Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, 2019 first ” the Luo Hu that build a dream is achieved open tomorrow ” poineering series of Luo Hu area is held, college graduate and personnel of unemployment of many 70 the person that do poineering work, area under administration entered an activity. “Do not come to Shenzhen do poineering work to have a deficit big ” this second activity gives aid to with doing poineering work policy explains to public link begin, specially invite Xu Taiyuan of poineering adviser of service center of Shenzhen city communal obtain employment makes major share. He introduced Shenzhen to do poineering work in detail give aid to the allowance amount of policy, fixed number of year and application condition. Xu Taiyuan thinks Shenzhen is right of newly established enterprise give aid to strength is bigger, this explained Shenzhen innovates to making adequately model city and drive obtain employment in order to do poineering work take seriously. “Do poineering work to encourage, shenzhen and Luo Hu did so much, the person that do poineering work does not come to Shenzhen do poineering work, you are then deficient big! ” Xu Taiyuan plaints. Shenzhen has the policy environment that suits to do poineering work, but the aggregation that doing poineering work is integrated effectiveness shows, square field surface is indispensable, for this, this second activity sponsors the associated author Ceng Li that still just invited platform of commonweal of new media of first poineering obtain employment of domestic to help company designedly, share the result that she does poineering work for years. Mr. Ceng Li with ” do poineering work should keep away from what hole ” for the theme, join the 10 big representative case that poineering success perhaps fails, shared the item that should notice in poineering process, vivid and interesting, analyse explain the profound things in a simple way. The person that Ceng Li thinks to do poineering work needs to make clear his poineering original intention above all. Be to realize individual value? Be still to make contribution more to the society? Be perhaps to have money more only? Do poineering work not easy, ceng Li thinks, the original intention that always remembers oneself well only just holds to likely till the success. Additional, ceng Li also thinks whether the disposition that still needs him labor before do poineering work suits to do poineering work, whether does oneself poineering project have market perspective, whether poor dissimilation advantage is waited a moment with the competitor. Finally, ceng Li thinks to have in poineering process notable at 2 o’clock, it is to must choose disposition photograph to close, the copartner with concur, consistent idea; 2 it is to be in ” dictatorship or democracy ” on the choice, poineering initial stage must choose ” authoritarian ” . “Because do poineering work the company is average in the begining the system of itself is mixed standard special not perfect, need a leader that has ironhanded medium very much. ” 30 preeminent companies undertake the spot returns those who set poineering project to recommend link commendatory showing an activity, chose 30 preeminent poineering companies to undertake commendatory revealing, involve net of couplet of artificial intelligence, content, intelligence to make among them, new retail transition upgrades, the many popular way such as medicine of Internet and mobile Internet, biology, new material. Bureau of resource of manpower of collect lake area already was held for years continuously ” the Luo Hu that build a dream is achieved open tomorrow ” series activity, the activity got general reputably. Poineering series activity will run tens of field in collect lake area under administration, the detail can pay close attention to public date ” Luo Hu obtain employment ” .


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