Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 8, sponsor by Bai Xinglong ” the products plan that lays with global eye shot below 2019 originality times and forum of height of research and development ” hold, product of whole world of specially invite fashionable packs the Pentawards of international originality orgnaization of the bound to begin spot communication, group of company of international tip design, international is famous preeminent company delegate assembles in stylist, industry, brought the thought sumptuous dinner of a wonderful unsurpassed for everybody. That day morning, below the testimony that leads a honored guest in everybody, manage of Changsha of · of cypress star dragon is versed in university Shenzhen originality designs an academy to uncover card ceremony formally, bai Xinglong and college of Changsha grain industry are formal mode of open strategy collaboration, will drive Shenzhen originality to design development. Design as Chinese originality, shenzhen gathered together numerous and outstanding design firm and the handsome appearance that design an industry, the collaboration that also designs an industry because of Shenzhen of reforming and opening and international also is being deepened ceaselessly. Be worth what carry is, this second height forum first to global spot direct seeding. Around ” in new spending the times falls, the demand that how should the product have upgrading ability accords with new era ” , ” besides making character in order to ingenuity, how should the packing design of the product cater to instantly times aesthetic demand ” , ” what kind of design can gift how should the soul with distinctive product, product undertake the ability that pack moves better consumer ” , ” originality: The lasting theme of government, enterprise and academia ” wait for a topic, tens of speech honored guest is carried in succession piece special competence, each airs his own views, the industry elite that falls with the line on nearly 1000 lines together, spent a grand ceremony that leads originality to pack industry wind direction. “With consumptive thinking, with changeless should 10 thousand change. ” Zhao Guoyi of Bai Xinglong’s president with ” originality drive product, the product accomplishs future ” for the theme, revealed Bai Xinglong nearly 20 years to come to everybody, it is how to use originality to be product infuse vitality, manage the part that acts in the process to offer brand-new view in the enterprise to prospective product. He speaks of, on artistic creation, will convey artist innermost affection and world outlook through vision, character, more it is to communicate individual perspective. Commercial design, be demand of the person that offset is expended have an insight into. Originality need is gritty first heart, those who need to watch in a subtle way is attentive, need does not fall the determination of convention, so the good product that originality comes out accomplishs company future necessarily. As we have learned, bai Xinglong has omnibus originality company of the representing most as China, basically be wine at present kind, what tea, food reachs a few big fields such as international cosmetic is medium the originality that high-end product client offers major packs a service, also be at present home obtains the originality of 56 international large award exclusively to pack a company.


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