner still is resembled by gold in the activity Wei Qiliang released new film ” Mo Lang expends youth ” in be being prepared at top speed, one numerous advocate achieve group and actor to attend an activity, obtain net drama to inspect Chen Guokun of the Supreme Being and gold to resemble shadow Di Lin domestic ridgepole transcribe blesses video. Education of success of cliff of stone of mobile support unit grooms base arranged many student Xiaotong to perform add to the fun, occasion atmosphere is rising. Shi Yan’s ec深圳外围微信群二维码onomy and article achieve construction to grow at a tremendous pace, shi Yan acquires movie of first dragon mark, can say the question of one great rejoicing that is development of movie and TV. I of tr罗湖磨棒ue your · holiday regard first You Shiyan as the film that business investment gains dragon mark, its are fair mirror a news briefing very the tripartite confrontation support that naturally gets bu深圳有哪些洗浴可以口siness of Shi Yan place. This second fair mirror news briefing You Shiyan’s highest grade hotel—The dietary trademark with the most well-known cliff of stone of combinat龙华大浪水上皇宫几号技师ion of hotel of innovation Gu Yaduo, regale flourishing cabinet undertakes. The kind and close service of hotel and flourishing cabinet, to attend fair the impression that mirrorred group of the backstage before each honored guest of the meeting and film stage to leave happiness. Is the activity invited so that Guangdong saves news to publish former section chief of wide report bureau and Yang Jia of expert of permanent careful drama careful of bureau of wide report of province of hair, Guangdong piece is expert and Feng Junli of secretary-general of association of manufacturer of Guangdong province movie and TV, Shi Yan street party? I false ” Xie Gaojin of Suhui favour, hero visits director Lu Qiupeng, heroine attend. Still have one numerous perform actor to attend sumptuous dinner, have Yi Sen of yellow Yan J布吉按摩包吹iang, Lin Weijian, Mai Deluo, Yu Tianlong, Feng, Aomijia appearance, Li Mingxian, Zheng Juanxi, . Industry of movie of bright of Shenzhen city approach limited company, held water 2017, by one numerous Hong Kong senior business circles, perform art bound and public figure of mass organizations group to hold water jointly. The company is a center with developing property of movie and TV, be dedicated to driving confluence of culture of film of inland, Hong Kong, hold communication of worker of film of two ground youth to reach groom, and in order to drive in worker of harbor youth film is a center, youth of the harbor in investing technically opens film at inland, for one numerous Hong Kong the youth can grow enterprise of his movie and TV at inland, the prosperity that understands inland thereby and supportive policy develop. First youth film is ” really you? I false ” , publish wide report bureau at gaining national news in October ” fair mirror licence ” , obtain fair mirror a license. " really you? I false ” is the story summarized ” really you? I false ” the true true and false between society of film content report and person and person is false, cannot see a result with the surface only, should understand deep more and discuss its real situation, final likelihood reachs d深圳喜悦水会 玩法ifferent outcome, piece in diffuse much warmth, close affection, love, the true true and false of the part is false, joke 100, final contrast final result is to let person meaning photograph be less than more, it is one is full of the film of energy! Live to be opposite without the fault, the life does not have true and false. Imitate the match in order to attend to support oneself " Ming Hua " one’s previous experience from the country, disposition is pure, without movement. The match loses an election make him demoralized. Come home without face face family, how should the decision also earn bit of Qian Cai to come home. Lay the employee that strikes into a hotel by accident by accident. “Big public house of happy hot spring ” the thing inside was not true euqally; The fruit is plastic toy, the scenery is canvas, antique is pottery and porcelain of street edge on sale more. Proprietress, “Child graceful ” more those who gave a name ” the wolf came the girl ” , encountered pure Ming Hua, it is make the best use of everything of course, the slashing condition that recruit, the job is more not Mian endlessly. Child graceful think of to use celebrity of Ming Huamo copy to regard a performance as the program, bring more profit for the hotel. No matter others is advised, she more become aggravated celebrity of me-too of ground Jiang Minghu深圳高端预约微信号a should come true put on the net like goods, do topic of the town. Be discovered finally by hotel trade association, give orders revoke ” hotel 爱联那个会所可以搞of happy hot spring ” business charter. The problem appears, child graceful want to acknowledge a mistake too late also. Ming Hua’s sincerity touched hotel industry, association decides opportunity of hotel last time, will test the service level of the hotel on the member that let investigate namely, if dissatisfactory, charter will immediately by revoke. Next employee on the hotel all the time two pairs graceful behavior assorted is dissatisf深圳沙井洗浴休闲会所action, dare anger not dare character, but so child graceful disposition backside obscured a fact, after everybody hear of, to save a hotel, solidarity, can be final however… actor: Right case: Yang Ling, Xie Gaojin, Wang Yong, Yuan Xia, Wang Quan