Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (/ of article of Jing of indigo of congratulate of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen pursues) lofty group hill surrounds, the Guangxi that is located in motherland southwest to border area has by auspicious city element ” the gate austral the motherland ” say, on August 30, 2019, the China that approval of the State Council establishs (Guangxi) Ou Chongzun of free trade experiment piece area settle by auspicious city, nowadays by auspicious already became ” one belt all the way ” cit深圳按摩环保场y of significant key position, it is at present China, Guangxi leads to Vietnam, east alliance is the largest the swiftest overland passage, once fastness town of military importance is on this importa深圳678水疗会所 价格nt history node, win came new opportunity, turned over new canto. On December 10 – 13 days, “Stride from trade new era focusing develops new by auspicious — 2019 China (Guangxi) Ou Chongzun of free trade experiment piece media of mainstream of network of area whole nation by auspicious travel ” the activity is held, reporter of Shenzhen cattail allusion be the same as each countrywide media together, walk along motherland Na Jiang, focusing by auspicious development. By group of media of auspicious travel whole nation with ” edge ” for intermediary, develop characteristic property energetically ” opening the door is Vietnam, walk along two paces to be entered east alliance ” , pass culture by auspicious edge industry of full-bodied, dominant is outstanding, it is our country’s important fruit imports and exports the ground. Go up t深圳678水疗会所 價格o passageway node south by auspicious, already resided Chinese fruit imports and exports firmly 5 years continuously the biggest city, gathered together fruit of southeast Asia of 31 kinds of entrances, 30 enterprises registered his trademark, formed complete fruit industry chain. On this foundation, in January 2018, “China by auspicious east alliance fruit small town ” emerge as the times require. According to introducing, small town covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 5648 mus, it is core with recreational food industry, alliance culture is characteristic to the south of, be dedicated to making become east alliance fruit machines the first town, east ground of alliance fruit experience, east alliance is recreational food is delicate. China by auspicious east allian深圳欧式环保按摩ce fruit small town reveals saline ferry shop to produce a workshop a深圳QM社区t present small town already was entered was stationed in include to appear on the market enterprise ” saline ferry shop ” inside enterprise 31, as ” entrance east alliance fruit the first station ” by布吉按摩包吹 auspicious fruity travel industry, industry industry is mixed characteristic culture union rises, make east the produce that alliance imports is in by auspicious treatment, raise additional cost, promote ” passageway commerce ” to ” port is machined ” transition upgrades. Be as high as 2 by value of collect carefully of city of rich of auspicious annatto article. Sofa of 1.8 billion yuan vessel of chrysanthemum pear treasure by auspicious be Chinese annatto, countrywide annatto furniture is the oldest the distributing center center with the most important furniture of port, annatto, the quantity takes annatto furniture exits and entrance for years continuously in the whole nation the first. Second activity is here medium, media group also is walked into all right by city of rich of auspicious annatto article, industry of its annatto culture grows dug. In city of annatto article rich 2 buildings, value of a collect carefully is as high as 2. Media of 1.8 billion yuan colourful Jing of sofa of vessel of chrysanthemum pear treasure is round, as we have learned, this sofa in all 17, come out to the success from select material, last a period of time 9 years, 50 people are 深圳哪个洗浴中心能干participated in make, it is article rich city ” the treasure that presses down a city ” , represented city of ann深圳四大高档夜总会atto article rich top level. City of annatto article rich furniture of one scene annatto in addition, city of annatto article rich still is built have art of annatto culture square, annatto garden is recreational square, medium the setting of form a complete set such as an arch over a gateway of culture of street of axes annatto culture, annatto, year all tourist quantity amounts to / of 1 million person-time year, year all recieve domestic and international various and of all kinds visiting group, tourism group, investigation group amounts to 600 much batch, the market year all trade the forehead amounts to many yuan of 50 RMB. It is with city of annatto article rich umbriferous, map goes out to develop attitude by industry of auspicious city annatto, through developing brand of the market, start shooting, education the talent waits for a series of act, the annatto property that develops ahead quickly had been become by auspicious one of pillar industries. In recent years, by auspicious city the development side clench edge opens this masterstroke, accelerate construction to face east the international port city that alliance opens collaboration, contend for the army of the person at the head of a procession that starts countrywide edge edge to open, the hot land that makes investment start line of business, be in business the treasure ground of development. Rely on oneself area advantage, port advantage and advantage of overlay of a lot of policy, by auspicious already developed make countrywide 深圳罗湖kb深圳布吉洗浴中心环保2019edge trade and fruit exits and entrance big city. 2018, by amount of imports and exports of auspicious foreign trade 890. 6.6 billion yuan, 21 what occupy whole area. 69 % , house Guangxi the first. Among them, border land is small total value of commerce imports and exports 574. 6.3 billion yuan, 53 what occupy whole area. 39 % , 21 what take the throughout the country. 54 % , occupy countrywide front row; Gross of fruit imports and exports 2.45 million tons, occupy countrywide front row. Up to by 2018, already ranked countrywide edge edge to open urban first place by amount of imports and exports of auspicious foreign trade, achieve border land small total value of commerce imports and exports is successive 4 years, goods measures port fruit imports and exports to occupy countrywide front row 7 years continuously. 2019 first half of深圳罗湖明珠水会红牌 the year, grow compared to the same period by auspicious foreign trade achieve the history new tall, total value of imports and exports is finished 557. 200 million yuan, grow 58 compared to the same period. 46 % , 24 what occupy whole area. 55 % , continue to reside Guangxi firmly the first; By auspicious integrated free tax zone protects tax other people to shed goods to be worth 231. 700 million yuan, grow 764 compared to the same period. 1 % , 90 what occupy whole area. 2 % . Do solid port, advance deep cross condition travel, service to cooperate by auspicious port resourceful, it is Guangxi port amount most, dimensions is the biggest, phyletic town of the wholest border land port. Friendship closes to be located in in jump over border land line to go up, element has ” the gate austral China ” beautiful praise, it is 9 names of Chinese close one of, also be close by the side of on a one 深圳梅花水会休闲会所real significance that still using only among them, be apart from already had 2000 old histories today. Friendship closes bank of col of friendship of ancient city wall is Guangxi the first fact is imported all right ” ahead of schedule careful writtens guarantee ” superintendency mode and complete informatization intelligence connect the highway port that shut, whole is connected close time to be shortened by 2 hours previously to 10 current minutes, reside Guangxi through speed and efficiency the first. In addition, by auspicious land, sea, sky was formed inside 300 kilometers limits stereo change content to shed carriage network. Up to now, classics of countrywide each district by a明珠555能干uspicious cross condition railroad class to list circuit to already amounted to 9, classics of countrywide each district by auspicious content streamline road already opened nearly 20, home of Ke Dadong allied country 20 main cities. Friendship col bank east alliance entrance fruit is located in in jump over border land, by auspicious it is the city that an one hundred percent crosses a country to travel, be ” city of Chinese first-class travel ” ” county of name of Guangxi characteristic travel ” with first national macrocosm travel demonstrative area establishs an unit, have area of scene of class of 3A of country of area of scene of class of 4A of 3 place country, 6 place. Be in by auspicious, tourists can see ceremony of majestic Bian Guansheng ensign, eat to have east the fruit of alliance characteristic is scooped up, buy cheap and fine, have distinguishing feature alone east alliance commodity. After the tourist did procedure of good discrepancy condition that day by Id, the self-help that needs to be less than 5 seconds only is connected what close or be less than 15 seconds is artificial close, can close port to Vietnam to enjoy through friendship cross a country to swim. According to official data, 2018, recieve tourist number to amount to by auspicious city 704. 830 thousand person-time, travel total spending is amounted to 63. 5.5 billion yuan. In January 2019 – June, recieve tourist number by auspicious city 472. 50 thousand person-time; Enter a country number of tourist of pass the night 8. 710 thousand person-time; Travel gross earnings 39. 4.3 billion yuan, among them, income of travel foreign currency 3613. 230 thousand dollar. By Wu of the people living on the frontiers outside auspicious condition the people living on the frontiers inside labor management service center waits to deal with formalities to be in by auspicious the people living on the frontiers of the job inside one factory relies on port advantage, by auspicious still strengthen energetically begin with Vietnam cross area service collaboration. By auspicious be area service is crossed to cooperate more in Guangxi pilot city, accumulative total of the member that do card to cross worker of condition Vietnam Wu is received to exceed 200 thousand person-time since 2018. Substantial labor natural resources, the member that solved churchyard Wu worker effectively in short supply, cost is more advanced difficult problem, be helpful for reducing an enterprise to use labor cost. By auspicious make the same score two provinces hill, high to sign with Vietnam forgive respectively cross agreement of area service cooperation, much department efforts is versed in to Wu of the people living on the frontiers outside the condition management is executed ” one-stop ” service, realize condition of labour of check-u深圳qm资源p, Wu, discrepancy ” 3 card ” syncretic. Since 2017, share 80 services company to be engaged in crossing area service to send professional work, 309 family expenses are versed in the enterprise uses Vietnam worker, accumulative total is dealt 深圳明珠水会价格服务with enter a country Wu work staff 34. 20 thousand person-time, alleviate effectively the enterprise uses worker worker in short supply problem. Pass this media by auspicious travel activity, let numerous people be known from different point of view by auspicious, understanding by auspicious. In ” one belt all the way ” wish grandly below the reflect of scene, in the historical good luck that builds from trade division, by auspicious rely on ” edge ” distinctive area advantage, look for exact location already, labor force is being sent, become the nova that the country rises on Na Jiang border land one times gradually!