Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Welcome aboard, this inn 10 above are wholesale. ” in shellfish of water of area of Shenzhen collect lake all the way, reporter of negotiable securities times walks into jewelry of a gold wholesale shop, compare the passion at serving personnel, the boss in inn deals with guest at the same time, the small screen before looking at an eye dedicatedly at the same time — the gold jewelry compared with the tradition is wholesale and retail the business, frying gold to make money also is one of paths of unripe money. “Chinese gem sees Shenzhen, shenzhen gem sees Luo Hu, collect lake gem sees water shellfish ” , this word path used up water shellfish piece the area is in the significant position of industry of countrywide gold jewelry. Close paragraph since time, international gold price returned the eye shot of investor afresh, although pour fast fall after a rise but overall performance is driving. Here setting falls, reporter of negotiable securities times recently seek by inquiry area of assemble of jewelry of water shellfish gold, see the development ups and downs of industry of jewelry of water shellfish gold. Golden price takes tall person energy of life ” flourishing ” go in road of Bei Li north, you meet probably by one side ” wall ” be shaken: The office building that workshop of an old industry transforms, the wall is hanged outside full the fascia of each jewelry companies. As China the most essential jewelry industry collects the ground, had had jewelry of more than 4000 gold to produce management unit, shui Beisheng produced treatment to also form complete industrial chain. Each days, what have countless is new article here research and development, production, sale. “We this industry is spent centrally taller, supply supplier of the stylist on catenary, industry to wait to be centered in water shellfish, and treatment segment market is spent centrally taller, this also is water shellfish purchase one of tall reasons with such amount. ” the week manager that runs jewelry business in water shellfish tells a reporter. Since the closest period of time, international gold price rises apparently and with one action breaks through every ounce 1400 dollars. If say what can take jewelry of gold of flourishing water shellfish to golden price rises ” prices ” , this appears in week manager eye some object. “Actually, the metropolis that does gold business is done to rushing, it is common people habit is bought only go up to be not bought drop, the merchandise goods value that big money estimates reserve rose, so golden price rises to stimulate and did not anticipate of pair of whole industries so big. ” week director says, “Actually many bosses are frying gold, some still does gold futures to trade, city of past gold ox is so old, a lot of people were sent, but face now the price of concussion, my choice discretion is wait-and-see. ” the fascia besides full of beautiful things in eyes, the city through several years is updated, large building of headquarters of gem of IBC water shellfish, Shui Beijin exhibits gem square, Shui Beijin, Shui Beiyin, Telizhu international of treasure edifice, Shuibei… many first class, “CBD of jewelry of water shellfish gold ” shape already. And gem square is exhibited in Shui Beijin, the reporter sees spot person is enraged very flourishing, store of a lot of meal of form a complete set are main capacity audience. Trade a manager tells the center the reporter, before two years when have store of a lot of empty buy really, but now very ” flourishing ” , there are a lot of companies now queueing up to want to take berth. Week manager tells a reporter, the headquarters of own company is set in gold to exhibit gem square, the office building month here is hired achieve every square metre 180 yuan, and the company deals in edifice first floor the berth that the hall opens, lunar hire is every square metre 550 yuan, these two prices are in core already considered current Shenzhen medium to slant for office building market on. Business of flourishing of person energy of life is not synchronous however ” the pressure that hire cost brings is great of course. ” week manager appears a little helpless, “Say this year prices get warm again after a cold spell, but actually company business is compared the corresponding period is poor still last year. Casual, week manager also answers jewelry of gold of shellfish of before remembering a few years of water to experience ” labor pains period ” . Climb as house price litre push Gao Sheng to produce cost, space of development of estate of jewelry of together with gold suffers be restricted. Controlled 2010, major gold jewelry machines a factory to begin to move shellfish leaving water, ingoing is located in the Li Lang of dragon hillock area, some processing factories move the wet Shan area such as Shan end even. At that time, gem produces a plant from water shellfish massive move goes, a lot of practitioner express concern, because of water shellfish gem the largest dominant position depends on the integrality of industrial catenary, if left a plant, the design, connection that makes the segment such as edition, after service, maintenance is spent be about to become poor. Not come singly but in pairs, chinese jewelry industry begins to produce acuteness change at that time. Second half of the year began 2014, because retail the depression with the market, type of golden price bluff drops, gem market predicament is ceaseless, profit is periodic and scanty, expatiatory, market of water shellfish gem also enters cold winter. Week manager expresses, at that time besides economic big environment, credit crisis also is one of causes that affect industry development. It is reported, a lot of banks are tightened up in the light of the credit of jewelry industry since 2015, capital steam again gives right on sb’s head of company of a few jewelry one club, in bringing about a few enterprises to shuffle greatly in this, rupture because of capital catenary and be faced with go bankrupt liquidation. Reporter discovery, water shellfish piece there still are many low ends in the area jeweller city closes down what leave ” trace ” , be located in a paddy field for example the fleshy market of one street, predecessor kicks off to love garden of emerald green gem with respect to what close down before long namely. Why person energy of life looks be like very flourishing, does the business fail however ” synchronous ” ? The reporter interviewed many to manage the controller with wholesale gem in water shellfish, think generally to be below the setting with building city and ambiguous prospect of stock market investment, a few avoid risk capital swarms into gold jewelry industry, lift for a time ” set up shop is wet ” , this also stimulated whole industry secondhand ” prosperous picture ” . And look in week manager, difficulty of industry of current gold jewelry exists as before, this and industry financing environment, product is coessential change big environment of competition and whole economy to matter. This from appear on the market the outstanding achievement of jewelry company also sees one spot in expression. According to data of trade of jewelry of Shen Mozhu treasure, 11 A that the reporter chooses the company of relevant gold jewelry that appear on the market, the business income first quarter went what drop now to have 7 compared to the same period 2019, the extent that achieves business income growth also did not exceed 20% , much home company has the growth of a digit only. What form bright contrast with this is, in water shellfish piece what the area has project of synthesis of many office building is special force A, the company appears to the increase rate of business gross income 2018 from 2016 steadily bullish posture, achieve the increase rate of 29.7% first quarter this year. Special force A issues announcement before this, the company invests 515 million yuan of Yuteli – the 03 plot inside garden of auspicious alliance industry, edifice of gem of shellfish of water of build spy force 2 period project, plan 2019 second half of the year begins construction construction, construction period 3 years half, predict 2022 the bottom can be built finish and consign is used. Just, walk into water shellfish build individually office building and trade square, these problems can not reflect directly come out: Of all kinds bar bespread gem headgear, also occasionally jobber is gone to bar inquiry, perhaps carrying money worth not to poor ” packet ” in and out, also have a lot of is attracted ” aunt ” . “In us this generation person looks, gold after all is the asset that keeps a cost quite, but it is mad before probably after sober, average consumer seems to did not resemble be opposite in that way before gold scramble for sth, unless have,be badly in need of can considering to buy gold with golden demand. ” piece of aunt say of headgear of the choose and buy in jeweller’s. The salesperson inside an inn that is called harbor to get jewelry expresses to the reporter, in front of present price paragraph time is not less than rising, retail recently business really it may not be a bad idea a few. To wholesale and character, if approve goods dimensions big, jobber can be taken possibly low to the 3 values that lose. “In water shellfish, inside the polybag that carrying in passerby hand, perhaps holding a metal bar or be gem, somebody also has produced gem when the business that does rubbish to be desertioned, because the gem of water shellfish is so much. ” this looks be like word of a fun, do not have the least bit hyperbole however. No matter be warm spring cold still winter, industry of jewelry of water shellfish gold continues as before forward.