Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Summer rain fine, wet smooth bank is broad, victoria harbour image is picturesque, romantic still; At nightfall, the high buildings and large mansions of row upon row of illumes in succession, the ocean of the world of water, lamp, project the sight with an one magnificent clique. Right now: Jin Zijing spends infinite beauty, atmosphere of prosperity of big bay area is new; At the moment: Hong Kong is returning to the motherland 22 years, the dream expands from inside the heart, the dream is outspread below the foot. South collect lake people piece area, it may be said is complete Shenzhen is close to the place with Hong Kong and harbor the greatest flavour most, the dining-room of harbor type tea that spreads all over from here, Shenzhen that makes according to Hong Kong style is the earliest building of commodity of a batch of high levels is OK know a little about. Market research shows, south the people of collect lake area piece the person that area Hong Kong buys a house is occupied than be close to even 50% . ” want much arrange to develop simultaneously benefit the people’s livelihood, with civilian be hoped to be administration place to; Should from supply side? Force fills short board benefit the people’s livelihood, enhance the people to obtain safety of feeling happiness feeling to feel. ” member of vice director of standing committee of Shenzhen city National People’s Congress, leading Party group, collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao expresses. Luo Hu and close of predestined relationship of Hong Kong ground, popularity dates, landscape is linked together, roam daily, connection of two ground port is most close, cross-strait people with drink one river water, also be the Hongkong’s person comes of course of study of close life buy important ” base area ” . Luo Hu and Hong Kong already formed a kind of natural adjacent collaboration to concern, have what attach most importance to bit of exploration to build confluence of deep harbor society to expand demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest with domain of the people’s livelihood to liberal foundation. Place of HongKong and Macow needs Luo Hu can bay area place to what regard coupling as Hong Kong and inland ” the first important place ” , since building a division 40 years, luo Hu developed a domain to begin much work in coordination in the society. Development of Luo Hu area and reform bureau disclosed to our newspaper reporter recently, to fulfil construction better confluence of deep harbor society expands the job of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest, highest to mark international best and best, butt joint ” place of HongKong and Macow needs, Luo Hu can, bay area place to ” , luo Hu passes infrastructure ” hard UniCom ” with system mechanism ” soft UniCom ” , will strengthen deep harbor to make overall plans design, wait for what confluence of deepness of heat of domain of the people’s livelihood pushs relevant work to begin with education, medical treatment, provide for the aged, culture communication. ” the group of high grade life that makes construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province appropriate reside appropriate of appropriate course of study to swim is new era ” one nation ” the project of great common feelings of people that great conception carries out Fu Zhu practice, successfully, it is implementation those who promote economic growth and Hui Min project is national strategy, specific reflect. In the meantime, in blend in with the improvement in development the people’s livelihood, people of HongKong and Macow letting another name for Guangdong Province has obtain really feeling, be helpful for area of advanced to mark international bay, accelerate form big bay area to be built in all treat in all share a society to administer new structure. ” Chen Chunsheng of dean of academy of development of HongKong and Macow of secretary of Zhongshan university Party committee, another name for Guangdong Province thinks. The epitome that the care crosses confluence of deepness of society of condition schoolchild deep harbor ” I live in Luo Hu near port, receive to go to the lavatory send a child to go to school, the village that I stay in almost half resident is Hong Kong dweller, often perhaps should come and go the person of deep harbor. ” Miss Li that live in Luo Hu and works says. Crossing condition schoolchild to be able to say is deep harbor an epitome of confluence of two ground deepness, data shows, in the family of nearly 100 thousand Hongkong’s person that lives in Shenzhen, everyday more than 20000 cross condition schoolchild to go to school to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, among them nearly 10 thousand people from pass through the territory of a country of Luo Hu port. According to reporter understanding, luo Hu in recent years since, various and harmonious solution crosses condition children to connect definitely involve an issue, paralell connection joins edge check department, for discrepancy more than 2000 of Wen Jindu port cross condition schoolchild to offer convenient close, safe safeguard ” the place is bit righter ” special service; Built ” restful schoolchild serves a line ” , public security, custom, schoolchild serves the force such as company, justice labour to cooperate linkage, connect in order to cross condition schoolchild to provide security jointly involve an environment. The field develops in confluence of deep harbor society, luo Hu takes advanced line all the time. 2007, luo Hu established the whole nation the first is crossed condition schoolchild and cross place family to serve an orgnaization — ” Luo Hu area crosses condition schoolchild service center ” , make the model that confluence of deep harbor society develops. And company of service of society of Hong Kong international begins from 2006, hold every year in col of Shenzhen collect lake cross education of condition schoolchild Hong Kong to exhibit, the school that invites area of Hong Kong new Territories is established exhibit, introduce the system of education of Hong Kong and curricular data. Through practice exploration of more than 10 years, effective prize deep harbor natural resources of two ground society, agglomeration attention steps the social power that condition schoolchild grows, offer patriotic love harbor, law to seek advice to cross condition schoolchild and front courtyard of harbor other people, close child education, the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character groom course. ” up to now, begin in all cross condition schoolchild and parent skill to groom more than 3400, close child the activity is close 2000, family of service Hongkong’s person 100 thousand more than person-time. ” cross controller of condition schoolchild service center to express. Build educational natural resources to depict bay area learning to share blue print to undertake to having educational resource effective conformity is used in all, build in all share, compose establishs the mechanism of deep harbor collaboration with efficient system, will promote deep harbor culture to communicate the each other ancient bronze mirror, motivation that encircles in a steady stream to provide a system ceaselessly for high grade life and vigor. And south Chen Lianjun of assistant dean of university Marxism college thinks: ” connotation of culture of whole of promotion bay area, want to promote HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province quality of education of big bay area above all. The university is the inheritance ground of social engine and culture, want to learn the world’s advanced education concept, take on education the nation revives the age newlywed person of important task develops way as education. ” this year, research center of development of bureau of education of collect lake area, area finishs feasibility of project of college of city of HongKong and Macow of construction another name for Guangdong Province to study a report jointly with university of Shenzhen broadcasting television, already signed up for city relevant department to discuss. The reporter teachs bureau know from the area, plan to begin the research of feasibility of college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province of construction, aim to gather together 3 land natural resources provides service of high grade higher education for student of area of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, the university of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province that combination runs the educational orgnaization such as active exploration and university of Shenzhen broadcasting television to be given priority to in order to develop new-style person with ability. Already finished the task that advances Luo Hu to build college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to study the work at present, studied collect lake area builds the feasibility of college of city of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and method problem. In addition, area education bureau returns leading bay area to teach altogether of resource each other to enjoy: Advance port periphery school ” God enters the ground ” project and Luo Hu foreign language lodge completely make high school build a project; Research construction faces the international school that two geosciences lay deep harbor, use internationalization government, satisfy children of deep harbor of the right age to accept the demand that international teachs, will solve a large number of crossing condition schoolchild is roundtrip rush about problem; Do one’s best realized school of 100% middle and primary school and nursery school to conclude 2020 school of sister of HongKong and Macow (field) , encourage Hong Kong school, teacher to cross condition to Shenzhen education, education. Next, have the aid of ” culture seeks power ” project, begin actively swim learn an activity, strive founds 10 international to communicate culture of 10 demonstrative school, China to transmit characteristic school, invite HongKong and Macow famous college or famous expert group ” go ” , make teacher of region of trifling of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province groom brand, give priority to aim in order to exalt a country self-identity feeling, strengthen culture and development of confluence of educational field deepness, hold area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to teach modern height forum, area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of stimulative another name for Guangdong Province teachs shirt-sleeve evolution, build friendly advantage to teach communication environment: Be worth what carry is Luo Hu established 2001 school of children of collect lake Hongkong’s person, it is home obtains Hong Kong government first times to send the school, the school has 33 education class, student number 1305 people, among them 792 people of book of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign nationality student, 60.7% what hold sum total. Of school of Hongkong’s person children establish solved on certain level in children of Shenzhen Hongkong’s person read problem. Strengthen compose of Wei Jian collaboration to build community of health of deep harbor life ” the road ten million that Chinese cure changes, but direction has only, want to be a center with people health namely. ” collect lake area appoint wholesome health is versed in appoint, Zhengliguang of director of Wei Jian bureau says. Tall iron of wide deep harbor is enlightened that day, area only the groups of 78 smooth rice, Luo Hu hospital that are set in area of port of inland of Xi Jiulong station of Hong Kong of tall iron of wide deep harbor practice of Xi Jiulong infirmary. This infirmary is the development thought that active carry out goes to be a center with people, potential life close emergency treatment helps passenger of contented discrepancy condition an innovation act of demand. Doctor of 4 whole families mixes select of group of collect lake hospital 4 nurses, will to Xi Jiulong infirmary work through major grooms and be being assessed. Infirmary executes 24 one hour value to defend, deploy must emergency treatment equipment is like electrocardiogram, AED (divide outside automatic system quiver implement) , the goods and materials such as appearance of heart report custody and general medicines and chemical reagents, the emergency treatment before the courtyard that basically is in charge of contact passenger and staff member and general the medical treatment deliverance such as whole family diagnosis and treatment serves. Infirmary of Xi Jiulong of group of collect lake hospital cooperates with 999 ambulance corps of company of iron of custom, public security, harbor, Hong Kong are finished for many times urgent beforehand proposal practice, active assistance harbor square 999 rescuing centers transmit a patient. What two ground passenger and each department get since practice is affirmative. Chief expresses to the reporter related Ou Weijian bureau, luo Hu is deepening communication of sanitation of deep harbor medical treatment and collaboration ceaselessly all the time: On September 6, 2017, liu Zi of expert of medicine of embryo of famous mother of group of collect lake hospital and Hong Kong builds a professor (doctor of university of Hong Kong Chinese, England is royal flourish gives college of medicine of department of gynaecology and obstetrics academician of academy of medicine of academician, Hong Kong) the autograph established fetal medicine outpatient service to build China about fetal medicine grooms base; 2018, by 10 thousand treat (Hong Kong) limited company basis ” the arrangement that concerns about building trade of more close together classics ” the 2nd harbor endowment that opens in Guangdong province is solely invested medical establishment Shenzhen 10 thousand treat outpatient department to hold water, this outpatient department is Luo Hu hospital group protocol prepares to construct jointly at this orgnaization orgnaization of punish of combination of patient of deep harbor heart, convenient two ground patient receives deep harbor jointly Gao Shuiping is treated, discuss dominant position of other specialized subject at the same time complementary. In May 2019, university of Hong Kong Chinese (Shenzhen) data carry prepares Dai Jiangang of scientific academy dean to teach a group to arrive seek group of Luo Hu hospital, inspected Luo Hu on the spot division people hospital, east door company health, center of medicine of auspicious of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of Luo Hu area, cloth, both sides discusses cooperative means and cooperative content. At present group of collect lake hospital and university of Hong Kong Chinese (Shenzhen) discussing framework agreement specific content, plan to be a foundation with area of courtyard of spring breeze of hospital of people of collect lake division, make an on-the-spot investigation found hospital of specialized subject teaching. Meanwhile, luo Hu still is in exploration and Hong Kong hospital of people of collect lake division area of spring breeze courtyard and country check edifice prepares to construct jointly only ill center; Encourage guide Hong Kong and Macao doctor to Luo Hu public hospital sits examine, independent clinic is opened in Luo Hu; HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province of try out of active exploration of 3 ground hospital cross condition two-way turn examine cooperates, internally dweller turns after HongKong and Macow appoints hospital go to a doctor examine reachs outback hospital applicable and coequal standard and operation flow, promote cooperation of domain of two ground medical treatment further. Promote China culture to abound deep harbor spirit to communicate culture of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to be the same as a root, reforming and opening 40 come for years, the culture communication of 3 ground is close together with each passing day, active with each passing day. Chen Chunsheng of dean of academy of development of HongKong and Macow of secretary of Zhongshan university Party committee, another name for Guangdong Province thinks: ” big bay area 3 ground are interlinked on the language, the of the same clan on culture is the same as a source, personnel communication is very frequent, especially since late Qing Dynasty, a lot of businessmen come and go naturally between Guangzhou and HongKong and Macow. 3 areas also are the place that China opens earlier to the world, it is the place that western science and technology and culture land earlier, these foreign culture on the history are rich with the district culture that developed big bay area, show big bay region include quality. ” ” promote China culture, the history that should combine big bay division and culture words condition will talk, just cannot talk abstractly. This asks we carry thorough area history research and anthropologic research, disentomb, the area history process that understands big bay area and culture bequest, the idea of realistic understanding people and state of mind, such our ability promote China effectively outstanding and traditional culture, promote the China that is full of characteristic of big bay area outstanding culture. ” Xue Jiang of director of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of collect lake area expresses to the reporter. As we have learned, collect lake area held first successfully 2018 ” congress of culture of wushu of all of heredity of blame of big bay area ” and ” Shenzhen is teenage congress of culture of fierce of essence of life ” , come from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fosan and personage of abroad numerous wushu major to gather together one assists in all grand meeting; In March 2019, hold successfully ” cup of Luo Hu women ” tennis of woman of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province makes public contest; In April, hold the 4th successfully ” savour a book sweet, enjoy those who read is happy — HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province reads half hours in all ” read an activity, realize 4 cities first (Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) linkage, read formal general book with period of time through much room sweet spread to HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province every corner; Return that month with ” win-win of area of bay of be in harmony of young each other ” held forum of youth of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province for the theme, invite politics, learn, 3 bounds delegate has business gist speech and round-table dialog, discuss deep how to promote HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province 3 ground advantage is complementary, drive talent, capital, information, technology to wait for be in harmony of innovation element flow to connect further, for bay area youth innovation does poineering work provide larger stage. Luo Hu still was held ” pursue area of dream big bay, luo Hu sets out again ” special subject have an informal discussion and talkfest of committee member of delegate of HongKong and Macow. By warden Luo Yode heads a group, with Tan Yaozong of members of standing committee of countrywide National People’s Congress, boule of Special Administrative Region of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Hong Kong member the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Liang Zhixiang and area of more than 20 Luo Hu is currently held the post ofand committee member of all previous HongKong and Macow had development communication. HongKong and Macow attending the meeting represents a committee member around the whole nation two meetings spirit and big bay area are built, combinative collect lake is actual, from deep harbor social welfare, medical treatment, cheeper serves two ground the respect such as complementary, property management is cut, communicative experience is experienced, build character to make suggestions eagerly. Increase to high grade communal product, service furnishs and advance a society to govern a level in coordination ceaselessly ceaselessly, breed rich included culture is ideological, build high quality bay division the life community of surroundings and internationalization, the appeal that Luo Hu just can enhance pair of whole world capital, talent, orgnaization further and assemble force. High grade life is encircled not only the life quality that can promote HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province people of big bay division, the social figure of area of beautification big bay and the self-confident heart that still can stimulate people of big bay division and sense of pride. Through ” compendium of program of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” carry out deep, deep harbor dweller is sure real gain will be scored in the domain such as education, culture, medical treatment, social security, increase ceaselessly acquire feeling and happy move.


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