Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Caught fire! Wall bulletin alarm! ” this is not real event, however drilling of a lash-up. On June 28 morning, development of collect lake area and happy event of city of Shenzhen of reform bureau combination establish limited company of science and technology, in happy event stand to fill cloth quickly auspicious farming approves the market to fill a power station to hold drilling of lash-up of safe production month and safe production management groomed 2019 activity. Chairman of association of safe production technology, happy event establishs the division president of science and technology, relevant unit and each are street do chief and area under administration to charge to provide the nearly 100 people such as enterprise representing with content to spot view and emulate drilling, attended safety to groom.
Had done daily safety is on guard and superintend in recent years, shenzhen accelerates car of new energy resources to popularize application, had realized bus, taxi pure dynamoelectric change, basis ” Shenzhen is blue ” can act continuously plan, special vehicle also will realize the public service territory such as environmental sanitation car, content shedding car, slimy head car stage by stage pure dynamoelectric change. But safe problem also accepts a citizen fully attention and anxious. This second drilling is imitate personnel gets an electric shock and electric car is charging lash-up of accident of the on fire in the process comes to help. After spot personnel discovers danger love, appear in the newspaper instantly and undertake control and be handlinged. Spot general director starts company meet an urgent need instantly according to spot circumstance beforehand case, request fire department and medical treatment personnel help relieve a sick or injured person. Press coordinate at the same time urgent beforehand the requirement of the case has emergency treatment, cautionary, personnel in group the job such as safeguard of scattered, goods and materials. Fall in strong organization, fall in the assistance of each crash crew and fireman, each group cooperates in order in coordination, completed rescuing work of lash-up rush to deal with an emergency smoothly. Lash-up drill site. Drilling undertook about 1 hour. Carry drill of this actual combat, happy event establish rescuing group of lash-up of science and technology to handled ability to get rising to breaking out the lash-up of the accident. In the meantime, increased to break out accident lash-up linkage cooperation and save oneself each other saves ability, for the company is rapid, efficient, orderly henceforth be located in buy to charge picket safety accident lays next actual combat foundations. Chief expresses related area development and reform bureau, this drilling is imitate drilling, come to help to still be put in quite big distinction with actual accident, rescuing meeting encounters actual accident greater difficulty, may exceed anticipate and imagine. Accordingly, should have done carefully daily safety is on guard and superintend, check erroneous ideas at the outset, play hidden trouble of great strength punish, eliminate the accident in budding condition. Guide car of new energy resources to charge establishment is reasonable program up to now, collect lake area already built fill a power station to order 500 more than part, the sort of field station and form are varied. The form that according to field stands, its officer unit is endless and same, the level of management of management enterprise is uneven also. To be solved stage by stage of all kinds charge problem, collect lake area accelerates car of new energy resources to charge the work out that establishment position plans works, to receiving car of Shenzhen city new energy resources to charge establishment position plans, urban linkage begins program research, mature traffic, electrify, program, adjacent avoids wait for a problem, for Luo Hu the area charges establishment construction is offerred executable, but the train of thought of be born, guide charge establishment is equitable distribution, orderly construction, form stage by stage accord with Luo Hu area to charge sth resembling a net of electrified wire netting actually. In ” car of Shenzhen city new energy resources charges establishment runs temporary measure ” on the foundation, collect lake area accelerates car of new energy resources to charge the staff that establishment supervises temporary measure works, refine duty, build the main body responsibility of unit and operation enterprise clearly, make clear the superintendency responsibility of each function branch. Area hair changes bureau already built Luo Hu area to charge Zhang of station of news of hidden danger of establishment safety risk, maintain real time trends to update, form lasting effect safety to superintend working mechanism, perfect collect lake area to charge further thereby establishment operation safety guarantees a system.
Accelerate compose to build charge interconnection each other connects establishment information to be solved for the system charge construction of establishment construction project is received with the ground, electric power, deserve to build car of obligate, fuel to occupy, operation gain is difficult wait for general character problem, collect lake area increases area level strength is coordinated as a whole between relevant section, transition of industry of region of sufficient play Luo Hu upgrades give aid to energy-saving decrease an executive detailed rules to charge about car of new energy resources the award that establishment builds fills policy action, arouse social capital enthusiasm, strengthen further at the same time to enjoying allowance to charge assessment of the after the event in the thing of establishment is superintended, ensure relevant charge establishment produces actual effect. According to relevant provision, collect lake area is built clearly and already built a building to deserve to build parking lot, city obligate of communal parking lot charges the requirement of establishment construction condition and scale, charge establishment brings into a city as important urban infrastructure in planning related construction. In the meantime, pass stage by stage change 0 for whole way, what will disperse is of all kinds jockey charge establishment entrusts what the parking lot runs an unit or have actual strength to charge centrally service company, begin dimensions to change construction or manage. Exert oneself advances whole town to fill the interconnection each other of telegraphic breath platform and enterprise platform to connect, solve effectively charge the user seeks stake difficult, UniCom settle accounts is difficult, difficult wait for a problem, to charge the user is offerred better charge service safeguard, form stage by stage charge establishment information serves a network.


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