Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Wang Zhiming of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) lead a wandering life for a long time afloat hits fishing life to l南山海韵轩技师300元et fishing one villager delicacy is rare and spare the life, but one village villager has fishing however a common interest — play basketball. The fisherman often fights with storm, those who use a fisherman is brave the test that with wisdom conquer everything comes from the sea, fishing one villager reached area of this kind of spirit in basketball. Shekou is street annual ” cease fishing cup ” basketball game already held 20 one’s remaining years, fishing one village appoint basketball team has won championship 15 times, continue to hold a title among them champion 12. Choose of village basketball field the one village of fishing of older generation of 2 acting team member the villager is natant master sportsman not only, and still be basketball athlete, so fishing one village every time when the building is transformed, field of basketball of metropolis form a complete set. Currently hold the post offishing one village appoint the Wu Wei accept of basketball team team leader, team the 2nd acting team member, be dug by generation team member on the basket field in the village namely. The likelihood is fishing acceded on the body the gene that one person has deep love for dozen of La Qiu, when with Wu Wei accept chats, what can discover he loves to basketball is crazy mad. As a child ” the book need not be read, but basketball must be hit ” he, ego discloses say ” going to school is to play a ball game ” , he is holding a basketball in the arms all the day, the playtime when going to school is hit, after school village field is hit. A 深圳淡水桑拿深圳 桑拿 论坛 蒲神 bbs酒店图片1999 night, in those深圳桑拿419按摩体验报告 days Wu Wei accept reads elementary school 6 grade, cannot handing in with what village young associate opens, generation team member threw the ball come over, “Play the game together with us! ” not be the mood that discus深圳水会有什么服务s, but the Wu Wei offer that likes to play a bal深圳罗湖环保场哪个好l game, jump罗湖 环保场 现在没了吗 at invite, attended Shekou street ” cease fishing cup ” basket ball game, this is Wu Wei accept the first play basketball game, meanwhile, he was become at that time fishing one village appoint the team member with basketball team the youngest age. Fishing one village appoint what builds basketball team? Wu Wei accept also cannot say comes, “The fisherman can have every year be as long as of a few months cease fishing period, cease fishing period cannot go into business hits fishing, basketball became spare entertainment activity, come down all the year round, every villager can play basketball, it is the villager it is a player, slowly fishing one village appoint basketball team was formed. ” 1999, generation member mostly many years old 30, physical strength is not raised gradually, they want to let fishing one village appoint basketball team inheritance goes dow深圳龙岗休闲会所全套n, the field of the village comes over via often can having children practice a ball game, their observation, choose is become here the good place of the 2nd acting member. Tacit understanding cooperates is fishing of winning a magic weapon one village appoint after from 2 generation the member is joined, the brilliant military successes of basketball team begins compose. Shekou is street 2004 hold ” cease fishing cup ” th深圳罗湖环保场668e match, fishing one village appoint basketball team sent many 2 acting team member to attend, the battle group that who tells this to contain new blood passes all the way close behead general, from 16 detachment Wu Zhong breaks through a tight encirclement, with one action seizes chief. Gain the championship this, the potential that allows the luck of captain week gold at that time to see 2 acting members reachs the hope that team gains the championship again, begin to carry then on coach responsibility, the member that lead a group begins regularity to train. Till now, team still the training method more than 10 years ago mixes continue to use rhythm, because become employee to make Ridoude go to work, so weekly end organizes 1-2 second training, training content includes drilling of movement of basic skill of iron man-a person of exceptional physical and 深圳醉仙蒲moral strength, shoot a basket, tactics to wait. Approac深圳罗湖环保js交流群h 2 acting members, coach Zhou Jinrui is not tender, on training field, on match field, should scold scold, this growl, but after end, drink together chatting travel, the cohesive affinity of team, collective honor feels, in chat drink in reaching the match, increase increasingly. “Go up competition ground, the station that we knew everybody immediately, be clear that this ball should be passed, team member can be received below, ” Wu Wei accept expresses, adjust for years, allow authority more know each other, practice gave god-given tacit understanding, be this tacit understanding, aid fishing one village appoint basketball 深圳qm社区team continues to hold a title ” cease fishing cup ” 12 champion. Present fishing one village appoint basketball team should play game of class of 3 areas city one year, so old has played game is not little, won cup is filled up with ark of one side wall, but most allow Wu Wei offer hard of dismiss from one’s mind still is fair bright ” cup of chamber of commerce ” the match. When semifinals, fishing one village appoint basketball team is r深圳哪家水疗带服务ight went up professional team of a Hong Kong, be not valued by everybody, “Our technology is good without the other side, but we have strong victory desire, the most crucial is, we cooperate unusual tacit agreement, the meaning of an an eyes, movement, can by team member accurate catch. ” between this match, fishing one village appoint basketball team is differred with large frac技师工号红牌tion of many minutes 70, won the contest. The way that 3 acting team member develop is boundless fishing one village appoint basketball team alread罗湖环保微信群y became Shekou street a famous culture brand. Play the game, clique fishing one village appoint basketball team, accurate can somewhat behead is obtained. Fishing one villager, even if is not fishing one village appoint the team member of basketball team, take share of light the lower part of the body, the other side can say definitely: “We this also has the team that support goal, the compare notes of team compare notes that should not look for an opportunity to be the same as your village. ” ” basketball church we a lot of things, go all out in work collective and consciousness of spirit, responsibility, honorary feeling, ” Wu Wei accept expresses, these things that he and team member teach them basketball projected the job lives in, formed ” insist to abandon not principle, easily, be brave in to assume responsibility ” wait character and morals a moment, basketball lets them become more and more outstanding. Now 2 acting team member mostly already many years old 30, currently hold the post ofcaptain as team, wu Wei accept already was searching 3 acting team member to try to foster. Up to now, in the team of 30 much people, the member that already had 34 95 epigenesis, but this is insufficient still, wu Wei accept and team member had tried will ” search ” limits enlarges home of friend of close kin relative to have deep love for the child that play basketball, “We hope very much fishing the basketball culture of one can inheritance goes down, but means of modern society recreation is varied, children already unlike we when love so greatly to basketball in that way. Children already unlike we when love so greatly to basketball in that way..