Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Wen Haijun of Jing of indigo of congratulate of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) on December 12, tea group year receives Guan Chengyan — 2019 China (Shenzhen) expositi深圳龙华按摩全套会所on of industry of international autumn tea will be in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit a center to hold. On December 3 morning, rich of tea of 2019 Shenzhen autumn is met the organizing committee holds a press conference in bound of tea see the world, to personage of social all circles the report prepares a case, pull open this one year to receive Guan Chengyan’s heavy curtain. Current tea rich can be prepared oneself case, get the wide attention of personage of social all circles, shenzhen city Hua Juchen is Xiang Fei of industrial group vice president, wet treasure of Shenzhen of bank of Zhang Zhaoan of president of subbranch o深圳环保按摩服务指数f a bank of Baoan of Shenzhen of Zhan Zili of director of bureau of country of state city agriculture, transportation bank, transportation civilian glow of dawn of leaf of assistant president of subbranch of a bank, . The tea industry that one year two Shenzhen tea rich already can make the whole world precede deals platform. All the time since, shenzhen tea深圳水疗必须给小费 rich can devote oneself to to build tea culture to communicate platform, promote Chinese tea culture, to make brand of big China tea, make industry of strong China tea, advance agriculture the force that industry of the reform of sex of supply side structure, tea that help strength takes off deficient assault fortified positions to contribute his. Year receives Guan Chengyan, dimensions achieves the history again new tall it is reported, current exhibit meeting exhibition dimensions to innovate again tall, gross area enlarge comes 100 thousand ㎡, it is the exposition of global tea industry with domestic can be counted on one’s fingers, unprecedented scale. Exhibit standard of meeting setting international 4700, gather global enterprise of more than 1800 brand, cover 6 big tea kind, second birth tea, cakes and sweetmeats, tea is taken, tea of international high-quality goods implement, sweet implement, spend implement, violet machinery of furniture of handicraft of things of goods of handicraft of arenaceous, pottery and porcelain, agalloch eaglewood, agalloch eaglewood, culture, artwork, tea service, tea, annatto, tea, tea is wrapped. Look forward to of assemble bibcock tea, creat regale of profusion country tea couplet of politics look forward to sleeves, help develo深圳东方园水疗 飞机pment of the estate that push tea, lead tea industry spending to upgrade. The development of tea industry, the support that cannot leave a go深圳阳光酒店桑拿微信vernment and guide. All the time since, hua Juchen pays attention to confluence each tea produces area power, pursuit politics look forward to make concerted efforts, conspire the line that tea industry expands. Current tea rich is met, zhejiang exhibits round, abide by justice to exhibit round, sunshine to exhibit a group to wait exceed 20 well-known tea to produce di罗湖新悦会所贴吧strict government to sleeve couplet come on stage appear, bring what produce a division formerly is high grade good tea, elegant tea implement. The bibcock tea company such as lane of the tea in big increase, Yunnan, rain forest ancient tea will gather together, reveal tea look forward to distinctive glamour. Burmese tea association, Nepalese Jiademan the tea such as tea package machine enterprise also will come round to join in succession exhibit, abound category of item on display. Science and technology and life are aesthetic, aid the industry that push tea to expand the power to show science and technology further, disentomb product of more tea aesthetic, the corresponding period of can special setting extends current tea gain meeting — tea of international of annual meeting of science and technology of industry of 2019 China tea, 2019 Shenz深圳值得去的豪华酒店hen implement exhibit with life aesthetic, for the power with new infuse of traditional tea culture. On December 9 – 13 days, learn to sponsor by Chinese tea, culture of Shenzhen city tea promotes Hua Juchen of city of meeting, Shenzhen the annual meeting of science and technology of industry of 2019 China tea that industrial limited company undertakes will be in Shenzhen international exhibition center of lake of swallow of level ground hill is held. This is first time of annual meeting of science and technology of Chinese tea industry from produce an area to walk into sell a div深圳银城水会服务ision, of the city that walks into future, innovation, of science and technology — Shenzhen. Met second year originally with ” high qual深圳商务模特高端经纪ity of course of study of the tea of science and technology that prop up develops ” for the theme, set field of branch of field of branch of two tea science and technology an深圳罗湖的环保场技师d economy of a tea, will gather together scholar of expert of global tea industry, release tea property newest trends, discuss tea industry to develop new trend. Tea of 2019 Shenzhen international implement exhibit with life aesthetic, show concentration tea implement, the tea aesthetic product such as furniture of tea space, tea, exhibit a citizen to offer an aesthetic grand ceremony to join. Gather together the whole world is pithy, make essence of life purchase platform definitely rich of tea of 2019 Shenzhen autumn can have powerful appeal and appeal power, built up 14 countries, drew 22 countries and district, include Malaysia, korea, japan, russia, the United States, australia, england, france, italy, the major of the country such as A couplet chief of a tribe, area purchases Shang Li to overlook the scene. Current tea rich is met, the top class and professional traveling trader with the ma深圳按摩水疗什么意思rke深圳桑拿水疗会所高端休闲会所t operation mode that sponsors square Hua Juchen to use maturity, accurate essence is invited make an appointment with strategy, 深圳西乡休闲会所全套increase pair of home continuously, especially Guangdong visits an area, and abroad area major purchases business extend strength, resource of industry of tea of farther integrated whole world, deepen international tea culture blend each other is connected. Exhibit during th深圳福田桑拿会所全套e meeting, the organizing committee will be dedicated to深圳桑拿情报 be global tea look forward to and purchase business to offer essence of life to purchase a service definitely, provide a convenient culture communication, information transmission, reveal those who trade is one-stop platform. Confused of wonderful tea thing is shown, creat organizing committee of global tea congress will be tasted around tea, tea art, tea implement, the catenary of tea industry entire industry such as tea space engineers a series of brand activities meticulously, lead tea the new agitation of the industry, transmission of stimulative tea culture and tea industry grow. Exhibit during the meeting, grand ceremony of 2019 China tea, ” medium teacup ” · vessel of the 9th international bear tea of star of tea Wang Sai, tea the 6th whole nation chooses art division tea of international of the 4th total final of contest · year, Shenzhen implement start a design formerly contest, .