Net of Pu Dian of Shenzhen of · of end of client seeing Zhen on December 4, 2019 dispatch (reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen Wu Yingmin) the serious talk that carries out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to develop about advancing media deepness confluence for development study and important directive spirit, the informatization standard that promotes the whole nation cable industry media further and technical innovation ability, china signs up for trade association to held 2019 China to sign up for industry technology annual meeting at Fuzhou on December 4, come from the company of company of People’s Daily company, liberation army newspaper office, bright daily, China Daily media central, each industry group of trade of cable of class of city of newspaper and each provincial group signing up for course of study, part and industry techn深圳蒲神改名big深时代论坛ology company add up to many 250 technology represents copolymerization banyan, in all the new move that confluence of industry of cable of business new era develops, new experience. That day, “Project of confluence of media of Chinese cable industry is outstanding case ” ” enterprise of innovation of technology of industry of 2019 China cable ” ” talent of innovation of technology of industry of 2019 China cable ” ” 2019 whole nations sign up for course of study outstanding technology worker ” and ” the 5th China signs up for course of study worker of 10 beautiful technology ” . Delegate of bear the palm appears on the stage to get award Shenzhen to sign up for comrade of laurel of trade group Ding Fang to have the honor to win ” the 5th China signs up for course of study worker of 10 beautiful technology ” title, of the many comrade compose such as laurel of Ding Fang of group of Shenzhen cable trade ” the application of big data and technology of public feelings analysi深圳观澜休闲会所口吹s in media industry and implementation ” the paper is had the honor to win ” first prize of paper of annual meeting of technology of industry of 2019 China cable ” ; ” the Chinese news text that is based on deepness nerve network classifies a method ” the paper is had the honor to win ” award of third class of paper of annual meeting of technology of industry 华南城海豚湾休闲会所of 2019 China cable ” ; ” text classification technology is signing up for the application in system of customer service of intelligence of course of study ” the paper is had the honor to win ” paper of annual meeting of technology of industry of 2019 China 深圳西乡休闲会所全套cable is excellent award ” . Session, china signs up for Zhang Jianxing of trade association director to deliver written speech technically. Zhang Jianxing points out, of media change and develop, it is with the times spring tide travels together, with the technology innovation is entered together. From ” mouth and ear ” arrive ” lead and fire ” , arrive 什么是红牌技师again ” light and report ” ” number and net ” , the every time of IT is great progress, what all without exception brings transmission kind is great jump litre, the great promotion of media configu深圳太平洋水疗会所公司ration. Current, the new technology such as catenary of net of couplet of computation of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, content, 5G, area piece is swift and violent develop, ecbolic a whole journey media, holographic media of media, full a media, full effect, bring about way of setup of public opinion zoology, media, transmission to produce profound change, working face of news public opinion faces new challenge. This year on January 25, xi Jinping’s secretary-general chairs the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China布吉按摩包吹 dozenth it is important that second collective studies intercurrent list speech, put forward to want to manage information revolution gain, drive media confluence to 深圳陪游信息develop to depth. This raised taller requirement to signing up for industry technology worker, the task is formidable, mission glory. Hope everybody attending the meeting expert and technical personnel, learn the serious talk spirit of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general seriously, around annual m深圳桑拿419按摩体验报告eeting theme, discuss sufficient communication, extensively, hold technical trend, carry a technology sensitive, let new technology be endowed with better can media is shi深圳洗浴中心最开放的服务rt-sleeve, write the brand-new canto of entire media times. China signs up for congress of Hu Xianqin of trade association deputy secretary-general to sponsor square speech, he expresses, this second technology annual meeting with ” shirt-sleeve? Wisdom? Mobile? Safe ” as the the罗湖会所磨棒me, already hit the point the point that technique signing up for course of study works, responded to worker of broad technology signing up for course of study again accuse sue for peace is deeply concerned. Confluence is our implementation ” raise flag, get together new personality of common feelings of people, Yo, promote culture, extend form ” the only way of mission task, it is the arduous project that implements shirt-sleeve development; Wisdom is the active practice that has sex of the look up before actuality is mixed at the same time, it is to fulfil ” use artificial intelligence collect in news, production, distribute, receive, in feedback, increase capacity of public opinion guiding in the round ” active exploration; Hold to mobile and first strategy, make mainstream media have the aid of mobile travel, firmly holds transmission commanding elevation, it is clear shirt-sleeve development path; Safety is the cornerstone that technique signing up for course of study works, it is to defend ideological safety, promotion technology controls net ability standard, normative data resource is used, 深圳外围经纪微信群be on guard the core important or urgent business of new technology risk. He hopes, china signs up for assist technical committee holds to ” big solidarity, discuss a major issue, do real issue, hurried to develop ” , insist to disentomb deep, advanced experience is mixed inside promotion line of business typical case, for the whole nation colleague of technology signing up for course of study makes good service, initiate China to sign up for new phase of industry technology work ceaselessly. Fujian provincial Party committee publicizes a deputy floorw深圳桑拿福田快点8alker Zhuo Shaofeng to sign up for industry technology colleague to arrive at Fujian to express to welcome to the whole nation. He says, height of Fujian provincial Party committee takes media confluence seriously to develop, at Wei country the secretary visited a part early or late unit of the news is stationed in Fujian central and province are main news unit, the serious talk spirit that learns Xi Jinping’s secretary-general jointly with news media chief, in all the move of train of thought that business Fujian drives media deepness confluence. Standing committee of provincial Party committee holds special subject meeting a few times, study deploy saves media confluence to work completely. Unit of news of complete province each district fulfils central decision-making deploy seriously, according to requirement of provincial Party committee, advance media confluence actively to develop, exploration confluence develops way, the respect such as skill of construction of Cheng, platform, talent flows to quicken shirt-sleeve pace in mechanism of design concept, system, production, make transmission high-quality goods with all one’s strength, enlarge po深圳市罗湖区环保局sition of mainstream public opinion. Fujian daily signs up for Pan Xianjiang of trade group deputy editor in chief to think, in new media times, the newspaper office should take a technology seriously to lead highly, to the technology innovation maintains vigilant He Min to feel, want to let a technology take forward stand from tiring-room, become a newspaper office to drive the fundamental strength of shirt-sleeve development. This year January, fujian daily signed up for trade group leading Party group to undertake reform to technical team, realized unifinication to run. Rely on the technical group after recombining, newspaper office general is collected to original paper intermediary make up system and stage of mobile Duan Ping to undertake updating transforming, unite technical framework, shift of bus罗湖会所磨棒iness of implementation media core is changed, form have Fujian daily distinguishing feature, market director attempers, media of plan of selection of subject, be in harmony is collected make up send the platform of entire media confluence that is an organic whole. In addition, attend the meeting other leader and delegate express in succession, will deepen media confluence ceaselessly in new historical period, consolidate and promote technology signing up for course of study the standard, continue to develop party newspaper to lead action, make larger contribution for the career of news public opinion of the party.