Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Wang Zhiming of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenz深圳罗湖新悦水会微信hen) recently, the 6th Ji Le gets SHOW to be in Shenzhen city theater of hill of the mood in art of maritime world culture is held, this theme is ” the price of the destiny and gift ” 深圳spa会所哪个好the show that take off a mouth invites two to have legend colorific character to arrive at the spot, wu Sang of ambassador of figure of travel of Lin Tingfei and person of famous motion picture, Japan regards the lavender深圳模特价格表 forest patriarch that comes from Taiwan as honored guest of give a lecture, to the spot hundreds audience shared wonderful life story. This second activity combines Liu Ya of the father, happy member that comprehend to hold the position of compere by sound museum. Happy get SHOW spot Lin Tingfei: The dream of coffee and lavender, make civil the choice that achieves surveyor’s pole to be different from an ordinary person, brought up the person means of livilihood o深圳桑拿洗浴中心论坛f surging forward with great momentum. Lin Tingfei is a girl that love daydr罗湖会所磨棒eams. Love coffee of music, love, piano teacher is held the position of in the Kaohsiung of treasure island Taiwan, the dream is to have to belong to his, also can bring people happy cafe. 18 years ago, she resigns the job, th罗湖环保微信群e saving that taking 1 million money is far from a city, the girl Zhan Hui Jun that dreams to have a lavender field with another is below the circumstance of the reason that has one side only, take out the saving of 1 million money se深圳678水疗会所 价格verally, do not close to do not have the Dashanli of indicative Taichun city new company to question mark, map in the mobile phone, left the name is ” lavender forest ” cafe. At the beginning, value this without the person ” the cafe with the most out-of-the-way Taiwan ” . “Everybody objects, we resemble eloping same, ” Lin Tingfei is recollected, in those days whole new company has 3 families only, without funds employ employee, she drives in midnight alone constantly purchase use goods, fear to come to cry out. Ripe meal of two poineering girl both neither, also do not know manage, some is warm blood of have one’s bosom filled with is mixed only regard guest as the sincerity that the friend will come to to treat. But,Lin Tingfei of lavender forest patriarch shares poineering experience, be this sincerity that is without reservation got increasing person is approbated, lavender forest also in order to exceed expectant growing rate develops ceaselessly, the initiative investment of 2 million money predicts to want ability 6 years to answer originally this, accident ground is doing poineering work the 2nd year to call in capital, begin profit. Blossom with the happiness of the four seasons that shares Dashanli to the guest that visit, flower fall, lavender forest touched urbanite heart yearns for med深圳飞机网论坛0755iumly truly — Lin Tingfei discovers, the experience that oneself do poineering work was invigorated there is the passion, men of the same line that has a dream in many hearts, she then will ” dream and courage ” the core brand concept that is lavender forest surely. “In developing a society quickly, the courage that a lot of people daydream is done not have, pass through lavender forest, we hope more person can be picked up again daydream that is brave. Even if fail, want to had tried hard only, this also won’t regret all one’s life. This also won’t regret all one’s life..  Lin Tingfei of lavender forest patriarch (right) , Zhan Huijun begins from a cafe, come 18 years, like a sapling gradually healthy and strong, open a branch to come loose leaf, lavender forest develops all the way to own 8 stature brands, business foothold pervades north深圳有哪些高端水疗会, medium, east the Taiwan article of Taiwan and Japanese Hokkaido starts post business, the tall qualitative move that inclu深圳宝安水疗哪里好玩des to promote slow life civilian model brand ” slow ” , because will reduce carbolic discharge capacity to decrease 1/16, and the green wedding brand深圳华南城附近休闲会所 that acquires the first piece of carbon of Asian to discharge footmark attestation ” the fragrant front courtyard of the heart ” , because of food safety problem ecbolic healthy meal brand ” well ” … the pride that is a Taiwanese. “Lavender forest is a very special enterprise, we all the time very expect to become what the implementation that help a person dreams to shove a hand, ” will 18 years walk along constant all the way, think of kindness from the dream, the do poineering work road of lavender forest, still go before continue. Wu Sang: ” blame sincere not faze ” cry that play, those who cry is the multiple part such as ambassador of figure of myself collect producer, actor, travel, epicure the Wu Sang at a suit is a man that has a story, tens of year exotic life place accumulates the comprehension below, let he and director Feng Xiaogang give half a little ” blame sincere not faze ” play, its are in the wonderful performance in the film, cause Japanese government attention more, suffer invite the travel figure ambassador that becomes Japan diplomatic relation to connect a province to appoint. Mulberry of this second a surname is held the position of happy draw SHOW honored guest, the spot is special arrangement is happy get Zhang Wufeng of life vice-president and associated author to be opposite to it talk, follow famous talk show ” clang clangs 3 people go ” form, free chats pleased life. A surname Sang Yule gets associated author Zhang Wufeng to talking about Wu Sang 30 much the of one mind year ago recalls a state, “Want to be able to go abroad only, I go to Somalia, Bolivia! ” Sino-Japanese at that time relation is restoring, cross day more convenient, wu Sang borrowed Yuan 南山按摩保健不正规的Fudong of 400 thousand yen to sea to uncle, began strange life. The time with Gu outer body is very hard, his around has done 39 kinds of works, once the bivouac street, drug taking that be by constabulary misunderstanding makes, because ailment falls in roadside to be sent by the ambulance,go to a hospital, mix even of father jump over ocean to communicate, also be not worth because of the telephone bill and be forced to interrupt… , “I still remember father saying: ‘ son, your what circumstance? No matter how you come back! ‘ but I do not have even the fund that buys airline ticket at that time! ” place of respecting become enamoured, wu Sang chokes with sobs slightly, red orbit. Accidental opportunity, film-making of bring into contact with of a surname mulberry, seek with Xie Jin, Zhang Yi in succession later, the famous picture person such as old paean, Jiang Wen, Hou Xiaoxian, Feng Xiaogang cooperates, resemble a laborious worker bee, tens of year consistent day ground runs for Chinese film. More than 10 years ago, in director Feng Xiaogang great kindness invites below, wu Sang goes to the front of the stage from the behind the curtain, in the film ” blame sincere not faze ” the Communist Party of China gives maiden show, perform adversary to make fun of with Ge You, Shu Qi, among them one is as long as several minutes cry play, touched several audiences, “I am to cry really at that time. Think of oneself waited for more than 20 years in Japan, suffering arrives money was not earned now, still cannot return home town, very complex mood. ” Wu Sang is in ” blame sincere not faze ” in, cry so that become enamoured is in happy get SHOW spot, wu Sang is without reservation to share heart road course: Wait for a setback through operation of business failure, melancholia, brain tumor, a few years ago with happy get president Luo Lei to be acquainted, join in then happy get, the architect that makes line of Hokkaido of · of general manager of company of the happy devoir that get day, happy explore reachs executive person, recently, he had again bring with next year of proud ─ of new capacity ─ be about to the happy Kyoto getting · of practice fastens courtyard suzerain. Tens of year the life that free and easy rises and fall, the film accompanies him to had walked along height and trough from beginning to end, zhang Wufeng spot is extemporaneous creation, with Wu Sang these year film writing is material, write into a pair of couplet, the first line of深圳桃花园休闲会所 a couplet on a scroll is: “Living Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens Ji Dagong lantern to be hanged high in red broomcorn ” , the second line of a couplet is: “La Fengzheng is windward the day with bright sunshine of life of lunar pl深圳水疗酒店预订ay dream ” , a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription: “Blame sincere not faze ” . Language of very few number, wonderful the film life that explained Wu Sang, spot noise removes enthusiastic applause. Deep ploughing 3 years, the Talk Show brand that Shenzhen has fo深圳东方雅典水疗按摩收费rce most is happy getting SHOW is happy by Shenzhen get support to build, share the public platform of good life concept. Platform holds to ” conversational world, rich life ” fixed position, invite each domain to have force, have the tell person of distinctive opinion to life, share the understanding that lives to happiness. Come near 3 years, happy get SHOW to be frequency with half an year, had held 6 season continuously, accumulate lung-power gradually, cause all walks of life extensive echo, it is Shenzhen this locality the brand of the show that take off a mouth of the most influential force. Honored guest of all previous speech comes from global, include Ma Jiahui of Hong Kong writer, ” new weekly publication ” patriarch Sun Mian, United States is top class and seaborne expert Wen Dachuan (Travis Winn) , Yang Jinlin of famous media person ever appearanced, bend mutual affection enjoys wonderful life story. Ben Jile gets SHOW compere Liu Ya this season activity, happy get SHOW to also favour gets ” Yun Xi of banyan river · ” , ” Zuo haze ” the puissant assistance of two brands. “Yun Xi of banyan river · ” the sea before be located in, present as leading role area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province is super city group, be in harmony of will artistic, vogue, zoology, science and technology at each place detail, owner not only can enjoy landscape of bay area a gleam of, still can become the member below banyan river banner to make high-end illicit enjoy a club ” banyan drive is collected ” member. ” Zuo haze ” be located at a sector of an area of Luo Hu center, it is the dining-room of makings of top class day with famous Shenzhen. In Japanese, ” Zuo ” the meaning that is birthday department; “Haze ” those who point to is the mirage on hill, mirage always waves in even taller than hill place, representing Zuo haze to expect to day the pursuit of horizontal height, have the Japanese arrange of craftsmanship so, be savour to have only, the person that loves the life is custom-built delicate.