Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 9 morning, club of Shenzhen city football and autograph of collaboration of strategy of green example of Shenzhen middle school make an appointment with a ceremony to be held in Shenzhen middle school, both sides signs agreement of cooperation of green example strategy, deep in become talent of deep sufficient teenage football to develop base. Both sides will build U12 in all namely 2007 age Duan Ti team, with ” beautiful million job is difficult in ” name attends professional match, the passageway of football of get through campus and professional football, for Shenzhen native land latent capacity young plant offers the opportunity of direct deep sufficient echelon formation and platform of professionalism contest example. Shenzhen middle school takes a football seriously to teach very all the time, obtained 2015 judge ” school of characteristic of countrywide campus football ” . Deep sufficient in will expediting group of Gao Shuiping’s coach and technical group to garrison Shenzhen, learn, elaborate select material, breed outstanding football young plant. Shenzhen city teachs hair of aqua fortis of bureau deputy director general to express in ceremonially, city teachs bureau general in every respect support of ground of do one’s best is late sufficient with deep medium collaboration. He says: “Calling card of two pieces of cities is put together, can blossom piece more the ray that glow, grace for Shenzhen buy variety. ” come nearly 3 years, deep sufficient club established U19, U17, U15, U14, U13 5 echelon formation, learn in collect lake Ou Cuiyuan and school of experiment of level ground hill early or late layout green example base, mix this deep in collaboration proposes U12 echelon formation in all, group of beautiful million trade accuses an executive trustee to hold Mai Fan of president of president, deep sufficient club concurrently to express, the hope develops the child’s ability from many sided, can kick can ponder over meeting study to be able to progress, for Chinese football blueness example contributes force.


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