Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 10, city town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau release index of sanitation of Shenzhen city environment to evaluated result and report of half an year June. June, index of sanitation of Shenzhen city environment is 80.98 minutes, relatively on the month rose 1.61 minutes. Among them, the spot inspects an index to notch for 82.81 minutes, dweller satisfaction spends an index to notch for 73.69 minutes, promotion extent all exceeds a percent, there was very great progress May relatively. Especially the environment such as rubbish transfer station, comfort station is healthy short board place, progress is striking, notch rate rose respectively 2.84% with 2.47% . Whole town each district each are street notch reach a rank to look, saline area, south a mountainous area courageously try to be the first, before certain room 2, roc new developed area rises continuously, jump house the 3rd, dragon China area unwillings to lag behind, cast off mat bottom. Each are street try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, sanded brilliance, seamount, south bay, civilian treat, peach source is street progress is striking, ascend body is street before the rank 10. 74 street the Communist Party of China of whole town have 56 street notch more than 80 minutes. After be being administered integratedly, environment of the village in the city happens butterfly change. Index of sanitation of Shenzhen city environment notchs on average first half of the year for 81.59 minutes. Among them, the spot inspects an index to notch for 84.52 minutes, dweller satisfaction spends an index to notch for 74.17 minutes. Long Cheng is street pick streetly first half of the year rank head head, south lake Sha He is street, street after close therewith, list 3 armour. Although rubbish collects what have a change of luck of dot, rubbish stands to notch,reach a rank not be among the best of candidates, but those who make a person delectable is, in first half of the year, these two places of every month notch be in progress, work steadily, slow and steady, environmental sanitation is improved continuously. The public toilet environment after transforming is beautiful, establishment is all ready. After March inspect a standard taller, finer, more severe, a lot of street ” defend first heart, carry a mission ” , it is difficult to greet and go up, hold to excelsior, drive environmental sanitation to manage essence of life to refine, normalization, like driving urban government and service to resemble embroider careful, conquer challenge, before exponential achievement leans continuously, for whole town environmental sanitation management was offerred but duplicate, propagable is precious experience. Half an year comes, each are whole town each district, street than learning to overtake, improve appearance of sanitation of environment of area under administration hard, enhance a citizen to happiness feels and be obtained feeling, make the throughout the country for Shenzhen city ” the cleanest city ” positive contribution force. Upgrade the rubbish transfer station after transforming and public toilet, environmental sanitation gets great improvement. New plan puts forward new requirement to manage subtly is crucial index index of sanitation of Shenzhen city environment is overall 2019 carry ascendant current, but experienced plan to adjust March, because new evaluation program inspects index each more careful, standard is rigidder, index of Shenzhen city environmental sanitation notchs appeared to glide temporarily, but the state that presents to rise steadily again after March, visible, new evaluation plan was developed very quickly lead action. Administer the ash-bin after, more environmental protection is clean. New plan optimized an index to form a structure, inspect the site the index to assign value weight by 60% rise to 80% , pay attention to street spot environment more healthful external state of affairs; Optimized the spot to inspect the weight of the place that assign a value, raise the portal place such as line of community, mainstay and rubbish transfer station, comfort station to wait short board spatial spot inspects the weight that assign a value, for example community environment is healthy notch rate come by 10.5% promotion 13% , rubbish collects what dot and rubbish have a change of luck stand to notch rate come by 9% promotion 10% , more outstanding issue is oriented; Rose to evaluate a standard, round-the-clock full period of time begins evaluation, collect a dot to make an on-the-spot investigation early, mediumly, late each to mart of trade of community, business street, market and rubbish, to of all kinds place make an on-the-spot investigation undertook be designinged more meticulously. In addition, new plan still executes gradient evaluation, will give a mark each so instead of 2 evaluations grade evaluates grade 4 times, make evaluation result more careful, should take full marks more not easy, must constantly clean, everywhere clean square but. Altogether, in new evaluation plan, be being spent subtly is the most crucial index, the purpose is to drive sanitation of whole town environment to work to be changed subtly toward establishment, exercise is changed subtly, management changes transition to upgrade subtly, make Shenzhen city into the whole nation truly the cleanest city, let citizen masses be gotten in city life more convenient, more Shu Xin, better. The public toilet washs his hands the stage is placed have brush toilet paper, wash one’s hands fluid. After new move obtains mechanism of new effect normal to be carried out into new plan of a magic weapon of get the upper hand of, city is in city is in charge of and execute the law integratedly below the guidance of the bureau, each area, street give full cooperation, catch condominium together, contrast new standard takes new move actively, accelerate in respect of environmental sanitation establishment upgrade transform a process, increase pair of society public toilets in field of public toilet management plan as a whole strength, in exercise superintendency respect strengthens standardization, intelligence to change, change subtly, environmental sanitation management and service level are higher and higher, urban environment quality is higher and higher, citizen masses satisfaction is spent taller and taller also. For instance rubbish have a change of luck stands, the spot makes an on-the-spot investigation notch rate by 69.84% rise to 78.81% , promoted nearly 10 percent; Dweller satisfaction is spent by 72.57 rise to 73.69, build in all treat the society that share to administer pattern to be being formed in all. In exponential evaluation, before emerge in large numbers gives a few ranks to lean continuously ” paradigmatic model ” , their most prominent collective place established the administrative system mechanism of a normalization namely, formed the basic level that suits street characteristic to administer mode. Long Cheng is street: The party is built lead make demonstrative model index of Long Cheng’s street first half of the year average environmental sanitation notchs for 86.74 minutes, rank a list of names posted up of half an year head, its manage and safeguard mode to deserve whole town each market moralistic be used to. Since evaluation of environmental sanitation index is carried out, long Cheng is street already gained the championship for many times. As we have learned, as the area outside former special zone, although suffer the inadequacy of environment of a priori of history of be confined to and condition, dan Longcheng is street unwilling to lag behind, in recent years top-ranking to mark international the city zone, in order to build ” urban new sitting room ” the target is fixed position, ceaseless strong base, fill short board, had read aloud ” constant (normalization) , complete (enclothe completely) , essence of life (change subtly) , severe (severe execute the law) ” 4 words classics, make character of environment of area under administration wins remarkable promotion, dweller satisfaction is spent and happy index rises increasingly. This among them, normalization management is the crucial essential factor that environmental character promotes. Long Cheng is street build with the party to lead, environmental character promotion serves as ” a party to an undertaking ” project, held water to be versed in with the party appoint the leader group of clerical assume leadership, promote the job to include street team conference fixed topic for discussion environmental quality, listen to point of job of case report, deploy every week, condense each unit force at the same time, built enclothe completely, whole process, round-the-clock lasting effect manages a mechanism. South the lake is street: Stereo change mode to highlight effect the index of average environmental sanitation with the street lake austral first half of the year notchs for 85.34 minutes, rank pop chart of half an year the 2nd. As density of a population big, trade developeds, the old the city zone with old old much house, in recent years south street and active exploration builds the lake ” urban government is stereo change ” mode, accomplish ” main body, element, assessment ” 3 stereo change. Pass adult of clear responsibility, reseau management, form to fasten namely, implementation ” main body is stereo change ” , solve ” who will work ” problem; Manage by different levels through hardware element, difficulty of management of software team agglomeration, key is solved in time, implementation ” element is stereo change ” , solve ” how to work ” problem; Supervise through aggrandizement, quantify assessment, wisdom to turn management, implementation ” assessment is stereo change ” , solve ” how had worked ” problem. Carry out oneself stereo since changing pattern, south sanitation of environment of street the appearance of a city improves the lake significantly, achievement of environmental sanitation index also ranks front row continuously. Sha He is street: “3 words bid farewell ” tamp foundation hurried promotes index of Sha He’s street first half of the year average environmental sanitation to notch for 85.25 minutes, rank pop chart of half an year the 3rd. Sha He is street since last year, take character of environment of the appearance of a city seriously to promote the work increasingly, insist to be baton with environmental sanitation index, learn way of experience of outstanding area, market actively, next great strength are caught short board filling weak sports, promote environment of area under administration quality steadily, with ” 3 words bid farewell ” disease of dense of the village in punish city: Have sth in mind ” clean ” word, wholesome to lane of the alleyway inside the village blind angle, sundry pile up in disorder, share the problem such as bicycle random park to be begun in the round comb; Buckle closely ” free ” word, through delimiting the inn that set the door is managed ” Huang Xian ” , implement system of red yellow shop sign, strengthen line exceeding the door to manage punish; Outstanding ” neat ” word, strong thrust enters the village in the city ” cut reticle ” the action, with all possible means join forces solves the village in the city ” cobweb ” dense disease, great improved appearance of city of the appearance of a city of area under administration. 5 ask 5 answer index of sanitation of the environment that uncover secret asks: Portion evaluation program undertook in March 2019 bigger alter, why should do these modification? City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau: After executive index evaluates two years, appearance of sanitation of whole town environment produced tremendous change, the index notchs ceaseless innovation is tall, evaluation program also ought to with when all is entered, raise taller, finer requirement to sanitation of whole town environment, use at coaching sanitation of whole town environment manages to go to standardization, careful change, intelligence changes development. Ask: After plan is revised, whether to achieve expectant result? City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau: From the environmental sanitation of nearly 4 months the index notchs in light of, plan achieved expectant result basically. On one hand, the field place with not quite elaborate government of partial environment sanitation notchs below system of new evaluation quota glide significantly, for instance crossover passageway notchs rate by 95% the left and right sides falls to 85% the left and right sides, the level that shows new evaluation plan grabbed the pain spot with environmental sanitation not quite at present elaborate government really; On the other hand, made an on-the-spot investigation to the spot of of all kinds June place March notch rate is constant rise, environmental sanitation appearance promotes further, for instance rubbish transfer station notchs rate by 69.84% rise to 78.81% , the quota system that explains new evaluation program is meticulous can coach management department of area under administration searchs to promote the job orientation definitely effectively. Ask: Does the index evaluate this to cover systematic science? Index whether is the environmental sanitation with accurate street report actual circumstance? City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau: Adopt two years of much practice, it is more scientific that we think the index evaluates this to cover a system. Because evaluation adopts the means that samples randomly to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, odd from a month notch success looks, the index may be met to street evaluation and rank the one-sided sex with constant presence, but spend from longer time dimension for instance 3 months, half an year looks, the index can mirror street environmental sanitation well and truly actual condition, notch rank condition is fundamental the circumstance with daily examination is consistent. Ask: Citizen, street pay close attention to an index very much, how to make sure tripartite evaluates the objective and just sex of the group? City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau: Introduced an index to evaluate information management system 2019, when make an on-the-spot investigation requirement evaluation group is executed make an on-the-spot investigation place and inspect personnel ” double random ” , undertake to inspecting personnel real time locates, all right inspecting a need upload the spot to inspect photograph and recording, the source such as these photographs and recording, all to each street and open. Evaluation group can occupy examine and verify, setting to contrast through number the multistage examine and verify such as check of group, unusual situation assures to evaluate data to not have by accident. In addition, place of city environmental sanitation will be nonsked dog randomly selective examination evaluation process evaluates just sex with assuring, also welcome each street with citizen masses whole to evaluation process undertakes supervisory guidance. Ask: Is exponential evaluation versed in this is oppose street whether to have measure of rewards and punishment? City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau: Evaluation of index of sanitation of Shenzhen city environment is not governmental assessment project, it is an objective evaluation work that begins by group of tripartite evaluation, so its itself does not contain mechanism of rewards and punishment. But there can be partial index to cite in governmental performance assessment the index evaluates a result, use at be opposite each area (new developed area) assessment. Each area (new developed area) , street and same also but whether does write one’s own ticket use an index to evaluate a result to be used at the assessment to enterprise of street, environmental sanitation. Besides, also in a planned way holds the spot to meet, to the index evaluation notchs for a long time before leaning street undertake commending. Evaluation of index of comfort station environment released the hill austral bright saline as a result in June public toilet character promotes firm Ju Sanjia again first half of the year on July 10, city town manages and execute the law integratedly bureau synchronism releases index of comfort station environment of whole June town to evaluate result. Cent of must of index of Shenzhen city comfort station environment was 81.07 minutes in June, annulus compares promotion 2.47 minutes. Among them, hardware is safeguarded notch for 30.13 minutes (full marks 32 minutes) , promoted 0.2 minutes, bao Jie management notchs for 50.08 minutes (full marks 68 minutes) , promoted 2.42 minutes, character of sanitation of public toilet environment promotes continuously. Rank respect, bright, saline, south hill before 3 divisional row area under administration 3 armour, the airport, port, subway divides before arranging a trade 3 armour. Bright, saline, south hill 3 areas already for many times ” bully a list of names posted up ” before 3, “Overlord ” positional hard-earned. As we have learned, saline, bright two areas already were finished last year of all kinds the public toilet promotion of kind of industry is transformed, south a mountainous area advance whole area public toilet more actively to transform a project, made similar Li sweet park public toilet, south a batch of high quality public toilets such as public toilet of hill market public toilet, train west station. On the foundation that 3 areas perfect in hardware establishment, the spirit that strengthens pair of public toilets further refines management, realized double promotion of public toilet hardware and level of management thereby. Superintend strength to increase apparently with judging hurried to change effect to highlight a public toilet this year first half of the year, city town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly the bureau is right program of evaluation of index of environment of our city public toilet undertook correcting, the evaluation index of new edition plan is clear about palpability, to the public toilet demand of the quality that protect clean is mixed very strictly specific, meticulous be like ” lavatory inside the rubbish of ash-bin does not exceed 2/3 ” , ” every lavatory all offer paper towel freely ” , ” urinal of the type that open slot must not be divided ” etc, to the public toilet construction and management have clear direct effect. Evaluate in index of public toilet environment ” baton ” below action, our city ” toilet revolution ” deepen further. Up to now, the our city already was transformed finish 1843 public toilets, the public toilet establishment after transforming is concise and perfect, easy, promoted civilization to use the toilet habitual nurturance already, eased the pressure of Bao Jie management again. In active evaluation program, bao Jie managed the fractional authority of kind of index to heft 68% , it is the critical factor that influence evaluation always notchs. To raise a public toilet index of Bao Jie government notchs, each area, street the supervisory examination that all strengthened day-to-day to the public toilet management with industry director branch, requirement responsibility unit evaluates a standard to have the Bao Jie government of the public toilet to mark, rectify and reform to discovering the problem that management does not reach the designated position to supervise and direct, did not rectify and reform by the requirement still take condemnatory step according to relevant provision, can of public toilet superintendency strength says ” history on the most severe ” . Human nature changes a service to promote the most apparent evaluation nearly 9 offer into the toilet wash one’s hands fluid is mixed in area under administration of the industry catch condominium together, environment of public toilet of our city each industry defends unripe level to get clear improvement. It is with port and subway exemple, the public toilet transforms what already made two trades respectively ” a project ” . As we have learned, our city port already finished promotion of hardware of 61 public toilets, turn round port public toilet thoroughly ” dirty chaos is smelly ” figure; And subway public toilet is in group by group construction, predict to be transformed this year end, realize about-face of public toilet figure. First half of the year character of public toilet environment promotes in, the change is the most outstanding, let a citizen experience the most intense, rise when what belong to public toilet human nature to change service standard. In 1110 public toilets of whole town that assessed June, the public toilet of 86.75% is offerred freely wash one’s hands fluid, the public toilet of 45% is in lavatory inside offer paper towel freely, the public toilet of 31% above is in every lavatory installed link up with, put content board and safe rider, relatively all raised 10-18 March percent, true accomplish reflect humanitarian consideration from detail place, let a citizen eliminate hard ” on comfort station should take paper towel oneself, wash one’s hands not complete, vade mecum tastes cleanness nowhere is placed ” wait for apprehension, complete change is inherent use the toilet an experience. City town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau concerned chief expresses, whole, our city comfort station had had good hardware base, next, turn those who increase strength to drive a public toilet management subtly, strengthen the conduct propaganda that uses the toilet to civilization. Through elevating citizen civilization wholesome consciousness ceaselessly, advocate the whole people to participate in, Qi Zhi is shared, make the high quality public toilet environment that makes a citizen satisfactory with all one’s strength.