Net of Shenzhen cattail allusion on December 12 dispatch (Deng Tao of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) say riding a hobby saps one’s will to make progress, but someone plays bird nearly get killed! Shenzhen one woman journey going abroad come back actually by 120 sent a hospital directly, for a time illness danger weighs occupy ICU. Original, she suffers from went up infrequent ” psittacosis ” , zhongshan university is fortunately accessary the 8th hospital (in the followin深圳伴游价格g abbreviation big 8 courtyards) accurate judgement, seasonable cure just is stabilized gradually. Ms. Li of 37深圳丝足会所公司排名 years old wants to taking the advantage of leisure to arrive originally this year French open a paragraph of romantic brigade, calorific, 深圳升逸水疗会所cough深圳龙岗水疗 app深圳顶级高端水疗会所ears during thinking of journey, shed the symptom such as tears, 深圳罗湖水疗排行榜diarrhoea, disappear after foreign go to a doctor 罗湖会所磨棒takes medicine alleviate, more and more serious, bosom painful, vomiting is ceaseless, do not have effort all over. 8 days night, she returns Shenzhen, in was being sent by 120 ambulances instantly big 8 courtyards. After emergency call is examined, discover the patient breathes exhaustion, is lung CT checked more not allow hopeful: ? Du of Guo of gum of  of  Lu Weidu  throws? amalgamative pericardium to accumulate fluid. Exsanguinate result clew is serious disease of disease of low Potassium blood, low albumen blood, flu antigen (A+B) detects electronegative. Come on because of flu fastigium, illness progress is rapid, ms. Li is very fast by) of income ICU(ICU. France is famous romance, the pigeon on square flies all over the sky, fed dove to become a scenery, be the disaster that dove causes? Ms. Li says, did not contact during travel, feed dove, but the symptom sheds feeling, avian flu with the person truly very picture, preliminary consideration virus affects the doctor possibility is large. Li Hao of vice director of division of serious illness medicine introduces, the sample that Miss Li collected instantly after be admitted to hospital undertakes pathogen is monitored, however to the armour that considers above all model, second flu antigen detects, all be n深圳休闲会所668项目罗湖egative 2 times, gland virus, deputy flu virus, respiratory tract adds up to afterbirth virus, annulus bacterium of shape virus, army group, establish a gram common virus and bacterium all also show a variety of respiratory tra深圳磨棒场所ct such as second body electronegative. That is to say, this may not be ” groovy disease ” ! In big after 8 courtyards assistant dean holds director of division of serious illness medicine Professor Wang Tong concurrently to examine a patient, depend on rich clinical experience, enquired to parrot is raised in discovering patient home again. Professor Wang Tong is indicated instantly grant fine raises lens to treat an alveolar lavement to detect in order to have tall flux gene, make clear pathogen further. Does late on December 11 gene detect does the result teach: of conjectural conform to with Wang Tong as expected? Course of study of Su of Tan of Xuan of buy of cake  avarice course of study of U of Jie of  of awake of  of ≡ of Jin Xuna alkyne be good at bully  lives bake? begins specific aim to medication, patient patient’s condition is stabilized gradually. Wang Tong teachs the introduction, “Psittacosis ” it is a kind of infectivity that former put oneself in another’s position is caused and waits for avian transmission by parrot by psittacosis garment SARS sex is pneumonic. In the avian feather such as parrot of consist in of former put oneself in another’s position of this kind of psittacosis garment, canary and excrement and urine, if the person is inspiratory the dust of these avian feather or excrement and urine, come on easily. “Psittacosis ” preclinical it is commonly 7 to 14 days. After contracting parrot fever, the patient is met the whole body is unwell, exhaustion is faint, temperature can be as high as 39 to come 40 ℃ , companion has acuteness have a headache, pharynx and larynx is pain按邪骨有什么服务ful reach systemic myalgia, bosom is painful have the symptom such as cough. As a result of the symptom of psittacosis and flu unusual appearance resembles, because this is inchoate and clinical very easy by accident examine. Nevertheless, this kind of disease also blames the illness that treat a gender, it is OK to do not have enough basis at present the person catchs a person, the citizen is beardless and pa罗湖 环保场 现在没了吗nicky, take antibiotic to be able to be cured. Professor Wang Tong reminds, like raising a cat to raise a dog, if aviculture means is undeserved, also can bring the mankind avian disease, want to take care all the more. For example, raising columbine person in, one part person is opposit深圳喜悦水会体验报告e the different in columbi民治mm国际水会好玩吗ne dung protein or allergy of columbine feather dust, sex of the source outside causing is allergic sex of the source outside reaching is pneumonic, this kind pneumonic be called ” dove lung ” . There still is a kind of recessive bacterium in columbine mew, columbine dung, this is bacterium of a kind of cause of disease that can cause meningitis of concealed ball sex, very big to person harm. Birdie clears when oneself feather, mite of the dust that hiding in feather, downy, dirt, helminth can fly upwards everywhere, cause all sorts of diseases, be like disease of rhinitis, asthmatic, bronchitic, irritability, qualitative sex is pneumonic etc. Professor Wang Tong reminds, the publi深圳哪里的技师年轻c figure that young bird raised in the home must take care, once discov深圳哪些是kb场er oneself often catch a cold indescribably, cough, low fever, bosom is frowsty, angry hurried, relapse again defer does not heal, so be about to consider to whether suffer from went up ” aviculture is ill ” , head for a hospital in time to see a doctor, when pouring out medical history to the doctor, do not forget the case that states him aviculture.