Relevant manuscript: In the spot | Big event of check annual network grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network begins gover深圳银城水会服务nment affairs kind award announce 9 pieces of graphs to take you to review prize-giving scene grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network begins high-definitio深圳喜悦水会客服n grap深圳伴游可约h came to a big spot! In the spot | Grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network and spot of grand ceremony of network of news briefing of year brand example see Zhen client carries network of · Shenzhen Pu Dian on December 5, 2019 dispatch (Liu Mengting of reporter of network of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen Pu Dian Zhong Hongbing Yang Haohan, network galaxy is glaring — they are to be provided most the emissary of energy; They come from in Shenzhen netizen heart ” the happiest ” street; They are to induct the network the 深圳桑拿微信讨论will of the people, spokesman that resolves civilian concern; They answer in the network politics, the strength that government affairs makes public and formally obtain a netizen to nod assist, lead network times new wind model… on December 5, they come to spot of 2019 networks grand ceremony, get the halo that belongs to them. On December 5, “‘ Zhen energy ‘ grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network ” in Shenzhen IBC Mall of center of round-the-world business affairs is held ceremoniously. Come from governmental function branch, each area street nearly 300 leaders that reach an industry and honored guest assemble in, from netizen, media and professional perspective, dig the person that makes innovation sex, revolutionary contribution in network transmission, commend to urge the Xin Rui force that consumption upgrades to be built with the society in order to innovate with excellent service, to have a period idiosyncratic example nods assist. Grand ceremony of current Shenzhen network with ” does go ahead of the rest of carry out travel set an example? Build beautiful bay division in all ” for the theme, leave the scientific way that ties through the line on the line, began a series of network year check and choose. The honored guest releases spot of proposal of Shenzhen Internet industry jointly, safeguard space of network of Shenzhen cool and bright jointly to convey Shenzhen Internet enterprise, establish the determination of surveyor’s pole of demonstrative industry of Shenzhen go ahead of the rest and confidence, collective testimony is represented to fall in union of trade of Shenzhen city Internet, ” industry of Shenzhen city Internet ” compose builds circle of heart of net online similarly hereinafter ” proposal ” release formally. Hao Jianjiang of vice secretary of Party committee of industry of Internet of city of executive chairman of association of business affairs of Shenzhen city electron, Shenzhen from ” strengthen politics to lead, ensure the industry grows right course ” ” aid force to be administered integratedly, make tie of bridge of government of good Party committee ” ” enhance autonomic responsibility, development of the industry that prop up is normative and orderly ” wait for 10 respects to put forward to initiate to all Internet enterprise, draw blast an applause. Fireworks is gorgeous, shenzhen person illumes with great home national condition the city of 1000 garden; Age model, liu Jianxin writes height of new era Shenzhen with craftsman spirit; Ren Xinren art, shenzhen cure person on train ” speed per hour of life and death ” relay saves life… mobile spot, the picture with one act familiar act pullbacked us circulated on Shenzhen Internet 2019 those are worth our engrave and touched instant. These instants gather together ” 2019 Shenzhen network energy 10 important matters ” , by again spread. Internet changed the way that people lives, also improved the mode that the government works at the same time. Shenzhen cattail was in charge of 2012 net ” the net深圳QM体验区work answers politics platform ” go up formally line, rolled out after correcting 2018 ” ask politics Shenzhen ” column, become citizen netizen and Party committee government between witting public feelings, induct the popular wishes, bridge that resolves civilian concern and ligament. Shenzhen city is various the government sector is with platform rely on, it is with popular wishes oriented, answer actively politics, emerge in large numbers gave mental view of a batch of netizens medium ” answer politics king ” . Mobile spot, come from ” management board of the hill austral bureau of environment of town organisms’ habits ” the delegate spot that waits for 10 units had received prize-giving honored guest and netizen delegate to be given with one’s own hands come over ” Shenzhen year network answers politics 10 beautiful unit ” pot. Unit of bear the palm of new media of outstanding government affairs represents Shenzhen year this second activity returns group photo the spot is opposite ” Shenzhen year government affairs makes public outstanding unit ” ” Shenzhen year is public award of service public praise ” ” Shenzhen year netizen most the 深圳 外围模特 经验happiness that love is street ” ” force of pioneer of Shenzhen year commonweal ” 深圳桑拿体验报告wait for award undertake, mining shows outstanding pattern, release example demonstrative action adequately, enlarge mainstream value and consequence domain, let the sound of energy is passed more, pass more widely, pass deeper. The activity is special still installed a honored guest to share link, china for expert of ministry of 5G Marketing of technical limited company Xue can be arranged, hao Yi of CTO of vice-president of Inc. of science and technology of deep be convinced, safe professional work, liu Yi of president of Inc. of science and technology of sound of l深圳哪里还有环保场uck of division of Shenzhen city north made a problem be respectively ” 5G already came, lead future ” ” build network safety to share network culture in all ” ” Al and network space processing ” wonderful share. Vice director of office of information of Shenzhen city Internet golden expresses in the speech, promotion network governs ability level integratedly, want to hold to right way namely, inheritance red gene, spirit of sturdy special zone is gone after; Want to insist to be development thought of the center with people namely, it is wholeheartedly civilian, rely on people; Should insist to manage a network lawfully namely, use a network lawfully, manage a network lawfully, drive a net to believe the job to enter law to change c罗湖新悦9999微信号ourse in the round. Shenzhen net believes the development of the career, need the joint 水御国际水会小姐efforts of social all circles. Her spot put forward to hoped at 3 o’clock: Should st深圳环保会所客服rengthen a net actively to go up energy travels; Devote into network zoology actively to be administered integratedly, fulfil main body responsibility, in break the law on punish net lawfully violate rule is ill health of body and mind of adolescent of information, protection, advocate the respect such as network civilization to produce positive effect; Defending network safety is the joint responsibility of whole society, need the joint efforts such as government, enterprise, organism, broad netizen. Hope everybody condenses a network to bring main amount, urge perfect concerned occupation standard, begin conduct propaganda of network safety public welfare actively, expand team of network safety volunteer. Deng Zijiang represents editor in chief of deputy editor in chief of group of Shenzhen cable trade, Shenzhen evening paper: “19 of the party 4 in plenary meeting is stre深圳旅游有陪游的吗ngthened for us and innovation society processing, advance a society to administer modernization, raise a society to administered efficiency and level to offer the action to abide by. Regard the party newspaper of Shenzhen as the group, we should raise politics to stand hit assault fortified positions of good media confluence to battle, build less than to allow construction to be for essential, advanced technique prop up, the entire media that innovation management is safeguard transmits a system. We are willing with everybody together, build circle of heart of net online similarly hereinafter, let energy is more driving, thematic more exalted, treat the country that share to administer modernization to contribute force in all to be built in all. ” the activity is in link still was chosen afternoon ” force of pioneer of 2019 year commonweal ” ” activity of brand of 2019 year commonweal ” ” 10 large trade龙岗哪些会所可以搞s most suffer a netizen to welcome a brand ” wait for award, with period mining shows outstanding pattern, release example demonstrative action adequately. It is reported, “Does go ahead of the rest of carry out travel set an example? Build beautiful bay division in all — grand ceremony of 2019 Shenzhen network ” , be serve data management board, Shenzhen to sign up for trade group to coach by government administration of city of office of information of She深圳kb论坛nzhen city Internet, Shenzhen, city of association of media of network of city of union of trade of Shenzhen city Internet, Shenzhen, Shenzhen is sponsorred from media association, academy of Shenzhen public feelings and net of Shenzhen cattail allusion undertake jointly. Add prize list: Network of year of Shenzhen of prize of Shenzhen network culture town of city of Shenzhen of unit of 10 important matter bear the palm runs energy and executing the law integratedly subway of Liu Jianxin of model of morality of bureau, whole nation, Shenzhen builds a group political situation of citizen of detachment of police of network of public security bureau of city of limited company, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen. Shenzhen year network answers politics management board of the hill austral bureau of environment of organisms’ habits of town of Shenzhen of 10 beautiful unit, Luo Hu area east traffic of city of management board of Luo Hu of bureau of environment of organisms’ habits of town of street agency, Shenzhen, Shenzhen carries the lake land of program of area of bureau, Luo Hu is censorial park of city of bureau, Shenzhen. Shenzhen netizen most love Ou Meilin of cropland of happy and street blessing street, Luo Hu Ou Dongxiao area of street, Luo Hu east the lake is street, south a mountainous area south hill is street, south sea of a mountainous area another name for Guangdong Province is street, . Standing committee of National People’s Congress of city of supervisory management board of market of city of Shenzhen of list of open and outstanding unit, Shenzhen chooses Shenzhen year government affairs couplet allows to be versed in appoint, draft resolution of Shenzhen city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference appoint, city of bureau of pointsman of public security bureau of city of bureau of bureau of environment of Shenzhen town organisms’ habits, Shenzhen town administration of justice, Shenzhen, Shenzhen builds labour Wu. Shenzhen of list of new media of outstanding government affairs defends Shenzhen year be good at appoint, market of subway of congress of communication of talent of Wen Hui of labour union of management center of a深圳东方园水疗正规吗ccumulation fund of housing of city of company of person of Shenzhen weather, Shenzhen traffic, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen art, China International, Shenzhen, Shenzhen is superintended, Shenzhen water. Party card of area of extraordinary cooperation of deep Shan of city of Shenzhen of award of innovation of servive routine of Shenzhen year government affairs runs propagandist news division (center of media of be in harmony) , promising area appoint area of propagandist department, Long Hua appoint publicize a ministry (center of media of be in harmony) , roc new developed area is integrated the office, roc. Precaution of a mountainous area disease controls government affairs of region of cropland of management board of saline of bureau of environment of organisms’ habits of town of center, Shenzhen, blessing to serve area of data management board, Long Hua south award of innovation of servive routine of the people’s livelihood of Shenzhen year basic level appoint propagandist department (clerical mailbox) , saline area appoint publicize a ministry (saline of the people’s livelihood) , south a mountainous area.