Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Good to be done further found work of countrywide civilized town, cogent the environmental sanitation consciousness that raises community dweller, the home that allows us maintains the favorable environment of clean beauty, build the whole people to participate in the good atmosphere that establish, on July 8, 2019, dweller of community of organization of workstation of the community below col justice labour begins environmental sanitation propaganda in area under administration. Publicize environmental sanitation, build harmonious and beautiful and neat, healthy civilization, comfortable community, it is our collective good will and the responsibility that answer, pass an environment healthful conduct propaganda, the dweller friend that invites community knows healthful value of area of love retaining ring more, healthful to the environment safeguard take seriously more. To the Xiaoshang all round at the same time the shop undertakes the advise of sanitation of the environment before the door, buying and selling transcending a line, the clean environmental sanitation before letting its hold the door and abide by urban government laws and regulations, accomplish self-consciously abide by the law, know a law to manage, justice labour people the manner of serious enthusiasm gets dweller, business spreads chief approbate, express to be able to cooperate actively, do the sanitation before good door, maintain healthy surroundings.


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