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Always the 528th period the deep new breakfast that thanks attention to sign up for combination to manufacture by deep new medium and Shenzhen special zone offers breakfast of a collection of selected specimens of the complete news that see pattern to serve the world thing, early know to thank AGM business to offer background music good morning with musical accredit website, each young associate people, mix in cold air today typhoon ” boreal crown ” below joint action, wind- driven meeting increases, cloudiness is met grow in quantity, air temperature also is met lower, body feels gloomy and cold. Do not think by ” foot of aspic hand aspic ” aspic catchs a cold, be about to wear a dot more in addition, relative humidity is very low also, filling water suit can have first on, today is cold air the 5th day after coming, no matter still be in air temperature above wind-force, it brought the result that expect is less t深圳桑拿体验报告蒲神han to us, so the issue came, do you still hope cold air continues to affect? Also be today on December 5 2019 Shenzhen of Zhen energy · network grand ceremony will as agreed upon and to, wonderful blossom the network festival that is known as Shenzhen person, what hotspot does this grand ceremony have? Stamp link, watch wonderful living broadcast together! Let us one s深圳罗湖环保js交流群tep aside opens Gaoguang hour, what open network grand ceremony jointly is prelusive. Direct seeding enters the mouth (click a picture to watch living broadcast) now weather our city today between the cloudy day cloudy, have fragmentary light rain occasionally; Air temperature 13 – 15 ℃ , weather is gloomy and cold; Northeaster 4 -福田按摩口kb 5 class, coastal, upland and sea area flatus 7 – 9 class; Relative humidity 30 % – 60 % . Today’s deep new breakfast 深圳深圳太平洋水疗会所怎么样水会论坛looks to have what content in light of! Shenzhen thing 1, on December 4 morning, as the subway 14 lines sanded lake stands last roof concrete is irrigated successfully build, sanded lake station finishs main body structure smoothly to seal a top. This is traffic of Shenzhen city orbit 4 period 14 lines the whole line seals the project first times very station. That day, structure of main body of station of 12 lines peace also realizes Shenzhen subway as scheduled the target that seal a top, this is the sta深圳洗浴按摩在哪里tion that all fronts achieves the goal that seal a top the 5th times, also be home first stations that leave construction i深圳罗湖水会哪家好n bridge of high speed railway. The subway 12, the be open to traffic after 14 lines predict 3 years. 2, yesterday, sai Di adviser releases academy of industry letter ministry ” integrated competition ability of 2019 China the city zone 100 strong research ” . Sheet of 100 strong a list of names posted up shows, before Shenzhen carries off 10 strong 4 medium chairs: South a mountainous area first what be located in 100 strong the city zone, dragon hillock area is the 3rd, blessing cropland area is the 5th, baoan area is the 7th. In addit深圳东方园水疗正规吗ion, dragon China area and 深圳罗湖不正规沐足哪家强collect lake area also ascend b深圳罗湖太平洋水疗efore the body 20 strong, it is thirteenth name respectively, the 14th. 3, reporter on December 3 from newest first phase ” communique of government of Shenzhen city people ” know, newest castigatory ” Shenzhen town rented house administers a certain number of regulations ” will apply since January 1, 2020. According to new rule, lessor and tenant plan to permit without building a project, do not use a function so that do sth without authorization changes南山金丽园可以爱爱吗 a rented house, must not undertake () outside wall door window, close the balcony, build attic, canopy is built or build on weather station build (compose) build the behavior such as content. 4, bureau of environment of town organisms’ habits reports 74 street PM2 of whole November town yesterday. 5 chroma rank a circumstance. November, saline area seamount is street air is best, PM2. 5 chroma are 25. Stere of 8 microgramme / ; Promising area new lake is street the rank pays a copy, PM2. 5 chroma are 48. Stere of 5 microgramme / . Each area PM2. 5 average concentration are in 28. 4 – 43. Between stere of 8 microgramme / , chroma has saline, roc, Luo Hu inferiorly, concentration is higher have bright, Long Hua and Baoan. 5, reporter from deep Guan department of two ground transportation learns, the plan crosses city public transportation circuit to already was carried out at 3 enlightened this month deep Guan. Up to now, two ground cross city public transportation circuit to already was added reach 12, citizen lowest needs to spend on 2 yuan of money only, can come true cross city to go out row. 6, on December 4, the reporter lives from city build bureau know, decrease to advance building litter to discharge further quantify, deal with深圳福田哪里有桑拿 resource is changed, administrative standardization, work out of bureau of city housing construction is released ” litter of construction project building discharges quota level ” (SJG62 – 2019) and ” litter of construction project building is decreased platoon and use technical level integratedly ” (SJG63 – 2019) , put forward to build a project to build litter to discharge limitation index first inside countrywide limits, build litter clearly to decrease platoon and use technical measure integratedly. 7, yesterday morning, robot of first Da Vinci Xi of Shenzhen city appears on hospital of Shenzhen city people, hold switch on the mobile phone ceremony. As we have learned, operating system of Da Vinci robot is the new technology with surgical epoch-making domain, can achieve more adjacent and ideal operation effect, less scar and bigger patient suitable scope. 8, the reporter learns from resource of Shenzhen city labor power and social security bureau, our city near future will study abroad to 55 personnel company provides Shenzhen city studies abroad allowance of cost of personnel poineering early days is aided financially, aggregate 27.2 million yuan. 9, a few days ago, “Shenzhen wisdom free market of agricultural products of farming trade sunshine ” the meeting that give mark is held in promising free market of agricultural products, promising free market of agricultural products becomes Shenzhen city head home hangs out his shingle ” Shenzhen wisdom farming trade ” the market. 10, set out from Shenzhen later reach the developing zone that add a city need not again bypass, but managing Cheng of half hours of car!深圳罗湖好的会所 On December 3 midday 12 when, sweet hill each other is connected south high speed of wide benefit of administer of place of group of Guangdong province transportation stand pay formal have transport service, immediately of sweet hill station opens battalion to carry south wide benefit high speed. Come-and-go will add the car of city developing zone henceforth, need not circuitous, the time of drive a vehicle that sets out from Shenzhen will save about 30 minutes, greatly convenient department multiplies a travel. The world thing 1, print and distribute of general office of Central Committee of Communist Party of China ” 2019 – leading group of countrywide p龙岗桃花源休闲会所188arty card built program compendium 2023 ” . 2, Li Kejiang chairs call together to open the State Council standing conference, deploy is farther much arrange develops simultaneously had done work of steady obtain employment, the requirement supports flexible obtain employment energetically; Decide perfect disabled obtain employment guarantees golden system, obtain employment of better stimulative disabled; Through ” salary of safeguard farming laborer pays byelaw (draft) ” , administer disease of back pay dense with law measure. 3, Boule of United States Congress is passed ” 2019 proposed law of policy of human rights of Wei Wu Er ” . Be aimed at this matter, committee of committee of external affairs of countrywide National People’s Congress, external affairs of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, country fears doing instead, committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of government of people of standing committee of National People’s Congress of committee of national people general affairs, The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference makes a statement, express intense indignation, strong condemnation, determined object. 4, United States of call in of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is stationed in China promising of diplomatic mission controller stalking or branch, boule of beautiful congress is discussed pass ” 2019 proposed law of policy of human rights of Wei Wu Er ” raise solemn and just bargaining and outcry, urge beautiful Fang Li to correct an error namely, the country is municipal in stopping to lend experience border problem interference. 5, the announcement that the sectional combination print and distribute such as Ministry of Education teachs student nutrition to improve a plan to work about management about strengthening rural obligation further, offer school dining room (kitchen) must not contract external or entrust manage. 6, up to on December 4 morning, city of cloth of examine of Inner Mongolia black orchid 4 child patient of the plague of Wang Qi gland is all observation of medicine of 4 person that contact closely expires, without calorific wait unusual, remove entirely segregation medicine observation. 7, limited company of group of Chinese aviation industry is released forecast annals, predict to 2038 dimensions of group of aircraft of cargo aircraft of Chinese civil aviaton will amount to 723, than 2018 end grows nearly 3. 5 times. 8, Committee on Information of Boule of United States Congress releases Telangpu impeach findings report, say to a large number of evidence show Telangpu is handling the misconduct on Wu Kelan general affairs and cloggy congress investigation. 9, Iranian president Luhani expresses, iran already got ready to realize bilateral relationship normalization with the Saudi Arabia. 10, the budget that international Olympic committee approves a 5 million dollar, will use at storing a shot in the arm before the contest of Tokyo Olympic Games detected 2020 for a long time example. Finance and economics of & of science and technology 1, this year 1 to in October, above of our country dimensions is light industrial the enterprise realizes business income 16. 5 trillion yuan, grow 3 compared to the same period. 89 % , realize gain 1. 1 trillion yuan, grow 10 compared to the same period. 03 % . 2, 4 days of RMBs are right valence signs up for among dollar exchange rate 7. 0382, relatively before one trade day reduces 159 base point. 3, data shows, before 2019 11 months, health of IT, Internet, medical treatment still is to attract equity to invest 3 most industries. 4, myopia of adolescent of our country children shows Gao Fahe low age turn a tide, the expert expresses, children should pay close attention to oneself eyesight actively unusual evidence, if discover eyesight is unusual,answer season罗湖现在还有环保吗able, standard deserves to wear glasses correctional, check regularly. 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