Mention Shenzhen everybody is the first impression in brain what? Be ” coming is Shenzhen person, will do a volunteer ” or ” the city of 1000 garden ” or ” is Shenzhen blue ” ” national forest city ” besides民治mm国际水会好玩吗 what temperament does Shenzhen still have? Be science and technology innovation temperament st深圳佰纳休闲会所推油ill has a dream struggling temperament wants small make up say to still have ” most Internet ” the city is temperamental! Shenzhen next year will realize 5G radical to stand to enclothe more than 150 completely in August ” the second is approved ” , 460 multinomial ” do not meet to examine and approve ” , government affairs serves by ” do on the net ” to ” do on the palm ” outspread wisdom alarm environmental protection of traffic of Wu, wisdom, wisdom drives a service to promote greatly with small cut, drive wisdom continuously city and ” digital government ” construction. . . . . . Shenzhen serves as ” most Internet ” city, it is the develop a school of one’s own in the network environment in flourishing of such a blossom everywhere more, advantage of sufficient play oneself forgings the network new weather that gives to match with photograph of urban temperament, fixed position. To reveal Shenzhen 2019 year are excellent the network is typical, release example demonstrative action, promote a network energy, form contend for photograph compose new era, everybody to travel the vivid atmosphere of energy, emerge as the times require of Shenzhen network grand ceremony. IBC is round-the-world on December 5 tomorrow 2019 Shenzhen of · of energy of Zhen of Mall of business affairs center network grand ceremony will as agreed upon and to the network festival that is known as Shenzhen深圳邪骨包吹 person, what hotspot does this grand ceremony have? Small make up take you to delimit one by one key! Commend innovation, drive excellent service to upgrade to reflect netizen volition and public praise adequately 2019 is China receives internet 25 years in the round, according to 2019 China Internet progress report shows, dimensions of user of Chinese mobile Internet has exceeded 854 million, became the Internet big state of be worthy of. In travel at double speed of these 25 years of harships, chinese Internet changes with seeking go ahead of the rest, the courage that innovation dare be, made the network that accords with Chinese national condition develop pattern, came true from ” the person that introduce ” to ” the person that lead ” decay, the foundation that lets Internet make a society is propped up and force, played network age most ictus. This year, grand ceremony of network of the 2nd Shenzhen will with 深圳水立方水疗会所” go ahead of the rest of carry out travel sets an example to build beautiful bay division in all ” for the theme, a series of network year check mix open selection activity. From netizen, media and professional perspective, dig the person that makes innovation sex, revolutionary contribution in network transmission, commend to urge the Xin Rui force that consumption upgrades to be built with the society in order to innovate with excellent service, to have a period idiosyncratic example nods assist. Have the large year check of consequence and public letter force quite through Chinese Internet industry more, make have force most, can reflect netizen volition and public praise adequately most, can deliver majo南山区哪里可以嫖r to consume grand ceremony of how-to a network most. This year, shenzhen Internet industry is multiplied situation and on, strenuous enterprising, great achievements again and again. Media confluence development is accelerated, all sorts of agency natural resources, factor of production is effective and integrated, implemented measure of terminal of information content, technology application, platform, government in all each other of be in harmony is connected… Shenzhen solid adv深圳会所论坛ance, the award that change of high-quality goods of media of whole town network gives this grand ceremony what to have? Seeing prize of culture of network of city of Shenzhen of prize of culture of network of ▼ Shenzhe罗湖明珠和新悦哪个好n city downward then together is to promote Shenzhen city network culture is built, build space of network of cool and bright, encourage worker of media of whole town network to explore a network actively to 深圳春风路按摩好地方transmit the rule, raise a network to edit the level that make and network work quality, also be to inspect media of our city network to transmit working achievement and outstanding achievement in the network in the round, and the year award that sets by association of media of Shenzhen city network. Thirteenth prize of culture of Shenzhen city network set 6 award it is respectively: Award of innovation 观澜金色田园服务项目of product of award of activity of commonweal of the decide on awards through discussion when year transmits network of innovation award, year, year, year, year 10 have force most greatly from media, year network of year of Shenzhen of netizen of energy of 10 beautiful Zhen 10 important matter深圳欧式环保按摩s serve as energy ” most Internet ” city, in Shenzhen this is full of ” energy ” on network position, emerge every year reveal lots and lots of is in deepness carry out goes the touching story in process of socialistic core viewpoint of value and beautiful instant. Zhen energy regards a vigour as full vocabulary, extensive collection the dash of the bottom gas of social healthy atmosphere, just courage, young spark, justice, speak out from a sense of justice. 2019, shenzhen year network energy the selection of 10 important matters, also hope to promote mainstream value further just about, sing noisy Shenzhen nice voice, network of the Shenzhen that nod assist energy. 2018 networks of ▲ ‘ Zhen energy ‘ network of year of Shenzhen of 10 big event answers politics the way that Internet of 10 beautiful unit changed people to live, also improved the mode that the government works at the same time. Shenzhen cattail was in charge of 2012 net ” the network answers politics platform ” go up formally line, rolled out after correcting 2018 ” ask politics Shenzhen ” column, become citizen netizen and Party committee government between witting public feelings, induct the popular wishes, bridge that resolves civilian concern and ligament, with 深圳月畔湾桑拿推油Shenzhen small gain releases hall to hand in photograph reflect, formed ask politics answer politics perfect closed circuit. This road is made public to go up in the network, shenzhen strode pace to undertake bold but cautiously multidimensional spent attempt and exploration. 2018 responses network asks ▼ politics netizen of year of Shenzhen of 1南山金丽园可以爱爱吗0 beautiful unit most love happiness street in the matrix of various and public service that is in Shenzhen, street and OK saying is as vivid as person the people’s livelihood most press close to, most the one annulus that ground connection enrages. In the strategic fixed position with brand-new Shenzhen, surveyor’s pole of happiness of the people’s livelihood became a keyword, happy definition is early it is thus clear that the label that had stuck a mission. Back and belly does not have the ultimate goal that care has been people pursuit happiness no longer, grade has qualitative feeling just is the new surveyor’s pole that new era measures people living standard. Golden cup silver cup, be inferior to the public praise of masses. 2019 Shenzhen of Zhen energy · network grand ceremony from Shenzhen whole town 74 street in the sieve singled out 20, final course polls and expert opinion collect, gave Shenzhen netizen certainly most like happy and street roll, tomorrow, expect to issue these street happy recipe together. ▼ 2018 most the technology with advanced Internet of open and outstanding unit applies the government administration of year of 10 big happy and street Shenzhen that gets a netizen to love, promoted social level of management and service efficiency, the innovation sex that drove a society to administer a territory develops. Of Internet gain ground, promoted governmental information to make public, increased the public to share the strength that the society administers, perfected the communication channel between government and masses, promoted social government to cooperate with efficiency, timely response society is deeply concerned, dissolve social contradiction effectively. Government affairs made public degree to also become a vane that measures job of Party and goverment offi深圳678水疗会所 价格cials to serve a level. Grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network will announce Zhen energy · tomorrow the veil that Shenzhen year government affairs makes public outstanding unit! Outstanding government affairs serves Shenzhen year before the result that new media publishs in government affairs, must carry increasingly the open channel of diversity, and among them a team of develop a new style or a new method of one’s own is government affairs new media. Be familiar with from everybody ” two small one aspect of the matter ” , share platform, frequency platform to wait to nearsightedness frequency platform, knowledge, amount the government affairs new media of diversity of numerous, type, abounded the way that government affairs makes public, also become the new channel of masses of press close to, service masses. One batch must be carried to be enraged for Shenzhen wind Qing Dynasty here the new medium that network space makes contribution — outstanding government affairs serves Shenzhen year new media, be what have the new media a list of names posted up of innovation spirit, spirit of working in earnest to go up after all famous? Shenzhen year is public serve public praise award one year this, interact through network and netizen, service of numerous the people’s livelihood allows Shenzhen inside and it is masses of formally press close to, difficult to discharge care to solve for masses, behave bright look. Grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network will issue Zhen energy · Shenzhen year is public award of service public praise, let us greet together those units that place service consciousness in the first place from beginning to end and orgnaization. Award of innovation of servive routine of Shenzhen year government affairs from ” foretaste of go ahead of the rest ” to ” go ahead of the rest sets an example ” , “Shenzhen miracle ” since profit from new China holds water 70 years, the Chinese characteristic socialism of surging forward with great momentum is built, especially the great practice of reforming and opening. Innovation is progress of Shenzhen economy society ” core password ” . Carrying this inherent innovation gene, the government affairs servive routine of Shenzhen also incisively and vividly of deductive of this latent capacity. Award of innovation of servive routine of the people’s livelihood of Shenzhen year basic level is go ahead of the rest of development thought respect to set an example with people all right in carry out, it is the historical mission of Shenzhen, politics mission. Through indefatigable effort, each big field construction handed over Shenzhen the people’s livelihood excellent report. 2019 Shenzhen of Zhen energy · network grand ceremony, award of innovation of servive routine of the people’s livelihood of Shenzhen year basic level this award reward the unit that makes outstanding contribution for service of basic level the people’s livelihood just about, tomorrow, the answer will be announced formally! Media of be in harmony of Shenzhen year government affairs is outstanding the new way that worker has a new form to becoming Shenzhen media to publicize the job in innovation of servive routine of basic level the people’s livelihood, that is media of be in harmony. On September 4, center of media of be in harmony of class of the first batch of districts of Shenzhen city uncovers a shop sign centrally, height of Shenzhen munici深圳福田丝足会所排名pal Party committee takes center of media of area class be in harmony seriously to build, already included key of city, area reforms a project this year, also serve as at the same time ” Shenzhen culture innovation develops 2020 ” a key works. Promote center of media of each area be in harmony highest to mark, best, best, make center of media of be in harmony of class of our city area takes advanced line hard, with city class media together, for go ahead of the rest of socialism of characteristic of Shenzhen construction China demonstrative area provides strong public opinion safeguard. Of center of media of data chart be in harmony built pair of media worker to put forward to renew higher demand, the media with good Shenzhen publicizes an environment also the worker of media of be in harmony that rely on wears a batch to love study, love to innovate. They are position of Shenzhen front public opinion of foremost edge ” soldier ” , with pen, camera, camera and computer, revealed for us as worker of media of new era be in harmony, also can have the technical ability of practitioner of no less than professional news media. They are the person that the ammo of energy news is offerred, also be the partner with mainstream best media. 2019 Shenzhen of Zhen energy · network grand ceremony, tomorrow, we are these most angel serves us the most cordial applause! Mining shows outstanding pattern, release example demonstrative action深圳qm体验区 adequately, enlarge mainstream value and consequence domain, let the sound of energy is passed more, pass more widely, pass deeper! This grand ceremony will let us expect together tomorrow! Wonderful blossom! Content edits: Careful of bridge school: Shi Xiang east reprint make clear please