Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To strengthen community better the study of daily finance knowledge, the financial bilk that raises better is on guard ability, on July 8 afternoon, below the support of Party committee of community of big pool dragon, party of community of big pool dragon group the service center was begun ” travel together with me ” financial disappear defends intellectual chair. This second activity, company project turns over false expert to explain financial disappear to protect knowledge for community better through inviting Shenzhen to build bank finance money. Bank expert carries common real case, use straightaway means, from prevent telecommunication to collect money bilk, illegally, the campus network loan, old people that washs money to wait to just face the spot instead explained to be on guard relevantly financial bilk knowledge. In the meantime, the skill that still explained RMB true and false to discriminate to old people. Mobile spot, better people whole situation throws the ground serious listen to a talk, share the similar incident that happens beside oneself actively, still consult the financial knowledge of other to bank clerk finally. Carry this activity begin, the financial venture consciousness of old people of farther aggrandizement community, promote the management of risk of consumption of senile group finance capability.


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