Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To promote children friendly model the construction of community, the environmental protection consciousness of aggrandizement dweller and the beautification that take community environment seriously, reduce behavior of rubbish be born, on July 6, 2019 morning, party of community of Party committee of green scene community, green scene group service center and than Hua Lishan village people property manages the environmental protection well that at Bihuali mountain villa began children to love to cover picture doodle activity.  The activity arranged knowledge to explain, well lid draws doodle two link. Above all, company project introduces rubbish to the participant not be born and the knowledge that rubbish classifies, interact through the spot interlocution form, children can answer a rubbish correctly to have can reclaim rubbish, other rubbish, hutch beyond rubbish and the classification such as harmful rubbish, can distinguish the rubbish of common article in the life puts in, if expire,medicines and chemical reagents and batteries belong to harmful rubbish, newspaper, books written in ancient times is belonged to can reclaim rubbish, butt and had used paper towel belong to other rubbish, to incomplete branch fallen leaves, partial children answer belongs to other rubbish, the company is versed in patient ground explains: “Because incomplete branch fallen leaves can be decomposed, the meeting is attributive to hutch more than rubbish. ” hope participants are in accomplish rubbish not be born while, do good rubbish to classify the job.  Then, environmental protection theme draws link began, the design of environmental protection theme that a basis prepares child and parent, look for good well lid, color of absorption and serious composition of a picture, meticulous fill, meticulous ground handles each painterly process, through the effort of near two many hours, the road of low carbon, rubbish not be born, managing use the design such as cartoon of water, figure to appear with report, originally gloomy and depressing well lid, become lively through a doodle rise, cause associate with dweller stop to watch and praise. This the activity draws doodle shape through well lid, advocate community dweller to participate in rubbish do not come in the action of environment of community of be born and rubbish classification, beautification, let community become more beautiful beautiful, more stimulative children is friendly model the construction of community, let the child share community environment work.    


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