Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Participate in to affirm student 4:30 the enthusiasm of classroom. A few days ago, party of boreal station community group service center in new speed per hour classroom developed fine garden community 4:30 activity of complete a course of on half term. This the activity basically is to last term classroom undertakes sum up and commending 4:30. Mobile beginning, the company is versed in classroom last term undertook be summinged up simply pair 4:30, guide student to make a speech actively, put forward 4:30 the actor defect of classroom, exceedingly good to expression student undertakes commending. In addition, still to summer vacation time classroom interest class begins matters concerned to undertake discussion 4:30, and to finishing session classroom undertook simple specification 4:30. After the activity ends, everybody is very happy. This activity, brought student into play not only people participate in 4:30 the enthusiasm of classroom, at the same time very good also for the abidance of classroom is begun 4:30 laid solid foundation.


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