Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 27, collect lake custom hunts down a passenger to carry the doubt that enter a country to be like cachalot tooth 55. Current, custom already was detained lawfully to this batch of teeth and make farther appraisal processing.

That day, the member that Luo Hu custom closes is checked through X smooth machine, the boot that discovers a passenger cannot know other and doubtful article high too of density, via opening box examination, the member that close discovers doubtful article is 55 doubt are like tooth of some kind of large animal. These teeth grow for the most part about 5, 10 centimeters, show cream-colored scene, tail end part is hollow shape, but hardness is taller, high doubt is like cetacean tooth. Party claims this article is cachalot tooth, obtain from Japan. Cachalot is included ” be in severe danger convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant ” (CITES) appendix Ⅰ , outside the certificate that allows imports and exports except hold, any trade pattern perhaps are carried, mail the behavior of endangered species and condition of its product turnover all is belonged to break the law, responsibility of the law that be found out.


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