Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Xu Zhe of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen health) on December 4, 2019, south a mountainous area 2019 ” 12.4 ” national constitution day and ” week of constitution conduct propaganda ” propaganda pulls open heavy curtain fo深圳伴游怎么样rmally in square of center of Na Shanwen body. This second activity by south a mountainous area appoint do according to law area, judicatory bureau and area general deal with according to深圳zj女 law are sponsorred, area unit of member of each general law assist do, mobile theme is ” promote charter spirit, city of the law that help strength sets an example. ” besides style center advocate outside the assembly room, this the activity still is in south a mountainous area appoint the building mixes 8 street created branch field, installed constitution conduct propaganda to exhibit board, constitution knowledge contest answers, VR learns the project such as the law. Hill trifling grows Xiao Hui of Huang Xiangyue, deputy warden to be in south south a mountainous area appoint spot of building branch field looked around to exhibit board, experienced VR learns a way. South Deng Zhirong of vice director of standing committee of a mountainous area National People’s Congress, south Kang Jiaguang of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of a mountainous area judicatory, director, south the department inside legal system of standing committee of a mountainous area National People’s Congress appoint the leader such as director Zhang Zibo entered this activity as the open honored guest of the ceremony that start. South Kang Jiaguang of secretary of a mountainous area leading Party group, director speaks of in speech of the ceremony that start, should publicize study constitution and advance a country to administer system and union of processing capability modernization to rise, publicize study constitution and make demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism build union to rise; Publicize study union of new page of the city zone of center of constitution and open world-class innovation seaside to rise. Each activity buckles the spot closely theme, atmosphere learning a way is grumous. “I make a pledge: Devoted to constitution of People’s Republic of China, uphold constitution authority, fulfil legal obligation, devoted to the motherland, devoted to people… ” fall in oath of inspect of vice director of standing committee of area National People’s Congress Comrade Deng Zhirong, representing of the judge that standing committee of the 7th National People’s Congress appoints, inquisitor are accompanying national anthem sound, left hand is stroked by constitution, the right hand raises a fist, undertook majestic oath to constitution, today they clang strong oath will become them the most persistent belief and impartially execute the law, the sturdy power that upholds justice. Through reviewing constitution oath activity, constitution of homage of personnel of comprehensive aggrandizement service, devoted to constitution, abide by the constitution, thought sense that maintains constitution. The reporter sees, spot activity content is rich, dweller masses shares passion extremely tall. Song solo ” south has a mountain ” eulogized all south hill person comes 40 years the youth of move one to praises and tears struggles and south the great achievements of again and again that hill government holds to fair justice to perfect law to build ceaselessly; The living theatre ” to SAY NO of campus ride roughshod over ” appeared in recent years tall hair of campus ride roughshod over and low age the social appearance that changes development, true processing attitude and answer measure. Song and dance ” I and my motherland ” sang each Chinese are right the deep feeling of motherland mother and blessing, dance gave each new China builder people those who be the motherland is prosperous endeavor the earnest that brandish asperses green years sincere enthusiastic. Each attendant audiences warm blood is insurgent, be filled with exultation. Adolescent is the key target of constitution general law, in the today’s ceremonially that start, still undertook general law small emissary awards prize, small emissary of law of this batch of general is this year south a mountainous area begin extensively in each middle and primary school ” constitution teachs big lecture room ” 10 when show itself in the activity outstanding classmates. The department inside legal system of standing committee of area National People’s Congress appoint deputy director general of Li Jiangong of bureau of judicatory of director Zhang Zibo, area issued honorary letter with one’s own hands for them. It is reported, this law culture propaganda has an important segment——“South hill judicatory – wisdom law Wu ” 2 version of systematic are official go up line ceremony. “Nashansi law – wisdom law Wu ” the system is south essence of common law service allows the r深圳外围多少钱一次elies on Yu Wei to believe development part that bureau of a mountainous area judicatory made last year the how-to, law on the net serves item to deal with conduct propaganda of the law that reach general to be an organic whole civilian department canonical, its basically suffer numerous for south a mountainous area in small small company and social community. The 2 edition system this year is developed further upgrade, the function is more powerful, use more convenient, covered the 8 big module of judicatory business in all: Service of mediation of legal aid, notarial, people, lawyer, administration is reconsidered, community is correctional, 深圳龙华桑拿水疗会所find a place for side teaching and general law are publicized. Of this system new version go up formally the line makes evidence of the aid seeking a way of social community, office, seek mediation, please lawyer, learn law to wait for service demand, can come true ” do on the net ” , ” finger tip does ” , ” do immediately ” , came true t深圳罗湖桑拿爽记o assist demonstrative construction of force law city with science and technology. In addition, the activity this year still increased a lot of interacting to publicize link. The reporter sees, after the ceremony of the activity that start is finished, two 12 meters long, wide the 2.5 hand brushwork cloth of rice slowly spread out leaves come, surround all round canvas full lively child, they are the young artists of Li sweet school, their hand takes multicoloured paintbrush, be in snow-white gigantic a constitution drawing in their heart is being represented on canvas. The seed of constitution such as children Tong Zhen is achieved cherubicly want to be spread in their heart come! By central spot, on the one chunk clearing west square, “Directional and cross-c深圳新悦水会微信 szountry enter Guan Xuexian law ” ground of intense, in full swing develops the activity, players efforts di深圳水缘健康会有什么服务vides the work, answer calmly, solve constitution knowledge at the same time, seek ongoing direction and course at the same time, constitution knowledge became every time the key of decisive breakthrough, through the effort of unremitting, arrived at terminus eventually. This ” directional and cross-country enter Guan Xuexian law ” the directional and cross-country game of popularity of mobile general nowadays and constitution knowledge are entered close to be united in wedlock, let children experience the fun of study with broad citizen friend. Besides, mobile spot still has VR to learn a way, ” Na Xiaofa ” knowledge of interactive, law has intelligent robot the activity such as award guess. The judge that just finishs constitution to make a pledge in the activity and inquisitor people the citizen friend that also seeks advice from an area to need legislation in field service offers free spot law to seek advice from a service. As we have learned, south a mountainous area each are unit of member of each general law, street still meet around this ” 12.4 ” day of constitution conduct propaganda is begun a series of ” week of constitution conduct propaganda ” activity, include: “Constitution enters a business ” , ” constitution takes office ” , ” constitution enters school yard ” , ” constitution takes community ” , ” constitution enters military camp ” , ” constitution takes a network ” activity of 6 topics day. This ” 12.4 ” day of constitution conduct propaganda and ” week of constitution conduc深圳浦吧t propaganda ” mobile form diversity, content is rich, thorough common feelings of people, influence is extensive. South bureau of a mountainous area judicatory will be chance with propaganda of series of national constitution day, farther aggrandizement law builds the job, make the law with top-ranking international change 福田皇室贵族有什么服务battalion business environment, build homage constitution, study constitution in whole society hard, abide by constitution, safeguard the constitution, society that uses constitution atmosphere, bring dweller masses into play adequately to devote into a country to administer system and the upsurge that administer ability modernization. In fact, propaganda of this law culture, it is an epitome that law of whole area general works only. From ” 75 ” since general law, in the area appoint what district government and ranking general law are in charge of National People’s Congress of right leader of the branch and area is strong supervise below, in whole society take an active part in and below the joint efforts, job of law of a mountainous area general obtained following main achievement south 2019: 1, in Guangdong province general law job was assessed 2018 in, south whole town of a mountainous area rank the first, complete province the 10th. 2, Na Shanan teachs experience house to obtain completely judge the 2nd batch of law of countrywide to publicize educational base name, complete province is exclusive. 3, south Shanfalvwen changes museum to obtain judge whole town law of first 5 stars class teachs base title, whole town is only 3. 4, city of my area Shenzhen enters electronic Inc. and Shenzhen city couplet to win laser Inc. to have the honor to win in all ” culture of Guangdong province law builds demonstrative business ” title. Key of job of law of a mountainous area general is main and outstanding south 2019 in 4 respects: 1, combine a divisio罗湖新悦技师推荐n characteristic, build law actively to change battalion business environment. It is to hold forum of bay area law. My area was held on July 6, 2019 ” 3 ground talk about environment of business of battalion of bay area law ” the ceremony that start and south activity of hill special performance, for enterprise of area under administration the legal system difference of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of tuitional another name for Guangdong Province and how to join the problem such as system of shirt-sleeve international law, in order to optimize the law environment that my area science and technology innovates, promote accomplishment of law of business management personnel and legal fact Wu capability; On August 23, hold law of enterprise of the 2nd Guangdong to serve forum, built good platform for the communication communication between lawyer and Wu of law of enterprises, the collaboration of attorney of stimulative bay district and law serve unifinication; On October 26, hold law of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the 2nd another name for Guangdong Province to build an informal discussion, what promoted group of law of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province further is benign and interactive, found high grade law to change battalion business environment jointly. 2 it is conduct propaganda of theme of aggrandizement intellectual property. Carry out fulfil ” execute protection of the strictest intellectual property ” , hold ” week of conduct propaganda of intellectual property protection ” , begin ” a ceremony that start + special performance of division of garden of 13 science and technology ” activity, thorough garden area, 0 distances serve an industry, problem of heat of focusing intellectual property, unscramble bonus of newest law policy, small small company builds perfect intellectual property to run a system in the help, amount of service garden area is in 200 above, include among them south base of software of c深圳最好的夜总会排名ity of garden of culture of originality of city of hill software park, overseas Chinese, Shenzhen, participate in a number to exceed 3000 people directly. 2, advance key crowd law to publicize education deep. It is aggrandizement leads a cadre to learn law job. Made ” south standing meeting double month learns a mountainous area government the law implements plan ” , consciousness of law of cadre of ceaseless promotion leader and lawfully administrative ability. 2 it is education of law of aggrandizement adolescent student. Start in the round in my area ” hall of constitution education a lecture given to a large number of students ” activity, realized whole area school of 94 middle and primary school are enclothed completely; School of advanced harbour bay is held a mountainous area adolescent rules by law south school the Cultural Festival, wait through game of imitate court, law interactive participation means make深圳明珠水会s pupils learn derive law knowledge; The organization is begun south small emissary of law of a mountainous area general chooses an activity, establish law to publicize advanced type, guide broad student to learn to general law small emissary. 3, continue to abound construction of law culture carrier. It is park of law of t深圳桑拿按摩洗浴中心he Shi Gushan that finish 2 period construction. Add element of intellectual property theme, law of setting intellectual pro深圳松岗沐足技师招聘直接电话perty sculpture wall, law publicizes LED screen, scroll broadcasts law to publicize educational video, abound the general law content of law park, promote general law actual effect further; 2 it is to carry out new form of law of bus body general. Choose 4 19 road, 37 the road routes inside area under administration 12 buses, relevant content waits in law of constitution of paint of automobile body spray, civil code, intellectual property, made line of scenery of urban general law. 4, the organization is begun ” who executes the law whose general law ” activity of appraise sth through discussion carry out duty. Establish on-the-spot investigation group and group of appraise sth through discussion of report carry out duty to be opposite south city of court of substation of hill public security, district, area is in charge of and execute the law integratedly the general law of 4 units walks on bureau of bureau, area water Wu duty circumstance undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation on深圳外围女微信号 the spot mixing spot appraise sth through discussion, drive general law system of job responsibility fulfil.