Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Shenzhen subway 2 lines 3 period project (Dong Yan line) as already operation subway the extension line of 2 lines, it is heart of tanaka of connection lotus pond and collect lake center, blessing and Nashanzhong the urban track of the heart is main. The reporter carries bureau know from Shenzhen city traffic yesterday, concrete of motherboard of roadbed of first time of station of pond of lotus of Dong Yan line casts 2 lines build finish smoothly, indicating this station is formal turn into phase of lay a railway track. The subway 2 lines 3 period synchronism of first phase project opens project general and 8 lines. At the appointed time, operation of be well versed in of two circuit general, cropland of the Luo Hu since series connection, blessing, south the orbit traffic of hill and saline. Mean, the citizen heads for harbor of hill of port of pond of arboretum of celestial being lake, lotus, phoenix tree, saline after, can realize the subway to arrive directly.


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