Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Lv Zhenyan of Wang Zhiming of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen’s reporter) " 3 areas " source of affection warm peach, hand in hand act vigorously enters tomorrow. Late on December 14, joyous sound of center of conference of beautifu深圳陪游信息l lake campus laughs at Shenzhen university language, by a definite date the evening party of opening ceremony theme that artistic Zhou Huo changes first 2 weeks Xi Lihu — ” 3 areas written guarantee art, since peach source wind ” warmth is held. South Rao Gonglei of a mountainous area leader, Lu Yuping, Lian Cong, canal of Shenzhen college town does, south division the big, school leadership such as Beijing University, Tsinghua, ” two delegates one committee member ” with come from peach source white-collar of the college teachers and students of street area under administration, enterprise and community dweller in all 800 more than person happilies gather under the same roof, admired this to assemble in all area of garden of college campus, enterprise, communal community is high grade the artistic regale of resource. “3 areas ” the representing is displayed with the stage art, in all affection of appraise pe深圳升逸酒店水疗ach source the evening party around ” 3 areas written guarantee art, since peach source wind ” the theme undertakes, the item is main by make up in dweller of school teachers and students, street community and company staff act, a深圳欧式环保按摩rea of community, campus, garden ” 3 areas ” the representing is displayed with the stage art, express reachs the yearning situation of pair of good future to the passion of peach source. Be worth what carry is, the evening party is used Sino-British and bilingual chair, friend of specially invite foreign country joins compere rank, reveal a week of Xi Lihu art ” international model ” . Evening party cent is ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve, culture is more wonderful ” and ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve, art flourishs more ” up and down two canto, thrust deep into the enemy forces broadcasts VCR video short between canto, the activity between artistic cycle arranges introductory Xi Lihu, summary reviewing comes one year street job circumstance and effect, developed peach source adequately street coach in order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of China of close smooth new era is, solidarity guides do all one can of broad cadre masses to go all out in work, grab get right on the job really, overcome difficult assault fortified positions, go before encourage, solid advance ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve ” the acquisition that brings to dweller of area under administration feels feeling, happily. Dancing of a multimedia ” water does not have a bound ” pull open evening party heavy curtain, song is strung together burn, Beijing opera performance, collective chorally, ancient poetry chant, poem is read aloud… wonderful confused shows program form diversity, content, area of campus, garden, community ” 3 areas ” go into battle of delegate take turns, spot atmosphere is enthusiastic, applause is ceaseless. The song that institute of music of bell of Shenzhen university gold brings is strung together burn ” the lightest heavenly body in the sky ” , conveyed contemporary student brave to climb unwilling and height, commonplace, annals to put bold and generous feeling of Gao Yuan; Community dweller organizes the dance that performs oneself oneself ” since flat of high-rise of lofty or bottomless ” , chorally ” the song of peach source ” , showed peach source people not Wei hardship, be brave in the spirit that exploration, persistence pursues a dream. Multimedia dancing ” one tree is spent ” beautiful Huan of United States annulus, feeling making a person is developed brought shock by science and technology; A person of academic or artistic distinction is read aloud ” each tomorrow is good luck ” , cause spot audience resonance with plain language, experience letting a person arrives pair of good luck, right the action, right 深圳zj资源地址of the dream unscramble and call. Whole evening party showed peach source people 深圳按摩推拿哪家好adequately active and hopeful, strenuous up mental 深圳水立方水疗会所scene, conveyed people of peach source area under administration to be opposite ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve ” answer ardently of de深圳罗湖kb环保velopment, sturdy confidence and happiness wish scene, express unity is strength, coagulate the heart gets together the sturdy confidence that force builds good home jointly. Integrated and various resource, rich collects numerous long elaborate modulation ” culture is cocktail ” artistic Zhou Huo moves Xi Lihu by south source of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of a mountainous area culture, peach is street the party is versed in appoint (agency) initiate, combined Shenzhen college town to manage graduate school of Shenzhen of graduate school of international of Shenzhen of university of the office, Tsinghua, Beijing University, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) , university of southern science and technology, Shenzhen university beautiful lake campus and garden division business make preparations jointly, the activity aims to promote community of area of garden of college campus, enterprise, dweller ” 3 areas ” culture communication, agglomeration thought consensus, arouse mental kinetic energy, make have grade, have the height, art that has temperature fine time, show south hill is upper the culture with a distinctive area is temperamental, for Xi Lihu encampment of city building of international science and education creates favorable humanitarian environment. As we have learned, activity of week of Xi Lihu art lasts 2 weeks, advocate the assembly room is set in Shenzhen university beautiful lake campus, different spot waits to set 13 branch field in area of college of peach source area under administration, garden, community and culture center, share activity of 11 series theme, cover band make one’s rounds to act, tide plays art to exhibit, photographic exhibition, ” be not involuntary discharge of urine ” culture is revealed, sing深圳喜悦水会消费ing chorally the match, thematic speech match, hand in contest of dance of noisy concert, undergraduate, carry on to promote small 100 beautiful Guangdong opera, teenage artistic joint performance, picture to make, all activities all are commonweal property, open freely to the public. Integrated, gathered together each square high grade resource such as area of the school, enterprise, garden, community and force, window confused is shown, wonderful and ceaseless, it may be said is rich collects numerous long elaborate modulation and become ” culture is cocktail ” , condense ” 3 areas ” friendly feelings, reveal peach source characteristic, send out the hill austral the move is upper the humanitarian breath with a full-bodied and aromatic area. Promote with culture " 3 areas are shirt-sleeve " , arouse a society to administer spot of new vitality evening party to broadcast the means of VCR nearsightedness frequency in order to alternate, summary reviewed a深圳环保技师体验报告 year of Lai Taoyuan’s street in the past active work. According to introducing, in HongKong and Macow of ano深圳验证报告论坛ther name for Guangdong Province demonstrative area of big bay area and Shenzhen go ahead of the rest is built ” double area drive ” below, peach source is street grab catch god-given history to expand opportunity, closely around south a mountainous area appoint district government ” the city zone of center of stride world-class innovation seaside ” struggling target, produce the advantage of assemble of area of garden蛇口锦福园会所双飞 of campus of college of area under administration, enterprise adequately, build with the party lead, give priority to a line with 3 areas confluence, with the people’s livelihood small real issue is grasper, breakthrough a bottleneck of intersected system mechanism, the intelligence of area of garden of campus of university of integrated, prize, enterprise, communal community, science and technology and administrative resource serve people of area under administration, solve basic level to administer difficult problem, solidarity condenses each force to participate in humanitarian peach source, character peach source to build jointly, compose is built ” 3 areas confluence, 3 start drive, 3 change treat in all ” basic level administers new structure, explore modern society to administer the way that changes subtly, hold to weak good environment ” two tactics is caught ” , promote envi罗湖休闲会所排行ronment of the appearance of a city and culture quality ” double promotion ” , the block life domain that braids a happiness, happiness. “Culture is the soul of development, it is especially in processing of society of new era basic level, construction area culture has fundamental value oriented action. We run marathon first half of the year advocate postpone sports grand meeting, second half of the year begins artistic week activity to send culture big eat, two large activities provide annual each characteristic, little activity of the others time is constant, it is to should lead the development of high quality with advanced thought culture, common feelings of people of general benefit masses, agglomeration. ” peach source is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Huang Jian introduces so. Hold to just about ” Yue of culture Hui Min, culture civilian ” concept, peach source is street in driving 2017深圳罗湖会所资源a society to govern the process of innovation, put culture construction in significant position from beginning to end, survey, plan as a whole plan. Afterwards conducts sports brand activity successfully two years continuously — Shenzhen college town ” peach source cup ” after half Cheng marathon, street elaborate this year scheme develops peach source artistic Zhou Huo moves Xi Lihu, make another in order to drive ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve ” the major activity that gives priority to a problem, it is the agency of activity of culture of hope have the aid of, area of stimulative campus, garden, community communicates collaboration each other, be in harmony is connected ” 3 areas ” affection, enter in all hand in hand, develop in coordination, drive ” 3 areas are shirt-sleeve ” to deep to real progress, aid city building of science and education of international of Li Xili lake to set. Add: Schedule of activity of series of theme of week of Xi Lihu art one, opening ceremony time: On December 14, 2019 19:30 minutes of places: Shenzhen university center of conference of beautiful lake campus 2, branch field activity (one) Shenzhen university saves time of undergraduate dance game completely: On November 31 – the ground nodded on December 1: Shenzhen university (beautiful lake campus) conference center (2) Tsinghua university singing chorally game time: The ground nodded 18:30 on December 8: Center of conference of college town international (3) Harbin Institute of Technology ” new era of greeting of national condition of large plant home ” time of thematic speech game: The ground nodded 18:30 on December 8: Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) report hall (4) carry on promotes small group of 100 beautiful Shaoxing opera takes campus time: In December 9-10 day 19:30 minutes of places: Shenzhen university center of conference of beautiful lake campus (5) tide plays art to extend time: 13-20 day ground nodded in December: Inspect newly art the park that achieve an objective (6) time of teenage artistic joint performance: In深圳休闲会所668项目罗湖 December 13-14 day, the ground nodded on December 21: Peach source is integrated culture center (7) band make one深圳豪门夜总会价格表’s rounds performs time: The ground nods on December 14 afternoon: Shenzhen university beautiful lake campus (8) photographic exhibition time: 14-21 day ground nodded in December: Peach source is integrated culture center (9) NANSHAN draws exhibition time: 14-31 day ground nodded in December: Area of B of collect Yue city gallery of 22 2 buildings (10) university of southern science and technology is large hand in noisy concert chorally ” motherland eulogy ” time: The ground nodded at 19 o’clock on December 20, 2019: Embellish of university of southern science and technology poplar gymnasium (11) ” blame involuntary discharge of urine ” culture activity time: On December 21 morning at 9 o’clock (the first) place: Time of square of apartment of Silicon Valley talent: On December 22 afternoon at 3 o’clock (the 2nd) place: The square other lake of lens of Beijing University graduate school 3, closure time: The ground nodded on December 21: Reading of poetry of square of numerous coronal times, singing and dancing and fashionable beautiful activity are united in wedlock, for Xi Lihu artistic week draws satisfactory full stop.